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"This is your ticket back to Filgaia!"

--Cid of the Al Bhed

Travel between Filgaia and Lunar is difficult. Typically, it involves Elw teleporters or the Sorcery Globe -- neither of which are stable. Individuals traveling from one world to another using these methods typically end up appearing some place outside of their control, scattered over large geographical areas, and occasionally teleported into very dangerous positions. However, methods have developed allowing methods to travel between planets with more predictability... but always some level of danger.

Reflector Keys

Reflector Keys are a modified Elw device created by the Al Bhed. They appear to be a silver rod, about one foot (or a third of a meter) in length. They end with several crystal spokes, and a network of wires and metal pieces that modify the original device to act as a means of teleportation.

Reflector Keys can tap into the Elw teleporter network, and then allow a controlled warp from one Elw teleporter to another. This still requires entering an Elw teleporter facility, often called a Live Reflector, and activating it. Practically speaking, this means use of a Reflector Key almost always requires entering a dangerous dungeon. Additionally, Reflector Keys must be attuned to a specific teleporter.

Once done, this allows someone to enter a dungeon, activate a teleporter, and then warp to another teleporter that they have activated. This can also allow long distance travel across a planet, as well.

Reflector Keys include a "lodestone," which is a crystal that can be placed in a larger object. This includes Gears and smaller vehicles, but does not include ships or airships; Cid is interested in modifying Reflector Keys to do so but has not done so yet. This allows Gears to be teleported with characters.

Solaris, Althena's Guard, Yevon, and the Veruni have all managed to replicate Reflector Keys and given them to their agents. They also have less common, secretive means of crossing the gap between worlds. Odessa has stolen some, but typically prefers using the Sorcery Globe. Every character is assumed to have a Reflector Key.

The Sorcery Globe

Control of the Sorcery Globe allows, using a powerful Symbology construction, instant teleportation across worlds. This is capable of large-scale teleportation; Odessa has moved Gears, entire units of soldiers, and even a few small battleships to Lunar in the past. This is capable of teleporting to points picked by those operating the Sorcery Globe itself. This can be used by Odessa's agents, though large-scale transfers require large amounts of energy and are considered dangerous.

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