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Working it!
IC Information
Full Name: Rikku
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hometown: 'Home'
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: The Merriest
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Feature Character
Groups: None!
Player: Hiro

I keep my memories inside. Memories are nice, but that's all they are.

Rikku is the daughter of the Al Bhed leader, Cid, and the maternal cousin of the newly fledged summoner Yuna. One wouldn't know it though, because the two have never met as a result of the divisions between the Al Bhed and the followers of Yevon. Growing up Rikku took an interest in chemistry, engineering, and machina salvage in general, her inquisitiveness serving her well in her people's search to find their own answer to the problem of 'Sin'. Recently however, she's started taking part in an effort by the Al Bhed to save Summoners from the self-sacrifice required at the end of their journey, believing it unfair. To that end she's started pursuing the party of one Lady Summoner out of a desire to protect her. Despite that, Rikku seems destined to abandon her effort to kidnap Yuna to instead become one of her Guardians. This is because her resolution to protect the family member she never had the chance to know outweighs her loyalty to her own father's plan. Kind, cheerful, and full of abundant energy, the young Al Bhed teenager strives to be 'The Merriest' wherever she goes; and has thus far been proven to be uncommonly resistant to the cynicism that's abundant throughout the people of Spira.


Didn't she JUST SAY that she keeps her memories on the inside?

Kidding. So here's the scoop on Rikku, people who are named Acacia better not be writing this down for some newspaper article! Rikku was conceived during an age of tension between Al Bhed and Yevon. The union of High Summoner Braska and her aunt hadn't been taken well by her father Cid, the leader of the Al Bhed. However, when her Aunt finally was allowed to come back in an attempt to reunite with her brother, she was killed by Sin.

Her name? Rikku of course. Devastated by this turn of events, Cid insisted on naming his daughter-to-be after his deceased sister. Rikku's mother, whose name shall remain redacted for reasons of grief, was killed in a Machina rampage when Rikku was so young as to barely remember her. As a result, her innocent desire for younger siblings remained closed off to her.

Rikku was a precocious child, full of energy, constantly needing to be minded. And her minder was often her brother, Brother. Anyone who knows Brother may take this as explaining a few things about her, but also Keyakku, Brother's far more level-headed friend. As a result he became something like a second older brother figure to her as she grew up. It often turned out that lapses in her being minded had pretty disastrous consequences like the time Rikku ran off and encountered an out of control Machina. By the water. And Brother had just gotten a sweet symbology tattoo with a lightning spell.

Simple equation for disaster right? What happened was predictable. That phobia sticks with her to this day.

Growing up, Rikku learned to be the Al Bhed version of an engineer, aka 'We have no idea how this thing works but we're using it anyway.' That always made life really exciting for her. However her true specialty was in using simple Al Bhed alchemy tricks on things found from Fiends to cause interesting and dangerous chemical reactions! She also learned how to survive in a society that hated her, which meant that she was taught the necessary skill of property redistribution from consummate Yevonites.

It's a wonder she lived to see adolescence isn't it?

But survive she did, and she began participating in many of the Al Bhed's highly dangerous salvage operations. The threat of Sin loomed large, but the Al Bhed's drive to dig up lost relics of past civilizations was unstoppable. On one of the latest, she not only found an airship-

That's no longer a spoiler by the way now that you've all seen it actually fly!

-but also some weird guy who claims he was from Zanarkand. What a weirdo right? (Sorry Tidus, lovvveeee youuuuu)

Shortly after he got knocked off their salvage ship and they had to beat a hasty retreat from Sin... Rikku got a message. Summoner Yuna was leaving Besaid. Which meant the time to implement her father's plan had come.

Stop the pilgrimages. Save the Summoners. Save Yuna. The cousin she'd never met. You see, her Aunt? Yuna's mother. She'd been orphaned as a result of her Father defeating Sin, and dying in the process. This affected him. The man he never really accepted as his brother-in-law defeating Sin. The sister he loved so much dying from Sin.

Rikku grew up hearing that he'd be damned if he let any other Summoner die to beat Sin. And now he made good on his promise. He sent Rikku and the other Al Bhed to capture his niece... Rikku's cousin. Rikku was all on board with this plan, that she'd save the Cousin she'd always known about, but had never met. She'd stop her from finishing her pilgrimage, and dying to do so.

It didn't work out as expected! Some things happened... and then she became Yuna's Guardian! Her family is probably prettttyyyy upset about that.

Skills, Powers and Abilities

Rikku is a skilled alchemist, or chemist depending on how one views it. She uses the unique properties of spheres and other Spiran fiend parts made from pyreflies in order to create impressive alchemical effects. To that end she can create powerful curatives, restoratives... or more importantly, blow fiends up. Blow them up real good. Blow them up in numerous ways. She does that a lot.

Rikku has fast hands, and is more than capable of pickpocketing off people and/or fiends. However, the most important application of this skill has been in removing necessary parts from out of control Machina! She put a lot of time and focus into this given both her salvage operations and... well let's just the knowledge that you lost your Mom to Machina, and that your MEANIEHEAD Brother shocked you to save you from one makes you work really hard at being good disabling them.

Rikku is an engineer, but an engineer in the Al Bhed sense. That means that her knowledge focuses more on application, than figuring out the workings. Her trip to Filgaia however changed this. The knowledge she's gaining from a world that actually creates its own ARMs has given her a crash course in the workings of Filgaian ARMs. She's even implemented these lessons graft crude Al Bhed tech to a Filgaian Gear, to create the Guardian Machina Sanlino! Her piloting technique is a work in progress, but her Gear itself might be a bit surprising for any Filgaian used to traditional Gear combat. She's also integrated Filgaian ARMs into her claw, which may result in a surprise for anyone who thinks she's exhausted all of her explosives.

Rikku is /not/ a warrior in the strictest sense. She fights with a claw and targe in hand to hand combat, but more often than not she uses her alchemy to fight for her. You won't see her winning any arm wrestling matches, but she can handle herself in a scrap... and doing so in very underhanded ways. She /can/ copy techniques she observes others do through strict, dextrous muscle memory and in some cases - a quick application of ARMs.

Rikku is learning magic from Lulu recently, she hasn't managed to cast her first spell yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

Rikku is also learning to the process of extracting spheres from fiends from Yuna. Also a work in progress! She'll get there.

Rikku cbaygc vmyfmacc Al Bhed. Duh!

Ways Rikku Can Blow You Up! Yes You!

Like this:


And this:

Rikku the Burninator

Also this:

Looking up to her idol Shiva

And also like this(but preferably not!):



Maybe someday!


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