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IC Information
Full Name: Thessaly
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 18 (???)
Hometown: Pendrago
Hair Colour: Black
Class: Dark Magic Parolee
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: Althena's Guard
Player: Kyootulu

Quiet, mysterious, obedient, Thessaly spends most of her every day life shrouded in mystery. Tethered to the Church of Althena politically and, as some rumors would suggest, metaphysically, she is rarely ever seen without the knight who acts as her keeper, meant to keep her in line or slay her at a moment's notice should she step out of it. While these measures seem harsh, treated little more than the way a servant generally is, the young woman has accepted them with the grace and dignity suggestive of an aristocratic background, and of a personality that recognizes the necessity of such severe methods. For all of her gentle and softspoken nature, there is undoubtedly something not right with her, with how she can make someone uneasy just by being in the same room as him or her, exacerbated by the fact that she always keeps her face hidden by veils and headscarves, unwilling to have the rest see what lurks underneath.


Perpetually veiled or donned in scarves to hide her face, she is an investigator for the Church, sent to Filgaia to assist Garan Dantear and the efforts of Althena's Guard there, considered an expert in all things magical and arcane despite her young age. Otherwise, not much is known about her save for several disturbing rumors.

Powers and Abilities

While the full breadth of Thessaly's abilities are unknown, she uses a few often enough that they have become a matter of public record. These are:

  • Dark Magic - Despite her gentle nature and softspokeness, she wields this forbidden art as naturally as breathing.
  • Resonance - Thessaly was born with very high resonance. She can see Seraphim and other entities that can't be glimpsed by ordinary mortals.
  • Divination - Once called the "Oracle of Tower Trevelyan," she can occasionally see the future, though this requires a considerable amount of effort and the use of her cards.
  • Healing - She can heal as capably as she can destroy.
  • Alchemy - Thessaly is a skilled alchemist and can brew a variety of potions and poultices, so long she has the necessary ingredients.
  • Naturalist - She has an enduring fascination with unusual flora and fauna and often tries to study them.
  • Artist - She is a capable artist, and in between investigations is often seen drawing plants and animals along with her notes as to what they are and her observations about them.
  • Academics - She is knowledgeable in literature, politics, economics and history, suggestive of a noble background.
  • Investigations - Thessaly is highly intelligent and an avid consumer of information. She often uses these qualities to assist Garan in his matters, filling in the gaps of his knowledge whenever some kind of magical undertaking is involved.
  • Domestic Arts - She can sew, cook, prepare meat and brew excellent tea of all kinds. Because of this, she also acts as Garan's personal chamberlain, though she is not allowed to touch his correspondences without his permission.


Portrait Name Relation Information
Garanicon.jpg Garan Dantear Warden Theirs is a complicated history. This Imperial Knight of Rolance was part of the joint Empire-Church operation that massacred her family, culminating in a siege in her father's duchy's lands; in that same event, he prevented her from suffering any additional humiliations, and put himself in political risk and the debt of an influential praetor in the Church of Althena in order to prevent her execution and win custody of her to ensure that she escapes any additional abuse. And then, he stripped her of her name and gave her a new one, while in possession of a magical killswitch that can neutralize her. Garan Dantear is both her savior and her jailor - she owes him a great deal and the kindness and consideration he has given her in the last two years have come a long way in enabling her to develop a close friendship and even affection towards him. But he also holds the keys to her freedom, and Thessaly constantly chafes under the yoke placed on her.
Kkicon.jpg K.K. ??? Theirs is a new connection, but one founded on a surprising degree of honesty and mutual respect. There is much that the Trial Knight knows and doesn't know about Tess, and in turn, she knows more about their motivations and what drives them than most others - though considering how long-lived the Trial Knight actually is, that isn't saying much. As a result, she knows of and refers to K.K. by another name entirely, though it is an address that she only uses within the privacy of their interactions, and her relationship with this mysterious figure remains one of the only secrets she keeps from Garan.
Gwenicon.jpg Gwen Whitlock IOU Quite easily one of the most decent people Thessaly knows, and one who has caught a horrifying glimpse of her dark secret.
Whiteknightleoicon.jpg White Knight Leo Commander The commander of Althena's Guard and embodies most of the organization's best traits. To Thessaly, he is a canny tactician and an overall honorable soul.
Corwynticon.jpg Corwynt Fellow Guardsman Thessaly considers him a formidable captain among Althena's Guard, and made even moreso by his religious fervor.

Character Soundtrack


Main Theme: The Sound of Silence - Noeula (originally by Simon & Garfunkel)

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence
In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
‘Neath the halo of a streetlamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence


Teach me how to fight
I'll show you how to win
You're my mortal flaw
And I'm your fatal sin
Let me feel the sting
The pain
The burn
Under my skin
Put me to the test
I'll prove that I'm strong
Won't let myself believe
That what we feel is wrong
I finally see what
You knew was inside me
All along

Echoes of the shots ring out
We may be the first to fall
Everything could stay the same
Or we could change it all
Meet me on the battlefield
We're standing face-to-face
With our own human race
We commit the sins again
And our sons and daughters pay
Our tainted history
Is playing on repeat
But we could change it
If we stand up strong and take the lead

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