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  • Cutscene: Behind the Door
  • Cast: Josephine Lovelace
  • Where: Akasha Facility
  • Date: July 31st, 2020
  • Summary: What was it, behind that door?

BGM: ('Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn ~ Michael Hoenig - The Planar Sphere) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OQZDWXXi8g

The first time she'd woken up, the Odessa medic on duty had been a real peach and given her painkillers when she'd asked for them.

She's pretty sure she woke up a few times after that, too, but she'll be damned if she remembers it any. Even the last few hours (days?) are mostly a blur.

It still hurts when she swings her bare feet over the edge of the cot and rises to her feet, steadying herself with her one good hand against the wall. Yep, this was definitely some sort of medical ward at some point -- time aboard the Karlsefni had taught her that well enough. Grimacing, she pulls down from a nearby divider -- was that there before? hell if she can remember -- a simple robe like garment, which she slips on over the simple shift she'd had on.

...Their medic needs a goddamn medal, as far as she's concerned.

It's a simple matter -- relatively speaking -- to limp off and find where they stashed her stuff, and more importantly, her pack of cigarettes.
She lights up accordingly, sprawled out in the middle of the medical ward and smoking like a chimney.


It's when she's on her third that she slowly gets back up on her feet, makes her way over to the door, and heads on out.

"Hey... shouldn't you be in bed?" is the guard's remark to her.

She gives him a smile that would probably be more effectively saucy if she weren't halfway doped on painkillers. Oh well. "Can't keep a good girl down," she says as she passes on by him, using her left hand as a guide as she makes her way through the hallway.

The floor's cold underfoot as she limps along. Funny, she'd thought that the facility might warm up some as Odessa got it activated. Maybe they're still working on that.

She doesn't encounter many others in the hall as she moves along, and those that do give her a sort of side-eye, as if they weren't sure she should even be up and about. Oh, she's sure she looks a fright. She just doesn't care.

It takes...

...honestly, she has no real sense of time anymore in here. No sun, just light at all hours, each inch of hallway looking much the same as the last.

It takes time, in the end, but she finally finds the place she's been looking for, and darkens their doorstep.

"Any luck?" she asks, darkening the doorstep of the technicians working in the facility's beating heart.

"Lovelace!" one of them calls out, shocked, once she pulls away from the console. "N-no, er, it looks like control of the Akasha System will take some time to sort out. But be assured that we are working on it!" The technician doesn't salute, but from that tone of voice they might as well have. "Er... are you sure you should be up?"

"Ain't gettin' any worse," Josephine drawls, leaning gingerly against the doorframe and taking a long drag. The technician's gaze follows the smoke for a moment, then frowns.

"I, er, don't suppose you know anything about that might help? Like, um... any potential passcodes to the weather modification satellites?" the technician asks, fidgeting with her sleeve. One gets the impression this has been the sticking point.

"Not a fucking thing," replies Josie, lingering insouciantly in the doorway. "You try looking in the filing cabinet? The damndest things turn up in the filing cabinet." The technician's frown only deepens (perhaps she already looked in there), but she ducks her head in a short nod before turning back to the console she had been working on.

Aside from the low hum of power in the room, the clacking of keys and the occasional dry cough, Josie has in the minutes and seconds that follow a sort of quiet as she watches the technicians work.

Is this what you wanted?

There's no answer -- or indeed, no point in answering that -- anymore.