2020-07-08: Exhaustion

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  • Log: Exhaustion
  • Cast: Lily Keil, Josephine Lovelace, Fei Fong Wong
  • Where: Kattelox City - Downtown
  • Date: July 08, 2020
  • Summary: Lily, out on the town with Josie and Fei, suddenly encounters a problem.

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

"For that much, I could just find parts at the junk shop and make it myself," Lily says as they pass a display in a commercial part of downtown. There's been a bit of restrocking today, but some of it was just an excuse to get out and focus on something else for Lily's part.

The streets are not packed but are not empty, and the buildings around boast shops and food and all sorts of things. The day is sunny. And...

Lily finishes talking to stumble in place and have to catch herself against a wall with a spot of vertigo. In the days since the battle against Setanta and everything that happened with that, her wounds have healed, but she still hasn't been able to use her magic, and hasn't especially wanted to talk about it, saying 'it's fine; I'll be fine in a few days' and 'I'll need to repair the armor' but little else.

So, everything is obviously normal and fine.

<Pose Tracker> Josephine Lovelace has posed.

    "Heh. I'm halfway tempted to pick it up just to see how it works and all," Josie remarks, and it's a sure bet that by that she means 'take it apart, and not necessarily in the sort of way that permits its reassembly'.

    It's in fact the sort of ordinary day that invites ordinary activities.

    For people like them, that is.

    As if to underscore this, Lily stumbles.

    With her good hand, Josie reaches out to catch her. "Whoa there, kiddo. You need to sit a spell?"

    She glances about, as if searching for an empty bench.
    Or perhaps, just a bench. Josie has her ways of making someone decide to abandon a bench.

<Pose Tracker> Fei Fong Wong has posed.

"Hey, don't push yourself." Fei says. He hasn't healed entirely from Setanta either and his arms are utterly wrapped up in bandages--largely because they are still sensitive from all the burns. He has come along on SHOPPING ADVENTURE though it's mostly for some fresh air and relaxation than it is to participate in capitalism.

He looks around for a place to sit as well--hopefully he won't find a bench that is occupied inconveniently otherwise Josie might get real spooky.

Not that Fei is immune from getting spooky sometimes.

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

"Hmmm," Lily considers of Josie's plan. She doesn't really oppose it.

But she isn't thinking much about it by the time Josie reaches out and catches her, instead looking down to the ground and leaning on Josie more heavily than she would like to. There is in fact one that's unoccupied--

Well, there's one that was occupied but sees this group approaching and pre-emptively decides it's a great time to get back to his business, actually.

"Damn," Lily murmurs. "I..." She shakes her head. "Yeah, best."

"Sorry. Thought I had a better handle on it." She says thi to Fei, too--Fei being part of why she agrees to sit, considering that she knows that reaction she'll get otherwise.

<Pose Tracker> Josephine Lovelace has posed.

    Josie knows a bad burn when she sees one. Unlike her, though, Fei's gotten proper attention...

    She might not even need to be spooky. Sometimes just lighting up is enough for polite society to make way.

    At least, it is in a town like this. Somewhere like Damzen City and it would be a different situation entirely.
    Josie might even have to 'politely' introduce a pistol into the proceedings.

    "Stop apologizing. It don't suit you," the archaeologist says, absently, finally spotting that now apparently-unclaimed bench. "C'mon. Sit yourself down. Hey, Junior!"

    She lets go of Lily long enough to make an attempt to snag him.

    "Give a lady a hand, yeah?" She jerks her head Lily's way.

    She's going on ahead.

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

Ordinarily Lily would see to all the terrible burns, but that's right out at the moment. Fresh air and relaxation, that ws indeed the idea. But there's no need to get too spooky just at the moment, considering.

This is certainly more polite than Damzen.

"..." Lily frowns, but doesn't apologize again. Instead she takes a seat, careful of Fei's burns if he helps but falling a little bonelessly into the bench with a shake of her head.

"Fine, then no apologies. I guess it doesn't, does it? But neither does this. I'm just... fatigued, I guess. Maybe I picked something up somewhere--but I never get sick."

<Pose Tracker> Josephine Lovelace has posed.

    Josie occupies a section of the bench herself.

    Because she's her, she fishes out a cigarette and has already lit it by the time the other two make their way over.

    "Sounds like you went through the ringer or something, eh," she remarks, glancing sidelong at the two of them.

    She takes a long drag.

<Pose Tracker> Fei Fong Wong has posed.

Fei says, "Well I'm not in a position to point fingers." with a small, fond laugh. He doesn't argue with Josie that apologizing doesn't suit Lily. He's inclined to agree, but--well--sometimes people are uncharacteristic and that's fine too. Nobody can be perfectly themselves all the time. Even if, no matter where you go, there you are.

Fei does help, but the wounds are mostly on the arms rather than the hands so he cann endure it without too much trouble. He is a little nervous but manages to do this without any issue.

"It's probably because you burnt yourself out on your magic. Once it comes back, you'll probably be okay." Fei says. "...Uhh....but I guess I'm just sort of assuming that. Did Doc take a look atcha yet?"

He looks to Josie as if she might have an idea on this somehow.

Before realizing that's probably not going to be the case. "Mariel might have something helpful too."

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

"Heh. True," Lily answers Fei. She is still careful of course. But what he says there--

"Yeah, that might be right," Lily answers. "I've got that feeling I get when I haven't used my magic in a while, the sort of deep muscle ache. But that I could deal with, I just... found I couldn't stay standing."

She shakes her head. "Haven't asked him. I figured I'd be fine in a few days either way." She looks to Josie, "Mariel might. But yeah, we did--fight against another of those Primarchs went... a way. My armor's all busted up--I think what happened is that it and I both overloaded. They used an effect that drew on magic, and the secondary reactors in my armor were amplifying it... Sort of a feedback loop."

"Happened the first time I faced Gryndille, too. Though this is a little worse."

<Pose Tracker> Josephine Lovelace has posed.

    Fei looks over at Josie.

    Josie just shrugs and gives him a look that effectively reads 'what do you think', and goes back to pensively gazing at the opposite side of the street.

    "Probably overloaded it or something. I dunno. Your magic's different. I can't burn myself out like that or none -- I'll just start shooting blanks," she quips, flashing the younger woman a grin.

    "But didn't something like that happen with Red? She," and she gestures, the ember end of her cigarette a glowing trail, "overdid it against all that business in the Cradle or somesuch, and..." She sighs, slouching her shoulders.

    She's silent a moment as Lily explains, some.

    "So it's something like that, huh. Maybe if you take it easy-like, you'll bounce on back. Or do... whatever it was that Red did."

<Pose Tracker> Fei Fong Wong has posed.

Fei shrugs back at Josie.

When Lily mentions the muscle ache, something twinges in the back of Fei's mind and he frowns. He doesn't like it when he starts getting 'weird feelings' in the 'brains'. That usually means something terrible is about to happen.

"If your magic doesn't return in a few days..." He feels a strange fear he can only partially explain and he shakes his head to clear it, placing his hand on his forehead for a long moment.

"Oh! Yeah! That did happen with Re--With Elly." He blushes fiercely he can't believe he almost did that.

"Doc figured out what the problem was real quick. I think you should talk to him, Lily." He nods. "He'll know what to do. He almost always does."

He brims with pride at....knowing the town doctor and eating his food?? Fei is a weird guy. "There was a whole regimen!"

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

"That's interesting," Lily says, because a little bit of magical data that passes in front of her isn't not going to get comments. But--Fei seems trobled, and Lily looks at him with some concern. "...I'm... sure it will," she says, but a little uncertainly, because she doesn't quite know what's on his mind.

"Yeah, it did," Lily says, "It lasted a while for her. I've never gone anything close to that long without it," Lily admits.

"Hmmm..." Doc. "I guess I will, then. I don't really want to risk it. But the answer might just be to actually rest. ...Wandering around helped the ache, but I'm a big girl, I'll manage."

"I'll see what the regimen was." Fei is a great guy. "..." Almost she apologizes for the trouble. Almost. "But maybe I should head back."

<Pose Tracker> Josephine Lovelace has posed.

    "Hope it does. Or I'm up shit creek the next time I get whalloped," remarks the archaeologist, shrugging her shoulders. "Take a rest up. See how you're doin'. You know you ain't no good at taking it easy, now. I mean really rest." She gains, for a moment, a sour expression.

    "...With 'Doc', huh," Josie remarks, smiling lopsidedly. She shakes her head, and ashes her cigarette. "Hey, whatever floats your boat. Guess it's better'n none if you're still feeling it, Tiger," she says, leaning back to gaze up at the sky.

    She lapses into a sort of silence for a moment, the half-grin fading from her face.

    She shakes her head after a moment, then glances over at the two of them.

    "Y'know, I was thinking about swinging by the bakery. The one with the cider doughnuts? Don't suppose you kids'd want some. As long as you're sittin' here, mind..."

<Pose Tracker> Fei Fong Wong has posed.

Fei is inclined to worry over Lily. It's in his nature. Not simply because she is just a link to the past, of course, but because...she's had a hard enough life as it is. If he could alleviate it just a little--he'd be happy to even if, every day, he has to remind himself that he can't carry the world. That weight is too heavy for anyone.

"She's really impressive isn't she?" Fei says, in the tone that only someone completely head over heels can use. "If I was in that position I don't know if I'd ever have the discipline to work through it like that." Though Doc can be pretty persistent, Fei long since noticed, so maybe he wouldn't have to on his own. And maybe Elly didn't really do it on her own either. BUT HE IS JUST SO PROUD OF HER YOU GUYS.

"If you think that's for the best." He says. "He's--" He looks to Josie and his cheeks redden again. "Y-yeah, I mean. He knows what he's doing. I trust him."

He seems relieved when Josie offers to go to the local donut shop. "Oh! Yeah, I'll have one!"

FEI'S WEAKNESS #1: That's his secret, captain. He's always hungry.

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

"Can't have that, right?" Lily says to Josie. "...Ugh. Yes, understand," she says, shaking her had and lifting a hand as if to ward something off. She is pretty bad at resting, on the whole. ...She knows Fei worries; it's part of why she reacts as she does. But...

"Yeah," Lily agrees with Fei. "She's pretty impressive." Lil knows darn well how Fei is about Elly but she happens to think Elly is pretty cool herself and may in fact ship it. It's fine.

"Might as well. It'd be irresponsible to make whatever worse considering that I'm a medic myself." Something about professional pride. But...

"You know, that does sound pretty good. I'm gonna be here a minute either way."

<Pose Tracker> Josephine Lovelace has posed.

    "Yeah... sounds like it," she says, on the topic of Elly. "Can't say I get it any, with your kinda much and all... but it sounds like she went through the wringer to get it back. Huh. I wonder..."

    But she trails off, and shakes her head.

    She glances sidelong at Fei. "You trust him, huh," Josie remarks, only to gaze down at the cigarette in her hand and shake her head, perhaps at some distant thought.

    "Well... that's small-town doctors for you, I guess. Wish mine'd been any good," she says, her lips twisting in a half-amused smile.

    Hers had probably done their best. At least she wasn't six feet under right now, like...

    She shakes her head.

    "Well, guess I'll make it a double, huh?" Josie remarks, standing up from where she'd planted herself on the bench. Dropping her cigarette, she grinds it under one booted heel. "Seeya in a few, kids."