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The following is an example of a successful character application for DCMUSH. Spreadsheet links and personal information have been expunged.

SUBJECT: OC - Antagonist - Amaterasu

1. Introduction
"Most people are other people." -- Oscar Wilde

1a. Tell us about yourself! Give us your name or a common handle, your age, and your e-mail address. We need this to keep track of people. Additionally, prospective players must be over the age of 18. Make sure the email in this section matches the email in your account.

This is Shrimpy -- [age expunged from sample], [email expunged from sample]
1b. If you play characters at Dream Chasers MUSH, please list them. Also, please tell us any prominent alts that you play and have played at other MUSHes. We don't need your full RP history, but we do want a general idea of who you are.

Josephine Lovelace, Loren Voss, Avril Vent Fleur @ DCMUSH

2. Profile
"Perhaps it's impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be." -- Orson Scott Card

2. Give us the +finger profile of the character that you're applying for, if they haven't been made before! If you want changes to an existing +finger, please let us know that too.

Name: Amaterasu
Pronouns: She/Her
Race: Veruni 
Role: Antagonist
Class: Veruni Radicals Commando
Groups: Veruni
Hometown: Locus Solus
Quote: "As you wish."
Profile: Formerly a security officer aboard the Locus Solus, Amaterasu has been serving her people for quite some time: first during their initial invasion foray, nearly a century ago, and then since as a special operative in the secret war between the Veruni Radicals and Moderates. She has earned her place as a trusted soldier in the Radicals faction, and serves under Fereydoon's command. However, it may be her devotion to her sickly sister Kaguya that most defines Amaterasu... and provides her with much of the reason she needs to stay her course. No matter what.

3. Background Information
"Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known." -- Chuck Palahniuk

3a. Tell us about your character's background. Where did they come from and how did they end up where they are? If they're a Drifter, tell us how they became a Drifter.

Amaterasu was born on the Locus Solus over a century and a half ago as it traveled towards its ultimate destination, Filgaia once more. As a child, she was told repeatedly that she was one of the lucky ones -- Veruni may be long-lived and few meet their ends by 'natural means' -- but it was entirely possible that they would reach their home planet while she was still 'young'. She would be among those to build a brighter future for their people on their long-yearned-for home.

With a naturally hearty physique, she was directed towards the martial arts while still young, with an eye towards military training, since such a role might be needed once they returned to Filgaia. Before much longer, her family was blessed by the birth of her younger sister, Kaguya. While it wouldn't be amiss to say that young Amaterasu took to her little sister like any older sister should... it also would be /remiss/ to exclude the point that she definitely pushed her little sister around like many an older sister would. 

The good news is that at least Kaguya did get some hands-on understanding of martial arts particularly as they got older and Amaterasu entered work on board the Locus Solus as a security officer while she completed her military training. The bad news, for Kaguya, is that as Kaguya's natural genius blossomed, she found herself increasingly on the receiving end of Amaterasu's nagging streak, particularly given the younger girl's relative frailty. Training attempts increased, and only in the gardens did Kaguya find an escape from her sister's good intentions.

With the approach of Filgaia, she, like her sister, was placed into a temporary cryosleep -- her role would be needed at a later date; the initial process of recolonizing the planet would take time. She was awakened roughly thirty years later, as the colonization efforts unfolded into conquest. During this time, Amaterasu first took the field of battle and there distinguished herself. For a time, the Veruni appeared on the verge of conquering the planet they had once abandoned -- until humans pushed back against them. Despite her -- and the others' -- best efforts, they were forced back. But she could rest assured that they had time enough to make the attempt at a later date.

Until, that is, VR Factor emerged among their population. Some who developed it succumbed quickly. Others lingered for years. Amaterasu, for all the years she had spent on the planet and active, appeared to at least resist whatever was behind the effect. But her sister -- she agreed with her parents, it was best that Kaguya remain asleep and safe until they could quash this VR factor once and for all.

Except a crisis with the cryosleep pods forced their hands. Faced with the risk of Kaguya developing VR and losing Kaguya outright, her parents opted to resuscitate their younger daughter. And Kaguya developed VR factor.

This is the reason why, at that point, Amaterasu had pledged her allegiance to the Radicals faction. Taking her experience on the battlefield, she became one of their blades to strike down those of the Moderates who would stymie their attempts to obtain a cure and a future for their people. Over the years, she has killed numerous Moderates soldiers and operatives, whether in secret or among the battles that have broken out between the two factions in recent decades.

Then Kaguya left, vanishing into the west. The next she heard -- after a long and fretful period of silence -- was that Kaguya, her sickly and small little sister, had taken up on Filgaia's moon. Which, it turns out, was not quite so rocky as appearance would lend one to believe. But it wasn't possible to reach her sister or send any sort of word.

And with Mother reawakened, she -- with the other Veruni -- held her breath, waiting to see if this alliance would bear fruit.

It did not.

And then Mother was slain. But for a few gleanings they might have otherwise lost out from, they were as they were before. Now, it seems, there are disturbances in Elru, caused by humans. Amaterasu aims to see the bottom of this, particularly following an embarrassing encounter in one of the Veruni sacred shrines.

3b. Tell us about how your character acquired their ARMs, sorceries, and/or techniques. Please see their respective files for more information about how these work on Dream Chasers.

The answer in Amaterasu's case is simply that she was born a Veruni, and blessed in particular with a strong healthy body... and was first chosen to ensure safety and security aboard the Locus Solus while receiving further training for armed services once planet side. In particular, her martial training began early, while she was still a child.

And once the Veruni had settled on Filgaia she put these skills to the test and continues to do in her service as a commando agent in the internal struggle inside Veruni society. As well as further abroad.

4. Personality
"It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story." -- Patrick Rothfuss

4. Tell us about your character's personality. How do they interact with others, what are their goals, what drives them? If they're a Drifter or allied with an antagonist group, why is that? Don't limit yourself to these questions, but instead give us a comprehensive look at who your character is and what makes them tick..

Amaterasu is, by nature, an extremely determined person. If she weren't, her path in life might be too difficult to tread -- not only has she fought other natives of Filgaia in the past, but she is responsible for seeing to threats from the Moderates faction. If she were not focused on her goals -- the health and safety of her people, and especially her sister -- it's entirely possible she could waver in a role that affords no wavering.

On the flip side, this trait of hers has left her prone to extremely black and white thinking. Things are either right or they are not -- she does not permit much in the way of 'grey' to infiltrate her worldview. Her assurance that she is in the right is her shield and her sword. Similarly, one is either with her -- and the Radicals -- or against them. At its worst this can lead her to making such justifications of 'this must be the correct action because I am the one doing it'. And when pressed, she tends to hunker down rather than attempt to understand.

Amaterasu is sober by nature. While she does not lack a sense of humor, and can indeed crack some very dry jokes, her demeanor tilts towards grave in most situations. Generally, given her line of work, this is to her benefit; she is someone who takes orders seriously and can be depended on to complete them to the best of her ability.

Of course, there is a darker side to this as well -- Amaterasu is serious, and she is /critical/. When something displeases her, unless there are very good reasons for it to be otherwise (to a superior (backtalk is prohibited), or when in a crisis situation), she does not shy from voicing her opinions, though she generally takes enough care to be polite about what she thinks you have done wrong... unless you happen to be her sister or someone for who she has no respect. In that case, she'll flat-out tell you, and if you're really unfortunate (and her sister), immediately receive the appropriate advise for correcting it.

If any word were used to describe Amaterasu, it would be 'loyal'. Or dutiful, or devoted. While rarely given to bursts of passion outside war, she absolutely holds her people as her foremost love in her life -- indeed, this is likely why, while nearly middle-aged for a Veruni, she has not yet married. To betray her people -- their future -- is unthinkable for her. And to be betray her beloved younger sister, hope of her generation? Never.

On the other hand, another word best used to summarize Amaterasu might be prideful or perfectionist. She takes great pride in her achievements (and those of her sister, though she may not show it) and expects nothing less than the best -- from herself or from others she considers her responsibility (just ask her sister). While it does not shackle to the point of self-sabotage, she is constantly in search of a better her, and if she can complete a task in a means either appropriately or efficiently, she will absent other factors opt for her 'appropriate'. Proper (which doesn't necessarily mean compassionately, just 'what she thinks is the proper way of doing something') is almost always better than quicker/neater in her eyes. 

If Amaterasu has one regret, it is that she has had to kill her own people -- fellow Veruni, regardless of their factional leaning -- in order to see a bright future for their kind. She was after all a security officer first -- protecting other people is a role that speaks to her, to say nothing of the love she possesses for all Veruni. It's not a circumstance she cares to dwell on; she handles it largely by rationalizing that it's a necessary sacrifice. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and so she keeps this regret close to her heart -- it is easily her greatest secret.

It's also why she's likely to double down if pressed -- the path she is on MUST be right, and she cannot back down until the Radicals' goal is complete.

At present Amaterasu's top goal in life is to see her people served and restored to health and power on Filgaia... with her sister among them. Indeed, her sister's health leads as the number one motivating factor in Amaterasu's life, and should anything happen to Kaguya -- should she worsen or even succumb -- it's likely that Amaterasu would be thrust down quite a dark path.

Because if she has one fear, it's that she was never able to change anything -- through all her sacrifice and through all her effort -- and Kaguya will die.

Finally, it goes without saying that she loves her younger sister. This is also why she has made Kaguya's life somewhat uncomfortable over the years -- her sister has potential and thus needs to put her talents to the best use possible. Her sister is fragile, and thus needs to learn to protect herself and be protected. She expects the world of Kaguya, and thus she criticizes her. All of it is out of love, though Kaguya may have a very different take on the matter. And the fact that Kaguya is slowly dying from VR is absolutely unacceptable. If she has to move heaven and earth to save her sister, she'll do it.

5. Gunslinger Information
"Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it." -- Bruce Lee

5a. Tell us how your character fights! We don't need an essay here, but we want a general idea of what they can do in a fight. If they have alternate forms, such as a Gear, we also want to know about that. If they have any special abilities (or ARMs and equipment) to gain some day, let us know about that here!

It's worth stating, first off, that everything Kaguya knows -- or nearly -- about martial arts was taught to her by her sister.

Martial arts training was a part of Amaterasu's childhood and beyond -- she is a master of Veruni hand-to-hand, though she generally prefers weapons to bare fists, but in a pinch she can make good use of it. Her preference anyway when using her body as a weapon is to leverage her long legs and go for kicks, in contrast to what she taught her much smaller sister. Martial arts training was mostly useful for lateral thinking, focus, control, and discipline for Amaterasu and she has internalized all these lessons.

As a soldier, she learned how to fight with weapons. Her favored weapon is a bladed polearm with a telescoping shaft -- Veruni-style, which means it has a hard light blade -- but she also has proficiency in short blades (daggers) and Veruni laser-blades (one-handed swords). She also has light and moderate ARMs training, though she prefers not to use them; she gave her one favored sidearm to her sister besides.

On the battlefield, she is adept at using her weapon not only to cleave with the blade, but the shaft and butt of the polearm to disrupt and disable; one can disable an enemy without drawing blood or breaking bone, though use of such tactics shouldn't be mistaken for mercy: a disabled foe can be dispatched more readily than one still able to fight back.

Veruni-style Ether-wise, Amaterasu favors shadow/darkness, though rather than direct damage, it bolsters her or another's abilities (or even heals) or debilitates those she faces. Her ability with her magic is not as strong as some so she uses it to level the playing field rather than lean on it as a means of destruction in its own right. She is highly unlikely to ever develop offensive Ether and is likely to continue to occasionally gain access to further support/debuff spells over time.

Amaterasu has access to a Golem. Called Inanna, the Golem is rather fragile despite its bulk, but what it lacks in defenses it makes up for in sheer firepower -- Inanna is equipped with a wide array of ancient projectile (and laser, and hard-light) weaponry of devastating potency. 

Due to Inanna's fragility,  Amaterasu prefers to field the ancient machine as little as possible, reserving it for those times when  she /needs/ to use it. Sadly, Inanna's age and make are unlike anything else thus excavated, or perhaps these weaknesses would have already been corrected -- it can be repaired but not improved upon at present. Still, in Amaterasu's prudent hands, it can be a devastating weapon.

5b. Please give us your character's Gunslinger stats and attacks. You can choose to have us make statistics for your characters, but we insist that you name all of your attacks. 

Characters get to select four Force Actions. They get 260 Character Points (CP) to spend on stats and Personal Skills. They also get 130 Attack Points (AP) to spend on Deathblows,  Signature Attacks, and (optionally) a Mystic Arte; they must have at least one Signature Attack, and most of their Attacks should be Deathblows. No character may have more than one Mystic Arte.

Please see the Gunslinger System page to design your character. Each form, if your character has multiple, needs to be designed. If you would like a template to work from, they may be found on the [Templates page].

Note that stat ranges are 20-40 for most character types, with Access and Fiend modes raising the maximum to 50.  

We ask that all applications use the character sheet located here:

Please make a copy, then link us to the copy in the application.

Stats are here:

[link removed from sample]

6. Digger Information 
"Adventure is allowing the unexpected to happen to you. Exploration is experiencing what you have not experienced before." -- Richard Aldington

6a. Tell us about your character's abilities in exploring a dungeon! Give us an idea of what they excel at and what they aren't so great at when they enter a ruin filled with traps, monsters, and puzzles. Gears or other forms that would imply a rather different approach to a dungeon may have separate Digger stats.

In Digger terms, Amaterasu is best skilled in Combat -- she is a soldier first and foremost. Following that, she is sufficiently strong and durable, reflected by her Brute score. While speed is not her forte, she is hardly slow; even armored she can keep up if forced to leg it. Finally, while she is not dim by any means, she prefers a more direct approach to things so her Wits stat is her lowest: she would rather someone tell her where to apply herself than sit around pondering.

I'll be statting the Golem for Digger later; it's not going to the Moon.

As for tools, she has three purchased:

All-Surface Boots - Boots that allow the user to walk on any surface when activated, regardless of gravitational conditions. A miracle of research from an until-recently space-faring race.

Shielding Module - A device in her armor that allows her to boost its defenses. Useful for when you have to stand your ground... or strengthen your armor in anticipation of feats of strength.

Stopwatch - A perfectionist, sometimes Amaterasu wants to see just /how long/ it will take her to obliterate a foe.

6b. Please give us your character's Digger stats and Tools. You can choose to have us make statistics for your characters, but we insist that you name all of your Tools. 

At creation, characters may purchase two Tools for 5 DP. Each Tool after this costs 5 Digger Points (DP). Characters receive three Tool Slots, plus any they buy with DP. They get 52 DP to spend on dungeon abilities, Tools, and Tool slots. 

Please see the Digger System page to design your character.

Current Digger stats must range between 6 and 14.

We ask that all applications use the character sheet located here:

Please make a copy, then link us to the copy in the application.

Stats are here:

[link removed from sample]

7. Resources and Miscellaneous 
"Being rich is a good thing." -- Mark Cuban

7a. Does your character have some resources or clout that aren't represented by your statistics? Do they have a secret in their background which might one day prompt a plot? Please tell us here! We understand these things can change and develop in play, but to the greatest extent possible we want to know what you have in mind.

Amaterasu is a Veruni of now approximately middle class (for Veruni) ways and means (thanks to Kaguya). Fortunately, her connection with the military, and in particular, her alignment to the Radicals, means that if she really needs to get something, within reason, she can probably get it, within reason and if her argument for the support is sound and meets the Radicals' needs.

Also Kaguya's achievements have reflected very nicely upon the family, so this works in Amaterasu's favor, too.

7b. Do you have plans and hopes for your character that staff should know about? Do you have a concern not covered by one of the other questions which you want to bring up? This is the place to tell us.

Originally this was going to be a later app but plans changed!

I think the most immediate on-game plan for her is link up with her sister and find out what's going on, once she's on Lunar. After that, it's just a question of how long it takes for Kaguya to convince her to do war crimes on the Moon.

I give it about three weeks.

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