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...She talks big, but she definitely won't be able to manage anything as she did before - the range of magic she'll be able to use will be pretty limited. But she'll do her best...!
...She talks big, but she definitely won't be able to manage anything as she did before - the range of magic she'll be able to use will be pretty limited. But she'll do her best...!
[WATCH] Sheriff Star has connected.
==== <Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed. ====
==== <Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed. ====
"Well you know what they say, Minder. Love makes fools out of us all." Marivel is trying to appreciate Yie's methodology but she just can't help herself at a certain point. "Buuuuurg,"
"Well you know what they say, Minder. Love makes fools out of us all." Marivel is trying to appreciate Yie's methodology but she just can't help herself at a certain point. "Buuuuurg,"
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[[Category:Chapter 2]]
[[Category:Chapter 2]]
[[Category:Chapter 2, Act 1]]
[[Category:Chapter 2, Act 1]]
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<Pose Tracker> Kamui has posed.

Kamui mentioned that she wanted some sunlight; she asked for some help getting up to the top of Guts-Dozer, and by this point Marivel and Acacia has probably returned from where Yue totally... disappeared on them to go fight Sin or something idk. She'll be fine, as Veruni gals in shackles who should really visit a hairdresser go.

Kamui's currently perched on the deck of the Gear, kind of... immobile, being like seventy percent of a Reploid left, but she seems cozy enough as she looks up towards the sun and basks in it.

"... it's really nice..." A pause. "... it's nice to not be fighting, mui."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

Clarine gladly assisted Kamui to the top of the Guts-Dozer to the best of her ability. Which wasn't saying much, admittedly - she's still quite drained, but now that she's had a little sun she's started to get a little of her usual brightness back to her. She's still not in prime fighting condition, but she is, at the very least, capable of getting up and moving around.

For now, though, she sits near Kamui, similarly perched as she soaks in the sun.

She's been quiet, but when Kamui speaks Clarine looks to her, offering her a slight smile.

"Yes... I am thankful, for this reprieve..." She agrees with a nod.

And thankful, too, that every one of them had made it out it alive.

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

"It is, isn't it?" A faint swirl of smoke whispers to Kamui before solidifying into the form of Marivel Armitage, Vampire at Large. Marivel's concern isn't the tail end of that battle so much as preparing her own team to venture downward into the depths of Macalania Temple.

She tilts back and ends up laying down on her back, looking towards Kamui. "But even so, tis not a safe place to relax for long. So best we enjoy it while we can, no? How are you feeling?"

She gives Clarine a small smile as well as she sets an umbrella down to cover her own body. Naturally, due to the SUNSHINE she has to be pretty shrouded up right now.

<Pose Tracker> Dash Caskett has posed.

This was a... strangely shaped vehicle. It's power couldn't be denied, however. It saved them. Did it have to look like that though? Dash wonders who would make such a device.

Right now though, they were out of the woods (pun intended) And could take a moment to relax and recouperate. One of ARMS' members needed it more than everyone else. "Kamui! This is a good view from up here."

The poit poit from his boots make a tinny echo on the top of the Guts-Dozer. "Thanks again everyone for the help. How are you all holding up?"

There is a sound coming from a nearby ladder well that sounds a bit like 'eekeekeekeekeekeek'. Someone is having a hard time climbing them. Dash himself has no helmet on, Instead letting his wild, black hair sprawl out, and doesn't bother covering his face. These people seem very nice. No need to hide his identity. They won't come for him to turn him into parts.

A look to Kamui, then Marivel.


<Pose Tracker> Acacia Saitani has posed.

"Bwuuurg," Acacia sounds out, slightly muffled from where she's lying next to Kamui as she shares the sun. There's still a chill in the air, but the Reploid's got her jacket and the reporter's not about to take it off her, so she's got a blanket thrown over her torso and head instead.

She'd pushed through her own exhaustion and headed out to scout their position a short while ago - and when she returned, it was with Yue's Minder in tow, distracting the Veruni girl with some chatter and gently needling her with tales of Yue's misadventures. (She'd be prepared to bet that grumpiness is one of the best ways to get Minder good and enthusiastic again, because it sure works for her.)

When she encouraged the Veruni girl into the shelter of the Guts-Dozer, it was with a look that threatened a whole lot of bad press for anyone who might argue against it; she'd never really have called herself the protective sort to anyone except Kamui, but she likes the Minder and she owes Yue and it's been a long-ass day.

She'd just about got the Minder set up with a bit of space to call her own and a second warm drink when she felt her muscles start to complain about the sheer exertion of it all - and once she found herself lying down as part of checking up on Kamui, it became remarkably hard to entertain any thoughts about getting back up.

"My bits ache," she grouses towards Dash's question, before blindly feeling for Kamui's mop of hair to slightly awkwardly pat it.

<Pose Tracker> Kamui has posed.

Oh yeah.

There's a tiny girl in a Veruni enviro-suit in a blue black mage's robe and a tall straw hat sitting next to Acacia, looking a little bit shellshocked as she huddles to the reporter's side and... kind of looks on curiously but timidly. Marivel she knows, at least.

"H-hmph... CR-S01's such a dummy..." she grumbles quietly.

Kamui looks towards Acacia and echoes out with a 'bwuuurg' in turn, giggling at Clarine and also waving towards Dash when he comes up again. She really enjoys having Clarine here -- her light, as always, is extremely comforting.

... muisteriously her mouth starts moving as she perfectly mimics the 'poit poit poit' sound. Does she just love the sound of Dash's shoes or what?

The Minder lights up a bit with a :O face as she waddles over and looks to Data. "T-there's a cute monkey here...! Here, take my hand." She leans over and holds her hand out.

Dash and Marivel asks how she's doing. "... I can't really move right now. Self-repair systems are still going," she admits truthfully. "I don't think I can help you if anything else is still coming."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

There was no complaint at all from Clarine, of course, when Acacia brought the Minder over to the Guts-Dozer. Clarine's familiar with what she's probably feeling at the moment, surrounded by so many strangers - so, she's kept her distance, but has done her best to be polite and kind.

It's something she's been through a lot herself - she gets it.

Clarine returns Marivel's smile with a smile of her own, but her attention soon turns toward a very familiar and unmistakable walking sound as Dash joins them, offering him a smile, as well.

"I am doing better than I was, thank you..." She replies with a polite nod. "The sunlight has been very refreshing."

Her attention then briefly turns toward the ladder well. There is a puzzled look on her face, accompanied by a tilt of the head - but, the Minder sees to the situation.

"You...deserve a chance to rest, Kamui. It is okay. I will make sure everything will be alright...!" Clarine declares.

...She talks big, but she definitely won't be able to manage anything as she did before - the range of magic she'll be able to use will be pretty limited. But she'll do her best...!

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

"Well you know what they say, Minder. Love makes fools out of us all." Marivel is trying to appreciate Yie's methodology but she just can't help herself at a certain point. "Buuuuurg,"

Not just a town for Dragonmasters anymore but also a state of being.

"Mm." She adds on Kamui's self analysis. Any second delayed is a second gained by Odessa but she can't risk her team when they can't even move. "We will give it a bit more time and worst case, you can take a break inside Guts."

She doesn't try to turn anybody into parts....yet.

<Pose Tracker> Dash Caskett has posed.

"Yeah, that is far, I bet..." Dash says toward Acacia. Pain was present but ephemeral for Dash, if anything it was there to register it and nothing else-- to know a hazard was present or affecting him. And normal people feel it for much longer, so she gets a sympathetic look from him. "Sorry, Unfortunately I am no doctor..."

A nod to Clarine. There is something about her, and when she says the sunlight is refreshing... Huh. Maybe it is just his optics playing with him.

But they had doctors on staff! One is nearby, even!

Dash has no idea what that little suited person is doing here, but they seem to be wanting to help Data! Who in fact, is at the bottom of the ladder well. The little robot monkey squeaks once and holds up a cute, rounded paw to be hoisted up! He doesn't weigh very much, though heavier than one would expect.

"Yeah... you deserve it, you know. The rest and repair I mean. You did a lot that fight." A kind smile is offered to the mega lady. "How long do her repairs take, usually?" he asks Marivel. She seems educated in the matter. On that matter, he muses how she seems to repair the same way he does. Well, he doesn't know if it is sunlight, per se, but powerful auto-repair routines. Though something seems wrong with hers. He hasn't seen her fully complete before. Does it stop at a certain point...?

"This place is lovely and all..." he says, gazing at their surroundings. "But... what do you think you all will do if we get home?"

<Pose Tracker> Acacia Saitani has posed.

With an effort and a groan somewhat unbecoming of her age, Acacia lifts back up, feeling her back pop in several different places. She feels a little guilty at just up and throwing the Minder into this situation, but leaving her alone in a snowfield isn't exactly something she'd be satisfied doing either.

She plants a hand in her hair, and then rubs at it hard, messing it up as she decides to just go for it. Distracting the Minder seems like the best idea right now. "Okay, so... you know Marivel. Big on stories, and trying to make you guess if they're true or not. She's an old-- friend of Yue's," she adds, wondering if that word exactly applies.

"And this is Kamui. She's my photographer and assistant who likes football and high places and also using all my money on snacks," she adds with a quiet smile that comes pretty close to pride, and pats Kamui again. "She's a bit beat up right now, but that's okay."

"Oh," she adds, and glances towards Clarine, gauging the Seraph's expression for a moment before nodding, and dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. "... I don't know if you can see her, but there's also Seraph Clarine. She's a Light Seraph, so she's helping with the warm glow and stuff. You're allowed to bask in it a bit." It's kind of a succession of white lies, but Acacia's fine with stretching the truth a little for the sake of a good story.

Maybe she should worry about that.

"Take a long-ass bath," she cuts into her own narrative to answer Dash, blunt and emphatic. She knows that's not what he means, but damn if she isn't ready to stick to that answer and fight for it. "And this is-- Dash, right? And Data the Monkey. Same as you, we're helping them out for the time being."

<Pose Tracker> Kamui has posed.

When Clarine says everything will be all right, Kamui feels like she can really believe it. "Hehe..." she does sound a bit more cheerful. She holds up the artifact necklace for a moment and nods in turn. "Didn't you do a big... light spell? I saw it from a distance... but I wasn't able to really tell."

A pause as she looks towards Marivel. "... okay. I can take care of Guts, or maybe even be a turret if needed."

She doesn't chime in on Dash asking on her repairs, but the Minder wiggles and lifts with a huff, saying, "Wow! You're really cute..." with a childlike voice of wonder.

She lifts her head up to listen to Acacia as she introduces people. "Kamui, huh... you're like-- an ARM!" muses the Minder. Kamui pouts at Acacia telling her she uses up all the snacks. "I have a really big furnace to burn. I'm a growing girl, mui!"

Dash asks what they're gonna do when they get back.

"Hmm... I don't know yet, but... I hope we'll continue being friends," is what Kamui answers right now, then impulsively decides, "Maybe you can join the Meria Bouletin, Dash!"

The Minder looks a bit more troubled. "Home, huh... does that mean CR-S01 will return to..." A pause. "Does this mean I can't meet Dorca or Ranna anymore...?"

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

Clarine looks pleased when Dash treats Kamui with kindness - and, similarly, when Kamui seems to cheer up a bit.

Kamui asks her about the light spell she cast, and Clarine nods.

"Yes. Judgment... It is...perhaps, one of the most powerful expressions of light magic possible, at least that I am aware of..." She explains. "In my prime, I could have cast it without difficulty. But as I am now...it took everything I had.

She shakes her head...but then, smiles.

"But...it was worth it, to protect everyone. I do not regret my choice." She declares with a nod. She pauses, her attention turning toward the Minder as she comments on Kamui.

Clarine briefly wonders if she even has the Resonance to see her...well, it was fine either way.

Acacia then elects to introduce everyone to Dash, and Clarine offers her a smile.

"It is alright - we have already met." She replies, then bows her head politely. "But yes, it's true...if my light can be of assistance, then please make use of it..."

Dash asks that question, then - what will they do if they get home? Clarine goes quiet - well, quieter.

...What would /she/ do? Acacia has her answer, and Clarine breaks her silence with a small laugh.

"...I am...unsure." She admits. "But, I intend to continue traveling with my friends, and helping them however I can..."

Long-term goals were...difficult, sometimes, for the Seraphim. But at least working with ARMS gave her something to do.

She quiets down a bit, when the Minder comments on Dorca and Ranna. She doesn't know who they are, but she supposes they must be friends.

She's not sure how to respond to that...

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

Marivel says, "Mm. Hard to say since we're relying on auto-repair. I am very low on supplies right now. I could do a lot more work in my lab but well... Spira." She focuses on Dash for a bit before adding, "Ah, but that does remind me. Thank you for being a good friend to Kamui. I will remember that."

Woah why is she speaking in red ansi while talking to Dash??? It's probably just a joke. Don't worry about it. Marivel is only acceptably overprotective. Right? Right. Righhht.

"I thank you for not aiming that at me." Marivel quips back to Clarine, grinning at her. "Though usually I'm the one they call judgemental. I owe you for taking the pressure off me!"

She's just making jokes but that's probably a sign of trust and friendship. The more Marivel jokes around, well, that's usually a sign of respect and love from the vampire.

She gives Kamui a small nod but wants to let her relax while she can so she focuses on Minder a bit.

"mm. I don't know, Minder." Marivel admits. "They would terribly miss you. It's a shame isn't it? Having a summer vacation of sorts but not being able to see your new friends for some time...? Perhaps one day we will be able to travel more freely between worlds, but for now it may be some time ere you return."

"Of course, perhaps they had left something for you in case you were to return to Filgaia one day. Perhaps...perhaps... If someone had the right amount of foresight, t'would be possible, no?"

<Pose Tracker> Dash Caskett has posed.

A bath actually sounds nice. Outside the armor, that is. "Good choice, and yeah, Dash Caskett. Hello!" he says, waving to the Minder. "U-Uh...!" Dash stammers for a second toward the Minder. He didn't expect... that.

Data dances around the Minder after the bit of help, and starts meandering around the group assembled, to get a good look at all of them for no particular reason at all!


Data eventually finds his way over to near Marivel and Kamui, and hangs around the pair fondly. "Wh-- well yeah, of course we will! I mean, if you want to be!" he says quickly, the stumbles over a word or two. He doesn't seem to be the best in spur of the moment things. "What is the Merle Bouletin-- wait, isn't that a city?" He has heard of it before, he thinks. Supposed to be very large and impressive.

"Your magic seems really interesting! Sadly, I can't cast any. haha, I tried once, it didn't really work out well."

Smash cut to the Flutter starting to smoke and list off toward a lake.

"I best not try again anyway," he muses.

Marivel's red ANSI is unnerving to Dash! THe words may have came up on his optic HUD in red. "She, and you, both seem really nice, and she operates a lot like myself. I dunno much about how I work, but seeing her helps me. Also makes me feel a little less strange if there is more than one of someone similar. You know what I mean, right?" A beat "...I may have explained that badly."

Dash lets out a sigh and peers off the side of the Guts-Dozer. "When I get back I definitely want to see Professor Barrell and Roll... But also get back to my trip to Kattelox. I was going to get my Digger's license to check out protected digs in Aquvy, but then... you know what happened, haha."

<Pose Tracker> Acacia Saitani has posed.

Acacia's grin turns a little impish, and she nudges Kamui carefully in the side. "She got angry," she tells on Clarine, her eyes lit up to suggest she's about as far as serious as she can be. It's a relief to joke around like this, and a good way to keep her tone light. "It was kind of a sight, honestly. She was all fierce and 'raaar!' and then everything lit up."

She snickers a little when the Reploid pouts in return; this is a relief too, seeing Kamui emote and complain and be casual for the first time in what seems like days. For all that she made a promise to the Reploid about her own convictions, Acacia's happy to leave that topic to one side for the time being. "Yeah, growing outwards," she completes the age-old dad joke before she can even stop herself, but then breaks into a laugh. "It's fine, it's fine. I know you are."

She pauses a little, and softens in the face of Minder's worries. She makes a little face at Marivel's rather stark appraisal, but huffs quietly, aware that a white lie isn't really going to cut it here. "... I don't know, honestly. But it's not like they're gonna be gone, right? Just elsewhere, waiting for you to pop back up. I mean, we all got sent over here in the first place. So maybe we'll find a way over here again."

... though her face falls further as she watches Marivel circle a point as subtly as a brick. "You and Yue are as bad as each other sometimes," she grumbles - but she looks thoughtful as well, and has to admit the Crimson Noble has a point about presents.

Privately, she wonders about Dash's hopes. Practiced caution tells her that the situation on Filgaia might be kind of rough when they get back, and if Odessa's been particularly active she wonders if getting Digging authorisation might be a bit harder than it used to be. But that's a thought for different times, so she fishes out her camera and aims it at Dash. "The newspaper /of/ the city, thank you," she drawls in amusement.

<Pose Tracker> Kamui has posed.

"Judgment... wow, Clarine has such awesome power..." Kamui seems to have the approximate reaction of a child hearing her idol has a super power. She smiles a bit more cozily as she looks to the Minder, then back to Acacia.

The Minder looks back to go, "Oh-- um, I'm ... Minder Number Seven. It's nice to meet you," she bows to the Seraph.

Kamui does at least chime in: "If we can go back to Tishrei, I should be able to get fixed better..."

Dash asks what the Meria Bouletin is, and Acacia answers that it's the newspaper of the city. "Well, we live in Meria Boule, so, Bouletin, like, Bulletin! Pew!"

She sounds so happy to explain the pun.

"I want to meet your family too! And-- Kattelox...?"

A pause, as she starts looking a bit faraway.

She blinks, and snaps out of it. "... I wanna go there with you too! Having a Digger License would be really cool, wouldn't it, Master?"

The Minder, though...

"... ... it's not everyday you get sent to another world, you know," the Minder finds herself grumping at Acacia very quietly as she wraps her arms around herself.

"It's not everyday you get to meet... other kids and-- and, like, have fun."

Which is a little heartbreaking for a kid like the Minder to admit, maybe, but them seems to be the breaks for the weird Veruni convict and the child who is her Minder.

She lights up a little as Marivel says she had the foresight to pick something up from Dorca and Ranna. "... if that's a joke, I'm gonna be... really upset, you know! R-raising my hopes up like that."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

Marivel's joke gets another laugh out of Clarine.

"You are welcome! I am glad to be of assistance." She replies, pleased. And so too does she chuckle as Acacia teases Kamui.

"Oh my! I wish I was there to see it." She replies with a smile. "It is a shame you missed Hiro and his little friend Ruby - the fluffy pink dragon. She gave those Odessa soldiers quite the scare."

Her attention turns briefly toward Data as he dances around all of them, but then looks back toward Dash as he asks Kamui about the Meria Bouletin - and, comments on Clarine's magic. And, Kamui reacts to it, too, with a sense of awe. Clarine smiles brightly. Though the light around her is dimmer than a little due to tiredness, it brightens up, just a touch more, at that.

"I am glad you think so! And, I do not blame you...as a Seraph, you can perhaps think of me as a being of magic, so it comes naturally to me..." She explains to Dash.

Her attention turns toward the Minder, then, and as she introduces herself with a bow, Clarine bows her head politely in return.

"I am the Seraph of Light, Clarine...though you perhaps know that already, thanks to Acacia... It is a pleasure to meet you, as well." She replies.

'Minder Number Seven' was a strange name, but she wasn't going to judge. Mortal names usually were.

She looks between Dash and Acacia, then, listening as the former talks about what he hopes to do.

"...A Digger's...license? Is that something you need a license for...?" She asks, with a curious tilt of the head. She currently isn't used to the idea of 'Digging' being a line of work. "...Well, I wish you luck...!"

She considers, then.

"This Professor Barrell, and Roll...are they friends of yours?" She asked, curiously. "They must miss you terribly...I hope you will not be separated for much longer."

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

Marivel, who is literally the last of her kind of an otherwise extinct species, says to Dash, pleasantly, "No. I'm afraid I don't know what that's like." Luckily unlike Telltale Games, Marivel can forgive. Also she pays her employees.

"Hm hm hm... Well... Let's see here..."

She gives out a sharp whistle of her own and a Nob starts floating by, carrying something via some janky looking attacher arms that looks like to be... A BLITZBALL?? Yes, indeed. Just your garden variety blitzball.

Ahh but this blitzball isn't completely normal. It carries a secret. You see, this blitzball... IS SIGNED!

And the blitzball is guided towards Minder and then dropped before Nob tries to lick her containment helmet and then roll around in the air in a circular motion.

It was fun playing Blitzball with you, I hope we meet again! - Dorca

Take care of yourself, Minder. Be careful of grownups. We'll be praying for your well-being. - Ranna

"Well, I'd like to say t'was my idea, but sadly t'was their idea once I mentioned that /I/ may not be on Spira for much longer."

She smiles. "I got some flowers I'll have to look after myself. Heh heh..."

She looks to Acacia, wrinkling her nose. "Well... we've known each other for a long time! Tis only natural!"

She huffs a bit, pouting.

<Pose Tracker> Acacia Saitani has posed.

The reporter nods a little towards Kamui, furrowing her brow for a moment as she looks over the Reploid's injuries. For a tiny moment, her expression hardens, but then she reminds herself she's supposed to be resting, not fretting over everything. "We'll see if we can get you there once you're fixed up a bit better," she encourages the Reploid instead. "It'd be pretty nice to just have one of those capsules pop up right about now, honestly. I'm just saying," she adds to the open air with a huff. "No?"

"Well, I know it won't be exactly the same, but you're always welcome to pop into Meria Boule and say what's up, meet Tony and the other kids there," she notes to the Veruni girl, figuring that it's important to at least voice the offer. "They kind of remind me of Dorca and Ranna, honestly. Tim will think your suit is cool."

She has the dramatic sense to fall silent as Marivel displays her gift, unable to stop the wry but pleased smile from creeping onto her face. The Crimson Noble might be flighty, but Acacia would grudgingly admit she's got a knack for these sorts of moments - and the reporter is smart enough to know that this is when to nudge the Minder gently. "You're gonna get them something back, right?"

"I think we all held up pretty well, honestly," she looks over to Clarine, her eyebrows raised. "I get the feeling Eleanor wants to kick my ass all of a sudden, but that just means she's ready to be up and kicking as soon as possible." She can't help but pout, because she wants a little bit of awe for herself too, but this is Clarine so she can't really hold it long.

<Pose Tracker> Dash Caskett has posed.

A look to Acacia. "Ohhh, Okay now I get the name! Okay. Well, I would love to help! I'm just not sure how I could. I am not exactly a good writer..." Maybe they would need operatives looking into dangerous matters? Despite not enjoy fighting, he is surprisingly good at it.

Kamui seems so happy to talk about the Bouletin. It must be what she is proud of! "Cool, cool! What do you do there?" he asks her. "Yeah! It is just Professor Barrell, Roll and me. We go all sorts of places in the Flutter, and do digs and start adventures! It's a pretty fun life, though I only recently started digs."

A thought of Kattelox's distance. "Yeah, it is pretty far in Aquvy. But they got a Digger's Guild, and a lot of unexplored, sealed ruins.

For some reason he itches to get in them, moreso than any other ruin. Odd.

"Not normally, no," Dash explains to Clarine. "But there is a large number of people that live on small islands. Adding these ruins are extremely dangerous with Reaverbots and ancient technological trps, Many are sealed out of civilian and novice digger's safety." A pause. "Yep, my family I have known since I uh." He seems to think for a few seconds. The signature look when someone cant quite remember something.

"For as long as I can remember, anyway."

"Oh," the boy in blue says in reply to Marivel. Oops. "Uh, sorry! I didn't uh, know." He hopes he didn't upset her!

<Pose Tracker> Kamui has posed.

Kamui looks fairly content as she says, "I write about things I like -- have you seen some of the articles here in Spira? We went on that Shoopuf ride, hehe..." A pause. "Dash, what if we wrote about some of the Digs we go on, in Kattelox and such, and the treasures we find?"

She lights up. "The Mother Lode's a big treasure said to be there, right? We can keep our journeys and attempts finding it in a column!" She looks to Acacia, as if she just impromptu earmarked a TREASURE HUNTING column for herself.

this is the kind of eagerness that leads one to wind up trying to find the wanpi-su, acacia

But it's perhaps saying something that the Minder has no problems seeing Clarine, but perhaps the Veruni have a different way of dealing with these things. "O-oh, a Seraph...? I don't know what that is, but you seem really nice," the Minder mumbles timidly. "It's nice to meet you. I'm a--"

A pause, as she hesitates. "I'm a Veruni, by the way... CR-S01 seems to say that really openly so I figure I should say too."

But she gets distracted by Marivel revealing the ball, and-- and there's a moment where--



There's a tinny sniffle underneath her speakers. "... mm--mmh, of course I'll meet them again...!!" she whines burblingly. "A-and I'll get them something back... ... it might be too late now, but I'll bring something back from Filgaia!"

A sniff. She doesn't quite talk about wanting to meet other kids in Meria Boule yet.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

Tishrei...that was where Acacia found Kamui, wasn't it? That was before Clarine was around - at that time, she had still been hidden away in the depths of a dark, dark temple.

"I would like to see it sometime..." Clarine considers...and then, she offers Acacia a smile, as she pouts a little.

"I agree. I am glad you made it through alright, as well. I must thank you, for looking after everyone..." She says, sending some praise her way. And in regards to Eleanor, she nods. "Yes. I hope her recovery is swift..."

She looks toward Dash, then, as he explains his lifestyle.

"That does sound nice..." She comments, smiling a little as Kamui discusses article-writing...and then nods, as Dash explains the reason why Digs need licenses. She feels much better knowing that it isn't a normal thing. "I see... That seems to be for the best, then..."

She pauses, then, considering his comment. Not just friends - family. It spoke of a certain level of closeness.

"I see... I am glad, you have people like that." She says with a smile. She looks toward the Minder, then, considering for a moment.

"It is...perhaps best describe us as beings of mana, given form. I am attuned to the Light, so..." She holds her hands out and the air in front of her sparkles with light for a brief moment as a demonstration. She's recovered enough to do small things like that, at least.

"A Veruni? I see..." She considers.

...She may not actually know what a Veruni is...

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

"Tim..." Marivel muirmurs muisteriously. She does seem to have a good sense of storytelling and stories though in this case it was actually Dorca and Ranna who thought of this plan, not Marivel, but she at least can handle the timing alright. She is pretty focused on Minder in this moment. Something about the vampire draws her to the youth despite not really being a kid herself.

She smiles quietly, giving Minder a headpat "You're one brave young adult." She tells her. "I am certain they will love what you bring back. And they will miss you, if I know them at all. And I do. I am a thorough muisterious benefactor."

She pulls her hand back and thinks: Hopefully Sin is handled by then. She is counting on you, Yuna.

And she is counting on you to live

"It's alright." She tells Dash. "I am not sure I ever told you but I am the last Crimson Noble. I try not to let it bother me. Because I am still not alone, you see."

"And neither are you, Young Minder...no matter where you go, they will be with you." She cracks a grin. "No substitute for the real thing...but imagine how excited they will be when you return?"

<Pose Tracker> Acacia Saitani has posed.

Acacia nods slightly towards Dash's comments, picking up on them to fill in the rest for Clarine. "There was a big story a while back about a ruin collapse that took half a village with it. The bedrock just wasn't there, and then a bunch of Diggers kinda tore the place up. They try to be a little careful about outliers nowadays, but I wouldn't call the licences widespread."

She pauses as the same time as Dash does, her eyebrows picking up just slightly. It's been impossible to overlook the similarities between the boy and Kamui, and now here's one more to add to the pile. Maybe Dr. Lumen didn't cheap out on Kamui's memory - maybe it's just one of those problems that happens over time.

Shaking herself out of it, she turns slightly to meet Kamui's gaze with an amused sigh. "Does this mean I've gotta start getting together hazard pay, too?" she wonders drily, but chuckles right afterwards. "It sounds like a plan, though. So long as we don't wake up any more nasties from deep underground, or anything."

She lets out a quiet breath as the Minder curls in on herself. "It's okay. No-one's gonna make fun of you if you want to let it out," she says gently. "It's been that sorta day." Acacia's not sure where her boundaries are with the Veruni girl, but she offers a pat on the shoulder before leaving her to Marivel for the time being.

"That reminds me," she adds, more or less flopping back over in Kamui's direction as she aims for another peaceful kind of hope. "Guess we should get the kids a bunch of souvenirs too, huh? ... when we get a chance, we'll take a nice slow peaceful walk through a town."

<Pose Tracker> Dash Caskett has posed.

"I can't say I have!" Dash mentions to Kamui. "Then again I can't... really go into towns wearing this armor. I don't have a tri-prong spanner to take it off, so everyone thinks I am Machina. I mean I guess I am??? But yeah, no folks want me around." A pause. "I would love to read it though!"

The mention of the Mother Lode gets his attention. "You know about it...?! Yeah! I mean, a cool teasure article thing would be pretty neat..."

"Fantastic treasure and technology remain untouched in them though Clarine...! Imagine what could be down there... I wonder what civilization made those places..." He seems really exciteable suddenly.

"I am not sure what that is, but it sounds quite sophisticated! Also sounds really cool." Data looks up at Marivel curiously.

A nod to Acacia. "I mean you folks are probably experienced enough to pass the tests and get in, though there are tougher licenses to get as well. Licenses also help keep out ruffians, as the higher ones have to be approved by the local governments. But if you are in ARMS I am sure they will pass you. You guys defend the territory!"

<Pose Tracker> Kamui has posed.

"Who doesn't know about it...!" Kamui speaks of the Mother Lode. Well, technically, her, before Tony and Scott and Tim and all the other kids in Meria Boule filled her head full of the idea of finding Treasure! some months back before they went to Spira.

Clarine mentions wanting to see her home, and Kamui nods. "There's a lot of showy lights there, it's comfortable to be in! If... the simulator isn't broken again, mui."

A pause. "It was last time."

Kamui's expression falls a little as Mari mentions being the last Crimson Noble, but...

"I do... sense something similar between me and Dash, but I don't understand why," Kamui admits. "But I think Dash is human... right?" As far as she knows Dash isn't a robot or anything. Or perhaps he's even more advanced than her...!

Kamui does snigger at Acacia with a smug look. Kamui doesn't get smug expressions on her face often. What does she know? "Mui-hi-hi," she uses her trademark laugh, "I have the ultimate present for Tim, Scott and Tony..."

The Minder looks to Clarine as she explains, still sniffling into her blitzball. "Oh... hmm..." she doesn't sound like she knows what to make of it right now. "I can't use magic, even if I want to... so... I'm a bit jealous."

She's still hoarding Black Mage Points, after all.

But Marivel pacifies her a little. "... I hope so. They'd best-- they'd best not forget! C-c-cause I won't!" She's blubbering further. But Acacia tells her it's ok to let it out and--

  • sob*

"W-weh... wahhh..." She clings tighter to the ball and turns towards the lake.

"Y-you'd best still be alive, CR-S01!! You big DUMMY!!!"

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

"I see... that is awful. I can understand why they would wish to be careful..." Clarine murmurs as Acacia explains. Dash explains a little more, too - past the danger, there's fantastic treasure and technology.

"Fascinating..." Clarine murmurs. "I can see, too, why people would be interested..."

She looks toward Kamui, then.

"Showy lights... That sounds nice." Clarine considers. If it is broken...then maybe she'll have to provide the lights herself!

She looks between Dash and Kamui, then, as the latter says that Dash is human. Clarine...doesn't say anything.

She's the last person who would know anything about that. There were /still/ details about humans that surprised her.

As for the Minder... Clarine nods sadly, lowering her hands once more.

"I-I see... My apologies, I was unaware..." She murmurs, feeling a little bad. "But...I am sure you have a talent of your own that you are good at, so do not lose hope... That is, in its own way, a magical thing too..."

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

Marivel Armitage holds an index finger up to her lips in a 'shh' motion at Data. Maybe she suspects Data has uncovered some dark secret about her dude to her admission of her identity. Or, you know, he just knows that one should always be careful around mascot characters. They're a dangerous bunch and Marivel is only really half mascot character herself so she has to be careful. She wouldn't stand a chance against a full mascot character.

She doesn't comment on 'lisences' just yet. All this talk about the Meria Boule kids is making her dread running into Tony again. He is going to flirt with her, she is going to be like 'come on you aren't even a hundred.' and he's maybe not going to get the hint. He's a good kid just...eugghh. Some kids don't respect the student-teacher professional relationship.

"I'm sure she's okay," She promises Minder because honestly Yue is kinda bullshit and if she did die it'd probably be messier than it feels right now but she's quite confident enough to say something like 'of course she's okay' instead.

She looks to Acacia and gives her a grateful smile in this moment. She seems to have gained some new understanding of Acacia--or maybe more like evolved her understanding. She may in fact just be glad there's more than one person willing to be 'the adult' sometimes. Not to say that there aren't plenty of adults in ARMS but there is a key difference between being an adult and being 'the adult'.

"You're getting good at this," She murmurs to Acacia.

<Pose Tracker> Acacia Saitani has posed.

The reporter settles back out, stuck for a moment in sheer curiosity. When it comes down to it, she does suppose that Kamui's base form looks a fair bit more human and Dash's - if you don't look too closely at that one eye, and if her hand is kind of hidden. Maybe they've just been luckier on Spira. So lucky that people were prepared to use Kamui's head as a blitzball.

"Ehhh... I dunno that we've done that much defending of the territory yet. Besides, Kamui and I are more like consultants," she grins quietly, then scratches at her cheek. "Not that that'll mean a whole lot to Odessa, but to me it'll always be the Bouletin first." She says this within range of Marivel, offering the Crimson Noble a wry smile. She's pretty sure Marivel would rather Kamui be a photographer rather than a soldier, after all.

She has to stare at Kamui for a few seconds, and you can just see the way in which curiosity rises up in her expression. "... what... did you get, exactly?" she wonders slowly, without really expecting an answer - besides, a low-key guilt starts to catch up with her before Kamui has the chance to answer. She can /sort of/ blame the fact that her reporting tends to keep her busy enough she ends up rather flighty, but the idea of getting a present herself totally passed her by. "Wait, then what should /I/ get?"

"... yeah, well..." she mutters back to Marivel, feeling a little bashful as she watches the girl start to burble. She tugs at her hair a little, and lets out a breath. "I don't know. Hope so." It's hard to just come out and say she can kind of see herself in the Minder, a latchkey kid trying to act big and strong on her own.

So she finds herself punctuating the comment to Marivel with a quiet pride at the Minder's yell. It's not the most stealthy thing she's done, but before she knows it she's leant forward as well, hands cupped to her mouth as she calls across the snowfields. "Yeah! You talk big and show off a lot, but I know you're actually kind of a butt who worries a ton! So take care of yourself, you big dummy!" she calls alongside the Minder.

Even if Yue is somehow in earshot - even with everyone arrayed around them - she is absolutely never going to admit to this.

<Pose Tracker> Kamui has posed.


"blblblblblbbb," gurgles Yue who's currenly sinking into a tidal wave.

<Pose Tracker> Dash Caskett has posed.

"You got a point! Its the talk of any adventurer in Aquvy." Dash says to Kamui. He cannot help but laugh at her statement on what he is though, but it isn't the likeness comment that did it. "Ah... well, that is why I feel alike to you, Kamui! I uh, I am not in fact, flesh and blood. I am just like you. Which is... robot-y?"

It sounds difficult to believe, he looks the spitting image of a human, down to the skin texture and everything. But those that have fought with him have seen the damage he has taken. The massive blows sustained sometimes cut a little too deep, but only machinery and sparking power could be seen.

"I try to keep it secretive, but if there is anyone I would tell, it would be you guys." He just shrugs with a big cheeky smile Like it is no big deal. At least he hopes it is...

Data always seems to watch people for some reason, though at the mention of her station, perhaps a glint in his eye can be seen. Familiarity, perhaps? No, couldn't be it. Could it?

"I have heard quite a few tales of ARMS in the islands. Perhaps you in particular haven't yet, but I am sure you will do them all proud, I bet." Acacia and her companions all seem quite capable, after all! "THis Bouletin sounds quite famous! I feel like I have been under a rock missing it."

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

Maybe it's Acacia's bashfulness, or maybe it's the way she yells insults at her frenemy, but Marivel finds herself lying on her side and smiling at Yue quietly for a while.

She remains blblblblissfully ignorant of Yue's predicament.

<Pose Tracker> Kamui has posed.

Kamui does actually quiet down at Dash's own admission, expression softening gently. "Oh... ..." It's telling something, perhaps, that her sensors have gotten poor enough that she can't detect it. But at the same time, she's relieved she can't -- because it means Dash's systems themselves are advanced enough he can avoid detection.

"... I'm glad," she whispers. "I don't... always feel comfortable in Spira. I can't hide that I'm a machine. But..."

She quietly nods.

"Thank you for telling us," she answers gently. "I won't abuse that knowledge. I promise."

She's sure of that promise, but... why is there a part her that feels scared? ... she doesn't quite voice it.

She returns to smirking at Acacia and says, "If I don't tell Muister what I got, I'll keep Muister guessing, mui hi hiii..."

Who're we kidding though, she totally got them a blitzball. She /does/ routinely play kickball (as the ball) with them, after all.