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IC Information
Full Name: Rose
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): ~19 (Unknown)
Hometown: Pendrago
Hair Colour: Dark Red/Brown
Class: Rose
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Tales of Zestiria
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Shepherd's Retinue
Player: User:Wilk

Rose is an energetic young woman who serves as the head of the Sparrowfeathers Merchant Guild. Kind and eager, few would suspect that the guild acts as a cover for the Scattered Bones, a group of assassins. Though they sometimes work for the highest bidder, their targets tend to be those who deserve it, as Rose strives to bring about the dream of her dead mentor one death at a time, to make the world a better place by striving for justice that's immediatly within reach instead of far off dreams. Pulled to Filgaia along with her immediate entourage, her current goal is to get a solid grip on the lay of the land and establish connections quickly.


  • Orphaned at a very young age during a bandit raid on her small village outside Pendrago. Saved and raised by Brad, leader of the Windriders.
  • Taught how to lead, fight and kill by Brad and Eguille.
  • With the Windriders, fights for the weak and those who can't, performing high-profile assassinations and kills to better the world.
  • Several years ago, was arranged to marry the prince of Rolance, Konan, following a big job for him. The prince betrays the Windriders and has most of them killed. Dezel, a wind Seraph, swears revenge.
  • For the next several years, Rose, guided by Dezel unknowingly, reforms the Windriders as the Sparrowfeathers, a merchant guild, and the Scattered Bones, an assassin group. They primarily target corrupt nobility.
  • Met Sorey on the day of the Sacred Blade Festival.
  • Hired by the council of Hyland to assassinate princess Alisha under accusations of her corruption and selfish ideals. Fights her during the festival, interrupted by Sorey becoming the Shepherd.
  • Eventually sucked into Filgaia along with the Sparrowfeathers and Scattered Bones. Some of them, anyway.

Powers and Abilities

  • Swordsmanship: Rose practices the Rangetsu style of swordfighting, specifically the two-bladed variant. It's far removed from the original style from a thousand years ago, but still deadly.
  • Resonance: Shepherd-level Resonance is unusual, and Rose has it! It SHOULD let her see Malevolence, Hellions and Seraphim effortlessly, but she's currently repressing it pretty badly and ignorant of the fact, so it does nothing.
  • Merchant: Rose is a gifted leader, haggler, merchant and appraiser.
  • Assassin: She is also an assassin and knows how to sneak around.
  • Black Magic: Rose is, as a human from Lunar, capable of learning to cast black magic, and shows a special affinity towards wind. She lacks the training and knowledge for formal spellcasting, but might occasionally use low-grade spells without realizing it, like a gust of wind to jump higher or to lessen the noise she makes.
  • Sparrowfeathers: For the right sum, the Sparrowfeathers can get people what they want provided it's on the open market somewhere, and with some effort, sometimes what isn't on the open market too. Merchants also have an easier time going around and getting info! Plus, manpower.
  • Scattered Bones: Manpower which also doubles as assassins. Their training varies, most of them aren't especially powerful but you wouldn't want to let them stab you in the neck either.

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