Talise Gianfair

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Talise Gianfair
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IC Information
Full Name: Talise Gianfair
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 18ish (???)
Hometown: SS Lunabelle
Hair Colour: Brown (Dyes it blonde)
Class: Bladesinger
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 10,000G
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Fox Company
Player: User:Hats

Talise Gianfair is a child of nowhere and everywhere. Born on a ship of miscreants long since lost, the bastard child of a Beastwoman pirate and a human con man who vanished along with the ship, she grew up wild, free and often afoul of the law, and with a thirst for adventure that took her away from the loss of her childhood home and across the Salyan Desert. In her heart she's a storyteller and a singer, the sort to knock back a couple of mugs of mead and sing songs of heroes long dead, favouring those of the Dragonmasters. But she's also a fighter at heart and a talented swordswoman, and she's learned by necessity to survive the badlands and the sea alike - and more recently to survive a world in which her Goddess seems to want to ban everything she finds fun. Now finding herself in a strange new world, she makes the most of it - and turns her eyes towards the lost treasures of the Blue Star.


Gianfair is the outcome of a drunken one-night-stand between a Beastwoman privateer named Tanin de Gianfair and a sly human con-man named Clyde Rath. She was born on Lunar, aboard a privateer ship called the Lunabelle, unwelcome in most ports for its crew of ne'er-do-wells.

Gianfair never had a formal education, though her father taught her how to read and write. She spent about half her time aboard the Lunabelle and the other half skipping from port to port or landing spot to landing spot. She grew up with two primary role models aside from her father. The first was her mother. Tanin de Gianfair was not only a strong-willed woman with a fiery temper and a big smile, she was a complete badass as a fighter, a talented swordswoman who could defeat most people on board the ship. Her second role model was a man named Piet Wilk, an older man who taught her most of her repertoire of old Dragonmaster songs, particularly introducing her to the story of Dragonmaster Chloe, the Beastwoman Dragonmaster.

When Gianfair was about ten, the Lunabelle was chartered for a dangerous mission. Understanding the risk, Tanin handed the ten-year-old Talise off to Piet and put them ashore in Dalton, promising to come back safely. The Lunabelle never returned to port, and Gianfair sunk into a deep misery.

She fell into the care of Piet, who cut a deal with the local thieves' guild and found the pair a little shack to stay in, the old man turning a pretty penny by peddling treasures. Talise proved something of a burden, too young to have many useful skills of her own, but to his credit Piet took good care of her anyway. As she grew up over the next few years, Talise learned from him: She, too, gained a good singing voice. She even learned to play the lute. Around the age of 13, she took to sitting by the docks and playing, singing songs about the Dragonmasters and collecting coins in her hat. Her li'l-minstrel act even had an audience: With Althena seemingly returned, more people became interested in old tales. Talise even heard tell of a few visions of the Goddess in the water.

Through it all, she never forgot her parents, and when she turned 14 - the traditional age of Adventuring Pipsqueaks in Japanese adventure shows - she stole an old sword, invited Piet to come with her, and set off over the horizon. What inspired her all the more was the announcement of a Dragonmaster - Ghaleon, a man dead a thousand years. She knew Ghaleon from the old stories of Dyne and, while excited to see a Dragonmaster, was also confused and disappointed - confused that a dead man could be Dragonmaster, and disappointed she'd never get to be one.

Booking passage on a rickety ship northward, Gianfair headed for Meribia, and she and Piet took to exploring. The two were joined by at least two more young party members (who I leave undefined in case someone wants to app them later) as they took to the countryside, exploring old caves and ruins and occasionally robbing fat-cat travellers for their gold. Over the next few years, Talise made a name for herself as an adventurer, but increasingly came to cross paths with Althena's Guard. She came up against one of their initiates when she was just fifteen, and promptly got her butt handed to her in humiliating fashion as her offensive style did nothing against the swordsman's more defensive style. She fled further away from Meribia, back towards the Badlands, ducking Althena's Guard wherever she could. To make ends meet she fell back on singing again.

The straw that broke her back, though, was the next year - when the church outlawed singing and drinking. She sank and drang anyway; someone from the Guard came and attempted to take her into care, resulting in a swordfight in which the 16-year-old Gianfair again got spanked and had to run away. From there she kept to the badlands around Dalton and Larpa and the broader Salyan Desert, occasionally traveling elsewhere by booking passage on ships under an assumed name. With survival on her mind now, she took to ruin diving again. It was her adventuring in this time period which brought her sword and gauntlets into her care.

Ultimately, Gianfair's adventuring saw her pursued into an old ruin somewhere within the Salyan Desert. After a chance tumble, she found herself deposited in another world, where a woman named Lynnai and a woman named Lestaci picked her up and carried her to safety. That's when she discovered she was on the Blue Star now - and stuck there.

Adlehyde: X Number of Women, a Girl and a Chauncey

Over the course of her time on Filgaia, Talise fell into the company of Ida, another Filgaian, whom she resolved to learn from, and Sephilia, a young girl from Lunar, whom Talise resolved to protect and get home to her parents. The young Etone trainee, Rosaline, joined the small group not long thereafter as the two went in search of a bandit base.

Talise was soon roped into the conflict between humanity and the ascendant Metal Demons. During the destruction of Adlehyde by the Metal scourge, Talise was seriously wounded in battle against the Quarter Knight Siegfried, barely managing to escape the city with her life. With Adlehyde in ruins, she and her friends moved westward, where Talise briefly stopped to take part in the Lacour Tournament of Arms under the alias name of Lady Chloe Alexandre. She placed fifth overall in the tournament, losing out to Princess Alisha Diphda. Also during this time, Talise began to travel with the notorious Lunarian pirate Layna Manydays, stranded on Filgaia along with her ship.

When an ancient Guardian Temple was discovered in the badlands, Talise followed her friends there. She found little satisfaction in what the Guardians had to say, mainly owing to their attitude towards Zed and Kalve, but grudgingly agreed to help them protect their Statues from the Metal Demons and their allies.

In the following months, Talise found her frustrations with Filgaia beginning to settle in, deepened all the more by the seemingly intractable despair which had gripped her companions, Rosaline and Ida. At her wits' end for how to help them, Talise gradually began to succumb to her own despair, losing most of her confidence in herself and beginning to feel rudderless and helpless. While saving two of the Statues helped, a couple of encounters with Siegfried served mainly to remind her of her inability to help those she felt needed it. The loss of Rosaline to the blandishments of Malevolence nearly drove her to abandon adventuring, a course averted by the timely intervention of Tethelle Cirdian, but left her with a sufficiently deep font of internal bitterness and despair that an encounter with the Trial Knight's Malevolent Domain nearly transformed her into a Hellion. Once again, only the incidental intervention of Sorey prevented Talise from being lost to Malevolence as well.

The encounter with the Trial Knight - and later, with a Hellionized Ida and Rosaline - emphasized for Talise how far she had allowed herself to slide, and how dire the consequences would be if she continued to allow herself to wallow in sadness and self-reproof. Resolving to worry less about trying to save everyone and everything and more about doing what she could, she began to push aside her despair and rediscover her mental toughness, even as she traveled to the ancient Elw garden hovering above Lost July. There, an encounter with the Lord of Calamity resulted in she and others going to a place she thought she'd never go again.


Lunar: Three Women, a Girl, a Spoopy Goest and a Chauncey

Talise's return to Lunar began with she, Sephilia, Tethelle and Layna stumbling over a drunk Seraph Lanval and being run out of Meribia.

Determined to get Sephilia home, Talise traveled eastward with her group towards Takkar, stopping along the way to delve into an ancient ruin - and there discovering a mysterious series of images from the past. From there the group brought Sephilia home to an empty house, where they were visited by a courier, Benedict Greygust, who presented them with an offer of aid from a mysterious benefactor. The Company of the Fox was formally incorporated with that visit.

Returning to central Meribus, the group spent some time in Vane before delving into a flooded cavern by a riverside. Within the cave network, the group discovered perhaps the most ancient ruin ever known, a structure seemingly from the dawn of Lunarian time, with an enchanted door concealing a mural depicting someone wielding either Rastaban or a sword just like it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Rastaban: Talise's sword, slightly refurbished. Rastaban is a 4,500-year-old two-handed blade she pulled out of the sepulchre of Green Knight Fredo, one of the companions of Louie, the First Dragonmaster. To win the blade, she had to defeat Fredo's ghost once, but her right to wield it was affirmed when she visited his sepulchre a second time and faced him once more, learning the story of who he was and why he was there. Fundamentally, Rastaban is simply an exceptionally well-made two-handed longsword, silver with a leather-wrapped grip, with a big aquamarine pommel gem and another aquamarine gem buried in the crosspiece, and with an inscription etched into the fuller. On its own it isn't magical - it's just a high-end sword. It's so incredibly durable and finely-crafted that it doesn't need magic, since the metal itself is so sharp that it can practically cut air. The only magical aspect to it is that the jewels started off as emeralds but turned blue following the Trial of Water.
  • Blue Dragon Courage: A Sword technique imbued upon Talise after her battle with Green Knight Fredo, she channels the Blessing of Althena through her blade and unleashes it in a powerful beam shaped like the head of a dragon. Of course, this would all be true if Talise had any MP to cast it with... and Talise has zero MP and doesn't appear to have the Blessing of Althena, either. But she's been known to belt the spell out spontaneously when her blood runs hot enough, despite the fact that she shouldn't be able to. After undertaking the Trial of Water beneath Macalania, the colour of this technique shifted from green to blue, along with Talise's eyes.
  • Thousand Stormless Tides School: It says it's a school but to be honest, Talise just made this style of swordsplay up. When she first started fighting, Talise was a purely offensive swashbuckler who liked to charge in and hack things with cool offensive techniques; she didn't have a name for her style because everything she did was improvised. Piet, her mentor in adolescence, taught her a few basic moves of Lion's Heart he'd picked up, but for the most part Talise just freeformed it. Then she ran into members of Althena's Guard who used Waning Crescent and just clowned on her by parrying and blocking all her moves and then kicking her ass with moves she had no defense for. Since then she's calmed down and taken her drubbings in stride, using them as learning experiences: She's learned to defend herself and look for openings rather than rushing in and hoping to score hits. The past two years have seen her adapt her learnings into this conglomerate style.
  • Heavy Armour: Talise tends to wear heavy defensive gear just about everywhere she goes, lacking only a shield as a concession to Rastaban being best wielded in a two-handed grip. Her primary equipment is a set of full plate found in a chest in the ancient Elw catacombs under Azado. The armour itself appears to be ancient but incredibly functional and not overly compromising of Talise's mobility, made of what seems to be a material similar to Rastaban. It's capable of withstanding significant damage. When she doesn't want to go through the hassle of buckling on the armour, Talise will usually wear a long coat with a layer of chainmail beneath it, often over a tunic and hardy trousers, or a vest, shorts and plated boots.
  • Earthsplitter: Talise's backup weapon, wrenched out of an armoury set up by Althena's Guard. Earthsplitter is a large claymore-style sword made from high-quality steel and appears to be imbued in some form with the Earth element. The weapon is somewhat heavier and more brutal than Rastaban, and while it's of high-quality forge for a contemporary weapon, Rastaban's make is still far superior. It has the advantage of delivering heavier blows with an element attached.
  • Mediums: Talise has a Stone Medium of Noua Shax, obtained from the Guardian Temple in Ignas, and an Artificial Medium of Lucadia, obtained in Aquvy.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Team Chauncey, aka the Fox Company

Now with 200% less Dark Hadou!
  • Layna Manydays: "Hey, another seafarer from home! She's a good sort, and we have a few things in common. She's definitely reliable and a great person to have at your back in a fight. So glad to have a kindred spirit with us. Especially glad that she seems to be centred and able to keep her spirits high."
  • Rosaline Calice: "She came back. And thank Althena. Part of me thought I'd lost a friend, but I had a feeling Rosaline was still in there - and it turned out to be right. She seems like she's been changed by her experience with the purple haze, too. Either way, Rosaline's someone I care a lot about... she has a kind heart, but a good one, and I can see how passionate she really is sometimes. She's great."
  • Sephilia Lampbright: "I never really had a little sister growing up - I was always the only kid. It's a weird feeling to be responsible for a younger person. I just hope I'm not bringing her down. What would I tell her parents if I let something happen to her?"
  • Seraph Ceimglace: "I've never met a Seraph who's as... outgoing as Ceimglace. Maybe Ragnell, but that's different. Still, if she wants to travel with us, I'm honoured."
  • Seraph Lanval: "Lanval... I think in some ways he and I have a few things in common. I always feel like he's so ashamed of the person he is now, now that I understand what he was like back in Rylia... but he has nothing to be ashamed of! Whatever his foibles, he's incredibly kind and has a genuinely good heart. I'm glad I met him."
  • Tethelle Cirdian: "In some ways there's nobody I've met in Filgaia, or maybe even Lunar, who has more in common with me. She's the kind of person who knows how to turn the bow of the ship back towards the horizon just when I think I'm about to go down. I'm glad she's chosen to travel with us, and not just because she's a great sparring partner and drinking buddy!"
  • Benedict Greygust: "If his boss turns out to be double-crossing us, I'll break both of their legs. Other than that, he seems pretty straightforward, and he brings us swag and buys our loot. Seems like a good deal to me."


  • Piet Wilk: "I won't ever forget you, Uncle Piet. I promise you'll be proud when we see each other again."

Oh, I Like You

  • Claude C. Kenny: "I don't quite know what his deal is - oh, wait, actually I do. He's a pretty tough dude and he handles himself alright when he's not trying to chase Zed up a tree. Wherever he's from, he seems like a good guy."
  • Fei Fong Wong: "He helped reconnect Sephilia with her parents. That in and of itself makes him a good man in my book. I can't believe I haven't gotten to know him better yet."
  • Hiro: "It's kind of weirdly cute but also a little disturbing how very, very dedicated he is to Lucia, but he's a pretty okay guy, and he's got his heart in the right place. Maybe we're not destined to roll together, but I'll probably lend him a hand when the time's right."
  • Ida Everstead-Rey: "She's the smartest person I've ever met and yet the Hellions still got her, but in the end, she was still in there. Wherever she ends up in life, I wish her nothing but the best. Ida taught me a lot about Filgaia and its history. If not for her, I'd still be just a thug useful only as dumb muscle. I wish I could better thank her."
  • Jean: "She loves to drink. She loves to dance. She's friendly. She's myyyyyy kind of people."
  • Lemina Ausa: "Of course she's good, she's an Ausa! Leaving that aside, she seems like the kind of person you underestimate when you first meet her, but she turned out to be pretty insightful and intellectually curious. I like her a lot, actually."
  • Lynnai Albrek: "I owe her for dragging me out of the bottom of that ruin, and the least I can do is help her to find her companion. But she's also a really smart person who understands a lot of things I never could. I like her a lot more than most people."
  • Morgan Newkirk: "Oh, I definitely like him. He's a fun guy - and hot. Very hot. I'd definitely knock back a few drinks with him and break a few pieces of furniture any day of the week."

And I Like You Too

  • Alisha Diphda: "I really want to like her. She's very classy and seems to be a skilled fighter who likes a good song and a good tale. I just wish she weren't judging me for even talking to Hiro and Lucia. But that's just one disagreement... and at the end of the day, she's a good person and a really talented fighter."
  • Ashley Winchester: "He's a total cinnamon roll. Handsome, but a cinnamon roll. He's so fluffy that it'd actually be a shame to do anything fun with him. It'd spoil something soft and precious."
  • Bart Fatima: "Hey, for once I'm not the only one along on a mission who doesn't have twigs for arms! Bart's a pretty competent dude and I'd roll with him any day of the week. And, heh, he's kind of my type, but I feel like Cecilia would eat me if I tried to take a run at him. Damn."
  • Cecilia Adlehyde: "Cecilia's a lot stronger than she looks for a poofy princess. She's not even that poofy! I didn't think I'd like her that much, but she can handle herself and I respect it."
  • Cyre H. Lorentz: "He's definitely easy on the eyes and he's got a nice attitude on top of it. One hundred per cent my type. Why haven't I run into him more often? Maybe I should find it in myself to run into him more often."
  • Dean Stark: "A pretty decent hand to have along when things get rough."
  • Ivan: "Ahahaha, gosh, what a cinnamon roll. I love how tough he presents when he's really got a heart of soft wobbly jelly. I want to pinch his little cheeks and tell Talia her brother's a cutie."
  • Jacqueline Barber: "She's one of the good ones, and she's come through hard on a couple of occasions. Maybe I ought to get to know her a little better."
  • Josephine Lovelace: "Nice lady, has a crazy pigeon. Would dig with again."
  • Kalve: "I really don't know what to make of him. Even if he is a Metal Demon... I think at heart he isn't such a bad person. If Ida can bring herself to care for him, then he's probably got some good in him. Besides, I'm an alien on Filgaia, too, so we're the same."
  • Leon Albus: "Quiet dude here, but a pro, just like Lily. Would work with again."
  • Lily Keil: "Another quiet one. Competent, just like Leon. I wonder how often they kiss."
  • Lucia: "In the end, Lucia really came through for us... and she turned out to not be the Lord of Calamity after all. I don't know if I fully trust her, but her heart was in the right place when we needed her. I wonder where she got the knowledge to operate Elw magitech, anyway? There's something weird about her, even if she isn't evil. Hm."
  • Lunata Croze: "Lunata... what's happening to her? What happened to the cute little Lunie who just wanted to learn songs and be merry? Every time I see her new ghost friend, I can't help thinking she's fallen into something no girl deserves to endure...."
  • Lydia Seren: "I actually kind of admire how much she speaks her mind and doesn't let anyone throw her off her game. She's got a lot of inner fire, even if I think she's not my biggest fan."
  • Matilda Whitehead: "Seems like a smartie. In some ways she reminds me of a more sassy version of Ida. Maybe with a little more style."
  • Noah Hawthorne: "Easy on the eyes, this one. And he can hold his liquor. I think I like him."
  • Noeline: "Goddess, she's clearly with Riese, yet I still can't help but want to tease her back. She's definitely fun and has a nice eye for fashion, though!"
  • Riesenlied: "She turned out to be one of the good ones after all. I don't have the same prejudices against Metal Demons that Lyn does... so long as Riese is doing good things with her life, I'm proud to call her a friend and to help her out if I can."
  • Rose: "She seems like an interesting one, even if I never seem to get the chance to actually learn about her."
  • Rudy Roughnight: "This guy's either going to come back in two or three years as a world-beating superhero, or he's going to snap and kill half of us in a screaming rage. It's always the quiet ones. Poor guy."
  • Shalune Amira: "H-how can two Lunies possibly be this cute?!"
  • Sorey: "So long as he's the Shepherd, he has my respect. Plus he's a decent guy who knows how to handle himself. I wish I knew half as much about Malevolence as he did."
  • Talia: "The other Tali. She's got some sass and light in her, and adventuring with her is really fun. I feel like we have a few things in common, even if I really should get to know her better."
  • Tipheria Aredor: "She seems to be really interesting. I'd love to get to know her in a situation that's less life-or-death-y."
  • Zed: "He's such a bozo. Fun, though."

Not So Much You Guys

  • Amelia Rose: "Oh, this nasty bitch. How dare she break the lute Piet gave me! She's one of the most zealous and judgmental people I've ever met and I absolutely loathe her."
  • Iskandra Grendorre: "I don't have any reason to dislike her, though I wonder if she realizes what she really is. I'll keep an eye on her."
  • June Lim Ze: "Damn it, I didn't mean to hurt her that much, but sweet Althena's thong is she smug and sassy and high on herself! I hate sassy people! I just... should probably hate her sass without getting angry next time. Even if she is really talented."
  • Kourin: "I guess she's not that bad... but I still don't know if I trust her."
  • Loren Voss: "GRUMP JERK. Also a space man???"
  • Ratatoskr: "In a way I feel bad for this guy. He's obviously never known anything but conditioning for battle. And I sympathize with wanting to know more, especially about history. I hope he finds a way for himself."
  • White Knight Leo: "He's quite an impressive man, for the guy who leads the Guard that ruined my life. And yet... I can't help but respect how good of a fighter he is, and how much pride he has. If he weren't in the position he was in, I wonder...."


  • Agatha Pyrelight: "I wonder why, of all my teammates, I'm the only one she hasn't harassed. Maybe I don't have anything Hellions want. Regardless, I'm not going to lose sleep over her. The Trial Knight showed me what happens when I do that. If I let her get to me, I'll be one of them, and I can't let that happen."
  • Berserk: "See ya, bud. I'd write, but I don't think Hell has a PO box. Plus weren't you illiterate? Either way, Zed must be over the moon."
  • Ghaleon: "I can never be the legend he was. But I can try to be the person he should've been."
  • Grahf: "WHAT"
  • Havel Bladewall: "I absolutely hate sadists and I absolutely hate this guy."
  • Kittybeard: "WHAT"
  • Margaret: "Ugh, how much haughtiness can one person actually have? She's so arrogant and snotty about her beliefs that I just want to throw something every time she starts in. Definitely like her a lot less than that other priestess."
  • Seraph Ragnell: "We're going to have some muscular fucking disagreements over the trustworthiness of the Trial Knight."
  • Siegfried: "...Seems he had a decent heart in his chest after all."