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"The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules."

-- Gary Gygax

1. Please tell us who you are on the MUSH! We need to know this in case we need to get in contact with you about your submission. If you don't currently play on Dream Chasers, we won't accept a Digger application.

2. Please describe the Digger deck that you are submitting. Is it intended for a specific plot? Is it tied to a specific character or group? Is it intended for repeated use, or is it a one-shot? Does the deck describe a specific physical location, such as a dungeon or other ruin, or is it a broader type of situation? Where does it fit into the MUSH’s setting? This will help us get a better feel for your submission.

3.Give us some basic information about the deck you’re submitting. This describes the deck to players who are interested, and is visible in +dungeon/info.

  • Name: What is the deck’s name?
  • Type: Is the deck for a Ruin, a Labyrinth, or an Abyss? The average Difficulty for a Ruin should be between 1 and 2, the average Difficulty for a Labyrinth should be between 2 and 3, and the average Difficulty for an Abyss should exceed 3.
  • Description: A brief description of the deck for people who want to run it. Where is it located? What is the atmosphere like? Is there anything special about it that people should keep in mind?

4. Give us the text of each card in the deck you’re submitting. You may want to refer to the Digger Template and Assistant, found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lDNXZ2u1rGPosOoa3WQkdO8qu_ztA9L_Pk3oeF0wEsg/edit

Please paste the Digger Difficulty Matrix into the email and then use the following format for cards:

Challenge Name - Card Type - Challenge Difficulty - Dungeon Attribute - Conditions

Card Text

Keep in mind that a deck must have at least one Entry card, one Final card, one Escape card, one Landmark card, and four Discovery cards. Unless specifically-tailored to one Attribute--or it is a one-use Digger tailor made for one party to run--the deck should have the same number of Challenges for each Dungeon Ability, and equal Difficulty across all four Dungeon Abilities. If intended for repeated use, a deck should have 12-20 Entry, Exploration, Climax, and Final cards. Escape, Landmark, and Discovery cards use the Dungeon Attribute "Conclusion".

Required Checklist

  • Are there an equal number of challenges (including Entry, Climax, and Final) for each Dungeon Ability?
  • Do the Entry, Final, and Climax (if present) each test a different Dungeon Ability?
  • Is the total Challenge Difficulty equal across all four Dungeon Abilities?
  • Do you have at least one of the following: Entry, Final, Escape, Landmark?
  • If you are using a Climax card, is there only one Climax card? (You can't have more than one, it explodes the code)
  • Do you have four Discovery cards?

If the answer to these four questions is yes, please send your application to dreamchasersmush@gmail.com. It should have the following subject line: "Digger - Deck Name." We will process Diggers within three weeks of receiving them; they will go out on the Tuesday following three weeks after they are received.

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