Asteroid the Kid

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Asteroid the Kid
IC Information
Full Name: Asteroid the Kid
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): Unknown (???)
Hometown: Baskar Colony
Hair Colour: None?
Class: Star Shaman
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: None
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Crucible
Player: User:Fei

Asteroid The Kid is a person claiming to be a woman that has an asteroid for a head. It is presumed her original name is not Asteroid The Kid as it seems a bit on the nose otherwise. Nevertheless, she claims to have been turned into an asteroid when she was abducted by aliens. Asteroid the Kid was not well received when observed by the public and since the Battle of Adelhyde has been seen working for the infamous villain and Hellion Virginia Maxwell. Despite her love of horror and dark sense of humor and even her creepy demeanor and appearance, Asteroid the Kid keeps a cheerful countenance that is matched only by her frankly unnerving level of magical power. Since she claims the aliens want her to 'turn Filgaia into a comet so she can explore the star ocean' it's the latter that tends to concern others the most.


Neh hehh hehhh, don't you know? Aliens kidnapped me and now I have this asteroid head. It's shaped like Rigdobrite, that's like having his favor yes? Hee hee. I was bullied for a while but now I have an excellent mistress and friend named Ginny and now I work for her, yes, while never giving up on my dream...of becoming an astronaut!!! Just you wait, Filgaia! Heeee!

Powers and Abilities

Hee, I've got the abilities of a shaman of Rigdobrite, of course, though I also have a rock for a head hee hee. The guns? Oh I just found them in a ruin. They make portals. They don't reach space though. Want to go through and try it out? :D

Logs and Cutscenes

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Chapter 2, Act 2


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  • Virginia Maxwell - Ginny is the best. She doesn't make fun of me and teaches me valuable life lessons and has skeleton friends. She stayed my friend too. She rocks!
  • Skeleton - The greatest hero. This isn't Asteroid the Kid's opinion, it's just objective fact.
  • Kaguya - I've got to help her! She's my jail pal and...super cute, really.

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  • Maya Schrodinger - Ginny's besty...! Feeling so envious...!!!! But she's nice so I can't get mad about it!
  • Matilda Whitehead - Her words made me feel warm.
  • Ethius Hesiod - To be honest, I'm not really sure what his deal is. He can be kind one moment, and distant the next but I don't know. He looks after me. I know that much. An arm was a small price to pay to help him.
  • Emma Hetfield - Man she really is brilliant! I want to be a renowned genius like her someday!
  • Jaqueline Barber - Leader of the Carakin. She's kind of everybody's mom. Though wait, if Ethius is the dad and she's the mom... does that mean I ship them?
  • Carina Wynne - Who? Anyway let me tell you about Metal Digger Locus... ... ... Like what the hell?
  • Shalune Amira - I'm glad she's finally accepting the path of 'smashing shit' into her heart ha ha ha that asshole was SO MAD.
  • Catenna - Tried to save my arm and is a jail pal.
  • Cyre H. Lorentz - Apparently while I was kidnapped his town was in danger. It probably still needs help and he came to help me...
  • Kourin - Well she has a dog and can stab people so good start.
  • Avril Vent Fleur - Am I allowed to say that an ice lady is hot? She cut off Castle's arm so, you know. <3.

Vile Fiends

  • Lemina Ausa - Cheapskate... :*(
  • Jean - Why was she so determined to help me? I wonder...


  • Lan Lilac - Also a Star Shaman! So easily riled up! ETERNAL RIVAL!!! I never had one before! So much fun <3 <3 <3
  • Riesenlied - Not like the other metal demons but doesn't let me bite people so still not great. I bit her.
  • Elena - Agrees on the principles of not cart shaming.
  • Dean Stark - Brilliant but also stupid!?!?!?!
  • Sephilia Lampbright - I didn't know there was a Guardian of Adorability


  • Ryudo - What a jerk I'm going to bite him so hard with my many teeth.
  • Alexander Castle - Gonna gut him.


  • Hillside Ruins - Junk junk junk! Met a metal demon! More to the point, lots of cash and materials! I can upgrade my cart!! Ryudo is a sucky jerk!!!
  • Guardian Temple - The Guardians gave us tablets but I think I'm the only one who actually took one. Solais Emsu. I don't know if I can just abandon my beliefs but... ugh! I'm mad at them for what they did to Kaguya!!!
  • Battlefront - ARRESTED :(. So were Catenna and Kaguya!!! But I was let out for some reason! What was the deal with that giant man-sized hole??
  • Gob's Hideout - Maybe with the maps we found here we can find out where Catenna and Kaguya are! I should've made a map ugghh. Also important, they were stealing stuff from the Baskar! Cyre said he'd bring it back.


Logs and Cutscenes

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Chapter 1 Cutscenes


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