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"The choices we make in life have unlimited possibilities. All I can do is think about them."


The following file contains a brief explanation of the major changes that have been made to themes as they were integrated into the world of Dream Chasers. In conjunction with our primer, it provides a good understanding of the universe in which you will be playing.

Changes to canon are inevitable in a multitheme game. As soon as you try to stitch together several different stories into a coherent narrative, you will have to make adjustments. Some of them (like the world map) will be obvious. Others (like the backstory) you will have to discover over time. And a few of them are carefully planned surprises, which we're saving for the right moment.

Our philosophy when making changes to original canon has been to ask the following questions:

  • Is the change necessary to prevent a major contradiction with other themes?
  • Does the change help create a better, more smoothly told story?
  • Can we make the change while preserving what makes the original theme fun?
  • Is the change as minor as we can make it and still achieve our desired effect?

If the answer to these questions is "yes," we make the change. Some of these decisions will be controversial. If they prevent you from playing here, we're sorry you won't be joining us. But we hope the majority of you will be willing to try us out, and experience the world we've built for you to enjoy.

Finally, we are detailing the starting point for each theme. This covers what has happened so far, in a way that is (unless otherwise noted) like the canon events. Typically, this will be arranged to meet two criteria. First, we will start most themes early in their stories. Second, we will usually want the main party members to know each other and be together. Some characters who join later will be exceptions.

Final Fantasy X + Final Fantasy X-2

  • Final Fantasy X occurs on Lunar, set beyond Althena's Boundary. It is not available at the start of the MUSH. The precise details will be provided when we reach that point.
  • The origins of Bevelle and Zanarkand will be different.
  • The origins of the Al Bhed will be very different.
  • The Farplane is not the afterlife for the entire game.
  • The supplementary material published in Japan, set after FFX and FFX-2, is not canon and unlikely to be represented. You can use it to fill in blanks, but staff may (unknowingly) contradict it.
  • Starting Point: The staff will determine FFX's beginning point precisely when we get closer to its presence on the game. You can expect it to be near the beginning, after Yuna has assembled most (if not all) of her guardians.


  • Grandia's characters are extremely fun and interesting, and it was judged they could be moved into a similar setting (i.e. this one) with little distortion of their arc. The reverse was not true. As a result, the Grandia cast is essentially transplanted into Filgaia.
  • The role of the Spirits has been replaced by the Guardians.
  • The Angelou/Icarian civilization did not exist; its role has essentially been replaced by the Zeboim. Because the Icarians did not exist, Feena and Leen are not descendants of their race. They have something else going on instead.
  • The city of Parm is Guild Galad's main port.
  • Gaia's origins and nature have been changed significantly. What is Gaia? Probably nothing to worry about.
  • Garlyle is an elite military force of Aveh, instead of an independent nation following a major disaster in Garlyle several years ago that destroyed much of the nation.
  • Starting Point: Justin has just prepared to set out on his journey. It is, broadly speaking, at the beginning of the game.
  • Effective January 28, 2021, this theme is retired; contact staff if you wish to apply from it.

Grandia II

  • The majority of the kingdoms in Grandia II have been merged into Filgaia. Cyrum is a part of the Elru continent and has been heavily damaged by recent events there, with its people and royal family driven into exile in Adlehyde. Grail Mountain and Garlan Village are in the rural provinces of Adelhyde.
  • The Church of Granas formed five hundred years ago, shortly after the day of Collapse. It is related to the Ethos, is a monastic order within the Granas Church. The Granas faith is ruled by its Pope, who may also be the head of the Ethos depending on current church politics.
  • Geohounds are a class of mercenary drifters and adventurers who tend to be seen as rougher and less dependable than those sanctioned by the Adventurer's Guild and Ethos. Generally Geohounds are seen as willing to do anything for money, from bodyguard work to authorized banditry.
  • Starting Point: Just prior to Elena's ceremony to defeat the Wings of Valmar.

Gun x Sword

  • Much like Grandia, Gun x Sword's characters have been transported to Filgaia wholesale. Many details of the world have been changed as needed to play those characters here.
  • The Claw Man operates out of Aquvy. His organization will be different (and likely folded into another group). Like other themes based in Aquvy, it will be open in Chapter 2.
  • Effective January 28, 2021, this theme is retired; contact staff if you wish to apply from it.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

  • The origins of life on Lunar have been changed slightly.
  • Filgaia is the Blue Star; it is not (yet) a desolate wasteland without life.
  • Elves on both Filgaia and Lunar descend from common ancestry.
  • The identity of the Magic Emperor is not known.
  • The events of Lunar: Silver Star occurred in the past, but certain elements may be different.
  • Starting Point: The characters just met Lemina Ausa, who offered them a magic carpet ride. Unfortunately, her discount flying carpet failed just as unfortunate souls from Lunar were beamed down to Filgaia.

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

  • Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker will open for applications in Chapter 2; like other themes that appear then, details could change considerably.
  • The Great Sea is one region of Filgaia, rather than the entirety. It is located in Aquvy.
  • The Hylians are Elves.
  • The ancient history of the region, including the events in Ocarina of Time, have major differences. Various official Zelda timelines and publications will often be wrong.
  • Starting Point: To be determined in Chapter 2.

Megaman Legends

  • Nino Island, Ryship Island, and Kattelox Island are all situated in the Great Sea Region near Aquvy. Like other material set on Aquvy, it will not be available for application during the first chapter of the game.
  • Megaman Legends' technology level has been slightly adjusted to better suit the tone of the game. The modern-looking cities should be assumed to be somewhat more early-1900s in appearance than their canonical mid-1980s. Motor vehicles powered by refractors are common enough to own but are mostly a tool for Diggers and others who may have to carry large amounts at once; they are poor for traveling long distances. Similarly, although airships are more common than on Ignas, they are still typically only owned by the very wealthy or well-connected. Civilian-use televisions do not exist.
  • Starting Point: This will be determined prior to Chapter 2, when it opens for applications.

Star Ocean

  • The Pangalactic Federation has been around much, much longer than in the source material (about 10,000 years as opposed to a few hundred).
  • Details on human interactions with alien races have been added or expanded for flavour.
  • The universe is not actually a gigantic MMO created by the laziest civilization in history.
  • Symbology is the "universal sorcery" -- characters from any origin may practice it.
  • Starting Point: Claude and Rena's group have begun their investigation of the Sorcery Globe, and most of the events leading up to the Lacour Tournament of Arms have already taken place.

Tales of Zestiria

  • Seraphim have an origin similar to the Four Dragons of Lunar -- they are simultaneously powered by, and manifestations of, the Blessing of Althena.
  • The Church in Rolance and Hyland is part of the Church of Althena.
  • Humans in Tales of Zestiria can use Lunar's magic system. The administration will let the first players of Rose, Alisha, and other human characters choose their element.
  • Hellions work differently. Regular humans and Seraphim can kill Hellions, and Hellions can appear monstrous to regular humans and Seraphim at their leisure (but intelligent ones can hide their nature).
  • Additionally, achieving the resonance to see Seraphim is easy for player characters. You can assume most played characters -- if they can't from the beginning -- can see a Seraphim reasonably quickly.
  • Tales of Berseria will be integrated in the MUSH's history after it has come out. Like Lunar: Silver Star Story, details may change.
  • Starting Point: Shepherd Sorey, Alisha Diphda, and their entourage have just set out for Marlind. They are pulled down to Filgaia prior to their arrival. Rose and the Scattered Bones are pulled down separately.


  • The exact origins of Vash and Knives are per the manga, with adaptations necessary to make them fit the MUSH's theme.
  • A single character design has been chosen for each of the Gung-Ho Guns. Refer to individual +fingers for details.
  • The Seed cities all exist in the Badland region in the west of Ignas.
  • Characters who live in the Seed cities practice Symbology and other forms of sorcery; these practices are not unknown to them.
  • Thanks to the Law of Conservation of Cowboy Priests, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Livio the Double Fang and Chapel the Evergreen are all members of the Ethos.
  • Starting Point: Trigun begins at, roughly, the start of the manga and anime.


  • Many of the details involving the origins of life on Filgaia have been changed.
  • Miang Hawwa's background has also been changed, but she remains as much of a completely ordinary and loyal human as she was in canon.
  • Animus is not a concept in the Dream Chasers universe -- Anima Relics are still important, but for another reason.
  • Anyone originating from Filgaia who was not born in Shevat, or a first-class Solarian citizen has a Limiter. There are only a few exceptions, generally restricted to people who arrived from off-planet (like Vash or Knives).
  • Xenogears Perfect Works is a wonderful resource, but its details should not be taken as gospel. Intending to use minute details from Perfect Works is a recipe for confusion.
  • Starting Point: Lahan Village was destroyed two weeks ago. Fei and Citan made their way towards Adlehyde, instead of out into the forest. Whether Fei and Elly have had that fateful first meeting is at the discretion of their players. The other characters are at their respective starting points.

Wild ARMs 1/Wild ARMs: Alter Code F

  • It's Holmcross, not Homunculus. Those are something else.
  • Some character names have been changed because the translation was, frankly, bad. Others were not, because they were felt to be iconic. This occurred at the whim of the administration!
  • The exact details of the Metal Demon War and their involvement in Filgaia's history is different (and expanded) from the game.
  • Starting Point: The very beginning of the game. The characters are initially separated, but like many other adventurers, come to Adlehyde ahead of the Ancient Culture Exhibition.

Wild ARMs 2

  • The nations of Meria Boule, Sylvaland, and Guild Galad are on the Aquvy Continent. Like other material set on Aquvy, it will not be available for application during the first chapter of the game.
  • The ruins of Slayheim are situated on the Elru continent.
  • Starting Point: This will be determined in Chapter 2.

Wild ARMs 3

  • The towns and locations in WA3 are mostly set in the badlands on Ignas. However, this isn't necessarily exclusive.
  • The origins of the Metal Demons matches that of Wild ARMs 1/Alter Code: F. They aren't from a digital world. However, elements of that integration will be incorporated.
  • Beatrice's origin and nature is considerably different.
  • Starting Point: Because elements of Wild ARMs 3 work best after some parts of Wild ARMs 1 have been run, we are letting its characters start at their respective beginnings. Chapter 1 of Wild ARMs 3 can be expected to take a while, because Siegfried is quite alive and there aren't pieces of the Dark Spear to chase down yet. These details may be renegotiated with a Wild ARMs 3 cast.

Wild ARMs 4

  • The locations featured in the game are located on the continent of Aquvy. Characters from Wild ARMs 4 will open for application when it becomes accessible in Chapter 2.
  • The Global Union was renamed to the Aquvy Union.
  • The Congressional Knights and Aquvy Union were both factions of the kingdom of Celesti, which split apart in a civil war several decades ago. Both of them had significant interaction with other nations in Aquvy and Elru.
  • The ARMs shown in the game weren't created during the war, but were instead unearthed from the sunken ruins of Zeboim.
  • Though Aquvy's ecosystem contains nanites of uncertain origin, they can't form Guardian Programs. Instead, Yulie has a rapport with the Guardians in addition to being an artificial Gene Driver.
  • Starting Point: This will be determined in Chapter 2.

Wild ARMs 5

  • Ancestral Veruni: The nature of the moderate/radical division and resultant war has been changed to better integrate it with ancient civilizations of other themes.
  • The nature of the Hatred is considerably different from source material.
  • Veruni do not rule the entire world, but do control most of Elru and areas in both Ignas and Aquvy.
  • The nature of the ancient Veruni's fall is considerably different from source material.
  • Avril and the specifics of her time loop are vaguely different here than in-game. Applicants for Avril will receive information from staff as to her exact nature and details she would know as they become relevant.
  • As there are more Guardians in Dream Chasers than the six of Wild Arms 5, there are also more Original Mediums, one for each Guardian on the game; this is meant for interested OCs to find tie ins if they so desire. The original six (Sea, Sky, Sword, Moon, Mountain, Luck) still belong to the six main characters of the game.
  • Starting Point: Dean and Rebecca have left Capo Bronco with Avril Vent Fleur in tow; intent to find her lost memories and the origin behind the name "Johnny Appleseed," they head towards Adlehyde. Greg is still running around crushing Golems; Chuck is still running around chasing Greg; Carol is still being perpetually lost in dangerous ruins looking for the Professor.

Wild ARMs XF

  • The kingdom of Elesius is on the Elru continent. It interacted with many of the kingdoms from WA2 as a result.
  • Many details will change and be revealed when it opens for applications in Chapter 2.

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