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*'''Log: A Party for Ghosts'''
*'''Log: A Party for Ghosts'''
*'''Cast:''' [[Character :: Seraph Ceimglace]], [[Character :: Seraph Ragnell]], [[Character :: Vess]], [[Character :: Seraph Clarine]], [[Character :: Seraph Lanval]], [[Character :: Seraph Boudicca]], [[Character :: Seraph Harmaus]]
*'''Cast:''' [[Character :: Seraph Ceimglace]], [[Character :: Seraph Ragnell]], [[Character :: Day Muirwall|Vess]], [[Character :: Seraph Clarine]], [[Character :: Seraph Lanval]], [[Character :: Seraph Boudicca]], [[Character :: Seraph Harmaus]]
*'''Where:''' The Thames - Upper Deck
*'''Where:''' The Thames - Upper Deck
*'''Date:''' December 22, 2019
*'''Date:''' December 22, 2019

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<Pose Tracker> Seraph Ceimglace has posed.

 Some may have received their invitation directly. Others may have found notes here and there to come across, while others were asked to pass on more invitations. Honestly, the point is that everyone here probably got an invitation of some sort or heard about it through the grapevine, because wouldn't you know it, at least one person here is a gossip.

 That person might be running this thing.

 A lucky run in with someone that was able to see Ceimglace allowed her to get a small room on the Thames set aside for the night, set with some tables and chairs. Ceimglace herself is casually in a chair in direct sight of the door, her silver-and-blue hair draped down the back of it, a little bitty drum duo in her lap she's tapping at.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Ragnell has posed.

    Ragnell does enjoy a good shindig, especially if there's drinking to be had. A Seraphim get-together will likely result in some, uhhhh, unpleasant interactions if she goes, granted--but why should she hold herself back because of them? Ceimglace invited her, ergo she's got every right to show up.
    So she does, in her usual Filgaian garb, strolling through the door and giving the Ice Seraph a crooked grin as she taps a pair of fingers to the brim of her hat in a salute of greeting.
    "Yo! Nice seein' ya again, Ceim," she drawls. "Nice tune, too." She drapes herself into one of the chairs and, if drinks are readily evident, serves herself; if not, she looks around and adds, "Where's the booze?"

<Pose Tracker> Vess has posed.

Some invitations could simply not be personally addressed because there is no one to address them to - or at least, no awareness of someone around to address them to. But when one escapes notice so often, one can find one's way to places where listening and reading becomes simple.

It is why there is a soft rap at the door, and an unfamiliar voice, low and feminine. "Is this where the meeting is happening?"

THe figure who steps through from the other side of the door isn't a familiar one, for most. A glance could mistake her for someone human enough - a woman of eighteen or nineteen, with wavy auburn hair, round glasses and emerald-green eyes. A couple of white lilies have been woven into her locks, pinning back a single braid woven into the waves. She clasps her hands neatly, ruffling the airy skirt of her pale green-white sun dress. She's barefoot.

The subtle scent of spring air that ripples around her probably gives things away a little - as does the fact that she can see Ceimglace. "I'm sorry if this is unexpected, but I saw your notes...." She trails off as she realizes Ragnell is there.

A soft blush radiates across her cheeks.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

Clarine had received an invitation to a meeting. This was, for her, particularly rare. She couldn't recall the last time she had been invited to anything like this and she couldn't help but be curious.

She was the shy sort, even around her fellow Seraphim...but, she had been building up her confidence again, and so she decided she would give it a try.

"Hello, everyone... I hope I am not too late..." Clarine greets as she drifts through the door. She moves to settle into a seat, offering Ragnell a smile as she does and then looking briefly between Ceimglace and Vess as she does. She's not particularly familiar with either - has she met them before? She's not sure, so she decides to be polite, just in case.

"Hello... I am Clarine. I do not believe we have been introduced...?" She says. It's a notably different introduction than the ones she uses with mortals. It's not like she needs to tell her fellow Seraphim that she's a Seraph of Light.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    Lanval shows up, in time. Even busy being a direct servant to Schturdark, his manifestation still putters around with Fox Company (of whom Ceimglace dwells among) and whoever else. Assisting with maintaining and protecting the water of Filgaia itself is a full-time job blah blah blah the gravity of this is already well explored. Seraphim have virtually all the time in creation barring tragedy, somehow additional time can be fabricated for this purpose thusly.
     He staggers through the door like he's already had five drinks. (The actual number depends on the period of time one starts counting, and each possible starting point comes with its own unique challenges as to illustrating how much he's had to drink in comparison to appearances, so let's just say the figure in this instance is accurate and move on.)
     "Mmmmmrmmrph." He may have had a bit of an adventure getting to the venue as he spins once, back facing the lot of them as he catches himself in a steady enough stand. One eye opens, side-eyeing Ragnell as he feels that recognizeable crackle of electrical power in the air as Clarine introduces herself to someone.
     He makes sure to keep both hands on that drinking gourd as a matter of protecting it as he spins once again forward to face the lot of them and approach the gathering. He doesn't quite close the eye all the way before he faces the rest, though, giving away he was giving someone or something a look.
     "Hey there... 'm Lanval." He says to Vess. "...Don't think we met... but 'm shtill Lanval even if we have! Ha ha ha!"
     Unmistakably a Water Seraph, and a fellow enthusiast of not wearing shoes.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Boudicca has posed.

    And somewhere in the gossip chain is Boudicca, who is still new to this whole gossiping thing but who is, in general, enthusiastic about talking at other people. Now they're out of Spira, she can talk enthusiastically at a lot less shopkeepers...

    ... no, that's a lie, she still tries to talk to them all, she just doesn't usually get a reply. Such is the fate of the shopkeeper who finds several coins (and two buttons) left mysteriously on his countertop, and a bunch of flowers missing.

    Boudicca had questions for him and no answers, but it's fine, she figured it out. Probably. Maybe. Okay, it's not likely.

    She is tall and broad, her long black hair braided, a most significant ribbon woven between them and running down to her green tips. When she steps through the door she has to duck a little to account for the horns on her helm. She pauses, at the threshold, when she sees Ragnell draped down - yes, yes, she remembers the CAUTION DANGER WARNING - but Ragnell doesn't seem to be causing any problems, so Boudicca finishes making her way into the room and straightens up. "Well met," she greets them, lingering caution tempering her volume. "Is this the location of our gathering..?"

    There are people she knows here, and people she doesn't, but this was clearly an invitation to a Seraph party, so obviously everyone is friendly. Obviously. She lifts the flowers, and dismisses her misgivings. "I have brought decorations! Or snacks. I am not sure which." SHE TRIED TO ASK. She moves to a chair, and pops the flowers on the table.

    "Ah - I am Boudicca," she turns to Vess, to introduce herself, gauntlet-clad hands clasping together. "It is pleasant to meet you!" That's like normal language use. She's trying.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Harmaus has posed.

    No one had told Harmaus about the meeting.


    But the Seraph -- as ever, these days -- has his ways and means.

    Though, it does not seem to be a Seraph that strides into this meeting of spirits. They are, at a glance, flesh and blood. Human, middle-aged, male. In need of a bit of a wash from the odor, but otherwise inoffensive.
    Perfectly average in every other regard.

    He sits himself down at the nearest table and regards the lot of them in turn. Then and only then do his lips spread in a wide grin.

    "Been a while," the man remarks, gesturing at hairline height as if to doff a pure imaginary hat.

    "Have not seen some you in near to a few centuries yet."

    The voice may be somewhat familiar to a few here, if difficult to place.
    But then, the last time anyone here might have seen Harmaus, he wore a rather different form.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Ceimglace has posed.

      "Ragnell." Ceimglace says, her eyes awash in quiet delight at seeing her. Lanval comes in eventually, and Ceimglace just nods at her Seraph From Another Aether. (Ice/Water, gosh.) So many she does now --- Boudicca she's only seen a few times, but she is known, at least. "Hello, Boudicca - they can go over there." There's a small table stacked with what is mostly drinks, and some small amount of food type things, not that any of them really need either.

 A couple of voices, and Ceimglace's eyes slot over to Clarine, Vess, and Harmaus. "Ah... I am Ceimglace. I'm glad to see my notes - invitations - made it around. Her gaze falls on Harmaus, especially, brow furrowed.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Ragnell has posed.

    Ragnell grins at Ceimglace. "So what's the occasion, anyway? Or did ya just feel like havin' a get-together with the local Seraph crew?"
    Other Seraphim start trickling in. When Vess meets Ragnell's eye and blushes, the Lightning Seraph grins and winks in return. It might be a little awkward for Vess later on when she notices friction in the group should certain other Seraphim arrive, but Ragnell can't *not* flirt with cute girls.
    Fortunately, Clarine arrives *before* Lanval does, and she's always been good at keeping the peace. "Yo! Nice seein' ya, Clary!" she calls, flipping a hand up in greeting. She doesn't bother greeting Lanval directly, though she does give him a wan smirk when he side-eyes her upon arrival. That's... somewhat better than anticipated? She can deal with this, in any case.
    Boudicca arrives next. "Sure is," she tells her, folding her arms under her head. She snorts in amusement at Boudicca's uncertainty if potted flowers count as decorations or snacks. "Could be a little o' both, dependin' on what you like," she drawls, smiling.
    But then the gathering is interrupted by what appears to be a normal human. This isn't entirely surprising; a human with little to no Resonance would think this an empty room, after all. But there's something off about this one... What's off becomes apparent when the human looks at each of them directly, then grins and bows.
    Ragnell squints. She sits up. "......Harmaus??" she utters, actually rather surprised despite herself. She leans back and says in wonder, "Damn! I haven't seen *you* in an age! Whatcha been up to? Aside from possessin' humans, that is." She frowns in thought. Was that a thing Harmaus did? It doesn't *seem* like him, based on what she remembers. Is this a case of mistaken identity? If it is, she's going to be very embarrassed in just a moment.

<Pose Tracker> Vess has posed.

Vess's hand comes up to her cheek as she blushes warmly at the wink, gently biting down to her lower lip. "H-hello, Ragnell," she offers up softly. "You're as lively as ever, I see...."

But there are figures here she doesn't know! Vess is still blushing as Clarine comes shining in, but she lets a small, shy sort of smile come to her face. "No, I don't think we have. My name is Vesna, but Vess is alright, if you like."

When more Seraphim come in, she blinks behind her large glasses before bowing her head shallowly. She takes the hand Boudicca offers; her own is rather more delicate at a glance, but with calluses at her fingertips. "It's good to meet the both of you. I'm sorry for just appearing here, but if there was something afoot, I didn't want to be in the dark...."

When Harmaus emerges, Vess blinks a couple of times, but there's quiet uncertainty written in her face. She adjusts her glasses before brushing a lock of hair away from her cheek with the edge of her thumb, letting the uncertainty pass to a faint smile. "...I suppose it has been a long time, but I don't get out much...."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

"It is good to see you, as well! I hope you have been well?" Clarine replies to Ragnell cheerily. It hadn't been that long since they had last seen each other, of course, but it was always nice.

Lanval and Boudicca both get pleasant smiles as well. She keeps a close eye on the situation - she knows that Lanval and Ragnell don't usually get along. But, as long as neither of them start anything, it should be fine.

Clarine looks toward Vess, then, offering her a pleasantly warm smile at the polite greeting.

"It is a pleasure to meet you." She replies, bowing her head before looking toward the one who called them all here.

"I am pleased to be invited to such an event. Thank you for reaching out to me." She replies.

But then, someone else arrives - one who appears, by all accounts, to be human. This is unusual enough...but, he can see them, and the way he speaks... Clarine tilts her head with a curious and cautious frown.

She looks toward Ragnell, then. She seems to know him? But then, she seems to know everyone.

"...I do not think we have been introduced, either. I am Clarine...though, you may have overheard..." She says. She's a little hesitant - she's not sure what to make of him, though she does try to be polite at least.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    Lanval finds his seat with more care and gentleness than he usually manages. Chairs are weird. To him, the way they're shaped, he feels intristically encouraged to slink further down onto the floor. He likes floors - generally he likes gathering at the lowest point water gathers, but for sake of niceties, he stays (more or less) upright.
     The drinking gourd is set upon the table, with both hands still there - one over the top, the other the side. "Vesna... pleashed ta meet ya." He's able to put on a smile. It is in his nature as a Seraph to be about small joys, like meeting new company.
     He stops and opens both eyes half-lidded as what looks like a mortal's helped themselves in. He blinks twice, as Ragnell identifies them.
     "Mmm." He grunts, his pointer finger raising as he thinks about falling back on his habit of scratching at his chin contemplatively, but nope, both hands stay on the drinking gourd.
     "'m Lanval," Lanval introduces himself as his eyes close again. All the better to quietly contemplate how he will retrieve extra treats and drinks while he's sitting here with the responsibilities he has.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Boudicca has posed.

    Of course Boudicca put her salad/bouquet with the rest of the things. That's a normal place for salad/bouquets to go. She's vindicated in the dual terminology, because Ragnell gives an inclusive answer, and Ragnell might be wrong about a lot of things but human culture usually isn't one of them. And she's smiling! That's a good sign for a lack of conflict, and Boudicca smiles back after a moment.

    "It is good to stay appraised," she says, to Vess. "I find it is so easy to lose track of current events. But I am getting much more practice these days!" Something something Oracular duties. It's probably better not to get into the details, she thinks.

    There's something familiar about the voice of the - human? - who wanders in, but Boudicca can't quite place it, not even after Ragnell exclaims a name.

    (It's possible they never exchanged theirs, back when she was the one possessing something.)

    "Er... are we acquainted?" She ventures, uncertainly, and her voice is the most familiar thing about her, exempting perhaps the draconic cast to her armour. She is fairly sure humans don't live for centuries, which rules her first guess out. ... is he possessing a human? Is that healthy for the human? Isn't that the sort of thing usually reserved for --

    Wait, hang on, that's one of those racing thoughts, she'd better put an end to that before she worries herself up the wall.

    "I am Boudicca," she says, again, "and I regret that I cannot quite place you."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Harmaus has posed.

    At first glance a stranger has entered the proceedings underway. But with that look in his eyes -- with that swagger -- it's clear that he feels as if he has the right to be here.
    And that he can see them all.

    "Ragnell," the man says slowly, enunciating the syllables, "Well met, well met. A sore sight for our eyes, yes? Such a long, long time gone."

    The accent is... strange. Difficult to place.

    This is likely because it reflects the speech pattern of a place that has been gone from the world for centuries.

    "Two hundred years, yet. Might have been more, but it is all now. We have been gone a'wandering and now we have come back," he says, gesturing towards himself. "What sights we have seen in this world and the other! And now, faces old and new are here. So we had to come and pay visit. Had to see," he says, as if to explain. "Had to see you all for ourselves."

    He regards Clarine, especially. Is she unfamiliar to him?

    "Clarine, Clarine. Yes, we know it now. We are Harmaus," the Seraph says, by way of introduction. "Have not met before, we think. No. No, not at all."

    Perhaps it is similarly for Boudicca--

    But he regards her almost intently, a slight upward twitch at the corner of his mouth.

    "Maybe met once. Maybe not. Time is long," Harmaus reflects, settling back in his seat and swinging a leg up across his knee. "Time is long and we change?" His gaze flits back at Ragnell, at Ceimglace, Vesna and Lanval. "Or not!"

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Ragnell has posed.

    "Sure am! I'm always lively," Ragnell drawls, fanfaring her hands around her face in a nice jazz-hands flare. "Anyway, you're probably fine, Vess. I'm probably the most unwelcome one here an' I still showed up!" She says this with a grin and a laugh like it's a joke. It's not a joke.
    "Yup! I had a nice time the other day," Ragnell tells Clarine cheerily. "That big ol' lighthouse, with the windmill built it? It has a *nice* view. Bring a friend there sometime! I bet Nimue'd love it. Also, there's hydromelons in the area, an' they taste pretty good after you whack 'em open with a stick."
    Really, Ragnell doesn't know *everyone*. But she gets around. She's pretty quick to meet new folks. Ceimglace was a new acquaintance when they met on Filgaia, but now they're pretty friendly. She grabs a drink from somewhere or another, slings back a swallow or two, and then tips her glass at Boudicca. Good on her for getting that imminent freak-out in check. (Boudicca is kind of easy to read.)
    The stranger--Harmaus--replies. Two hundred years... So it *is* him. She leans her elbow on a knee and her chin on her hand. She listens to what he has to say, and her only comment is: "'We'?" Like, it's obvious he means himself and his human vessel, but...

<Pose Tracker> Vess has posed.

In fairness, Vesna is a stranger too.

Chasing a lock of hair back again, the auburn-haired woman - Seraph, evidently, given that she can see everyone clearly enough - sends a shy smile Ragnell's way. Much of the joke goes over her head. "I don't know why... when you visited in the past, it was always nice. Really I always enjoyed having visitors. Things got boring after people stopped being able to see me."

Seraph Vesna: A little bit out of touch.

Harmaus gets a curious look from her. The name is recognizable enough. "You've changed a lot," she murmurs. "But... but I'm glad you made it through everything."

Her gaze drifts to Lanval's gourd. For a moment, her gaze lingers on it, before she looks up to the beerghost with a curious spark behind her bright green eyes. "I've heard your name before. It's nice to finally meet you. And...."

Here Vesna glances back to Ragnell, clearing her throat. "...I'm sorry I was so cagey about things when we met before. He doesn't know about me yet and I'd rather keep things that way for awhile, so I would appreciate your discretion."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Ceimglace has posed.

 "Harmaus..." And then it clicks, and Ceimglace gives him a long, long look.

 Then, leaning over Ragnell, she finds a bottle of her own and downs the whole thing in a style that emulates Lanval. Perhaps some things are better said to the bottle of a glass, then to a person. Then she looks at Vesna, for a long time, whilest resisting the urge to go drape over Boudicca like a ivy vine.

 "What mortal are you lying too, dear heart?"

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

It's an accent she's unfamiliar with. But, she smiles and nods as he introduces himself.

"It is is a pleasure to meet you." She says with a bow of her head, before looking in Boudicca's direction.

"It truly is..." She says, on the matter of losing track of current events. "I have been doing better at that these days, myself. The company I have been keeping of late helps..."

Working with mortals did that. They had a way of helping one keep anchored in the present.

She nods, as Ragnell mentions a lighthouse with a windmill.

"I see... you speak of the one on Windfall, correct? I do recall seeing it when we visited... I might just do that." She says.

She looks between Ragnell and Vess as the latter mentions a 'he', and, well, she can't help but be curious. Fortunately, Ceimglace asks the question for her, so she doesn't have to do it herself. She does listen intently for the answer, though.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    Lanval leans forward habitually as Harmaus introduces himself through that mortal. As they verbally meander to wax poetic about how time is long and they change (or not?), Lanval leans back and lifts the gourd up off of the table he's sitting at like it were a heavy weighted thing for its size, tipping it back towards his lips in a contemplative sip.
     One eye opens to side-eye the grinning, easy-going Lightning Seraph as she mentions how she's the 'most unwelcome one' there, and is able to hold back further commentary a lot better than he does his drinking. (That's not a hard bar to clear!)
     "Mmm," he thinks contemplatively - both good and bad - as Seraph Vesna mentions hearing his name, but if it's nice to meet him, he's hoping it's the better contexts. Still, as she drifts about being cagey, he nods as he lowers the gourd from his lips. "...I get ya. I get ya."
     Even things standing as they are now, he's good for doing his kind a solid. (...Most of his kind!!)
     He closes his eyes, somehow focusing back on Harmaus through them as Ragnell asks the 'we' question. He does tilt his head a bit in Boudicca's direction as if to gauge his fellow Oracle, but keeps quiet through most of the (re?)introductions.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Boudicca has posed.

    "It is very clever, how they track every day, is it not?" Boudicca enthuses to Clarine, on the topic of time and losing track of the same. "Some of them even measure minutes, which are like hours but smaller. Smaller!" It's an honest exclamation, from someone who has only just gotten used to paying attention to days.

    No one tell her about seconds.

    Boudicca notices Ragnell noticing her squashing her alarm, and her cheeks colour, briefly. IS SHE REALLY THAT EASY TO READ? (Yes. That's what happens when you don't wear a face for two hundred years, Boudicca.)

    Two hundred years, though, is a rather long time, and Boudicca doesn't remember running into any other Seraphs back then. "I am not as I once was," she shares, at least. "It must be the same for you, yes..?"

    Unless possession makes humans last longer.

    Note to self: ask Lanval if possession makes humans last longer sometime.

    Followup theory: figure out a way to make all the humans last longer?

    She catches his eye in her considerations, and he will find her a little puzzled, perhaps a shade worried, but at least not actively alarmed. If Boudicca's agitation is their early warning system, it at least hasn't gotten past the initial attention-getting beeps into a full-blown alarm. Not yet, anyway.

    In fairness to Ceimglace, Boudicca is well-suited to ivy draping, though she seems to have shifted to that ribbon for long-term storage of... herself. This is much better than her previous set-up, which was much harder to fit through doorways and couldn't quite figure out doorknobs in the first place.

    But she manages to avoid that fate, and instead looks from Ceimglace to Vesna, curious both on her question as well as about Ragnell's.


<Pose Tracker> Seraph Harmaus has posed.

    Two hundred years, and counting -- though only a bit, even if one were to use human systems. Only a little bit.

    So much has occured in that little bit though that it puts the last two hundred-some to shame for their staleness.

    "We have, we have. A long time gone and now we are we, and we are back, and we are here," Harmaus confirms, before going so far as to offer Vesna up a wink that is only not entirely saucy because there is something rather rawer and animalistic to it.

    Perhaps he passed Ceimglace's path once. Perhaps it was a meeting more notable than that. Or perhaps...

    At Ragnell's question about his choice in pronouns, Harmaus simply nods, a wry smile on his human lips. "Yes. We. Because one plus one is two, so 'I' plus 'it' is 'we'," the body-riding Seraph elucidates, gesturing with his right hand as he explains the simple math.

    Well, that's one question answered...?

    If a number left hanging, as it were, in the wind.

<Pose Tracker> Vess has posed.

Vesna huffs a little as Ceimglace puts things so bluntly, yet so playfully. Her blush returns as she plays with her glasses, brushing one ankle against the other in a nervous gesture. "Lying is a strong word," she murmurs with a downcast gaze. "But his name's Day, and someone has to keep an eye on him."

Then Harmaus winks at her too. A visibly flustered Vess coughs into her right hand, rocking from side to side a little and glancing towards Ragnell with a touch of helplessness.

Of course it's Ragnell's fault. It always is.

But Harmaus has an interesting point to make, and Vesna looks back with a blink and a cant of her head. "...I suppose that explains it," she says, her tone the somewhat dumbstruck softness of someone who still doesn't quite get it and probably won't without a long-winded info dump.

She settles for shrugging and letting out a low sigh, arms loose around herself. "...A lot has changed, hasn't it...."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Ragnell has posed.

    Ragnell smiles at Vesna, first friendly, then rueful. "I always enjoy visitin' other Seraphim on my travels. Think nothin' of it," she replies. That Vesna no longer has a 'home' to be visited... she opts not to bring up. That's not good party conversation. She instead takes a drink, then shrugs when Vess brings up Day. "Eh, I kinda figured as much. You know he's gonna figure it out sooner or later, though, right? Like, one o' these days someone is gonna ask him who he's talkin' to, and when he says, they're gonna tell 'im no one's there." She tips her drink at Vess this time. "If you're prepared for that, I won't say a word. But if you're not..." She shrugs. "...it still wouldn't be my business. So I guess either way, your secret's safe with me."
    In that moment, Ceim leans past Ragnell to grab a bottle and down the whole thing. Ragnell blinks at her, surprised again. Granted she doesn't know Ceimglace that well compared to some of the other Seraphim in the room, but-- "Damn. Impressive," she says with a low whistle.
    Clarine recognizes the lightmill she means. "That's the one," she says, pointing at her with her glass-holding hand. She then takes another drink, letting Ceim maybe call Vesna out a little bit. If she just needs a little courage to reveal what she is to Day, then maybe a soiree with her own kind might be the ticket. For now, as Harmaus gives an obious answer to an obvious question, she takes another drink, this one longer and steadier than the last. ...Might be better to let that particular sleeping dog lie.
    Especially since she just winks at Vesna too. Yep, it's definitely Ragnell's fault.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

"It truly is." Clarine agrees with a nod at Boudicca's enthusiastic reply. It certainly helped, tracking it all so thoroughly.

She considers Vess's situation for a moment, though.

"There are...quite a few perceptive mortals these days." She observes. "There are those who are accepting, and...those who are not."

She hadn't run into many of the latter category lately, however.

"I work alongside a group of mortals, and they accepted me with a kindness I had long forgotten they were capable of. If you trust this Day...then I am certain he will do the same." She advises. "...But, if you leave the matter too long... As Ragnell says, he may find out on his own."

She shakes her head.

"How you approach the matter is up to you. I am the last who would tell someone to undertake a matter that would be uncomfortable for them." She says.

She looks toward Ragnell, then, as she confirms her suspicions about Windfall's windmill and nods, offering her another smile.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    "Mmmm... makesh perfect shenshe ta me," Lanval comments about Harmaus' math as he catches a foodstuff in his mouth thrown at him from... where? No one was throwing food for or at him. Unless they have another SECRET GUEST who is here only to SNEAK LANVAL TREATS. (aaaaaaaaaaaah a ghost to ghosts!!! Scary!)
     There is further discussion about matters of the inevitable truth coming out, and Lanval leans back further as he enjoys consumption of the foodstuff thrown at him from nowhere as he leans a bit off towards the side like he might fall off just because... but doesn't.
     Those paying attention will see the truth of hte MYSTERIOUS SNACK THROW immediately.
     The way Lanval somehow lifts and angles his leg, just right, to get one of his feet just up high enough that he can snatch a small piece of snack stuffs with his toes, wiggle it loose from the rest of the vague morass of snacky goodness, and with just the right angle on the flick...
     Helps himself to another self-served snack, instead of doing the normal thing of 'use hands, dude,' but both of them are occupied with holding the drinking gourd.