Xander Lovell

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Xander Lovell
IC Information
Full Name: Xander Lovell
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 22 (4/4)
Hometown: Cereza
Hair Colour: Black
Class: Reaper
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Azoth

Though from a long line of doctors and alchemists, Xander's unlucky fate has lead him to become a host to the Fangs of Valmar alongside his more cheerful travel partner, Riley Arwell. He wanders the world with a grim outlook and even grimmer intentions, leaving behind a trail of dead in sacrifice to the Fangs. Much as he detests this task, Xander hates the idea of giving up to die even more. He's determined to survive no matter how many lives he has to steal for it... or how much of his own humanity he forsakes in the process. It's turned him cynical and bitter with little joy to show for the life he fights so hard to keep. When it comes time to make the kill, Xander wields dark sorcery that takes the form of a cursed scythe and an unholy garden. Some of the flowers he conjures are the very same that appear on the graves of the lives he's claimed.


Xander was born in a small, wilderness town on Filgaia called Cereza, were he grew up alongside his best friend Riley Arwell. Though he once dreamed of adventure and becoming a Drifter, he ultimately turned down Riley's offer to leave together, reluctantly remaining in Cereza without him and training as an alchemist and doctor under his parents. When Riley returned home seeking Xander's help because he'd become host to the Fangs of Valmar, the two were unable to find a true solution, and in the end, Riley ended up pulling Xander into a shared form of the curse.
On a completely unrelated note, there's not much left of Cereza... or anyone who once lived there.

Now Xander travels with Riley, not following dreams of heroism, but in search of sacrifices to keep the Fangs from devouring them.

[But... Despite Xander's isolated backstory, I'm open to saying he knew or met people in the past if you think they'd have had reason to run across him -- he sometimes made calls to other nearby villages, or they could have been to Cereza. Contact me if you're interested in having known Xander before the Fangs got a hold on him. He used to be a sweet kid once!]

Powers and Abilities

  • Curative Alchemy: Practiced in alchemy, but hyper specialized with curative and beneficial effects. Usually takes the form of perfumes, injections, or... candy.
  • Medical Skill: Xander knows how to practice more mundane methods of tending to the sick and wounded from cleaning wounds to basic surgeries. Problem is, when the Fangs want blood, and he's got a vulnerable patient in front of him... Let's just say, most of Xander's medical knowledge now goes into where best to stab someone.
  • Scythe of Valmar: The Fangs provide a manifestation of power in the form of a scythe for Xander because a e s t h e t i c. But he'd be good with a stick -- or an actual polearm -- in a pinch.
  • Blood Garden: A symbolic space representing the Fangs of Valmar's hunger. But this evil influence can be summoned as dark sorcery. Where Riley may call more poisonous, toxic variations, Xander seems more inclined to focus on thorny brutality or carnivorous blossoms.
  • Sleight-of-Hand: Pick a card, any card. Better yet, maybe never play cards with him at all. Also, watch for hidden daggers.
  • STABBING: Speaking of which.
  • Determination: If Xander must hunt human life to live, then he accepts this grim fate. Nothing short of death will make him give up now.
  • ...Dance?!: Could everyone please just shut up.

Logs and Cutscenes

Chapter 2, Act 1


Chapter 2, Act 2


Chapter 2, Act 3


Chapter 2, Act 4



Name Affinity Stab Affinity Comment
Riley Arwell 🥀 ⚔ I won't lose.
Eleanor Klein ✿ 🗡 🗡 🗡 You can't talk me down. Nor I, you. We don't need to try.
Zhang Xiumei ✿ 🗡 🗡 🗡 I hate hearing you scream her name. But I don't want to be screaming his.
Jacqueline Barber ✿ 🗡 🗡 A traveling apothecary...
Ethius Hesiod ✿ 🗡 🗡 He's talking about balloons now, so thanks for that.
Avril Vent Fleur ❀ 🗡 I hate this, I hate this, I hate this.
Dean Stark ✿ 🗡 We're going to disappoint you.
Rebecca Streisand ❀ 🗡 Save your sympathy for someone else.
Neriah Parringer ✿ You have my back, so I'll have yours.
Talia ✿ 🗡 🗡 A big wedding... Surrounded by friends and family to celebrate it...
Margaret ✿ 🗡 🗡 🗡 An entire company. What a complication...
Seraph Boudicca ❀ You shouldn't have conversations with people who try to stab you.
Magilou ✿ 🗡 Hanging around us is never going to end well.
Ruth Pauling ❀ 🗡 ...You understand me too well. Knock it off.
Seraph Ragnell ✿ 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 GRRRRRRRRRRR
Marivel Armitage ✿ I hope there's a way for you both to meet again.
Ida Everstead-Rey ✿ 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 You ran me over with a CAR?!
Lily Keil ✿ 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 Hate to meet you again. But I wouldn't feel bad if I got the jump on you.
Lan Lilac ✿ 🗡 🗡 ?! !!? ??!?!?! W H A T


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