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  • Cutscene: Does This Answer Your Question
  • Cast: Gwen Whitlock
  • Where: Filgaia
  • Date: July 30th, 2020
  • Summary: Gwen has questions. Frea also has a question. No real answers are exchanged.

Excerpt from Memory Cube Log #5754B:

[19:23:09] Gwen: Why do you keep avoiding my question?

[19:23:18] Frea: Which question is this?

[19:24:01] Gwen: How did Kartikeya know your name?

[19:25:13] Frea: I see. I'm surprised you did not figure it out yourself.

[19:26:43] Gwen: I've got my theory, but I want to hear what you said first.

[19:27:55] Frea: A wise decision. Very well.

[19:35:03] Frea: As a scholar, you meet all sorts of eccentric folk. I believe you have met a few who have mentioned me before, such as Elvis?

[19:35:59] Frea: I simply used my connections to procure the research and materials needed for your surgery and recovery.

[19:36:47] Frea: Quite a few intelligent minds number the Veruni, and their technology is superior.

[19:37:49] Frea: If word of my experiments had reached that far into their ranks, it would not surprise me.

[19:43:03] Gwen: Then why didn't you tell me?

[19:44:54] Frea: Likely the same reason you didn't just go around telling people you were bosom buddies with Hyadeans until recently.

[19:48:08] Frea: The Veruni are best known on a person to person basis. The structure of their society is an entirely different beast, and it has undergone a change since your surgery, as far as I can tell.

[19:49:13] Frea: What was once a logical decision became a hazardous one. I deduced that just you knowing would throw you in more danger than if you simply didn't know.

[19:49:36] Gwen: You mean Volsung?

[19:50:51] Frea: Is that what others have told you, or your own conclusion?

[19:51:04] Gwen: A bit of both.

[19:52:13] Frea: I see. It is beyond me.

[19:53:49] Frea: All I know is that it is best you stay away from anything to do with powerful people wielding giant weapons for your own safety, but so far you've failed to listen, and all I can do is sit back and hope that thick skull of yours heals back over.

[19:54:21] Frea: Does this answer your questions?

[19:54:52] Gwen: Yes.

[19:55:14] Frea: I see. Good.

[19:56:19] Frea: If we are to speak on questions that have been left unanswered, what in the world possessed you to use the Mockingbird for such a blockheaded stunt, weeks ago, hm?

<Excerpt END>

      A promise was enough, for Frea. Gwen had promised she'd go see 'that doctor from Lahan', and while the man was suspect, it was hard for Frea herself to look down on another scholarly man for potentially having deep secrets.

      It seemed to run with the territory.

      Frea sat back in her chair, one pale hand reaching to scratch the offered head of the long-haired black cat on the table.

      "Some days, I wish I had stuck with just plant biology."