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IC Information
Full Name: Yarobeleedt
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 70s (Unknown)
Hometown: Photosphere
Hair Colour: Chrome
Class: Advance Scout
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: Metal Demons
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Io

"Surprise, that is a twisted ending by yours!"

One of the younger Metal Demons at under a century of age, Yarobeleedt is one of the Photosphere's more inexperienced - and least-respected - soldiers. A notorious suck-up who tends to buckle under pressure by his peers, he has an intense inferiority complex not at all bolstered by one of his latest claims to infamy... being grievously wounded in the assault on Arctica. Due to these injuries, he has difficulty maintaining solid form under duress, hindering his ability to manifest complex weapons out of his body. Though lacking in character and prestige, he pulls his weight as one of their elite scouts. In battle, his body takes a form resembling a naga, favoring incredible agility that lends itself to dangerous close-quarters combat that makes best of his disabilities. He favors dishonorable methods - such as poisons and ambushes - which earns him little respect from his peers regardless of its brutal effectiveness. His continued existence appears to be through grudging acknowledgement on the best of days, but his love for Mother and his zeal for destroying those terrifying human hordes are nearly unmatched. As such, Yarobeleedt (sort of) willingly hurls himself into the unknown wilds in search of information or weapons that will see to the Metal Demons' ultimate victory, no matter how cowardly and craven he may come across as (or actually be, for that matter).


Some kind of throwaway boss monster who gets to only have this as a temporary filler. We can delve further into the deluison that he is anything more than that at a later date.

Powers and Abilities

  • Advance Scout - Though his capabilities are weakened from his wounds at Arctica, Yarobeleedt is a capable scout who can get in an area, covertly observe people and movements, and get out just as fast.
  • Morphing Arms - Yarobeleedt has the ability to alter the shape of his forearms into various simple weapons. The nature of his injuries prevents him from manifesting them into more complex forms, but stabbing, slicing, lashing, and bludgeoning weapons remain highly effective at close quarters.
  • Underground Movement - Yarobeleedt is able to burrow through the ground, either to hide or to otherwise attempt to ambush his enemies.
  • Veonomous Ichor - Yarobeleedt's body now contains ample amounts of unspecified poison he is capable of injecting into opponents if he lands a solid enough strike.
  • Sheet Cocoon - A tool used in exploring dungeons, in the form of a cocoon made of a fabric with metal characteristics. It appears to both function as a means of hiding himself from danger, and also as emotional support for when his fear gets the better of him.
  • Clutch Harness - A tool used in exploring dungeons, in the form of specialized equipment installed in his torso. Allows Yarobeleedt to scale walls and ceilings unhindered, giving him nearly a nearly unmatched ability to overcome any obstacle that requires quick or precise movements.
  • Poorly Translated Into English - Whoever handled his script in the English localization of Dream Chasers needs to be fired. At best, his speech is poorly worded. At worst, his dialogue is complete nonsense. He might have been just as incomprehensible in the original language, but this is inexcusable in 2017... and yet, highly entertaining.
  • Sequence Breaking - Yarobeleedt appears to be trying to speedrun the game's dungeons, and is prone to popping up in places out of logical order, or otherwise being sucked into spaces characters were not meant to access nor traverse.

Logs and Cutscenes

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To be presented at a later date.

Rule of thumb: everyone dislikes Yarobeleedt, except Yarobeleedt, who likes Yarobeleedt more than Yarobeleedt could ever hope to like Yarobeleedt.