Sephilia Lampbright

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Sephilia Lampbright
Sephilia and her bodyguard, Lord Chauncey of Foxington.
IC Information
Full Name: Sephilia Lampbright
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 17 (November 25)
Hometown: Takkar
Hair Colour: Reddish Gold
Class: Doll-User
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: None
Player: Sephilia

A wide-eyed young explorer from a tiny village near Takkar, Sephilia is eternally accompanied by her magical doll, Lord Chauncey of Foxington, which she found while exploring ruins with her father several years ago. After some trial and error, Sephilia learned to use Chauncey’s magic and, now armed with the cuddliest bodyguard around, she wanders and explores on her own. While poking around at some ancient ruins, she saw a flash of light, and now she’s got a whole new world to explore, and couldn’t be more excited!


Sephilia Lampbright grew up in a small village near Takkar on Lunar. Her father was an avid explorer of ruins himself, and young Sephilia’s curiosity motivated her to follow in his footsteps, often literally. Bemused by the impossibility of keeping Sephy from traipsing after him in secret, he started bringing her along with him so that he could at least keep an eye on her, and taught her the basics of dungeon exploration and safety. On one of these trips with her father, Sephilia found a battered old stuffed fox doll that she immediately claimed and dubbed Lord Chauncey of Foxington, and she has carried him with her ever since. She soon discovered that Chauncey was more than just a toy, and once she’d figured out how to work Chauncey’s magical transformation, she had her very own defender to go with her—at that point she began going out alone to explore, driven by her insatiable curiosity. On a recent exploration of an ancient ruin, Sephilia was blinded by a sudden flash of light, and when her vision returned she found herself on a strange new world!

Powers and Abilities

Sephy fights exclusively with the help of Lord Chauncey of Foxington, who, in his battle-form, is a hulking semi-bipedal doll that Sephy rides piggy-back. He responds to her shouted commands, which mostly consist of wrestling style attacks. Sephilia herself is capable of wielding magic, but not to attack--she's learned to heal!

Sephilia also picked up an antique flintlock rifle, thinking that carrying around an obvious weapon might get her taken more seriously. It's taller than she is, and antique, but it's a gun and she's learning to use and maintain it anyway!


Sephilia's Favorite People

George Lampbright: This is my dad! He's back home, I bet he misses me a bunch. He's a famous explorer! He taught me everything I know about being an explorer, which is a lot!

Ida Everstead-Rey: Ida treated me like a kid at first but now that she's got to know me a little more she doesn't do that so much. She's really smart in a bookish kind of way but that's okay cause she knows a whole lot about Filgaia and stuff, and can help me learn about this place for my journal!

Lemina Ausa: I joined her magic guild! I'm gonna learn magic for real! I even got her to agree to a discount on membership fees until we get back to Lunar and can get to Vane. I'm so excited!

Lord Chauncey of Foxington: My bestest buddy in the whole world! Actually I guess I have to say "in all the worlds" now. Wow! We go everywhere together. He's my bodyguard and he also is a really good listener.

Morgan Newkirk: He. Is. A. Foxman. That is AWESOME! He gave me a handkerchief and it has a cute laughing fox on it! And I think Talise likes him cause they went off to talk somewhere more private! Even when I set off a trap like an amateur he was cool about it.

Ofelia Lampbright: This is my mom. She's back home and she makes the best meat pies! I miss her a lot more than I wanted to admit when I first got here on Filgaia...

Talise Gianfair: She's like a big sister who does all the fun big sister stuff! She sings really good, and she's looking out for me all the time like a real big sister, even when she has stuff of her own to worry about too!

Sephilia's Friends

Fei Fong Wong: He did a REALLY AMAZING portrait of me an' Chauncey! AND he made a top hat for Chauncey too!

Layna Manydays: She's a REAL pirate captain! AND she heard of my Dad!

Lynnai Albrek: I think she's worried about me but she's trying not to show it.

Jacqueline Barber: Jay has a really neat shop with some good supplies for explorers like me an' Chauncey! I will get all of my journal supplies from her! She's also really nice and kind. I'm glad we're friends!

Rosaline Calice: She's a cat-lady who does healing but also beats up bad guys and stuff!

Tesni Inoue: She's a nice lady! She listened to me talk about Chauncey and stuff! And when I was hung over and feeling whiney she lent me her ear. Not literally, like, she listened and offered advice.

Vin Barrett: Gave me snacks, and remembered Chauncey's name! He did call me "kiddo" though. I'm not a kid! Hopefully now that he's seen me and Chauncey can handle ourselves he won't treat me like I'm a kid anymore though!

Sephilia's Acquaintances

Abigail Ivers: She's gonna show me how to play cards and gamble!

Alisha Diphda: I met a real princess! She seemed real serious but also nice. Apparently she really likes sweets!

Ambrosius: This guy's a little strange and he just showed up and helped us when we went into the mines the second time. But, he helped us, and didn't turn out to be an evil crazy witch who--ahem. Sorry.

Amelia Rose: She's a priestess of Althena and she's really nice and she knows my Dad! She gave me his old journal! I like her. Talise is mad at her for breaking her lute, and I'm not sure why Amelia did that. It makes me sad that a friend of my Dad could be so mean.

Arleph Ardan: Seems smart, but keeps going on about books. Yaaaaaawn!

Animal: Okay I know I say boys are dumb a lot, but he kinda is! He didn't even know why Chauncey didn't talk, or what a Gear was--and he's from the Blue Star! I think. Boys are dumb!

Bart Fatima Boys are dumb! He called me a kid.

Catenna: A nice lady from far away. Quiet.

Claude C. Kenny Boys are dumb!

Emma Hetfield: This lady is really smart and kinda cool! I hope we can meet some more later and be friends! Uses a lotta book words, though...

Gasback: He looks scary and he kinda is scary, but he helped us a bunch when I brought a group into the ruins!

Gwen Whitlock: I met this nice lady and her horse, Gulliver, while I was off exploring! Very good person!

Hiro: He's really a nice person and Ruby is really cute and a real dragon, she says! Chauncey's cuter though.

Josephine Lovelace: She has a cool bird and talked a bunch to Talise while I was getting my portrait with Chauncey! She seems nice.

Jude Moshe He seemed impressed by Chauncey! And he didn't treat me like a kid. That was pretty cool.

Kalve: One of Zed and Riesenlied's friends. Must be more Riesenlied's pal, actually, because he wasn't like Zed's usual best buddies...

Layla: This lady came along when I went into the Ruins of Memory.

Leon Albus: He seems like he's a serious kind of guy, but he looked out for me when we were exploring so he is definitely a nice person!

Lily Keil: She had the same fascination I did for the machinery in the ruins, so I like her!

Lucia: She's really kind of quiet but she has the same love of exploring I do, I think!

Lunata Croze: She's the kid of a famous adventurer, just like me! Only she didn't take on the mantle of explorer like I did. That's okay, though, she's really nice!

Marguerite Fatima: She seemed nice even though she didn't think Chauncey was the cutest ever.

Matilda Whitehead: Went on a dig with her--she's cool, even if she does use book words, because she explains what they mean.

Rose: Nice person. She's from Lunar too! And I think she's afraid of ghosts.

Rudy Roughnight: He treated me like a kid. He's a kid! I'm not a kid!! Boys are dumb! He DID apologize later, though.

Seraph Edna: She's quiet and standoffish but just said to ask Sorey about her. Weird girl!

Seraph Lailah: She sort of heard of my dad! She seems nice and friendly!

Serill: Ooogh she made me mad! I'm going to teach her to respect me an' the Magic Guild of Vane!

Shalune Amira: Lunata and Jay's friend has a cool golem or gear or something named Big Shal, who's cool but not as cool as Chauncey. But we're kinda both cool and have big friends!

Sorey: The guy with the invisible friend! Not only is he from Lunar, he's the Shepherd!!! But, he's keeping that secret so don't tell anyone, okay?

Tethelle Cirdian: She called me a kid at first but she got way better once she found out I'm fifteen and a half. Still kind of jealous of'know.

Xantia: She seems really nice and someday says she'll wrestle with Chauncey!

Yarobeleedt: How does Zed know so many dumb boys? I...think?

People Sephilia Hates

Eli Graves jerkhead meanie scuzzbucket poohead.

Sephilia's Enemies

Agatha Pyrelight: I went exploring some ruins with Agatha and her army of...creepy silent minions, and she offered to send me back home. I was really homesick and I agreed that I'd help her but keep it secret that she was helping me...but then I realized that I couldn't keep it secret from my best friends. And then they told me that she was a bad person--a really bad person. She's the Pyre Witch! I'm still really kinda scared of her but I made a promise to Talise that we'd be the first ones to have a song about how we outsmarted and defeated the Pyre Witch.

Berserk: He hurt Chauncey. I won't let him get away with that.

Parbody: Scary and mean. I wasn't that scared though, 'cos Chauncey and Ida were there, and Leon too. She's some kind of bandit or something? She tried to intimidate me but I wasn't having any of it!

Sephilia's Wounded Heart

Riesenlied: I miss Riese a lot. She's still my friend, even though she's a Metal Demon.

Virginia Maxwell: I met her while I was out shopping. She talks to her diary like I talk to Chauncey! Only I guess her diary is sassier than Chauncey is. I'm glad Chauncey's nice. We talked about stuff and how hard it is to be underestimated as a Drifter and I'm gonna make her a stuffed bunny doll and we're friends now! But then...I don't know what happened, but I wanna make sure she knows we're still friends no matter what...

Zed: I was just starting to get over how dumb he can be and see how fun that dumbness is...b-but he's still my friend. I know it! Even though he's a Metal Demon he didn't do the super bad things he could have.

Sephilia's Journal and Other Souvenirs

Since arriving on Filgaia, Sephilia's begun collecting mementos, souvenirs, and keeping a journal of her travels, with sketches and notes and such. A partial list of items and entries in this collection follows:

  • An old journal once belonging to her Dad, George Lampbright, received from Amelia Rose
  • A sketch of Sephilia and Lord Chauncey of Foxington, rendered by Fei Fong Wong
  • A sketch of a train, with a short poem about trains written below it.
  • A sketch of a metal dragon fossil, uncovered in a fateful expedition
  • A sketch of a giant bat-monster, battled during the same expedition
  • Rubbings of an ancient stone tablet in an unfamiliar language, obtained in a follow-up expedition, along with later notes about the translation thereof
  • Several partial recipes for meat pies
  • A hand-drawn map of Filgaia, with several corrections and additions as others help her learn the geography of the world
  • A sketch of Ofelia and George Lampbright, done from memory
  • A single cucco feather, with a sketch of a cucco, and a recipe for spicy cucco meat
  • Sketches of most of her friends here on Filgaia
  • A page of runes, copied laboriously from one found in the Sacred Grounds of Linga, along with a translation showing it to be rather odd poetry
  • Sketches of the swords belonging to Talise Gianfair and Tethelle Cirdian, with notes on the pages about the Guardians worshipped by some Filgaians and other Filgaian faiths
  • A sketch of the statue of Zeldukes in Adlehyde, labelled clearly, opposite a starmap of Adlehyde's skies as seen in late Spring
  • A length of thread, carefully affixed to the tear-stained page, the only legible note being "From Riesenlied"
  • A page written in Tesni Inoue's hand, containing the lyrics of a song in a language unknown to Sephilia
  • Sketches, drawn after the fact, of a number of Metal Beasts
  • Sketches of various designs and artwork found on pottery in the Tomb of Lolithia
  • Very confused notes about electricity, mostly consisting of "Lightning" surrounded by a lot of question marks
  • Sketches of the inside and out of a landlocked pirate ship, with scaffolding surrounding it, and some of the pirates, including Captain Layna Manydays
  • An autograph from Meredin Croze, complete with arcane sigil
  • Notes about Shalune's pot, with a sketch thereof, and notes in which the word "sqlorches" is underlined for emphasis
  • A sketch of a disabled Gear found at the bottom of the Leck Mine
  • Sketches and notes about several different exotic flowers grown by Kaguya
  • A sketch of Morgan's friend Cat, a large cat
  • A sketch of what appears to be a Gear's engine
  • A map of part of the Haunted Manor
  • Detailed sketches and diagrams of the workings of the Foxington Flintlock, a flintlock rifle she claimed from a ghost
  • A rubbing of a plaque describing a facility designed to restore Filgaia to its lush self, mentioning "the Lolithia", accompanied by sketches of many treasures found in the same room

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