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Prepared by Rachiel Medry
Authorized for release to Gebler Special Exploratory Group (SEG)
(Clearance-confirmed contractors included)

LOCATION: Capel Coffa
PARTICIPANTS: OP Medry, 'Project Baphomet' (Lydia Seren), Castle, Assorted Caravan Kinship
DESCRIPTION: OS was deployed to engage and neutralize the Caravan Kinship.
PRE-EVENT SUMMARY: As per the Emergency Orders prepared by the Military Advisement Board, Castle pulled OS and I into an operation to neutralize the Caravan Kinship. As noted in my prior advisements on how to handle OS deployment, I suggested to Castle against using Lydia and OS directly against their former comrades but he declined this advice, considering the Kinship too dangerous to be left alone--though I personally suspected he simply desired revenge for his lost arm.

Nevertheless, having exhausted proper channels, Castle and I deployed to intercept the Kinship at Capel Coffa.

EVENT SUMMARY: Castle made an attempt to negotiate but past history and his lack of skill at diplomacy led to poor results which further led to Castle engaging in battle.

OS performed admirably at first, but attempts to reach Lydia through OS eventually paid off and the resultant resistance allowed the Kinship a window of opportunity in which Castle was slain.

Rather than risk further damage to her equillibrium, I elected to retreat rather than fight a losing battle.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: None at this time.