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Prepared by Rachiel Medry
Authorized for release to Gebler Special Exploratory Group (SEG)
(Clearance-confirmed contractors included)

LOCATION: Kattelox
PARTICIPANTS: 'Project Baphomet' (Lydia Seren)
DESCRIPTION: Engagement with enemy.
PRE-EVENT SUMMARY: As part of Asset 'Lydia Seren's' ongoing mandate to disrupt Odessa operations, we investigated a movement of a squad within Kattelox seemingly organized by some kind of horned squirrel robot.
EVENT SUMMARY: Lydia Seren was able to quickly make work of Odessa agents with the unexpected aid of various surfacedwellers and one Veruni but the squirrel proved to be a powerful opponent!

But no match for Lydie!! We kicked that squirrel's butt!!!

And in the process of kicking that squirrel's butt saved an innocent little robot drummer that Lydia tells me is called a 'servbot', apparently in service to a 'Miss Tron' of some kind. We are already making the world a better place with the help of friendship and teamwork and I've only been threatened for being Solarian once this time!

<a more clinical and boringly meticulous operations report follows later that's mostly numbers of spent materials and comments on suggested areas of improvement and the like.>

RECOMMENDED ACTION: None at this time.