Ziara Tanir

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Ziara Tanir
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IC Information
Full Name: Ziara Tanir
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 19 (March 17)
Hometown: Guild Galad
Hair Colour: Blue
Class: Gadgeteer
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: ARMs
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Prism

An exotic-looking Beastman, Ziara Tanir was raised by her mother, a retired relic and treasure hunter. Having a mechanical aptitude that her mother encouraged, Ziara spent much of her life learning the arts of the gunsmith, the gadgeteer, and the ARMs Meister. After her mother's death, Ziara inherited a mysterious collection of items that suggested her mother had been more than just an ordinary Drifter. Rather than set up her own workshop, Ziara became a Drifter, investigating and rebuilding ancient machinery while hunting for long-lost treasure. Secretly, she also hopes to uncover her mother's hidden secrets and understand what she found, what was hidden, and why. But in the meantime, there are bills to be paid - building guns and studying ARMs isn't cheap! Fortunately, Ziara's proficiency with technology of all kinds and her active, inventive mind brought her to the attention of Irving Vold Valeria and ARMS, giving her their backing and employment.


Ziara was born in Guild Galad. She is the only child of Iona Tanir; Ziara has never met her father, though from what she's heard from her mother he was a beastman of some sort who she met when she was still an adventurer.

Iona had been an adventurer before Ziara was born but retired from that to be a trader in antiquities, in frequent contact with the Adventurer's Guild. As a result Zi was always around old things as far back as she remembered, and as a youth she occasionally got to poke at what got brought in for her mother's appraisal. Zi found she had a knack with mechanical items, and her interest was supported by Iona, who lacked most of Filgaia's discomfort with technology - she'd seen enough of it.

Though originally taught by her mother, Ziara apprenticed to an ARMS Meister named Earle Marlin, an independent worker in Guild Galad. Though this got her doubly discriminated against - some people for what she was, as a Beastman, and some people for what she did, as an ARMs Meister - Ziara tried to keep a positive attitude and push onward. Ziara particularly enjoyed working with old, mysterious items and making them work again. It just felt right, and she got better at it than Earle ever was - partially with her mother's advice from an active life before her retirement, partially just because Ziara's skills went that way. She became a go-to expert with unknown items even in her teens, even while Earle continued to train her as a gunsmith.

In 501, Iona died of complications from illness, though she lived long enough to see Ziara graduate from Earle's tutelage. Though she'd intended to leave Guild Galad to set up her own workshop, Ziara stayed for some time, both to mentally recover and to go through items her mother had left behind.

Which is when she found it.

Ziara has not been very forthcoming about what she found, but she clearly found something left in her mother's personal items. She made some secret trips to scholars, though she never found what she was looking for. She fixed up several other unknown items she hadn't been able to progress with before. And she drew the attention of Irving Vold Valeria, for her skills with these unknown machines. Valeria was willing to offer her a place in ARMS, for her unusual skill with rigging ancient machinery as well as her skills with gunsmoke firearms.

Ziara accepted. ARMS, she thought, was just what she needed.

Powers and Abilities

Ziara is a gadgeteer, working with gunsmoke firearms and unknown, ancient machinery with equal skill. She is a pretty good shot, especially with items she's made herself; though she has less combat experience than technical, she's a fast learner.

And she does have all those stories from her mother's life to draw on. That helps. She's heard a lot about exploring ruins from someone who has actually been there.


Ziara has made her masterpiece - literally; it's what she produced to prove she was worthy to graduate from being a student to being a master.

Her shotgun is a short, double-barreled, break-action shotgun on a pistol grip that Ziara can use one- or two-handed - not a sawed-off shotgun, as since it was built that way it's more accurate than post-construction modifications would be, just short. It is effective at a longer range than most people assume it is because she makes heavy use of slugs over scattershot. She calls it the 'Frontier shotgun'.

The Frontier shotgun is simply a gunsmoke firearm, if a particularly well-made and heavily customized example. However, Ziara also experiments with exotic ammunition, including incendiary shells, a high-impact weighted shot, and others.


Ziara also uses a variety of exotic reconstructed tools. These are ARMs, but often broken ARMs she has jury-rigged into operation. Sometimes they work exactly as they were intended to. Other times, they don't, because she doesn't have and is not capable of producing the necessary parts - but she can often get them doing something.

Repulsion Field Generator: This item started out, as best Zi can determine, as a Metal Demon-era tractor beam. Unfortunately, the focusing systems were destroyed long ago. She has mounted the system on a new frame and made a 'repulsion field' out of it; without the ability to lock onto a specific object, it simply pushes everything passing through its field, operating as a deflection shield.

Sonic Riot Gun: A Collapse-era riot gun that uses tuned soundwaves to disorient or disable a target. Ziara has gotten this up and running in mostly the intended manner, though she had to forge a new blunderbuss-style bell for the weapon.

Lightning Rod: An item that gathers electrical power from kinetic movement; it charges as you move it around. Ziara can use it to run electrical machinery, charge up many ARMs, or a close-range discharge system to protect herself.

Powered Sylphon: A machine that can compress and then expel air in bursts or a sustained stream. Not a useful weapon, as the strongest burst it can make is about as powerful as a hearty shove, but it makes a nice fan in the summer in low-power sustained mode. It is also useful for triggering things at a distance, drawing small objects to her, or pushing things around. She is pretty sure it used to be part of an environmental system; it required the most reconstruction of any of her gadgets except the repulsion field.

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