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19 May 2024

N    05:40  2024-05-18: Without Hesitation diffhist +108,034 Bel talk contribs (Created page with "*'''Log: Without Hesitation''' *'''Cast:''' Character :: Sable Aomori, Character :: Timu Guado, Character :: Vivace Mori, Character :: Dirk Swordsman, Character :: Chartreuse Spinosa *'''Where:''' Field of Courage, Energy Nede *'''Date:''' May 18, 2024 (506 PC Filgaian) *'''Summary''': ''One team of challengers approaches the Field of Courage. They endeavor to press forward, no matter what the Trial throws at them. But the things they see within wil...")
 m   02:16  Gunslinger diffhist +1 Strangeshrimp talk contribs (→‎Multiple Attack Flags)

17 May 2024

 m   03:26  Sable Aomori diffhist 0 Bel talk contribs
N    02:38  2024-05-16: Happy Birthday Zubat diffhist +19,483 Bel talk contribs (Created page with "*'''Log: Happy Birthday Zubat''' *'''Cast:''' Character :: Jessie and James, Character :: Sable Aomori *'''Where:''' Vermillion City, Energy Nede *'''Date:''' May 16, 2024 (506 PC Filgaian) *'''Summary''': ''Fresh from Armlock City on a ship, Sable Aomori thwarts a terrible trap of Team Rocket's! ...Then, she hunts out the perpetrators, because she has questions. Mysteriously, Jessie doesn't seem happy to see Sable.'' ---- <Pose Tracker> Jessie and James ha...")
N    00:06  2024-02-26: The Sun Burns Everything in Time‎‎ 3 changes history +27,670 [Tanyuu‎ (3×)]
00:06 (cur | prev) −5 Tanyuu talk contribs
00:05 (cur | prev) +8 Tanyuu talk contribs
00:04 (cur | prev) +27,667 Tanyuu talk contribs (Created page with "*'''Log: The Sun Burns Everyone in Time''' *'''Cast:''' Character :: Gwen Whitlock, Character :: Isiris Shango'Ra *'''Where:''' Ruid *'''Date:''' February 26th, 2024 *'''Summary''': Despite Ruid's distance from everything, it was still attacked by Althena's Guard. Now, while Gwen tries to recover, Isiris visits her in her dreams, letting her know that his work is not yet done.'' ---- <Pose Tracker> Gwen Whitlock has posed. <poem> While its walls of reinforc...")

16 May 2024

N    23:22  2024-04-24: Flee From What You Do Not See‎‎ 2 changes history +33,821 [Strangeshrimp‎ (2×)]
23:22 (cur | prev) +1 Strangeshrimp talk contribs
23:22 (cur | prev) +33,820 Strangeshrimp talk contribs (Created page with "*'''Log: Flee From What You Do Not See'' *'''Cast:''' Character :: Loren Voss, Character :: Isiris Shango'Ra *'''Where:''' Bledavik - Noble Quarter *'''Date:''' April 24, 2024 *'''Summary''': ''After the events in Energy Nede, Loren has an unexpected visitor. Things quickly take a turn from there.'' ---- <Pose Tracker> Loren Voss has posed. <poem> In the end, it's a surprise they didn't hold him longer. Or at least, that's the way Loren feels about it, fla...")

15 May 2024

N    01:06  2024-05-14: Outside The Law diffhist +19,630 Bel talk contribs (Created page with "*'''Log: Outside The Law''' *'''Cast:''' Character :: Nina Chiyome, Character :: Sable Aomori *'''Where:''' Armlock City, Energy Nede *'''Date:''' May 14, 2024 (506 PC Filgaian) *'''Summary''': ''Sable and Nina meet up in Armlock to talk about some troubling developments.'' ---- <Pose Tracker> Nina Chiyome has posed. <poem>Nina's still in armlock. She's currently playing with a Tinkatink who has a length of chain and a weight at the end. Nina may or may not h...")
     00:49  Gunslinger diffhist +84 Bel talk contribs (→‎Status Effect Flags)

14 May 2024

N    23:42  2024-05-14: A World in a Bottle diffhist +15,893 Ettlesby talk contribs (Created page with "*'''Cutscene: A World in a Bottle''' *'''Cast:''' Character :: Ambrosius *'''Where:''' Laila Belle, Energy Nede *'''Date:''' 2024-05-14 *'''Summary''': ''Noticing Ambrosius's melancholy, Minerva suggests a visit to Energy Nede, a place he has not yet been. The two take their time to explore, but encounter a surprise as they prepare to return home.'' ----  Things have been... busy. Threads that need to be pulled, investigations to carry out... The Veruni are ev...")
N    03:11  2024-05-13: Researcher At Heart diffhist +12,375 Bel talk contribs (Created page with "*'''Log: Researcher At Heart''' *'''Cast:''' Character :: Chartreuse Spinosa, Character :: Sable Aomori *'''Where:''' Centropolis Plaza, Celadon City, Energy Nede *'''Date:''' May 13, 2024 (506 PC Filgaian) *'''Summary''': ''A chance meeting in Celadon sees Sable and Chartreuse meet new (and newly-evolved) Pokemon, talk, and make a decision.'' ---- <Pose Tracker> Chartreuse Spinosa has posed. <poem>Celadon City is Energy Nede's center of commerce. Whether you...")

13 May 2024

N    22:29  2024-05-12: Stealing Is Fun diffhist +37,768 Bel talk contribs (Created page with "*'''Log: Stealing Is Fun''' *'''Cast:''' Character :: Anne Aomori, Character :: Seraph Ragnell, Character :: Mia Tamaoka *'''Where:''' Aomori Pokemon Lab, Viridian City, Energy Nede *'''Date:''' May 12, 2024 (506 PC Filgaian) *'''Summary''': ''Ragnell does some snooping at the Aomori Pokemon Lab, and Mia comes across her. When Anne comes over next, they discuss crime, give and take bribes, and instill in Mia a desire to train.'' ---- <Pose Tracker> Anne...")
N    22:28  2024-05-10: Ghosts In The Depths diffhist +73,627 Bel talk contribs (Created page with "*'''Log: Ghosts In The Depths''' *'''Cast:''' Character :: Anne Aomori, Character :: Shige Kiwako, Character :: Kanon, Character :: Mia Tamaoka *'''Where:''' Underneath Mirapulse, Ignas, Filgaia *'''Date:''' May 10, 2024 (506 PC Filgaian) *'''Summary''': ''Anne and Mia go to explore a ruin in Filgaia, joined by the demon hunter Kanon and the ghostly warden Shige. Moods come and go, but memories last.'' ---- <Pose Tracker> Anne Aomori has posed. <poe...")