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"To ring in this new era, brutal judgment must be passed on a system that perpetuates the old era."

--Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus

Odessa is the private army of Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus, a visionary leader with a dream to unite the whole of Filgaia under his leadership. It was born of wars in Aquvy, which were shorter but far more destructive than the Great War between Aveh and Kislev. Odessa believes that the ones who fight to protect others are the ones who should rule, rather than the weak-willed souls who would hide behind warriors.


Odessa does not publicly declare its existence until 501 PC. Its origins, however, are rooted in the Slayheim Civil War. The devastation of Slayheim in 494 PC led to the death and disillusionment of many soldiers, including the leader of the rebel Slayheim Liberation Army, Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus.

Vinsfeld, in the wake of this war, began to organize and build his own private army, with the backing of mysterious financiers. His goal was to prevent a tragedy like Slayheim from ever occurring again: to deny the right of those who would use the blood of soldiers, warriors, and heroes as a cheap currency for their own gains. In the future, Vinsfeld vowed to his men, they alone would enjoy power over the world.

During the next seven years, Odessa began to construct a powerful network of lieutenants and allies. These include the Clawed Man and his henchmen, the former Congressional Knights elite unit known as Brionac, and the mysterious robed scientists known only as the Prophets. Additionally, a very tentative alliance has been struck with the mysterious figure known as Ganondorf Dragmire.

Factions within Odessa

Odessa itself consists of multiple, interrelated organizations. For the purposes of structuring the group on the MUSH, individuals affiliated with these groups are considered to be part of the Odessa major group. In some cases, dependent upon the desires of players in those groups, minor groups may exist or be applied for.

  • Cocytus: Cocytus is an elite squad of commanders, assassins, and fighters that answers directly to Vinsfeld. They serve both as field commanders for Odessa regulars, as well as a strike team that acts as needed at his behest.
  • Prophets: The Prophets are a trio of strange, white-robed scientists and sorcerers. Their base of operations is largely unknown and not shared, but they were invited to work with Odessa by Vinsfeld sometime after the Metal Demons' attack on Adlehyde. They are said to be the foremost experts on strange technologies, Metal Demon physiology, and Symbology.
  • Brionac: Brionac is an elite Special Forces unit formed of members with strange, nigh-inexplicable powers, who once served under the Congressional Knights in Aquvy. While Brionac has its own organization and goals, Brionac's commander, Lambda Zellweger, is one of Vinsfeld's lieutenants and field commanders.
  • The Clawed Man: The Clawed Man is a mysterious, kindly old man with a brutal past. He joined Odessa early on, and serves as another commander, along with disciples who follow him directly.
  • Ganondorf Dragmire: Vinsfeld has the sort of hubris to believe that he commands the loyalty of Ganondorf, the legendary King of Evil of the Elw. Ganondorf thinks this is really, really funny.

Culture and Outlook

Odessa has fewer soldiers than Gebler or the Veruni, but those soldiers are seasoned across multiple wars and have spent the last seven years systematically unearthing, restoring, and preparing powerful ARMs. Soldiers in Odessa live a militaristic lifestyle, but they do so in well-supplied bunkers, with ample equipment and entertainments. Vinsfeld takes his promise to put those who fight in power seriously.

As a result, the vast majority of Odessa is fanatical, devoted, and authoritarian. Most Odessa soldiers see the highly charismatic Vinsfeld as something better than a god: because Vinsfeld is quite real and right there. Following the will of Vinsfeld is done without question, and is an expectation.

This extends to Brionac and the Clawed Man's organization, where many of the soldiers there respect Vinsfeld... though their first loyalty may be to their more immediate commanders.

However, nearly everyone in Odessa is firmly convinced of the justice of Vinsfeld's cause. That Vinsfeld has made alliances with questionable individuals like the Prophets and Ganondorf (and to say nothing of the organization's finances, leaving it beholden to mysterious backers and criminal elements) is considered a sign of his necessary wisdom by most soldiers. This is an organization that does not tolerate questions of Vinsfeld, even when it seems he may care more for power than justice. They would answer with one of Vinsfeld's core teachings: that power is justice.

Some groups in Odessa's grand alliance stay away from the rank and file, such as Ganondorf's minions and the mysterious Prophets. These are sometimes viewed with suspicion, and they are known to -- and, in fact, hold -- less regard for Odessa's mission to turn rulership of the world over to those who would protect it.

Notes for OCs

  • Odessa OCs are well-equipped. Odessa has a fearsome stockpile of ARMs, and equips its soldiers well. Its ARMs are comparable to Solaris and the Veruni. The fact Odessa escaped their notice is deeply concerning to these powers.
  • Most Odessa OCs should be working for Odessa's rank-and-file, Brionac, or Ganondorf's armies. Odessa's rank-and-file and Ganondorf's armies compose the vast majority of Odessa's elite forces, and while Brionac has relatively few soldiers, it keeps a small force on hand to act in support of its core members (this can include OCs). Cocytus and the Prophets are by invitation only.
  • Odessa OCs are often people who had things go wrong. The tragedies that grip life in Filgaia, shattering lives and showing that the powerful are unrestrained in their hatreds, breed the sort of people who think that might must make right. Odessa characters are human (or elf, beastman, Moblin, or otherwise)... and have human failures.

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