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"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by."

--Douglas Adams

The request system is used to submit formal requests for clarification or assistance from the admin. To do this, use the email box for staff at The purpose of this file is to explain when you should submit requests (and, equally importantly, when not to).

All requests will be handled no later than 7 days after they are submitted; if a particularly complicated or difficult request requires us to take longer than that, we will inform you of the delay and the reason why.

Requests on Dream Chasers fall into the following categories: PCs, Plot, Code, Behavior, Misc(ellaneous).

When emailing for a request, put the header as Request - Category where the category is instead one of the above (PCs, Plot, Code, Behavior, Misc). This allows us to sort and handle your request appropriately.


This category is used for requests related to your character; this includes requests for stat or ability adjustments, group changes, +finger changes, or anything else related to the physical bit you play on the MUSH.

Please indicate which character(s) you play and which character(s) the change(s) are for clearly -- things get confusing otherwise. This helps us track what's being done and ensure everything is handled.

This does not include applications for a new character; for spending more CP, SP, or AP; or for making a new group. Those need to be sent as a separate email using the appropriate application.


This category is for requests that are plot-related -- this includes everything from your character pursuing leads or investigations, starting rumours, looking for resources (like buying a new horse or special gunsmoke ARM), or requesting the translation of an ancient tablet.

This request also handles TP (Tiny Plot) proposals. A Tiny Plot is MUSHing parlance for a story arc (often but not always focused on your character) that you would like to coordinate and run yourself that may need support from staff. This support may entail boss modes, NPC support (within reason), coordination with game theme, or other questions you need answers for in order to run your plot.

We expect and encourage players to use plot requests to advance your characters' agendas. Most requests for information or basic resources will be granted as a matter of course.

But requests are meant to enhance roleplay, not replace it -- admin reserve the right to request additional scenes, or scene logs, to justify particularly challenging requests. Others, like requests to buy excavated ARMs, will be rejected outright.

We will also severely limit, if not outright ban, requests that do not fit with the tone of the game. Exploration is the name of the game; scientific research, financial empire building, and political machinations aren't what characters should pursue exclusively.


If you see a code bug, use a request to report it. Please include the exact command that generated the bug and copy/paste the text that appeared on your screen. More information is better. Screenshots or logs that feature the bug are appreciated!

If you have an idea for a code feature, use a request to ask for it. (Requests that cause our coder's eyes to spit blood will be denied.)


This category is used to request admin look into behavior or conduct issues by other players. To be absolutely clear -- this is not a +gripe system. If you don't like a particular player or don't have fun playing with that player, then don't play with that player.

However, if a player's OOC conduct is violating one or more rules, and if that conduct is repeated, then you can submit a request to notify admin about it. Behavior requests must be accompanied with unedited logs showing the conduct in question.

Once a request is received, admin will look into it immediately. More information on how that process works can be found in our discipline file.


This is the catch-all for requests that don't fit into any of the above categories.

General Rules for Requests

  • Requests should only be made if there is something that needs to be done. If you aren't sure about something, or have a comment, page an on-duty staffer instead.
  • All requests must begin with a BLUF (bottom line up front) statement -- a single sentence that explains what you are asking for. Additional context can follow afterward.
  • Requests should be written as clearly and concisely as possible.
  • As requests can only be submitted from a character bit, they cannot be submitted anonymously or "on behalf of" another player. In the event of a complaint about a player -- or even a staffer -- we need to know who is making the complaint so we can follow up with questions and other actions.

Sample Request

Character: Drifter Dave
Category: Plot

BLUF: Dave's ARM is behaving strangely, so he needs to track down a reliable ARMs Meister to look at it.

Hey -- Dave's player here.

As you'll remember from my application, Dave uses a revolver that was passed down from his father. He thinks it is just a well-made revolver, but as you'll recall, it is actually from the Metal Demon Wars and is slowly synchronizing with him. I've reflected this in the past couple of combat scenes with weird things happening -- it's emitting much louder noises when Dave fires it, and feels warm to the touch.

At last night's social it starting talking in a weird language, so it's impossible for him to ignore, and I'd like to move on to the next part of this arc now.

In short, Dave and his friend Drifter Dana would like to track down a reliable ARMs Meister, or some other researcher with a background in weird weapons, who can have a look at the revolver and figure out what's going on with it. Dave plans to ask around at the Adventurer's Guild, and the saloon in Adlehyde, and Citan's player made some cryptic comments about seeing something like it in medical school, so he might be helpful too.

I'm open to anything -- let me know what turns up.

Sample Response

The Adventurer's Guild is a waste of time -- everyone there tends to direct Dave to the closest ARMs Meister, who is good with gunsmoke weapons but nothing else. People who admit to knowing where you can get excavated ARMs looked at would basically be admitting they have excavated ARMs -- that's not information most people will admit to a stranger.

After spending a few hours in the saloon buying drinks for people, though, a gap-toothed old geezer named Johnny Up-and-Down (he's got a peg leg, so he bobs when he walks) offers Dave the following.

"Oh-ho, got a gun with the ol' gun-pox, eh? Arr, that happened to a friend of mine, back when I was a Drifter like you...before I took a bullet to the knee..."

"Another round? Ah, sure, laddie, you're a treat. Anyway, ol' Freddy Forgot had a gun what got the gun-pox. Picked it up off a guy what tried to jump us in the Krosse Cave, neat little thing, but after he emptied the chambers the ol' beastie wouldn't open to reload! Just kep' saying AXES DENIAL or summat'. Which is weird, there weren't an axe anywheres I could see."

"Where was I? Oh, right, right. Yeah, it was the gun-pox for sures. So ol' Freddy Forgot -- we called 'im that 'cause he remembered everything, see? Had a real head for faces, Freddy did -- jus' nodded an' stumped off for Linga, where there was some young whippersnapper gun-doc, he whipped somethin' up an' the ol' thing was good as new."

"Huh? Name? No, I don't remember 'is name, who you think I am, Freddy Forgot? But the gun doc was no more'n twenty, so he's probly still 'round. Got a place in Linga, right cross the street from an ol' bakery, does these little buns what looks like a dog's doings but tastes like cinnamon an' honey. All curly an' what-for. If your gun's got the gun-pox, you should go see 'im. The gun guy, not the bun guy."

If you and Dana decide to follow up, let me know -- we'll arrange timing for a scene.

-Ad Min

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