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Prepared by Loren Voss
Authorized for release to Gebler Special Exploratory Group (SEG)
(Clearance-confirmed contractors included)

SCENE LOG: What Becomes of the Discarded?
LOCATION: Capel Coffa
RELICS RECOVERED: None, found a momument to heroes of a forgotten war
PRE-EXPLORATION SUMMARY: Opted to return to site to assess content thereof and additionally provide LT1 Sura with field experience.
EXPLORATION SUMMARY: Encountered several traps and oddities, including an apparently endless recursive garden maze and room that required we walk along a particular pathway of Elw glyphs. We also had an engagement with some elemental spirits. During evasion of some sort of laser-trapped hallway, we crashed through a wall that wasn't really there and ended up within a vault of some sort, wherein we found the aforementioned memorial. It mentioned a war against something or someone named 'Belia Lugos' and two of three heroes of that war, the third name of which was obliterated. The other names mentioned were Kressen and Yulia. After this, we had to evacuate as it seems we tripped some sort of Elw security protocol, which we were not in capacity to manage.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Research should see if there's any mention of any of those names in records. I can't remember anything by those names from surface-dweller history. As always, further exploration of site is recommended if possible by active agents.