Claude C. Kenny

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Claude C. Kenny
IC Information
Full Name: Claude C. Kenny
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 21 (January 23, 10,347 SD)
Hometown: Paris, Texas, Earth
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Red Shirt
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Star Ocean 2
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Dawn Chasers
Player: User:Wedding Dress

The son of Fleet Admiral Ronyx J. Kenny, Hero of the Pangalactic Federation, Claude has struggled all his life to escape his father's shadow. His every success was to be expected of the son of a hero; his every failure a stain on his father's legacy. Now trapped on the surface of Filgaia, Claude is posing (with limited success) as an ordinary traveler. He has begun an investigation of the Sorcery Globe, believing it to be a crashed spaceship... and thus his best chance of getting home.


In the recent annals of the Pangalactic Federation, there are few individuals more noted or storied than Ronyx J. Kenny. In 10,346 SD, then the captain of the Federation cruiser Calnus, he was one of tens of thousands of ships scouring the galaxy for a cure to a strange disease that was petrifying peoples on every world. After an encounter with the Felpool race, he and his first mate, Ilia Silvestri, breached the restricted space around the Styx system, accessed The Time Gate, and emerged relative minutes later, dressed in strange garments, with a cure for the petrification disease in hand.

For his actions, Ronyx was promoted to Commodore, granted the title "Hero of the Federation," and given his choice of commands. He married Ilia and began a rapid rise through the ranks of Federation officers. Every man, woman, child, and multifaceted gender (check your xeno-privilege, yo) in the Federation has heard of Ronyx and his example.

Of his son Claude, not so much is known. He grew up in the shadow of his impossibly famous father and his nearly-as-famous mother, and from the moment he was old enough to understand the scope of their heroics he has wanted to live up to their example, to be a leader, a hero, to excel at everything he set his hand to. In his early years, he strove to do just that, his pride in his family name driving him forward. And every time he aced a test or won a prize, someone would ruffle his hair and praise him. "To be expected of the son of a hero," they'd say, and Claude would smile.

But then he started to hear the whispers - that he'd never earned his successes, that they'd been handed to him on a silver platter in an attempt to curry favour with his father. The phrase "to be expected of the son of a hero" took on a new meaning, as it implied that not only were his successes due to the legacy of a parent he could never surpass... anything less than perfection would be a betrayal of that legacy.

Claude and his father grew distant, and when the time came to apply to the Federation Academy (because what other choice did he have?) he chose to train as a weapons officer, rather than an occupation more suited to high command, as a small measure of defiance. But after his graduation, Ronyx interfered again, assuming command of his old ship, the Calnus (a job four ranks below his actual one) and assigning Claude as his personal security officer.

The whispers were more like catcalls by this point. And Claude heard every one of them.

The Calnus's early voyage was quiet, until they encountered a strange reading on a planet known as Milokeenia. Ronyx, in violation of several protocols for such a high-ranking officer, beamed down to investigate, which meant his bodyguard, Claude, had to come along as well. (Need to get some away missions under the baby boy's belt too, the mutters echoed.) Driven to exasperation by his father's unwitting interference in his life and career, Claude strayed a little too close to an alien device and was transported to the middle of a forest near Arlia.


There he encountered a monster chasing a blue-haired elf girl, and he used his phase gun to evaporate the creature right in front of her.


And it turns out that in so doing, he inadvertently met the conditions of an ancient prophecy about a Warrior of Light, the sort of thing his Academy classes really should have warned him against.


Now Claude is on Filgaia. Accompanied by the strange blue-haired symbologist Rena Lanford, he is working as a Drifter, trying to investigate a mysterious crash of something the locals call the Sorcery Globe, which Claude suspects is a spaceship... and his ticket home.

In the meantime, he's posing as an ordinary traveler. That part isn't going so well.

Powers and Abilities

Claude's fighting style revolves around a mix of Edarl Blade Arts techniques, kung fu, and qigong, the latter of which allows him to greatly enhance his physical strength and resiliency in short bursts. He is also trained in the use of ARMs, and has complemented his broadsword with a run-of-the-mill single-action revolver as backup, since he can no longer spam phase gun for days.

Also, he is from space. That is not so much a power, though.

Logs and Cutscenes

Chapter 1, Act 1


Chapter 1, Act 2


Chapter 1, Act 3


Chapter 1, Act 4


Chapter 1, Epilogue


Chapter 2, Act 1


Chapter 2, Act 2


Chapter 2, Act 3


Chapter 2, Act 4



Keeping It 100

Zed - If you're going to have a rival, it may as well be a Dark Hero from space! More seriously, Claude is comforted by knowing there's at least one person on this planet who will have his back, no matter what.

90 Points - Almost There!

Cecilia Adlehyde - Not his wife, despite what many people and one Guardian have suggested. Still a good friend. Claude has backed her mission to save Filgaia to the hilt (literally, in many cases).

Rena Lanford - Traveling companion, co-investigator of the Sorcery Globe, and friendgirl (not girlfriend). Relationship slightly downgraded by her insistence on occasionally running off to hang out with STUPID BROODY DIAS, and also his insistence on continuing to pretend to be married to Cecilia, which is NOT HIS FAULT.

Pretty Good! 80 Points

Tethelle Cirdian - A fellow Dream Chaser, and probably the one with the highest FP rating in the entire crew. Tethelle has been a confidante and an advisor, and she also used his terrible swords for most of two years before they became not-terrible.

70 Points Is A B+ In My Book

Catenna - A++ would swing on a grappling rope while hammered again.

Talise Gianfair - Very tough Beastwoman; slightly intimidating. Snapped him out of a nasty rage issue in the Manor. Excellent fighting partner in a pinch.

Tidus - For some reason secretly-from-another-more-techy-place Claude feels a sort of kinship with this guy! Also he plays blitzball, which is like soccer but not boring (because of violence).

Somewhere Around 60 Points

Ashton Anchors - Ashton has forgiven Claude for dumping him in the Salva Mines, which was big of him. But their past is still a major barrier to progressing their relationship... as are their differing personalities. Perhaps if Claude had been a cooper instead of a blacksmith...

Avril Vent Fleur - Good fighter in a pinch, even if she doesn't know that what she has there is a photon sabre. She also does this sword dancing thing that just /does things/ for Claude.

Gwen Whitlock - Gwen's cool. Claude feels bad for almost dragon punching her into non-existence that one time.

Janus Cascade - This guy has his head screwed on straight, let me tell you!

Lunata Croze - Nice girl! Used to bring him food and beer, which was more healthy than 90% of Claude's relationships. She might be evil now? He's not sure.

Precis F. Neumann - Friendgirl (not girlfriend) from Linga who does some very impressive stuff with machines! Claude is trying to learn how to repair machines from her, in case his gear breaks down. Lessons progress slowly due to the insistence they be done while he is shirtless. Curious.

Venetia Vuong - Friendgirl (not girlfriend) who Claude probably mortally offended that one time. A self-proclaimed rockologist, which is nice to know; Claude hasn't had a good talk about classical music in forever.

50/50 Really

Fei Fong Wong - Claude really wishes that there were mental health professionals on Filgaia who did not believe that trepanation was an effective theory.

Ida Everstead-Rey - Friendgirl (not girlfriend) who used to learn qigong and physical training from Claude, but is now running off being a demon fister. Also has grafted Hyadean technology to herself in slightly disturbing ways. Claude is pretty much in a constant pendulum swing between 'I should really talk to Ida about all this' and then 'nope'.

Lily Keil - They haven't talked much; Lily reminds Claude of his mom in ways (read: being very scary) that are both comforting and terrifying. He resolves that they must never meet.

Eh, 4 Out Of 10

Lemina Ausa - In hindsight, she mega-hosed him on that deal (200 Gella for one space silver - bad call). If he finds that magic carpet, though, this could pop up a few points.

Leon Albus - Leon seems like a good dude, and Cecilia trusts him, which counts for something. But he's also a lot of things (urbane, gentlemanly) that Claude is very much not. The contrast reminds Claude too much of his dad for him to not take the piss constantly.

Seraph Ragnell - Was intially higher, but the news that she is working with Odessa is not great. She's still frigging great in a fight though.

30 Points On A Good Day


Nothing To Write Home About - 20 Points


10 Points At Most

Kalve - The guy with a 3D printer for an arm who knew about radiation and Geiger counters actually turned out to be a sinister robot man. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED

Big Fat Zeroes

Dias Flac - Stupid broody Dias.


100% Accurate Space History

This is stuff that Claude thinks he remembers from the parts of Space History class he did not sleep through. Resemblance to actual space history is up for debate.

3,645 SD - A latent cult of astrologers lamenting over the impending end of the Age of Aquarius - and infuriated by the fact that many of the stars they'd been reading for years were actually giant spotlights set up by alien trolls - decided to forestall the shift of the great Age through the hastily invented practice of retroastrology, which involved the physical displacement of stars into alignments that generated more advantageous flows of fortune or energy. The practice came to an abrupt end when the FSS Nostradamus - which has deployed with a crew complement of 76 astrologers and zero engineers - overloaded its engine and exploded. (Their horoscope for that day: You may or may not want to be famous but you will get the chance to make your mark on the world. Whether or not you take it is your decision entirely but don't look back a year from now and wish you had been a bit more ambitious.)

4,713 SD - Most forms of aggressive marketing are outlawed following a centuries-long struggle for market dominance between two sanitation companies in the Arcturus system. This spills over into biological warfare when the chairman of BilgeWhiz Inc. unleashes a literal viral marketing campaign causing people to projectile vomit every time they hear the MekTorque Corp. jingle. A counter-virus, counter-counter-virus virus, and counter-counter-counter-virus-virus virus are each developed in short order, the mix of the four side effects eventually causing the residents of Arcturus to develop unsightly additional limbs and speak only in company slogans. Order is only restored following the deployment of the Federation's 53rd Tactical Meme Corps (official slogan: Trolla non Facta).

5,930 SD - The Dance Dance Revolution - a rebellion against Federation rule by Dazelian race - ends in the Matumbo Incident. The Dazelians, possessing the innate ability to transform sound waves into projected light energy, attempted to create a decisive weapon of destruction by conquering a multisector music festival. Unfortunately, as they entered the room, the 117 DJs present simultaneously dropped the bass; the resulting blast consumed the space station and all of the Dazelian rebels.

6,381 SD - The Cygnan Missile Crisis erupts in the Deneb system of the Cygnus constellation. The Cygnan Star Empire, as it was known, split following the death of their Empress, with partisans on Deneb's fourth and fifth planets rapidly ramping up for war. As the Cygnan Star Empire was the centre of production for Pangalactic Federation missile weaponry, the only weapons immediately ready to go were missiles, which Deneb IV launched at Deneb V. Deneb V fired missiles at those missiles, turning them into anti-missile missiles. Deneb IV fired anti-anti-missile-missile missiles. Deneb V fired anti-anti-anti-missile-missile-missile missiles. This continued for several minutes; by the time the two planets were firing anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-missile-missile-missile-missile-missile-missile-missile-missile-missile-missile-missile-missile missiles, the whole lot met in the middle, causing an explosion that wiped out both planets.

7,635 SD - The Microaggression War begins when the Dorseyan ambassador to the planet of Glassstone in the Beta sector, while drunk at a reception, points out that the third 's' in the planet's name was really unnecessary from a linguistic perspective. He further offered the suggestion that it had been inserted to disguise the fact that the people from there were most notable for being asses. What followed would have been an epic galaxy-wide battle between two sentient races that could have torn the Federation into a civil war the likes of which had never been seen, if not for the fact that both races had millennia-old traditions of pacifism. What followed instead was a 730-year conflict across the information battlespace, in which generations came and went in a constant campaign of subtweeting and passive-aggressive commentary on the other planet's popular trideo logs.

8,368 SD - The seventeenth moderator appointed to moderate the Microaggression War and therefore keep the two races involved from being triggered dies due to overwork and stress. The Federation Assembly passes the 'Okay, Everyone, Seriously, Chill The Eff Out' Act, which restricts posts to verified accounts only, thereby putting an end to the tragedy that had claimed centuries of productivity.

8,997 SD - The Cygnus constellation acquires a very bright belly button when seen from Earth.

9,400 SD - The Yaiban Confederacy joins the Pangalactic Federation. The Yaiban race follows a unified planetary religion whose doctrine indicates there are only three reserved places in the afterlife; most Yaibans as a result practice a form of aggressively evangelical atheism designed to convince people 'not' to believe in the tenets of a supreme being, in order to increase their mathematical odds of being one of the lucky three. Their discovery of a galactic alliance of trillions of souls naturally sent the Yaibans into a collective hissy-cow. As a result, their first and most significant cultural export was Splork Talks, featuring their planet's most successful evangelical atheist, who spent the remaining 473 years of his life deconstructing every known religion in the galaxy. Following Splork's death, his most successful broadcasts were compiled into a literary anti-Bible which prompted a famous "Splork 3:16" T-shirt. (Splork 3:16 reads, for the record: "WHY ARE ALL OF YOUR GODS BORN FROM VIRGINS?!? WHAT DO YOU TERRANS HAVE AGAINST THE BIRTH CANAL ANYWAY?!?")

9,514 SD - The Federation scout vessel SSGS-0287 John Perry encounters a planet in the Epsilon sector entirely populated by zombies. A heavily-armed away team descends but is not attacked; they instead discover the zombies standing patiently in lines stretching out to the horizon. A painstaking analysis of ancient records revealed the entire planet had been waiting for the release of a sick new MMO thousands of years earlier, and continued waiting when a virus turned them all. The mission's sole casualty was an ensign who attempted to cut in line to grab one of the games; he was torn to death on the spot.

10,000 SD - Rek'gora and the Kux'ods launches; this mildly popular musical group made their debut at the Decamillennial celebration. The group's claim to fame was that they featured a young representative from every race in the Pangalactic Federation so as to be sure to be marketable to the entire Federation's standards of beauty. The band's launch song - Fellow Individual I Desire Your Affection - was also its only song, as the lifespans of several dozen member species was such that they were no longer considered "boys" by mid-10,000 SD. Constant replacements and crosscultural tours meant that the band was a sufficient marketing success for them to continue selling merchandise, even though Rek'gora himself died in 10,320 SD.