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! style="text-align:left" | Age (Birthdate):
! style="text-align:left" | Age (Birthdate):
| 20 (February 27)
| 23 (February 27)
! style="text-align:left" | Hometown:
! style="text-align:left" | Hometown:
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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
[[File:Chibilan.png]] [[File:landoll.jpg]]
== Miscellany ==
== Miscellany ==

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Lan Lilac
IC Information
Full Name: Lan Lilac
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 23 (February 27)
Hometown: Little Firelight
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Helpful Nomad
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0
OOC Information
Theme: Wild Arms (OC)
Groups: None
Player: Rancakes

A cheerful Baskar maiden, Lan wants more than anything to be of assistance to the people around her. She believes that even mountains may be moved with sincerity and the application of a kind word. Though she seems naive and somewhat flighty, Lan is more than willing to back up her noble sentiments with action - as a shaman, or just as a person. She's awfully confident for someone that doesn't carry a single weapon!


Raised as a daughter of a small Baskar tribe, Lan grew up surrounded by aunts and uncles and cousins, some of whom were actually related to her by blood, most of whom were not. It's considered an important custom in her particular village to go out on a journey when one comes of age, traveling among the people of Filgaia in order to learn and bring back a new skill or discipline to benefit the tribe. Lan certainly left on her pilgrimage at the right time (the night of her seventeenth birthday) but she certainly got something kinda backwards... she took her village's enshrined medium, and went out to benefit the rest of Filgaia.

Hang on, let's back up a little.

Having grown up among tales of the world outside of Little Firelight, stories of the hardships endured by outsiders stirred her sympathy and pity for the poor people who had to live in war zones, in the Badlands, people who starved because their lands grew barren over the years as Filgaia continued to die. There's just too much much suffering out there to do anything about it, her elders said. All you can do is try to alleviate pain when you find it, and to heal those who come to you, but above all you need a strong home and family to support you, for without a place to return to you have nothing.

Little Firelight had a single medium enshrined from the days before her oldest grandmother was a child, a plate that belonged to a Guardian that even the village's shamans knew little about. It was called Rigdobrite, the Star Guardian.

On the night before she was to leave her village, Lan retired from her farewell party to rest up, and for the first time in her life she had a dream that felt important. An enormous glittering star fell from the sky, disappearing over the horizon and calling out for her to follow it. When she woke up in the early pre-dawn, she knew what she had to do. It was a single desire, a clear answer to her problems with the village's gentle 'us first, them second' policy.

So she stole the village's single medium and ran away. She had to, right?? It was a sign from the Guardians! And she was pretty sure the elders wouldn't agree, so it was just easier to take it and go. They probably didn't even notice it was gone for a whole week!!

...She's probably in biiiiiig trouble if she ever goes home again.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand - Lan specializes in unarmed combat, using her natural agility to move around the battlefield and avoid incoming attacks. In a real fight her priority is to strike hard and end things quickly.
  • Guardian Magic - Her patron is Rigobrite, the Star Guardian. Accordingly, Lan can summon his power (and to some extent that of the ambient spiritual energy around her) in battle.
  • Spiritual Attunement - As a shaman, Lan's job is to communicate with spirits and help out during spiritual crises. She has a natural affinity with wind spirits and can sometimes ask the friendlier ones simple questions. Example: 'Is there water nearby?'


Image Name Unsolicited Opinions
Citan.jpg Citan Uzuki A simple country doctor! It was really lucky for Lan to accidentally bump into him after injuring herself (it seems that giant desert beetle shells are tougher than elbows, oooooops). Though he seems a little quiet and reserved, Doctor Uzuki's skill shone through when he fixed her up and sent her on her way.
Gwenface.jpeg Gwen Whitlock Easygoing, extremely competent, and an absolute sweetheart!
Leah Sadalbari Loren's commander? But also kind of his big sister? Lan isn't sure what she did to make the older woman seem fond of her, though she does like Leah quite well anyway. She's kind but firm to Loren, and Lan thinks that's good for him.
Lorenportrait.png Loren Voss Loren's really prickly, but occasionally he does something surprisingly kind. He strikes Lan as the kind of person who has hidden depths, mostly because he won't talk about himself. That's still not going to stop her from gently busting his chops now and then, despite the fact that he outranks her. Why does he sometimes look at her like he feels guilty?
Sephy.jpg Sephilia Lampbright A sweet young explorer who is accompanied by her companion, Lord Chauncey of Foxington. She's very kind! Lan hopes to run into her again soon.
Chauncey.jpg Lord Chauncey of Foxington CHAUNCEY IS ADORABLE
This does not mean that Lan isn't going to treat him with respect; shaman or not, she knows a spirit fetish when she sees one!!!
Isiris.png The Stranger n o


This section is always under construction.

  • Castle In The Mist -- ICO OST
  • House On The Moon -- Akino Arai
  • Kiss Twice -- Koudelka OST
  • Ouroboros Festival -- Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns OST
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Metamorphosis Pomegranate
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