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  • Log: Channelers of Light
  • Cast: Riesenlied, Seraph Clarine, Noeline
  • Where: Cardon Forest
  • Date: 27th January 2019
  • Summary: Riesenlied practices her channeling during a picnic with Noeline, which attracts nearby animals as well as another being of light...

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

Riesenlied made a commitment to try being a rookie Drifter again not too long ago, which is why she's come back to Kattelox for more than a brief cucco delivery spell. The plan, at least, was to try to get ready to try spelunking into the Ruins, but... well, one thing led to another, and now they're instead having a lovely picnic just outside the outskirts of the city in pleasant Cardon Forest.

It's kind of crazy. There's very few monsters to speak of here. Perhaps it speaks something to the nature of Kattelox Island's substructure that it seems to detract natural beasts...

But Riesenlied is getting some practice in nonetheless, and even from the distance, there is an outpouring of light along the rainbow spectrum as she focuses her channeling on the Dragon's Tear in her palms--

And a rotund assortment of woodland animals appear and skitter curiously towards their picnic mat and food basket. A number of them are, of course, Cuccos.

"Ehe... I did it...!" Riesenlied exclaims mid-channel.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

Today, Clarine had made a decision to explore somewhere she had never been before. While she had been to Kattelox Island and the city itself, most of her time had been spent in its ruins. That was interesting in and of itself, but there was doubtless plenty of interesting sights to take in outside of them, too.

And so it is that her travels she has found herself in Cardon Forest. It's a fairly cozy place, all things considered - there are no monsters here, and any woodland animals tend to be of the smaller, friendlier type. That makes her travels quiet, pleasant, and uneventful, which was to her preference.

...Or, at least, it /had/ been uneventful, until she noticed something something in the distance. An outpouring of light, visible through the trees and bushes... This would make anyone curious, but a Seraph of Light especially so.

And so, she drifts closer. She's close now, and so she peeks out behind the tree and spots a woman channeling light through a gem. She's someone she's never seen before... and yet, there's something vaguely familiar about that light.

Clarine peeks out from behind the tree, watching curiously and quietly... but, still visible to the observant. It seems woodland animals aren't the only things Riesenlied's channeling has attracted.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline isn't entirely sure how it happened either. For someone like her, someone attuned to urban life and someone who has spent the better part of a couple of centuries people-watching and enjoying every moment of it, Kattleox is a goldmine of interaction with something new and interesting around every corner. And yet here she is, laying on a blanket with her arms behind her head, watching peacefully as Riesenlied concentrates on the Dragon's Tear.

Still, she's at peace with it. She's learned to take it a little easier, and to enjoy moments like this. She doesn't have to be as frantic as she used to be, she knows that now - and besides, the Cardon Forest pretty much counts as something interesting in its own right, especially here on Filgaia. Spira may have nearly spoilt her for choice as far as forests are concerned, but it's still pleasant to see somewhere as lush and safe as this here on her home planet.

Her mind twigs as Riesenlied lets her light pour forth; she raises her head just in time to watch a songbird settle on her stomach, then get accidentally dislodged by her snort of laughter. The sight of a cucco bearing down upon her nearly makes her sit up and scramble for space, but she manages to quell the impulse, instead slowly moving her view until she can watch the poor picnic basket begin to get targeted.

"... you certainly did," she drawls, unable to stop the toothy grin. "I'm not sure what exactly you did, but you certainly did it. We're going to need more lunch at this rate." With a cucco nudging up against her solidly enough that it's beginning to roost, it's difficult for her to move sufficiently to spot the Seraph.

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

The light carries a lot of emotion inside of it -- perhaps in some ways that's the familiarity for Clarine? Whether it's the soft guiding light that she appears as to travelers, or the encouraging, invigorating light that bolsters allies in battle... this blonde-haired woman channels light passionately.

There's a laugh from Riesenlied, not having spotted Clarine at first, as a songbird then a cucco perches down on Noeline. "I just curiously pondered who was out here, and it sounds like there's many friends--"

A pause, as she spots the Seraph of Light. Her horns wiggle very softly as she waves quietly, bashfully. "Oh, hello. Sorry, was I distracting someone?"

She gestures warmly to the picnic mat, even as a squirrel and a little fox perch up by her lap. She scoots up to Noeline gently, stroking at her dark hair with a half-moon comb.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

Soft, guiding light, and encouraging, invigorating light... These are both things that Clarine embodies, as well.

She watches for a moment... and then, she's spotted. Clarine jumps a little.

"A-ah!" She gasps, then shakes her head. "No, I am sorry, you were not. I am the one who should apologize. I did not mean to spy..."

Clarine pauses.

"...A-ah, well, I suppose I.../did/ mean to, but I meant nothing...untoward." She explains, stepping out from behind the tree fully, her hands clasped in front of her. "I...ah, saw your light, and a felt a great well of emotion within it... I felt I had to see it for myself."

She looks between Riesenlied and Noeline, and bows her head slightly.

"I apologize for the intrusion..." She says.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Cucco in her lap or no cucco in her lap, Noeline is not about to pass up a chance to have Riesenlied fuss over her. "Hello there," she greets the round bird in her lap as she sits up enough to make space; it flaps indignantly in response, then resumes shifting back and forth in an attempt to get comfortable. Noeline gets to lower her head onto her partner's lap, then closes her eyes with a quiet hum at the first touch of the comb.

She's soon blissed out enough that her first assumption is that Riesenlied is just greeting one of the birds rather than someone passing by. It's only when Clarine speaks that her eyes jolt open. You can just see the way in which she struggles for a moment, trying to save face and respectability by sitting up - but it's too late. The cucco has nestled fully and firmly, and she breaks into a soft bemused laugh as she realizes she's trapped where she is.

So she settles back down, doing her best to take a glance at the Seraph. "That's alright," she chuckles after a moment, not sure if the spirit isn't effectively another woodland creature. "Riese tends to have that sort of effect on people, after all."

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

Riesenlied is colloquially (cuccoquially?) known as the Cucco Queen, and all cuccos adhere to her will when she scoothes just a little bit further so she can place Noeline's head and shoulders on her lap for a very warm and comfortable resting position.

coo coo

"No, that's all right. We were just having a nice time outside in the sun..." Riesenlied reassures, shifting a little where her metallic braces are still on her legs. There's also a wheelchair propped up beside the mat, just in case she needs it.

"I was practicing my channeling, but I did not think it might be distracting," she admits. "My name is Riesenlied. I'm a Hyadean." She's getting used to being more comfortable saying that outright!

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

A woodland spirit... She very well may be, at least in a sense. And, the way the creatures of the forest flock to, and seem comfortable with these two... It helps her lower her guard, at least just a little. She relaxes visibly, and even manages a small smile at how comfortable and friendly they are. She steps into the clearing a bit further, nodding as Noeline offers her reassurances that Riesenlied just tends to have this effect.

A nice time outside in the sun... that is something Clarine can certainly sympathise with. It's one of her favorite hobbies.

"You need not worry... I was doing much the same as you. I simply wished to take a nice stroll through the forest, to enjoy the sun and the surroundings... It was no distraction." She explains, with a shake of her head. Riesenlied introduces herself - she's a Hyadean. Clarine isn't actually too familiar with her people, beyond stories.

"I am the Seraph of Light, Clarine... it is a pleasure to meet you both." She replies with another polite bow of her head.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline is at least cautious enough with how she rests in her beloved's lap, well aware of the braces and still not completely certain how fragile they may or may not be. She moves a little herself, getting a bit more comfortable - then ever so carefully risks raising a hand to run a finger slowly along the cucco's wing. Even suffused with Riesenlied's light, this feels a little risky... but the bird seems happy enough for the time being.

It's not like she can reach a whole lot else at the moment, anyways.

"And I am Noeline, also a Hyadean-- I suppose I can't really call myself a Crimson Noble in the middle of a sunbathing session, can I?" she puffs up at her partner with a toothy sort of grin. "I'd bow, but, ah..." Birb. She could look the part of a Noble, at least, if she weren't practically dozing off as she speaks, lulled by both Riesenlied's touch and the visitor she's carrying.

When Clarine introduces herself as a Seraph, Noeline looks mildly surprised, her eyebrows raising. "... you're quite a way from home," she admits with a quiet hum. "But I hope that Filgaia has been kind to you, at least."

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

There is a power. A power in being able to comfortably stroke a cucco and not invoke its ire. Especially when you're aware of its ire and not living in blissful ignorance like Riesenlied. (That one time in the Pleasing Garden doesn't count; she blotted it out of her memory).

"Oh, then please feel free to join us," Riesenlied smiles wider as she pushes a bit of her hair back. She's dressed in the traditional garments of the Fereshte, though for once, even Riesenlied can slack off her capelet given the warmth of the sun.

The mention does draw her interest too, as she claps, "A Seraph? Wow... I know at least a couple of Seraphs. It was not actually until a few years ago that I was able to perceive them," she ruminates. "A Seraph of Light... hehe, I feel like I share something in common with you, then, Miss Clarine." (New BB Message (12/91) posted to 'Daily Armengard' by Sheriff Star: Armengard Wisdom (Jan. 27))

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

"A Crimson Noble? I know someone who would perhaps be amused by the idea..." Clarine comments. She nods, then, completely understanding that Noeline would be unable to bow.

Riesenlied invites her to join them, though. Clarine hesitates for a moment, before...

"Ah... as long as you are okay with that..." She says, and then moves to settle herself down nearby. It seems almost natural to see her in the sun like this. She takes a second to get comfortable before looking toward Noeline. Clarine is quiet for a moment as she considers how to respond.

"It was... difficult, at first." She admits, but then gives a small smile. "But... I have made some very important friends here. I am thankful for that much, at least."

She looks toward Riesenlied, then.

"There are a few of us about..." She comments, and then smiles as she says they share something in common. "Yes, I feel much the same way... It is nice, to know there are others who call upon it."

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline certainly isn't about to push her luck, or a cucco. Both amount to the same thing. After a moment of petting she simply lets her hands fall, and resolves to make the most of the moment, enjoying the position she's in. "Come to think of it, you were able to perceive them directly much faster than I was. I had to crutch on my Medium for quite some time, I think. It's definitely gotten easier."

"No doubt," she adds to Clarine, allowing herself another of those fanged smiles. "But rest assured, I do have permission. It's just a bit shaky of a claim to make while I'm sitting here curled up like this," she chuckles, then nods as the Seraph discusses her time on Filgaia. "That is for the best. All that can be done is to make the most of it, even if that is somewhat cold comfort."

"Riesenlied and I are somewhat opposites when it comes to that front. She channels the Ley and the Guardian of Life, and I am contracted with the Guardian of Illusion. But I like to think that means we can cover each other's bases," she hums to herself. She's not about to start talking about how 'shadow can only exist from light' - maybe if it were twenty years ago - but she seems quietly prideful regardless.

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

If Luck amounts to the same thing as a Cucco... does that mean that the Guardian of Luck is Cuccopanga? Chapapanga is the Guardian of Cuccos?? Makes one think...

"Ah... hehe, we did meet one Crimson Noble already," Riesenlied beams, but then affirms rather warmly, "But Noeline is going to forever be my Crimson Noble," as she leans down and gives her a somewhat soft upside-down kiss on the hairline. There's a bit of flushness on her cheeks, but they're comfortable enough now for this kind of thing.

Clarine mentions some difficulty, and there's a tender nod of understanding. "Our experience... could be summed up similarly," she admits. Noeline explains their connections to the Guardians, and she chuckles in turn.

The capelet being off does mean that the grafted Medium is kind of visible, but she also has decided to not be ashamed about that.

"The first Seraph I met was a Lightning Seraph. I met without being able to perceive or hear her... but she helped me with my own channeling powers when they were in its infancy. She has an enigmatic armored companion that..." A pause. "Well, the relationship is complicated, but it is not exaggeration that I view them as a... parent, no matter what."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

There's a good-natured laugh from Clarine as Noeline comments on how it'd be a shaky claim.

"Yes... there is still so much to see in Filgaia. It is a far different world than Lunar... I do not think there is a single thing here that I have not marveled over." She comments.

...And, she can't help but smile at Riesenlied's display of affection toward Noeline. It's a rather sweet gesture.

"I see..." She replies. She notes the Medium grafted onto Riesenlied - she can't help but be a little concerned about it, but Riesenlied seems okay with it. It's something to ask about another time - she's not quite comfortable bringing it up on the first meeting.

But, then Riesenlied says something interesting. A Lightning Seraph, with an enigmatic armored companion...

"...You must be talking about Ragnell and K.K." Clarine replies. "Ragnell is... a good friend of mine, but I am afraid I do not know much of her companion. I... must confess, however, that they did not particularly strike me as the... parental type. Are... they Hyadean, too...?"

Clarine doesn't really know much about them ...Nor does she really know how Hyadean biology works, but that's an entirely different subject altogether.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline makes a noise that's somewhere between a bashful scoff and a hum of amusement - but tilts her head up to meet the kiss, and responds by raising her arms for what is given her position a slightly awkward but heartfelt touch at her partner's pale hair. "I do try," she teases a little in return, then softens her smile. "And will always do so."

"I recommend travel," she nods as she tugs her smile wider, addressing the Seraph. "But you seem to be well ahead of me on that front. Personally, I'm more the sort to enjoy watching people rather than places - but I dare say I've mellowed as of late," she adds with a chuckle, tilting her head just a little towards the cucco on her-- wait there's two of them now.

"... I didn't think I was /that/ comfy," she grumbles as she squints at the pair, the newer of the two just settling down now.

Clearing her throat, she lapses a little into silence when the topic of Ragnell comes up. Her own thoughts on the situation around the pair are a little different to Riesenlied's, she's certain of that much - but she'd rather follow her partner's lead when it comes to trying to understand them, and is prepared to concentrate on giving Riese the /chance/ to try. Reaching up, she gently takes one of the other Hyadean's hands in hers.

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

There's a pleased expression as Noeline runs through her now paled, white hair -- and smiles ever wider as they share a moment in which the light seemingly just kindles further into a faint curtain of bubbles and hearts.

Just for a moment.

Riesenlied lifts her head up. "If you do not mind, we could see about travelling together as well sometime. I want to explore the Ruins here, as a way of trying to accustom myself back towards Digging... I heard that the upper floors are safer for novices."

There's two cuccos now! Riesenlied spends a bit of time spoiling one, before gesturing as she wonders if it'll amble closer and rest around Clarine. The Cucco looks up at Clarine... oh no, this bird can spot her!

Noeline is a bit silent on Ragnell and K.K., and... well, in a way, perhaps Riesenlied needs to pay respect to her partner's feelings more. Perhaps the idea of fighting for love is also a way to align herself more in that direction.

"Oh!" Riesenlied does speak up, though, when Clarine mentions her name. "Yes, you are absolutely right... ah--" A pause, as she bobs her head, horns deflating and wiggling a little, chuckling nervously. "Yes, I understand fully what you mean. They are responsible for things I cannot abide by... yet I do not exaggerate that I would not be alive had they not guided and even saved me at times of need."

A pause, as the Seraph asks if they're Hyadean. "I do not... believe so... but I do not know their true nature either."

The last time she glimpsed was... shocking, was the only way she could put it.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Clarine has posed.

"I am fond of travel." Clarine agrees with a nod. "I like to wander about, and find new and exciting locations...and, sometimes, I like to hide some treasures to enrich the experience for whoever stumbles across them next..."

She chuckles, though, as Noeline indicates the bird - two birds, now - that has taken up residence on her person. And...one of the cuccos looks up at her. Clarine offers a smile, and extends her hands as if inviting it to come join her.

She appreciates animals...though, she's also new enough to Filgaia that she may be unaware of the cuccos' reputation. Good thing she's nice.

She looks toward Riesenlied, then, as she suggests traveling together sometime.

"I would be glad to accompany you... When it comes to exploration, I tend to focus on support and protection. I may be helpful, if you are looking to readjust yourself to the lifestyle..." She offers.

And then, she listens quietly as Riesenlied explains her feeling toward K.K. Clarine hesitates for a moment...and then, she nods.

"...I... suppose I understand how you feel, at least a little." She admits. "Ragnell... even though we have a tendency to fight, and to end up on different sides of conflicts... I would never give up her friendship. It is far too important to me."

She nods.

"...So, I can understand, I think... having someone you care so much about, and respect, even though they may do things you do not agree with."

But, they aren't Hyadean - Clarine nods. That clears things up a bit, though their nature is still a mystery.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

For a moment more, Noeline lets herself indulge in Riesenlied's presence. She's been doing a lot of this recently, but it's certainly not as if she's complaining. It's more a celebration of the fact that, for what seems like the first time in a long while, they have some time to themselves. Add to that the fact that Riesenlied is walking once more, with assistance, and she has a lot to enjoy.

If she's upset at Ragnell and K.K., it certainly doesn't show, either in her expression or over the mental link she shares with Riesenlied. It's more that she's aware that the Trial Knight is Riesenlied's family, and that any attempt to reach them is going to be a lot more successful coming from her. Noeline is there to see that she can fight for love without reservation, and is more than content with that, gently squeezing one of Riese's hands in hers in support.

"We'd welcome you along, certainly," she cuts in with a nod and a hum. She's not honestly sure of the exact relationship between Seraphs and the Ley, but perhaps it stands to reason that Clarine's presence might make things easier on Riesenlied - if not through assisting her in channeling, then at least in ensuring that she's well-protected. "I've heard the catacombs can be somewhat disorienting and sprawling, so it may well be that we have to take it slowly in general."

She pauses-- and then snorts to herself, her eyes lit with mischief. "Ragnell's entire being is ending up on different sides of conflict. Whether it's with words or with weapons, I'm fairly sure she's the Seraph of Contrariness. Or, perhaps that's the influence of lightning?" she wonders to herself.

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

"You like to hide treasures? Wow, that does sound like a fun thing to do... I have done so before, but only with, say, chocolate eggs or other treats for the children," Riesenlied laughs somewhat merrily, though perhaps the idea of hiding away a Cucco in a Dig is in her mind now... which might not be as pleasant for the next Drifter as it is for her...


... maybe. Nah. Can't be.

The cucco rather gently ambles on up and roosts on Clarine's lap, seemingly content at this Seraph of Light's warmth and comfort...!!

Perhaps there is something in what Noeline said, about light casting shadows.

"I... definitely also know that about her," Riesenlied admits. She flicks her eyes to Noeline and ponders if she should tease her about being kind of the same way a few years ago, but respects the choice her partner has had to give up being a spy. "She is at the same time both extremely free-spirited... and yet fiercely loyal to some."

But Clarine says she understands, and that is a relief to her. "I'm glad," she admits. "Not everyone takes that as well..."

She rustles just for a moment further, as Noeline mentions the Ruins. "I'm prepared to take it very easy the first few times. We do not have a spare leg brace, after all... we had best not overtax it."

Then Riesenlied starts rustling at her basket. "Would you like to share some food with us? I made just a bit too much, so it's perfect."

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline's eyebrows raise as she snickers softly to herself. "You might not know it to look at us, but we are mothers of a entire gaggle of children," she informs Clarine with a chuckle, careful to keep things light and not cloud Riesenlied's senses with worry. "They are not with us right this moment, but we are sure they are safe. And there'll be a lot of time to catch up with hiding treats for them once we meet up with them again, I'm sure."

At least Noeline recognizes that she's perhaps throwing stones in glass houses; she sneaks a glance at Riese with a lopsided but fond grin on her face, and squeezes the other Hyadean's hand in hers once more as her partner sums up the rest of Ragnell's good points. "... perhaps that's why the two of us ended up in so many arguments," she wonders with laughter in the back of her voice.

"You wouldn't be," she promises the Seraph with a nod - and then thinks to amend her comment. "At least, you wouldn't be intruding on the two of us. The rest of these creatures, I can't really speak for them, but if they're anywhere near Riese they should be fairly docile," she notes.

At least, she hopes so. There is still a cucco on her lap, after all.