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The MUSH's director and a vanity item awarded for beating Ragu O Ragula.

Current Characters:

Dead Characters:

  • Siegfried, Quarter Knight of the Metal Demons and your party member in the prequel game set 500 years ago.

Prominent NPCs

  • Elder Halle, the elder of the Baskar Tribe and general spiritual adviser to her people.
  • Ghaleon, the Dragonmaster of Lunar.
  • Boomerang, the newest Quarter Knight and a jackass.


Availability: Central Standard Time (US), weeknights (except Thursday) til about 11 PM Central and weekends.

Currently plays Lera Camry, Akko Kagari, and Mai Mishou at BF. Formerly Valzacard at SRT, Chisaki Tohsaki at PMUSH, and Ian North at M3.