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IC Information
Full Name: Riesenlied
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 422 years old (79 PC)
Hometown: Wayside
Hair Colour: Ashen Blonde
Class: Heritor
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 600,000 gella (as the Deceiver)
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Wayside Outreach
Player: User:Merilan

"I shall spread my wings... I shall seek the new world where we can all flourish!"

Riesenlied is a 400-year old Tainted and leader of the Wayside Outreach, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to providing the services of humanitarian aid, integration and research throughout Filgaia. She is a pacifist at heart, long estranged and rejected amongst the Metal Demons, espousing a collaborative path and a desire to nurture peaceful culture for her people to seek coexistence with the other races of Filgaia. With the Photosphere destroyed, and with Mother and her father Siegfried gone, only time will tell what the future holds for the Tainted... and whether or not she will see the new world she seeks, with her degenerating body and the rejective Original Artificial Medium of Life grafted within her.


Riesenlied was born as far back as 79 PC, to a time when living metal was at a dire shortage. Demons produced during this year were of particularly defective quality due to impurities found in the batch, leading to a sizeable number of Demons to become branded as the Tainted. Though she does not speak much about it, many other elder demons are often quick to comment how she was, and still is, a demon of inferior quality -- something that is often used against her in demon politics.

The Tainted are demons without much of the advantages of metal demons -- they have strength, agility and endurance only comparable to that of a human's, instead of the greatly enhanced ones of Metal Demons. They're often 'stuck' in their form and unable to transform like other metal demons; depending on the deformity, this makes it impossible for them to blend in with other demons. The Tainted were treated as little better than Metal Beasts during their time.

Riesenlied was first noticed in 80 PC, when she discovered a large cache of dragon fossils that she returned with in 80 PC, drawing the attention of Quarter Knight Siegfried, starting their long relationship.

Riesenlied eventually became the commander of the Ebony Wings, an elite division within the Metal Demons' hierarchy, and owner of the Ebony Roost, a facility within the Photosphere that is dedicated to producing elite Metal Dragons. Currently, she's largely cut off from the both of them -- management is largely delegated to other members of the Ebony Wings back home, and the Roost has always had its own staff of experts as Riesenlied is not a scientist, but largely serves as a stakeholder and planner in the future of the Roost.

In 389 PC, the Ebony Wings joined with the Metal Demons when the Veruni assaulted them. The Photosphere came under massive siege, one that pierced its forcefield and damaged the ship's structure. Riesenlied collaborated with the Quarter Knights, and led the Ebony Wings to charge the mountains and create a snow avalanche that split the Veruni forces clean in half. Even divided, it was only with the combined efforts of all the Demon's forces that they repelled the Veruni and defended their home from destruction.

In 497 PC, the Ebony Wings participated in the assault of Arctica Castle -- a lightning assault that was preceded by the long-range bombardment of the castle's siege weapons and fortified walls, allowing for the Demons' ground forces to infiltrate and overwhelm the rest of the castle's defenders. Riesenlied was revealed to have been reluctant, attempting to spare those that she can -- even though she was ultimately unable to secure passage for very many people.

Chapter 1, Act 1

Riesenlied's journey to Ignas began in pursuit of rumours of Garlyle forces within the Kislevi-Aveh war... and in pursuit of the red light of the Demon of Elru, whose destruction she'd witnessed upon that fateful day in Garlyle Castle. There, Riesenlied first posed as a Drifter beastwoman, eventually meeting many allies that sowed a lot of further hesitation in her heart.

Amongst other tasks, she assisted in the rescue of the King of Lacour and met the Wolves to help in the pursuit of the Automaton ARM Gryndille. But the location of the Teardrop would soon force her to turn upon her new comrades as Operation Gungnir unfolded.

Despite the success of the Metal Demon's attack, Riesenlied became embroiled in getting their injured out. This culminated in the Demons' forward base, Old Petra, being decimated by the very same Demon of Elru she'd come to pursue. Utilising the light of Laevateinn, Riesenlied accidentally formed a psionic link between herself and Id, who promised to share the experience of all his deaths with her before she expired.

Riesenlied tried to make amends by funneling all her funds towards Adlehyde, in particular to Jacqueline Barber. But the bounty upon her head would grow more and more, and as the Demons' attention turned westward, such attempts would seem futile as they launched another attack upon the Guardian Temple.

Or at least it would be, until a chance encounter led Noeline, K.K. and Riesenlied with the Guardian of the Sword, Equites in which she pleaded for her Tainted brethren. To her surprise, Equites relented, ordering a geas upon her to show that they could be more than killers.

Thus, Wayside Village was born...

Chapter 1, Act 2

At the end of 499 PC, Riesenlied finally made a stand and declared her intention to separate from the primary force of Metal Demons. Now, Wayside and the Ebony Wings stand as a rogue faction, which has led to a violent skirmish with the Quarter Knights that have left Wayside decimated and the survivors fleeing on their airship, the Fereshte. Following a pursuit from Gebler forces due to a tracking device installed on the Fereshte, they were marooned in the Pleasing Gardens...

There, at the tower of Life, Riesenlied met Odoryuk once more. She managed to find a measure of inner peace and strength with the Guardian of Life and was able to summon him using the extant energies spread through the tower at personal cost. Following the battle with the Lord of Calamity, the Tainted were all teleported to Lunar.

Chapter 1, Act 3

In Lunar, Riesenlied was initially overwhelmed by the errant Malevolence on the planet; she and Noeline banded with the Black Wolves to get their bearings, establishing a hideout in Vane in the Wolfsbane Tavern. Finding Vane to be deeply similar to Wayside, Riesenlied offered a lot of her own personal time and energy to assist the beleaguered town of refugees.

Riesenlied ventured with Noeline and the others to Earthspire Peak, where they discovered a long-lost ally of Siegfried's: Lombardia. There, she told them about the truth of 500 years ago and what had happened between Siegfried and the humans he befriended -- and how his hope had been broken, fuelling a further desire for her to connect with the man she wishes to call father.

Their luck turned a corner when Hammer contacted them from Taben's Peak, having located the Fereshte. There, they found that the survivors of Wayside had mingled in with the orphans that Nall were taking care of. Reunited with her people, Riesenlied turned her efforts to gear up for their eventual return to Filgaia: to establish the Wayside Outreach as a replacement for the Ebony Wings.

The Wayside Outreach found its first duty when a mysterious creature came upon Azado's shores and caught the city in a supernatural disaster. Riesenlied, Noeline and the Black Wolves grouped together with other Drifters to rescue the town's refugees, eventually descending into a great pit that landed them in the Flooded Ruins. There, they returned to Filgaia once more...

Chapter 1, Act 4

When they touched base upon Filgaia, Riesenlied encountered Siegfried once more in Adlehyde. She and Noeline and the others worked hard to support the displaced Azadians at an old site of tragedy: Old Petra, now New Petra. Riesenlied also worked to further dissociate themselves from the Ebony Wings moniker, declaring a new and formal start in the form of the Wayside Outreach in its stead. They are joined by old and new friends like, such as Maya Schrodinger, Matilda Whitehead, Avril Vent Fleur, Dean Stark and closer family still, Lydia Seren, Janey and Mikaia.

Riesenlied desperately tried to reconcile her feelings for Lord Siegfried as a father, though she still could not muster the courage to do so. With Elru looming in the distance, Riesenlied stressfully recalled what happened on that fateful night in the Village of the Fereshte: that there was a Medium she'd fled from waiting for her there. Tempering her fears as she created a pair of promise rings for herself and Noeline, and vowed upon their feelings, they arrived at their land of birth...

Riesenlied revisited Garlyle once more with the Black Wolves, recalling the first time she was ever beckoned empathically to such a location. There, she recalled her first sighting of the Demon of Elru, when she was nearly killed and blasted away in a pique of energy that ruined the kingdom. They also discovered a surprising settlement of survivors in the form of New Arctica, who looked upon her with tired suspicion, though the Outreach was able to get through to them in the end with the Carakin's help.

Riesenlied eventually visited the village of the Fereshte once more, where she discovered the most painful moment of her past that left her with naught but memories to defend herself with. With nothing but truth laid bare upon her, she reclaimed the Original Artificial Medium of Life... ...which seemed to burn her as she tried to channel upon its powers.

In a poor state of mind from all her trials in Elru, the Outreach and the Wolves faced a strange metal aberration launched by the Quarter Knight Alhazred - and in the midst of the battle, he sprung a trap and kidnapped Riesenlied away from the others. Soon after, Alhazred put his malicious work to action, infecting her with a vector that fused the rejective Medium into her in accordance to Mother's plans.

In a controlled state, Riesenlied was brought to attack New Arctica, and Mother then unveiled her plans for her to become a Ley Dragon - a battery to channel the Ley in a last-minute bid to devour the lifeblood of the planet. Noeline and the Outreach descended into the Gutter and rescued the Tainted along with other Drifter groups, in the process encountering The Ley Dragon once more. And when things came to a head... they descended to her heart to rescue her from her imposed form, while the others fended her off and shattered the Ley Point at the base of the Photosphere.

But even just as she was rescued, all was not well.

The Photosphere rose to the skies on Mother's last command, and Siegfried turned to face Gebler... and paid the ultimate price. With her father deceased, with her body and mind played by the false Goddess she once so believed in, Id rose... and in a final effort, she helped everyone reach Fei within their collective mindspace with the power of Laevateinn.

Now left in a disabled and recovering state, with uncomfortably negative thoughts she hasn't had to deal before, a long path of healing is ahead for Riesenlied...

Powers and Abilities

  • Leadership and Charisma - More than anything else, Riesenlied is known for her ability to inspire and lead others; it is what brought about her rise to fame from nothingness, and leadership in the face of physical weakness was what made the Tainted go to where they are now. She is experienced and versed at mentoring younger Demons and finding ways to make them excel and reach their potential.
  • Empathy - Riesenlied is empathic, and bears the ability to sense others' thoughts at a surface level. She is especially receptive to pain and suffering, which has led her on several wild errands throughout the world... -- which was ultimately revealed to be her empathising with the Ley of the world and its screams. This self-same power eventually was twisted and pushed into her Ley Dragon form, and nearly brought about disaster during the Photosphere sequence.
  • Life Medium - Riesenlied possesses the Original Artificial Medium of Life grafted at her neck, which allows her to channel the Ley at cost to her. Though Riesenlied is a novice shaman, she is especially sensitive to the Ley and is capable of channeling it intuitively.
  • Crystal Sword Mistilteinn - Retrieved from her ancestral village, the newly christened Mistilteinn is a translucent crystal blade that has seen remarkable wear and tear. Restored to functionality by Prissa, Riesenlied can channel the Ley through this blade to restore some semblance of her old swordplay in a spellblade fashion, even without the appropriate physique left for it.


  • Tainted physiology - Riesenlied's liquid metal is extraordinarily impure and, as a result, brittle and inflexible. This results in her physiology being quite weak compared to other metal demons -- she has about as much strength, agility and endurance as a normal person, and is incapable of transformation. As a result, she has to compensate with cunning, skill and tactics.
  • ARM desynchronisation - The other significant drawback of the Tainted is that they're incapable of forming signatures that allow them to bond with most Metal Demon ARMs, and one of the reasons they're so ostracised by their peers. Riesenlied is no different.

Logs and Cutscenes

Chapter 1, Act 1


Chapter 1, Act 2


Chapter 1, Act 3


Chapter 1, Act 4


Chapter 1, Epilogue


Chapter 2, Act 1


Chapter 2, Act 2


Chapter 2, Act 3


Chapter 2, Act 4


Chapter 2, Epilogue



I have been ever so privileged to encounter so many people in my time outside of the Photosphere. Travelling to Ignas, and having met so many Drifters thus... it has been an eye-opening and changing journey for me.

NOTE: Updated for the end of Act 3.

Name Group Dragon's Tear Comments
Noeline Soulmate 6-Flashing Tear.gif Noeline... what can I say about where we've ended up? We've gone through so much, been through what I don't believe any of our brethren have gone through... I've said as much, and... I can only hope that the world finds a way to accept us both. My love for you has not diminished in the slightest, even in these bleakest of times.

I think of our household, the way it has grown from literally nothing. I think of how I wake up by your side, with Mikaia snugged in her blanket beside me; how the first droplets of frost start to melt away to the typically harsh Filgaian dawn at our windowsill. More times than not, Janey is already up and about -- or perhaps she didn't sleep! She's always clattering with machinery, keeping Trouble and Strife company even when they must recharge. And just when I'm sure I can slip out without waking you... you turn to me, hold my hand, and greet the morning with me.

I'd never trade that for anything else. Even if we must change the landscape of our hearth, the warmth that it has provided for us in the days since we arrived at the Badlands... shall never fade away. This is our family. This is our love. Together...

Lily Keil Black Wolves 5-turquoise.png My mirror. She has a power that I do not understand, but she has a confidence and poise that is infectious to me. I ... will try hard to make the talents that work for me aid you.
Leon Albus Black Wolves 4-green.png You are Lily's guiding light, Mister Leon. You may have told me you're no hero, but I think your heart is in the right place.
Lydia Seren Family 5-turquoise.png It is a bad habit, but I've come to see myself as a mother to you, Lydia. You've saved Wayside with your skills.
Fei Fong Wong Black Wolves 4-green.png You've been there for Wayside at its worst time, Fei. You are a true friend... but... what is this that I sense when you are near?
Ambrosius Veruni 4-green.png Ambrosius... I respect that you must fend for your people and follow your master's orders. But... please do not lead yourself down a slope you cannot climb back from... I trust you.
Jacqueline Barber Caravan Kinship 4-green.png You've fostered a wonderful community, Miss Jay. Let's... be kind to each other, and not overburden ourselves. It's a promise.
Maya Schrodinger Wayside Outreach 4-green.png Maya is a steadfast friend who has seen me through thick and thin and saved my life. I will repay her any way I can.
Dean Stark Wayside Outreach 4-green.png Thank you, Dean. You've helped guide me through my darkest times... and I truly believe that optimism will see you through. As you say -- I'll never give up!
Rebecca Streisand Wayside Outreach 4-green.png When I look upon your frustrations, I sometimes wonder if Noeline goes through the same. Please, never give that spirit up.
Avril Vent Fleur Wayside Outreach 4-green.png We met by accident, and yet we have done so much together. I hope that your past will not come to haunt you... I know a kindred soul when I sense one.
Matilda Whitehead Caravan Kinship 4-green.png It is my hope I can speak eye to eye with you, Miss Matilda. You're very important to me.
Kaguya Veruni 5-turquoise.png You are still my daughter, no matter what. I love you, Kaguya, and I will continue to seek a solution for your ills.
Jean Vile Fiends 4-green.png You are still Jean, our friend, no matter what. A shadowy hand cannot steal the bond we've all created.
Lemina Ausa Vile Fiends 4-green.png You've been of so much kindness in our time in Vane. Thank you, Miss Lemina.
Hiro Vile Fiends 4-green.png You've given me so much to think on. After what happened in Zulan... I can only hope your relationship will grow deeper and stronger.
Ruby Vile Fiends 3-yellow.png Odjn looks so much happier with you, that I wonder if I am a good partner for her sometimes...
Siegfried Metal Demons 5-turquoise.png The man I wish I could call father... and the one who gave me my name. I... have taken too long to speak my mind, and we have both suffered for it. Arctica and now Adlehyde... just how far down the slippery slope will you go, Lord Siegfried? I love you, but I cannot follow where you go...
Sephilia Lampbright Fox Company 3-yellow.png You're home now, Sephy. I hope your trip to Filgaia has made you grow.
Arleph Ardan Caravan Kinship 3-yellow.png A pleasant man indeed, with a bit of a drawl to his accent. Accents are a curious thing, one I've never quite adapted. I wonder if it is because of our physiology?
Talise Gianfair Fox Company 3-yellow.png Talise has been a strong ally at our side... but I scarce know what her relation in Lunar is...
Vash the Stampede None 4-green.png I won't let you bear your sorrows alone. This is something I have learnt for myself, through Wayside, through Noeline, through my children.
Shalune Amira Caravan Kinship 3-yellow.png Stay strong, Shalune. You're the light in Lunata and Jacqueline's life, I can see it.
Kourin Caravan Kinship 3-yellow.png I wonder if I can yet still impart fencing lessons, weak as I have become.
Catenna Caravan Kinship 3-yellow.png You have taught me of your kin, and I will not forget the mercy you've offered me.
Cyre H. Lorentz Caravan Kinship 3-yellow.png I hope Wehaca will stand strong on its two feet again. We will aid you.
Gwen Whitlock Vile Fiends 4-green.png Let us look to the stars together sometime, once more.
Lucia Vile Fiends 3-yellow.png I feel a deep empathy in how the world has treated you, Miss Lucia. I will do all in my power to aid you and your friends.
Xantia Black Wolves 3-yellow.png Powerful, but untempered... Miss Xantia, I have hope you will rekindle your memories one day.
Bart Fatima Yggdrassil Alliance 3-yellow.png Untamed and young... but with a drive deep within...
Sorey Shepherd's Retinue 3-yellow.png Sorey seems a very kind young man, and he was more than willing to listen to me when others would not. I am grateful for that... and he looked after Odjn, even though he didn't have to.
Cecilia Adlehyde Dawn Chasers 3-yellow.png I do not expect to be forgiven. I have not forgiven myself either. But... thank you, for your patience, Princess.
Rudy Roughnight Dawn Chasers 3-yellow.png There is too much sorrow in this world. Living as long as I have, you can simply see it in people's eyes. What does it take, to dispel that sadness? There is no easy answer.
Claude C. Kenny Dawn Chasers 3-yellow.png He does remind me of Zed, in a strange way... human boys will be human boys, as I often hear the saying goes.
Tethelle Cirdian Dawn Chasers 3-yellow.png I felt reservation and hesitance from her, but... she aided me from a mortal blow against Heldalf. I hope we can see eye to eye some day...
Jack van Burace Dawn Chasers 3-yellow.png You are welcome, Mister Jack. When I said I will not fail you... my efforts will not end there and then either.
Ethius Hesiod Caravan Kinship 2-light red.png I am afraid that Mister Ethius may see me as an irreconcilable existence in the end....
Seraph Ragnell Crucible 3-yellow.png Miss Ragnell has been at my side and provided useful information, but I feel a faint kind of sorrow from her... a kind of lingering regret...
Ida Everstead-Rey None 2-light red.png How will you fare now, that you are past the dark, Miss Ida? I can only wish I could aid in that process of recovery, but...
Rosaline Calice Fox Company 3-yellow.png I'm glad the Malevolent shroud is past you, Miss Rosaline.
Lady Harken Metal Demons 2-light red.png Lady Harken... your memories do not seem consistent from each of our meetings. What has Alhazred done to you?
Kalve Metal Demons 3-yellow.png Ferroflora... Kalve, you are a genius -- and you may well be the one to physiologically save our kin from destruction. But... where does your heart lie, now that Ida has turned to Malevolence?
White Knight Leo Althena's Guard 3-yellow.png You've a distinct struggle ahead of you with the way Althena acts, Mister Leo...
Amelia Rose Althena's Guard 3-yellow.png I can sense the kindness within you that your experiences have tempered. I just hope... we can find a way to coexist.
Fenrir Metal Demons 2-light red.png Enthusiastic, yet I hope that she can forgive herself in time. ... I know the sorrow such scars can bring.
Janus Cascade None 2-light red.png What is is that you seek, Janus? You would work with Kaguya, but... to what end?
Yarobeleedt None 2-light red.png Yaro... I've wounded you. At that time when I first told you I do not believe Mother and Lord Siegfried were in the right... I know I've hurt your expectations, no matter how low they may be. How can I... best help you? I want to, but I do not know if I can get through to you...
Agatha Pyrelight Crucible 2-light red.png Despite her machinations, despite her provocations... there is something about her words... has the harsh truth of immortality worn her down so? Will I become someone like that, seeking the next thrill that only comes once every generation or so? Is this... the truth of what we are resigned to?
Kent Hauch Black Ties 1-purple.png I cannot abide by how you have used those that only sought shelter. ... I... I cannot forgive that.
Alhazred Metal Demons 1-purple.png I shall not hand over my Dragons or our future generation to you. You do not represent us!
Berserk Metal Demons 1-purple.png Berserk... I pity you. Even if you wash your hate against me... and call me 'trash'... the circumstance of how you all landed a thousand years ago have made you what you are. I... will do better for our future generations.
K.K. Crucible 1-purple.png That love that you hold within you... it is an indefatigable shine that transcends even death. Yet you turn to Malevolence and have corrupted a kingdom. I... do not believe your trial is what the world needs.

Strength should not come from fire. This is not the new world I seek -- so Trial Knight... this I show to you -- I shall spread my wings and fly, for that is what birds must do



Act 2 Tracks

With this, I have the ability to hope...
Even if this world were to announce its end now,
The bell rife with happiness shall surely reverberate.
Ah, it's almost like praise for pure love...
If someone is definitely able to love deeply...
Then surely the arriving future shall exist.

Act 1 Tracks

Stories of danger, fearless attack,
Specters of plague and pain.
All of these ghosts of our own delusions are back;
Have we been fighting in vain?
Come to me, Ebony Wings! Battle awaits us!
I wish that someway, somehow
That I can save everyone of us
But the truth is that I’m only one girl
Maybe if I keep believing my dreams will come to life, come to life...
Here in an enclosed garden of Hellfire she is born upon an inhuman path!
Turning against the heavens, a harlequin on the end of a puppet’s wire!
This young girl challenges her accursed fate
Set in the forefront of a devilish midnight tragedy