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Tidus bust.png
IC Information
Full Name: Tidus
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (at start), 18-19 (at current)
Hometown: Zanarkand
Hair/Eye Colour: Blond/Blue
Class: Blitzball Star (Sinspawn)
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Feature Character
Groups: None
Player: Ayu

"Hey, if we guardians do our job... no problem, right?"

"That's right! We're all guardians! Yeah, and you know what that means? Yuna... Anywhere you go, I'll follow!"

Cheerful and friendly, but also prone to moodiness and sarcasm, ace athlete Tidus had his world upended when Sin one day attacked his hometown of Zanarkand and sent him to Spira of, apparently, a thousand years into the future. A stranger in a strange land, he latched onto the summoner Yuna's group and became one of her guardians. He now travels through Spira with Yuna, hoping that the Zanarkand ruins at the end of her pilgrimage might lead him to a way to his own Zanarkand somehow. However, he has to contend with the alien nature of Spira, his abusive father's fame both in his old world and this new one, the flames of war that have engulfed the land, and an unexpected and unwanted trip to the even more alien land of Filgaia. While he and his friends have made it back to Spira by now, the return came with a horrible revelation about the truth of the Final Aeon, pulling Tidus deeper and deeper into both Spira's endless story and his waxing love for Yuna. At this rate, getting home might be no more than a pipe dream.


Let's not mince words here: Tidus is a dream, dreamed by the souls of the last people of ancient Zanarkand enshrined on the path to its ruins as fayth. In their eternal dreaming, the old city lit up with glorious lights and technologies is preserved--as are its people. Tidus is one of them--and so his background is a tenuous thing, somewhere between real and not-real, and fated to fade away when the dream ends.

But he doesn't know that, and won't for some time, so let's get to what he himself knows and believes.

Tidus was born to a star blitzball player named Jecht and his beloved wife, who was equally smitten with him. His mother wasn't a bad person, as people go, but she tended to neglect him whenever his father was around--and his father was downright abusive in the way that men wrapped up in toxic masculinity tend to be, jeering at his son, putting him down and mocking him. That they weren't bad people, not really, didn't matter; that they both loved their son didn't matter; at the end of the day, they were super bad parents, and that always leaves scars on children.

So when Jecht went out to sea one day ten years ago and never came back, Tidus was glad. He hated, and still hates, his father, and resented the way his mother would ignore him for her husband when Jecht was around. The selfishness of a child, maybe, but not unwarranted; children need attention, after all. However, after Jecht's disappearance, Tidus's mother ended up pining to death, wasting away until she too was gone.

Having no other relatives, Tidus might have gone to an orphanage had a strange man named Auron, who claimed to know his father, not shown up some short time before his mother's dead. After she passed, he basically elected himself Tidus's guardian. With an adult around to watch over him, Tidus continued to live in his boat-house... though Auron wasn't really much of a better parent than Jecht or his wife had been. He at least allowed him freedom and stability, so that Tidus could continue to go to school and hang out with his friends and grow up into an astonishingly well-adjusted young man, all things considered.

He enjoyed sports and in particular blitzball, and despite his hang-ups about his father, started playing professionally about a year prior to the start of his adventures as a member of the Zanarkand Abes. Though his early days weren't without their stumbling blocks, his speed and diligence and excellence at scoring ensured he quickly made a name for himself--sort of, considering even in the present people would call him 'Jecht's son.' (Being the son of someone famous, and becoming famous for the same thing, means you'll always be at least partly in their shadow.) He earned the position of the blitzball equivalent of the quarterback: The Star Player of the Zanarkand Abes, he was called, and he took pride in that. This was especially so since one of the things his father always put him down about was being weak, ineffectual, and not good at anything, unlike himself, Jecht, who claimed to be the best blitzballer of all time.

Then, ten years after Jecht's disappearance, on the day of the final match of the Jecht Memorial Cup, Sin arrived. Tidus had never seen or heard of it, but it swept through Zanarkand, wreaking ruin in its wake. The match ruined, Tidus had no choice but the join the crowds and try to flee. But it didn't go quite that way. With the aid of Auron and a strange boy in a hoodie, Tidus instead took up the sword--a keepsake of his father's, Auron told him--and cut through the Sinspawn that Sin spat out. They reached the end of the highway, only for Auron to grab him and both of them to get sucked into Sin's power.

The next thing Tidus knew, he woke up in a set of strange ruins. Rikku and the Al Bhed found him there and put him to work, and explained to him that Sin was a near-unbeatable monster and that Zanarkand had been destroyed a thousand years prior. Rikku also warned Tidus against claiming to be from Zanarkand, and told him about Sin's toxin affecting people's minds and memories. Sin attacked again, and this time he woke up near the shores of Besaid, where he would meet Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, and most importantly, Yuna.

Chapter 2, Act 1

While traveling with Yuna and her Guardians, Tidus would gradually learn about the history of Spira, of Yuna's father Braska and his own father protecting him, and even reunite with Auron in Luca where a great blitzball tournament was held. But finding someone he knew didn't really help, and only made things more complicated when it turned out that Auron had also been Guardian to Braska.

Tidus decided to become Yuna's Guardian in turn, hoping that if he followed her to the Zanarkand ruins, he might find his own Zanarkand in kind. Things have gotten increasingly complicated since then, though. He's grown attached to Yuna and the rest of her Guardians and genuinely wants to help them, but he's also learned that Sin is--somehow--his father, Jecht. Then there's also this creepy Yevon Maester named Seymour, who a) proposed to Yuna b) apparently killed his dad. Not that Tidus can't relate, but he's never liked him, and he won't let him do whatever he wants to Yuna.

But before all that... Sin appeared yet again at Macalania Temple, where Seymour would attempt to kill him and his friends and get killed in turn instead. Then everyone would end up traveling worlds again--this time to Filgaia, or Gaia as it's known locally, the so-called Otherworld that hangs in Spira's skies...

Chapter 2, Act 2

Chapter 2, Act 3

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