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This is a sample, filled-out advancement application, used to illustrate the information that staff require in order to efficiently process advancement applications. To be very clear, advancement applications which do not contain all of the required information will be returned.

SUBJECT: Advancement Application - Drifter - Claude C. Kenny

1. Please tell us how your character has grown. We want to hear the justification behind this advancement. While it is fine to say "experience," we want an idea of what experience and training they have had to grow. We also want to hear about how it ties into their personal growth and story development. This is especially important if you are spending more than 20 CP or 5 DP. If you are asking for a new form, please indicate it here.

The Lacour Tournament of ARMs was a thing! During this experience, Claude was crowned the King of the Jobbers after having his butt handed to him by everyone except NPCs (though he did manage to land an extremely technical hit on Dias, which made him happy). As a result of these experiences over the course of the past month or more Claude C. Kenny has finally accepted the conclusive evidence that he is not the baddest mothereffer on the planet - that job is taken. (By Grahf.) This is extremely liberating, as it means this is one less thing for him to worry about.

Following his elimination, Claude has spent the past couple of weeks preparing for his and Rena's upcoming journey with Cecilia, in search of the Guardian Statues. He ground skill points in Blacksmithing and weapon customization (in the process forging a slightly-above-piece-of-crap sword for Tethelle) and geared up for adventure out in the wilds, far away from the nearest inn! On the plus side, this will probably be an improvement on the general sanitation level of his surroundings.

Long story short: Claude continues to ADVANCE FORWARD, and is currently scoring SOMEWHERE AROUND 40 POINTS.

2. List and provide an explanation of any changes and improvements to their Gunslinger stat block. We can do this for you if requested. If you're doing it yourself, please break down your Character Point and Attack Point purchases. We insist you spend a minimum of 10 CP before applying for Gunslinger advancement.

Claude will be taking a generic increase across the board in stats, mostly power (because of blacksmithing) and vitality (because of getting his ass kicked).

  • Reflex to 20 (+2)
  • Power to 25 (+3)
  • Vitality to 26 (+4)
  • Sorcery to 13 (+2)
  • ARM to 20 (+1)
  • Technique to 27 (+2)

For PSes, I'm looking at the following:

  • REMOVE Creative (-8)
  • ADD Tough, SOS Overdrive (+10)

Total of 16 CP spent.

(Note: For advancement applications that include multiple forms, each form must be listed separately with 'Form 1, Form 2', etc.)

3. List and detail any new attacks that you're buying. We can design them for you if you want. However, we want any new attacks named by you, even if we design them. We insist you spend a minimum of 5 AP before applying for a new Gunslinger attack. If you are deleting or changing attacks, list these as well. Please note that if you are using a fancy coloured ANSI attack name, you must submit the ANSI any time you create or change the attack.

First, I wanted to switch up his slam/jam attacks so they can be a link/follow; the result is net-neutral.

  • REMOVE Come On And Slam (-8)
  • REMOVE And Welcome To The Jam (-8)
  • ADD DEATHBLOW Come On And Slam - 4 TEC Link (+8)
  • ADD DEATHBLOW If You Wanna Jam- 6 TEC Follow (+8)

After that, using 16 points to add one new attack plus upgrading some others.

  • ADD SIGNATURE Palm of Destruction - 8 TEC Pierce Headshot (+14)
  • CHANGE Meteor Palm to a 5 TEC Gatling Refined (+1 for refined)
  • CHANGE Dragon's Howl to a 7 TEC Accurate Efficient (+1 for upgrade from refined to efficient)

(Note: It is acceptable for attack ANSI to be included in the Google sheet only.)

4. List and provide us an explanation of any changes and improvements to their Digger stat block. We can do this for you if requested. However, we want any new Tools named by you, even if we design them. If you're doing it yourself, please break down your Digger Point purchases. We insist you spend a minimum of 2 DP before applying for Digger advancement.

Claude has long lamented the fact that he has been one of the only non-noodly-armed people in his immediate entourage; only Talise and Bart seem to lift at all. As a result, he has gone to a pharmacist of his acquaintance living in Linga, seeking a solution to Better Living Through Chemistry. After much nagging, Bowman Jeane has provided him with a low-cost supply of TOTALLY LEGITIMATE PILLS that absolutely will enhance his strength and are not addictive at all because they are sugar pills and Claude is too dumb to know this. Fortunately, Claude is also too dumb to know they're not actually making him stronger, so all's well that ends well.

  • ADD new Tool Pla-C-Bow - 2 Brute Strengthen (+5)
  • No changes to Digger stats this app.

We ask that all applications use the character sheet located here: Please make a copy, then link us to the copy in the application.

Sheet is linked. Thanks!

-Player o'Claude

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