Day Muirwall

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Day Muirwall
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IC Information
Full Name: Daillan Armeric Philemon Muirwall V
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): 19 (May 7)
Hometown: Muirwall Castle
Hair Colour: Sandy blonde
Class: Church Knight
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: Althena's Guard
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Hats

Day is a quiet but elegant young noble of the House of Muirwall, heir apparent to the title of Margrave of Muirwall in the Rolance Empire - an inheritance he's doing everything in his power to escape. Scarred by a deep loss, Day took Althena's return as a sign and devoted himself to a monastic life, leaving his family's hereditary fief with no heir apparent. With the formation of Althena's Guard, he's found his calling fighting to defend the faith and has become something of an examplar of the concept of the church miliant: He's both a monk and a knight, a heavy fighter known for his prowess with the broadsword and shield as well as his ability to make use of litanies on the field. More unusual, though, is that he tends to be followed in more than a few affairs by a secretive young woman named Vess, who seems to be under his personal protection.


Powers and Abilities

Logs and Cutscenes

Chapter 2, Act 1


Chapter 2, Act 2



Close Associates

  • Vess: "I wish I understood why she was so dedicated to thinking of me as her protector. And yet, she seems to have no one to go back to. The way she's ignored and treated like a hanger-on is sad. So long as she's going to follow me, I'm obligated to her, aren't I? And yet, I wish it were otherwise. I don't want her to live through this again."

Althena's Guard

  • White Knight Leo: "A man of honour and conviction, one I feel privileged to serve beneath. He's achieved a level of mastery of arms that I only wish I could achieve. The pride with which he carries himself... I wonder what it must be like to feel that? Did I ever feel that way, or is bitterness all I can feel anymore...?"
  • Hilde: "I understand why she did what she did. Our nations are enemies. Right now, though, we are servants of Althena, and Knight Hilde is my comrade in arms. I will fight alongside her so long as that's true. But that doesn't mean I can forgive her for what happened."
  • Naelle Sylkirk: "She seems very excitable, but also very dedicated to Althena, and to White Knight Leo. She's much more talkative than I am, but in a way, that's not bad. It means I don't have to fill as much space."
  • Skylr Paer: "I didn't get much of a chance to talk with her, but she seems very soft-spoken and kind."