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IC Information
Full Name: Xantia
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): Unknown (Unknown)
Hometown: Unknown
Hair Colour: Fire Red
Class: Truthseeker
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Black Wolves
Player: User:Fureasei

"I'm not about to let anybody mess up Filgaia any more. I won't hold back against anyone who tries!"

A mysterious young woman of unknown origin, Xantia was found unconscious in the middle of the Great Aveh Desert, remembering nothing but her name. Possessing superhuman strength, an insatiable appetite, powerful and atypical Ether manipulation techniques, and an ARM capable of producing an energy blade, she stands out as somewhat of an anomaly, yet even now, not a single soul seems to know anything about her past. However, piecing together the fragments of memory she's managed to regain over time, she has become convinced that one thing has always been true: above all else, she wants to keep Filgaia and its people safe from harm. Though optimistic to a fault, and appearing innocently blithe most of the time, deep down she worries quite a bit about losing control of herself and hurting her friends. For their sake, and her own, she considers it essential to uncover the full truth about her past self.


Xantia has no memories from before late 2016, when she woke up in the Baskar Colony of the Badlands, nursed back to health after being found passed out in the middle of nowhere out in the desert. After her recovery, she travelled to the Adlehyde/Lacour regions of Ignas in search of clues to her identity, making as many friends as she could along the way, thinking that surely someone, somewhere would have to know something about her.

This has proved to be a tougher matter than she'd hoped. Even after the considerable amount of exposure she gained from her participation in the Lacour Tournament of Arms, she still hasn't encountered a single soul able to tell her any concrete facts about her past. She has, however, rediscovered a great variety of things she's able to do, mostly in the area of combat, even if she is still no closer to figuring out how she learned to do any of them.

One of her more notable discoveries along the way was the true nature of her bracer: a damaged ARM that has since been repaired, seemingly of recent make despite containing technology beyond what's commonly found in Filgaia. Unfortunately, pursuing this lead has so far left her with more questions than answers.

Feeling strongly drawn towards fellow amnesiac Fei Fong Wong, whose circumstances and abilities share many similarities with her own, she became convinced that their pasts are somehow related, joining the Yggdrasil Alliance almost solely based on that gut feeling.

Shreds of memories and dreams involving someone who may be her father only intensified her desire to discover the truth about herself. Retracing her steps back to the Badlands, where her memories began, she reunited with the elderly couple who took care of her in the Baskar Colony. With the information they provided, she organized an expedition to try and find the exact location where she was found, in hopes this would help her remember something. The expedition had to be aborted, however, when she inexplicably passed out along the way, perhaps mirroring what happened to her originally. Fortunately, her memory seemed fine, this time.

Through multiple encounters with Id, and further information provided by Elhaym van Houten, it's become clear to her that she must have something to do with Shevat, feeling as if she may have been running from them. Though for what reason, she can only guess.

Being unexpectedly transported to Lunar put a hold on her search, convinced as she is by now that any clues to her identity would be found on Filgaia. Exciting opportunities for the future abound nonetheless, as she impulsively decided to start training to become a hero under Metal Digger Locus as Mystery Hero X, and joined the Black Wolves to aid her friends in whatever ways she can.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman strength: Despite what her physique would suggest, Xantia's physical strength isn't just high, it's blatantly Not Normal. Thankfully she knows how to hold back, so a hug wouldn't crush your spine. ...probably.

Martial arts: Xantia fights with her bare hands and feet, employing a heavily improvised variant of the Shevat Open-Handed Style. Or so she's been told, it's not like she can remember learning how to do the things she does.

Ether manipulation: Xantia has learned that the source of most of her powers is something called 'Ether', though she doesn't employ it like the typical Ether-user, tending towards affecting things from within. She most commonly uses this to alter the properties of her own body, giving her abilities such as explosively-charged punches, rapid healing, and an aura of lightning.

ARM Blade: Though she has no idea where it came from or why she has it, Xantia's bracer is actually a technologically advanced ARM, capable of projecting an energy blade of variable size and intensity.

Megaton Hammer: Too heavy to be practical in combat, even for Xantia, but certainly good for smashing unmoving targets!

Medium of Noua Shax: Xantia's lightning affinity is further cemented by the Guardian of Lightning lending her his power. She can supercharge her own electric powers by calling on her Medium.

Bottomless stomach: Xantia can and will eat all the things. All the things.

Hollow Gear Silvestris


A quadruped prototype Gear with a skeletal and vaguely cat-like appearance, stolen from a wrecked Aveh landship, originally intended for use by Gebler. Excavated in a heavily damaged state, most of its shell's original design and what remains intact of its original internals stem from the Metal Demon War, the rest replaced by Solarian tech. Its main purpose was intended to be a 'Gear predator' of sorts, chasing down damaged or fleeing Gears and rapidly disabling them for capture. As such, its speed is exceptional, capable of out-pacing most ground-bound bipedal Gears.

Aside from its claws and teeth, it has several built-in energy weapons, and is capable of draining energy from other Gears to extend its operation time, power its weapon systems, perform limited emergency self-repair, or transfer power to allies. Its armor, however, leaves something to be desired, making it more suitable for opportunistic strikes than 'fair' combat.


  • Claws/Teeth
  • Optic Laser
  • Hypersonic Emitter
  • Wave Quake Generator
  • Energy-Siphon System
  • Energy Dispersal Unit
  • Hi-Voltage Cannon

Logs and Cutscenes

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Notable NPCs

Name Occupation Relation Xantia's Feelings Description
Xenia (construct) Wild Card 'Sister' Complicated An artificial life form with Xantia's face and voice. At odds with the orders she must follow and her personal wishes. Has her own wiki page, check it out for more details!
Herod Reyes Rogue Medical Engineer 'Father' Undecided A man of science, disillusioned by Shevat's policies. Left Shevat for the surface of Filgaia 20+ years ago and disappeared, along with a small group of supporters and a significant amount of stolen assets.
Xenia (human) Unfortunate Soul 'Mother' Sorrowful A frail woman from the Nortune slums, suffered from a poor physical condition brought on by an Ether talent too powerful for her body to handle. Taken in by Shevat for protection from Solaris and possible treatment. Unfortunately passed away 20+ years ago, prompting the actions of her chief physician and fiancé, Herod. Looked almost identical to Xantia.
Jolen Crann Baskar Shaman 'Grandpa' Betrayed A giant of a man, soft-spoken and well-versed in the shamanistic arts. Took care of Xantia after finding her collapsed in the desert. Turned out to be responsible for at least one count of Xantia's memory's loss, causing a rift between the two.
Martha Crann Retired Drifter 'Grandma' Conflicted A Dazil-born ex-Drifter, helped to take care of Xantia with her husband Jolen. Outspoken and fun-loving. Wheelchair-bound, but still a crack shot with a rifle. Was aware of Jolen's actions regarding Xantia from the start, causing a strained relationship between the two.



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