Skylr Paer

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Skylr Paer
IC Information
Full Name: Skylr Paer
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 18 (September 22)
Hometown: Pentagulia
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Class: Zen Archer
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 G
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: Althena's Guards
Player: User:Skylr

"May the light guide your path and wind be at your back."

Skylr Paer is one of the children of a small sheep and textile farm on Lunar. Talented in the arts of White Magic as blessed by the Goddess Althena, she has trained in the arts of Sorcery underneath her mother and anyone else that was willing to teach her, most noticeably the Althena Priesthood. This has strongly influence her respect for the Goddess, and the teaching she has been given has allowed her to already learn how to utilize two separate elements, wielding both light and wind alongside with her hunting skills. Outside of her drive for knowledge on top of what she's already learned, Skylr is a strange person, unsure of what to do around others and how to deal with her feelings towards them - definitely more comfortable with sheep and her books, sometimes, than people.


  • Born on a sheep/textile farm outsize Azado on Lunar.
  • Learned much about her sorcery from the Althena priesthood and her mother.
  • Learned how to hunt.
  • Joined the priesthood/Althena's Guards.
  • Was on the Dragonship Destiny when it fell to Filgaia while chasing Lucia.

Powers and Abilities

Skylr is a actual shepherd, not a Shepherd. That's Sorey.

Blessing Of Althena (White Magic): Skylr utilizes white magic, as blessed by Althena. While young, she actually is quite proficient with her skills, already being able to use two separate elements (wind and light) for her magic.

Zen Archer: Skylr is a focused archer, who feels the wind and takes her time with her shots. She's an extremely accurate and efficient shooter, preferring one shot over many.


Althena's Guards

The closest people Skylr has to family, these days.

  • Althena: The Goddess, and the one person Skylr should have faith in, correct? Not entirely so... Skylr's trust in the Goddess herself has fallen with the latest events in Azado, and faith shattered does not easily rebuild...
  • White Knight Leo: Skylr respects Leo on a level that is pedestal-level in it's entirety but in its' faith in the man is more grounded than the dirt on Filgaia and Lunar itself. Skylr doesn't really tell Leo much about day-to-day, but she trusts him more than ever since Azado, interestingly enough.
  • Pearl: Pearl probably shouldn't be, but Skylr considers her as much of a big-sister as she can get at the moment. The trust and belief in her fellow Guard is strong.


Not that she really tells these people that they're considered such.

  • Kourin: Kourin and Skylr are at odds, sure, but... Skylr can't find herself to be mad at Kourin, Guard-deserter or not. They may never be true friends, but Skylr will consider her closer than most will probably ever be ... and Skylr hopes Kourin is happier now than she ever was before.
    • Spirit: Whosa good puppy, you are, you are. Skylr loves to see Spirit, and is happy that Kourin still has him.
  • Eryon Rast: Eryon is probably a bad influence on Skylr, but he is bold and short like she is shy and short and they make quite a pair. Not like that.


Send help.

  • Zed: Zed is over the top and scares Skylr with his enthusiasm and what he is.
  • Kalve: Kalve's a butt.


You shouldn't be surprised Lucia's on here.

  • Lucia: Hatred, despair, anger... Skylr is all of these things, towards Lucia, but then something doesn't sit right... what's going on with Lucia?
  • Neriah Parringer: This don't even feel like falling / gravity can't begin to pull me back to the ground / someone will come running / and I know / you'll take me home.


Lucia (Doomsday - Globus)

But nothing prepares you for nature's acts of virtue

Althena (In Memoriam - Globus)

It is sweet and honorable to die for one's country

Blessings of Magic (Iruna Etelero from The Ancient Magus' Bride)

> To hear the wind and feel the light...

Azado Burning (The Climb, covered by Boyce Avenue)

Every step I'm takin', every move I make feels lost with no direction - my faith is shaken...

Light (Halo/You Will Be Found mashup by Ben Fankhauser and Natalie Weiss

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