2019-04-04: To Be Crimson is Noble

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  • Log: To Be Crimson is Noble
  • Cast: Riesenlied, Noeline, Marivel Armitage
  • Where: Besaid Island
  • Date: 4th November 2019
  • Summary: Noeline continues enjoying a pleasant break with Riesenlied. But when a mysterious stranger approaches them...!

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

The Fereshte is not exactly a well-kept secret; news of a Dragons-headed ship crashlanding near the waters of Besaid have passed through the town, along with the new community of kind of strange folk (Al Bhed? some of them ask; but no, they don't seem to speak the language) that have come with it. It's currently moored on one of Besaid's docks, having taken the time to help the little community out with some of its problems, whether Fiends or passing along trade between some of the merchant ships...

And amidst this, Noeline and Riesenlied have been spending time recuperating together. Today, they're on a grassy field that's fortunately not /too/ sunny, overlooking the village down the cliff; a soft breeze rustles the flowers and grass, as well as Riesenlied's light white gown and hair as she laughs and watches several of the chocobos frolick. It's grazing time, and they seem eager to show a little dance for the both of them.

"I thought they were cuccos at first, but... ah, they're just as gorgeous..." Riesenlied breathlessly says. She's still struggling to get back to good health, but a really positive mood like this is certainly helpful, isn't it?

She's leaning gently against the white chocobo that's personally taken to her, Moccy. Moccy's currently lounging right next to her in turn, curled up and dozing.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline is rapidly learning that for all that she can love urban areas and their noise and sprawl, she can also get right behind lazing around vibrant greens and blues, allowing herself a long-held mental breath. She had certainly been very wary of Besaid at first - the Al Bhed had warned them on the way in to port that machina were not looked upon kindly by the citizens of Spira, and she'd helped some of the more obvious crew members figure out a disguise for themselves...

... but the presence of the Fereshte itself seems to be accepted well enough, and though there are evidently some people in town that remain suspicious of them, the willingness and ability of the Outreach to help out wherever necessary has done much to smooth things over.

It's the sort of day where there hasn't been a lot to do, though, and Noeline has left her armor aside for the sake of comfort, her legs stretched out where she's lying next to Riese with her back also up against the white feathers of the nesting Moccy. Her robe would contrast against Riese's - black and red versus white and gold - if it weren't for the fact she's left the sleeves off and made it somewhat lighter. As it is, it just looks more like a sundress.

There's a small stack of books by her side, because of course there is, but rather than leaf through them she's settling for Riesenlied's good hand in her lap, running her thumb over the other woman's palm fondly.

"I do have to wonder if they're connected somehow. As if they started from the same place, then evolved in two different directions. They certainly seem to have a much gentler temperament most of the time," she adds, chuckling as she knows that won't mean a thing to Riesenlied. "Janey already wants us to find a red one, if we can."

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.



Janey has a sweating :> face as she stares down the girth of an incoming Choco Meteor. An upset red chocobo is nearby.

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

The camera pans around Riesenlied and Noeline showing that someone is watching the two with the chocobos. It's day so of course our friend--lets use the name Leviram today--our friend Leviram is shrouded in thick robes, a large black mage cap, and long sleeves and gloves. She is also wearing, new just for you two, a pair of glasses that are like those swirly glasses you see in Sailor Moon and other early anime sometimes. Clearly they function somehow but...! Swirly!

"Do mine eyes deceive me..." The blonde woman says. "But is that the great Crimson Noble Noeline and her one true love Riesenlied??"

She waddles over, arms swinging back and forth wildly as she approaches the duo.

"Wowww.... The Crimson Nobles...they were thought to be myth, yet here one stands...! I am so lucky. Oh oh oh can I take a picture? Wait, tis rumored Crimson Nobles do not appear in photographs. Ahhhh--nobody is going to believe me when they said I found a Crimson Noble! Tis tragic, tis far too sad!"

She pauses for a moment. She looks up towards the sun. she looks down towards Noeline. She looks at the bare skin.

"..." "..." A dotted line points towards the bare skin from Leviram's eyes.

"...I always thought that Crimson Nobles being unable to bask in the sun's glory was a bit too unrealistic! I'm going to have to tell the rest of the fan club this news... but will they believe me? Oh, oh, ohhh...."

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

Riesenlied seems rather terribly fond, of course; she's chosen some of the garments for Noeline herself as she has some talent for reconstructing and sowing the fabrics that the Fereshte use. Her momliness has gone up, about, ten points. And though there were initial fears of how the Besaid folk would accept or not accept them...

It seems to have all worked out.

"I heard the red ones are very bold and somewhat temperamental..." Riesenlied muses, before-- she blinks with a soft yelp and gazes towards the Black Mage with the milk-bottle glasses, just like Usagi's best friend U**no would wear!


Riesenlied's cheeks flush up just for a brighter moment, clinging a bit more reticiently at this eccentric figure! It's been a long while since someone's approached them primarily from Noeline's Crimson Noble stature...

"U-umm...." Riesenlied shuffles and squirms for a moment, looking to Noeline. She doesn't look like she knows how to take this...

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

The fact that Things Have Just Worked Out is a distinct relief for the faux Crimson Noble, who tends to make a habit of being rather wary of unknown situations. There's still the matter of them being stuck on Spira, but... well, as their jaunt to Lunar showed, they're not explicitly in danger, and until they can arrange a search for a way back to Filgaia, there isn't a great deal to do but recuperate. At least this time they actually have the Fereshte with them.

"I'd read the same, of course. Why else do you think she homed in on one of them?" she sighs theatrically as she shakes her head. "Even Mikaia told her she was going to get pecked, but you know what she's like when she's got an idea in her head." Her voice is absolutely fond, however, and she's chuckling to herself by the time the unknown figure speaks up.

The voice makes her arm tighten around Riesenlied protectively; she might be comfortable where she is, she might be less wary than she was, but some habits die very hard, especially when the odd newcomer begins to scrutinize her with curiosity.

It takes quite a moment for her to marshal some kind of idea of what to say, to let the blocks of logic pile up. It's been a remarkably long while since she /actively/ referred to herself as a Crimson Noble, preferring to leave the question up in the air for anyone not named Riesenlied. Which makes her assume the cloaked figure must be from Filgaia - but at this point, she kind of expects that any Drifter of note from Filgaia is going to know full well that she's a Metal Demon after the events of Arctica. Maybe they weren't at the Photosphere? Maybe they're from their time in Vane?

... there's a /fan club/?

With a huff of mild disbelief, she flicks out her hair with her free hand. Really, the clincher is their location. 'No, I'm actually a walking machina' isn't something she fancies admitting just outside Besaid. "Yes, well-- it is simply a matter of being strong enough to face it, that is all," she decides to dig a hole for herself instead, doing her best to rally. "I'm afraid you have us at a disadvantage - more than that, I didn't even realize we were known in Spira," she can't help but add in an attempt to probe slightly.

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

"Ah. Is it a matter of strength? But strength comes with a price. The stronger your strength, the stronger your weaknesses, no? Tis certainly how Mother perished. So strong, so weak... This isn't a way of saying 'I'm weak' is it? Well that's okay. I like all Crimson Nobles, big and small, strong and weak. They're all perfect." Leviram pauses. "Oh but I'm not from Spira. I'm from Aquvy." She pushes up her glasses. "That's just the fact about Crimson Nobles."

Maybe Aquvy doesn't know Noeline's DARK (not really) SECRET ((not really)).

Leviram bows extravagantly. "I am Leviram, The Real Ruler of the Crimson Nobles(' fan club)! Tis my pleasure to finally meet you. To think I would meet two of the saviors of Filgaia not on Filgaia, but in another world! Fancy that!"

She approaches more closely. "Though." She says. "The Crimson Nobles have always fought for Filgaia's well being, though a Hyadean doing so...that's pretty incredible too. Though you must hear compliments like that all the time."

She looks back to Noeline. "Were you born a Crimson Noble or did you choose to become one? I hear they are able to turn mortals into Crimson Nobles with just a sneaky little bite."

She pushes up those weird glasses again.

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

Riesenlied's first thought after she finishes rewiring all the circuits that's gone astray is:

There's a Noeline /fan club/??

The second thought is:

.... can I join it?

She wisely doesn't pipe up about this, especially because in a way she's got the VIP seat for that fan club anyway; the more quiet Hyadean of the two finds herself clinging a bit more, as Moccy wisely perks her head up and nuzzles her through some of her more anxious leanings.

"You know of the struggle with Mother...?" Riesenlied quietly murmurs. A pause. "It is true, in a way. Her single-minded desire to consume all had finally reached a point where she made many turn against her... as she discarded all pretense of what we as a species were to her. It still hurts to think of the years I spent clinging to her as a goddess..."

She bites her lip, her face sinking a little at that. Aquvy?

"Leviram...?" Riesenlied murmurs quietly. She looks to Noeline, then smiles just a bit more warmly. "... hehe... it's like I told you that one time too, Noeline, right? Leviram agrees too."

Maybe she's just that high on how romantic a setting this is right now that she can't be shaken for long. "The Crimson Nobles were Filgaia's custodians and protectors. I think, with all that you've done for Filgaia, and Wayside and me..."

That blush grows as she lays her good hand and squeezes it to Noeline's. Photogenic, actual Crimson Noble-slaying rays of sunshine flutter down around her.

"I think you're living the title in spirit, right...?"

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

The unusual figure knows about Mother - knows about Hyadeans, even. Noeline would probably not ever describe herself as an 'honest soul', but the fact remains that even when she was acting as a Metal Demon spy, she preferred to lie only by omission. Now, after everything she and Riesenlied and Wayside and the rest of the Hyadeans have been through, and how far she herself has grown, it feels... rather churlish to just let something like this slip by without being more open about it.

"Believe me, we are just as surprised to be here," she huffs back to Leviram with a sigh, temporarily slipping past the question of whether she's a weak Noble or a strong one. "It certainly wasn't as if we planned for it, that much is for sure. However it was that man got his hands on the Sorcery Globe to bring us here, it certainly turned out to be a damn sight stronger than a collapsing Elw transporter."

Already weighing up what to say, she looks to Riesenlied's encouragement with a quiet sigh and a lopsided smile, her hand squeezing Riesenlied's back as she takes a moment to bask in the other Hyadean's faith. "... I certainly hope I am," she replies fondly, just before puffing out her cheeks as her eyes light with mischief. "And I realize I am still not the best at accepting compliments, but I would at least like to think I'm getting there without needing too many reminders."

Looking back to Leviram, she pauses - and then tilts her head in a slight bow. "I am afraid I owe you an apology. In truth, I am a Hyadean, and can finally say I am proud of that fact. Where I call myself a Crimson Noble it is-- well, I suppose I would be part of that fan club as well, in the end. I can only hope, as Riese says, that perhaps I am living up to those standards."

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

"It was hardly subtle." Leviram says of the struggle with Mother. "And Filgaia still lives so she must have been defeated, no? With luck, permanently this time." she offers a crooked boogiepop smile which is slightly ruined by the presence of those ridiculous glasses. "But I wouldn't chastize yourself too much for believing in a false god. After all, tis a very Filgaian thing to do. Who can blame you for wanting to acclimatize?"

The smile fades. "Yes. They fought to protect Filgaia from danger. But now that mission is in the hands of mortals or, in your case, semi-immortals. In strange days such as this..."

She does not finish that thought. Instead she says, "Mm. In spirit. Yes."

She looks to Noeline. "But if tis in spirit, then that means you are not a Crimson Noble?"

Noeline sets aside her persona and speaks of the truth. Leviram listens quietly and it's impossible to tell what she's truly thinking with those ridiculous glasses of hers on her face though the fact that she's still wearing them, well, maybe THAT says something?

Except maybe not, because Marivel removes them as Noeline is speaking, eyes closed as she folds the glasses up and slides them into her robes.

"Well I suppose one could hardly represent the spirit of the Crimson Noble if they were too ashamed of their own people to admit they were of their people and if a race is only known for shameful acts, then it is the duty of those that wish to have true pride to rescue their people. As you have done. Not alone, but with the help of those dear to you. Your friends. And even in the darkest depths of the challenges set before you..."

She opens up her sanguine eyes.

"You were never alone. Since you are being honest with me, then I too shall be honest."

She pulls down the scarf, revealing a fanged smile.

"My true name is Marivel Armitage... Thank you for bringing the spirit of my people to your battle against the World Devourer. I imagine my people would have been proud to know you, Noeline, were I not the last."

Her eyes slant towards the books. "I see you are an avid reader. Well I can't say that is a racial trait, but it is a personal trait and perhaps we could exchange literature sometime?"

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

Riesenlied lowers her head for a moment, as Marivel speaks of not chastising herself too much. Well, perhaps not now. But the sting of what it meant for her to be so desperate to cling to something saintly and generous, something she molded out of her own mind to fit what she needed...

In those days right after Odoryuk and Nasrin left her...

She gently nods and clings closer to Noeline's hand as she works through admitting the truth. It's certainly a difference from when Noeline swanned back into her life, hearing her like this... but--

It doesn't make her any less admiring of her.

Her eyes widen a touch, though, when Leviram removes her glasses. "'My people'... wait-- eh--" Riesenlied blinks a few times, glancing to Noeline frantically, then back towards Marivel.

If she were less sickly, she might be reminded of /one/ of the books she's read from Noeline's collection. But she is, so it doesn't quite click to her right now. Still, the familiar sanguine eyes, the fanged smile...!

She smiles just a bit more fondly as she adds, "... and you rescued me too, Noeline. I still can't thank you enough for that. To think that a-- a real Crimson Noble would approve of you... I--"

She bashfully brightens, looking back towards Marivel. "Um. I guess we got ahead of ourselves... my name is Riesenlied. As you noted, I am Noeline's partner, here to support her with all her endeavours..."

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

"... stopping Mother, assaulting the Photosphere... I cannot exactly say if it was a matter of pride," Noeline admits with a crooked but warm smile, misty with nostalgia. "Perhaps it was in the end, and certainly in the aftermath - but I do not mind admitting that until we managed to recover Riese, fear and anger certainly came into play as well. And a very great deal of love, of course," she adds just like that, curling her hands around Riesenlied's to hold it between hers.

She pauses when the glasses come off. Naturally, she has rather better recall than Riesenlied when it comes to her beloved collection of dime novels, and some of them are /very/ well-thumbed. Whatever shade of red her eyes might have been so long ago, it wasn't the blood-red one that she has now, a colour that mirrors the gaze that Leviram levels towards them. Already there's a suspicion growing in the back of her mind, between the extent - and lack(?) - of the mysterious Drifter's knowledge.

The words that follow cause her to pull up short, and a dim voice in the back of her mind wonders if this is how Janey feels whenever she's getting a gentle and well-meaning lecture from Riese, where you're getting thanked and praised but still aren't quite sure if you're in trouble or not. "... I-- of course. Thank you," she tries after a moment, entirely uncertain of herself all of a sudden; she huffs and folds her arms to stall for time, resisting for the moment the urge to flick her hair out again. "I only did what I felt was right. I only did the things I could do."

She sounds a little dazed, because she's still trying to actually connect the figure in front of her to some of her books; bundled up under so many layers, it's proving a little bit difficult, and her gaze keeps getting stuck on the oversize fuzzy scarf. "That sounds, ah, pleasant. I'm sorry, I'm a little..." oh god, she tells herself, make sure Sanguine Nights 8 isn't in whatever stack you give her

Shaking that particular thought away, she can only chuckle softly as she accepts Riesenlied against her side. Trading verbally with Riesenlied is safer and firmer ground, and she raises an eyebrow at the other Hyadean's comment. "... she says that, but most of the endeavours are actually hers," she comments, and then tilts her head with a soft smile. "And I would prefer to say we share in them, rather than take all the credit myself."

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

Marivel has spent a fair amount of time with fearless youths who don't know better than to avoid a Crimson Noble so in a way, she has had her share of Janeys in her life.

"I approve of both of you," Marivel says. She's basically shameless but even she can get embarrassed at 'fans'. "I usually try to avoid 'fans'. They get the wrong idea about me, or my people, from what they read. I don't care to wrestle with such expectations."

"Most fans," Marivel says. "Most people who say they are Crimson Nobles tend to do so because they are enamored with the 'immortality' or the 'blood sucking monster'. That is why I use so many aliases these days, but this generation of Drifters...something seems special about them, it makes the smoke and mirrors seem a bit superfluous even if my nature is a bit puckish." She pauses. "Pardon the robes," She smirks ever so faintly. "But burning to dust would be inconvenient so far from home. I suppose I am not yet strong enough to endure it."

She nods once and adds, "I'm aware. Nobody can carry the world on their own. Tis a lesson you learned well. I have no complaints about your behavior, so you need not be defensive. I couldn't help but be a little mischevious though." She smiles, friendly. "Really I'm flattered. And it does give me comfort. Truly. Knowing that someone like you exists, and that you have such companions, even children..."

She tilts her head ever so slightly. "It makes me feel a little less extinct. You truly have my gratitude."

She does make her way over to the books, looking through them tenderly. She is SUCH a bibliophile and she can't contain herself any longer.

"Sadly, my books are all at home. But I would invite you to it if you have a mind. Tis not wholly a safe home, but tis home."

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

"... if you're going to chide me, then I will chide you too," Riesenlied remarks lightly to Noeline, "I couldn't have -- wouldn't have wanted it any other way. That you wore everything in your heart so close to your sleeve... that was part of what brought me through Alhazred's dark programming. And you know I would support any endeavour you undertake on your own."

She swallows faintly, bashfully as she looks to Marivel again. Listening to what she thinks most people who say they are Crimson Nobles do.

"We came from a very fearful place, the Photosphere. A cold, harsh place where one isn't encouraged to be their own person."

A pause, as she closes her eyes in fond reminisce for a moment. "And in the midst of that... Noeline's choice to form an identity of her own, was what sparkled brighter than any star, and inspired me in turn."

Her eyes open as she smiles wider and says, "Ah-- you know about our children too? They're wonderful, and they love Noeline's stories. And yours too, if you would share some..."

A pause, as she looks to the books herself, as Moccy shuffles just a little bit out of the way. "A home?" She looks at Noeline again. "I imagine it would be back in Filgaia, but if you wish to visit... we'll get the Fereshte to take us there."

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline is still kind of catching up to the fact a Crimson Noble just revealed herself moments after rattling off a bunch of questions about Noeline's being a Crimson Noble. She's left staring and trying to catch up as Marivel tracks off the common reasons that people idolize the creatures of the night, and has enough self-awareness to duck her head and look rather embarrased about it.

She never cared about the 'immunity' or the 'blood' side of things, of course, but she also didn't have a particularly altruistic outlook either, not until Riese's influence drew her in that direction. Being enamoured with 'looking elegant as hell' and 'acting haughty while you curl up in a dusty library with a glass of red wine' feels like only a very minor step upwards.

Not to mention, when Marivel ribs her about her 'strength' comment from earlier, which leaves her clearing her throat. "W-well-- I only had books to go off, after all, and none of them agreed," she grumbles awkwardly as she goes on the defensive. "Some of them had wildly differing expectations. Very few of them mentioned heavy boots and enough coats to swaddle a shoopuf. I think one of them mentioned sunblock, even," she adds, though with a glum frown. That one always felt rather hackneyed to her.

"... it started as a means to /disguise/ what I was," she continues after a moment, softer now as the word 'extinct' had registered to her. It isn't exactly a surprise, but 'one' is very different to 'none', and it feels like she should skirt around that topic carefully. "But as Riese says, over time, it became /who/ I was instead."

Noeline knows very well that the pair of them can go around in these circles for days - so rather than argue with Riesenlied further, she just lets out a soft and pleased breath at her words, leaning in a little closer to share some space with her. For a moment, their rings glint, close together, as feelings are exchanged.

"We shall see," she admits with a wry but warm smile. "I would certainly be willing to accept the hospitality - but depending on what happens, I am not going to take the Fereshte carry a collection of refugees over the sea just so that I can pay a house visit. I think that would make me a rather irresponsible village chief, and I suspect we all are in no rush," she teases merrily.

The general idea behind her current stack of reading material was to immerse herself in the history of Spira, as she tends to do whenever she's somewhere new. Unfortunately, it turns out that 'Sin floods cities on a regular basis' means that paper is in relatively short supply, so most of it is temple tracts being used as bookmarks for some of the Lunar history she's yet to get through. And, sure enough, a couple of well-loved older books about Crimson Nobles.

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

Marivel watches the relationship between the two Hyadeans. She finds their play with one another to be very sweet, familiar even. She doesn't make much audible comment on it, but her eyes say 'awwww' all the same even if her mouth does not. Odds are she is quite interested in curling in a dust library with a glass of red ... something so it's not like Marivel can't empathize. She almost doesn't seem to be paying attention as she instead goes through the books, humming lightly to herself a soft simple melody. She eventually just clucks her tongue at it largely being religious material. Weirdly, she hasn't had trouble finding anything like that. "This place truly is a troubled land." She sighs. "But you seem to be reading about Lunar's history. Lovely." She isn't even being sarcastic, though she is being a little brief here.

"Would I have only been sent to this 'Magic Academy of Vane' I hard about. I would have had so much to read. Yet now I am in a membership of a guild so far away. Truly, I almost feel as if I have been scammed."

Not that she can rrreally pay dues right now. And she hasn't seen Lemina in like a month. So, you know, there's that.

"Of course, I'm not expecting to take a ship of refugees to Aquvy for no reason. But I have a sneaking suspicion..." Her read raises slightly. "That you'll find your way there. Devil's intuition, you could say."

She winks with one eye.

"May I pet your bird friend? I haven't seen a chocobo looking quite like it yet."


"Mm?" She looks over to Riesenlied. "Oh? Oh! Oh yes. I do know them. I can't speak of it. I am under a geas."

She is full of shit but she knows kids enjoy their privacy.

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

Riesenlied can only smile fondly at Noeline's own recollection of the events, knowing they saw it differently despite reflecting well upon each other. She lowers her head for a moment. "I can only hope our young have a chance to see this new world for themselves, and decide on their own power what it is they want to do. The Outreach can offer shelter to who needs it..."

A pause, as she looks up to the air above. "But I've accepted that it's with a soft touch and diversity that our people will be able to regain their culture, not under an enforced doctrine under one rule."

She chuckles very faintly as she says, "We don't need to keep carrying everyone around -- New Petra's grown enough that most of those we are looking after stay there, and those that remain on the ship are as much its custodians as the caretakers of those we seek to aid and provide relief to..."

Does Riesenlied know about Sanguine Nights 8? Maybe that's the reason she exploded into red a few dozen scenes back...

She bashfully looks back to Marivel. "I'm sorry. I ruminate a lot on our people... it's a very sensitive time for them. As you say, no one can hold up the world on their own..."

And the fact that she can say that, perhaps, is a sign of maturity of her own.

Moccy perks just a little as Riesenlied nods warmly, saying, "Moccy's very kind... she took to Noeline and I very earnestly. Did you--" as the chocobo croons her neck forward gently, smiling towards the Crimson Noble.

She blinks a few times. "O-oh? Hmm... to think Janey would be adhering to a geas of her own...!"

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

Noeline's chuckle is a little bashful, but she seems in good cheer. "I have always enjoyed reading human history, even if it can be exasperating at times. Stories, tales, rumours - one of my favorite reads was a farmer's almanac I picked up in Meribia. A lot of it was superstition, but the point is trying to work out where the superstitions come from."

"Unfortunately, Spira seems to prefer to focus on how pious you can be at any given moment," she sighs out. "I suppose I can't blame them for not dwelling significantly on the past in a land where that creature roams around, and it doesn't do anyone any good to stockpile books if they're just going to be destroyed, but it's still a bit of a shame. If you don't read about your past, you can't learn from it."

The Crimson Notble rests a hand on Riesenlied's arm in support as she speaks of their race's future - and then chuckles to herself as she is addressed. "I... suppose you're right. We've had to move around so much, it almost feels bizarre to think there's nothing actually threatening us anymore. Well, outside of the litany of things that threaten everyone on Filgaia on a general basis," she grumbles the next moment, puffing out her cheeks. "But certainly nothing targeted, that much is true."

She's recovering a little of her pomp, sounding a bit self-important as she huffs and tries to keep up appearances - but pauses to snort suspiciously at Marivel's statement, her eyebrows raised. "Just to be absolutely clear, Janey does not have the ability to magically geas anyone. She tried to geas me into doing the laundry last week, and that /strangely/ failed to take. I think she had just learnt the word and decided she loved it."

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

Marivel can't help but think of her own people, though she's probably grateful that Riesenlied and Noeline haven't leapt on that particular topic despite the invitation being extended. Her fingers twitch slightly on the way to the chocobo before finally placing a hand on Moccy's neck. She doesn't try to bite it though, so there's that. Instead, she gives it a nice long pet, though with such a light touch.

  • Marivel feels her soul calm.
  • FP at maximum

Marivel says, "Mm? Something's threatening you. There are so many threats surrounding you two it's terrifying, honestly. I'm not even sure which one to begin with." Pet. Pet pet. Marivel's eyes narrow. She feels like she could get dangerously used to this. Maybe she should pull herself away lest she get addicted.

... ... Okay one more. Pet.

"Though yes, I suppose most of them are more general in nature and are threatening everyone rather than you. I think more pertinently the threat facing Filgaia right now is less whether Filgaia will be eaten by some kind of horrorterror, or if some god will declare war on it, but rather the kind of Filgaia we wish to be for the forseeable future."

She looks to Noeline. "Vinsfeld's threat is not that he will destroy Filgaia, though he might. The threat is that he wishes to live in a simple world with simple rules and simple solutions and that simple rules and simple solutions are very appetizing, like blood to a crimson noble so as to Drifters and people to a fascist."

She gestures forward with one hand. "Filgaia cannot afford to be a simple world with the challenges we face in the future. We must be united to face our future threats, but we must also be diverse and opinionated and free. That is what I believe. Tis possibly not the easiest method to rely on, but tis a method for success admist many failures. And his access to this sorcery Globe concerns me. Your original mission statement was concerned with weapon proliferation?"

She focuses on Riesenlied. "Well, I know not what the Sorcery Globe and I would say that's alarming. If tis not a weapon, tis something far worse and an item that perhaps should not be in anyone's hands, especially not mine own."

She smiles at Noeline. "But a child's self confidence is amongst the most powerful magic of all."

She looks down a moment later, that dread melancholic threatening to push in again. She has the gist of why. This is familiar. This is perhaps similar to a dream she once had, a dream that grows fainter with every passing year, enhanced only by her own desperation and desire and--at least--a touch of hope.

"I hope we can be friends, Noeline. I know it is not something one decides when a strange woman comes to visit but I'm sure we will see each other again."

She looks to Riesenlied. "It goes for you as well. Anybody who strives as hard as you have for the sake of Filgaia...is someone I can appreciate in these times." Pause. "Plus they're so adorable. It's criminal."

<Pose Tracker> Riesenlied has posed.

Moccy croons just a little bit as she feels the hand -- it might be a bit different than what she's expecting, but as a radiator of natural warmth and calmness, Moccy doesn't seem to mind so much.

Riesenlied looks on cheerfully as Marivel continues to pet Moccy, smiling a bit more ruefully as she says, "It's true that there are plenty of threats to us, in Filgaia. But at the same time..."

She lowers her head as she expresses and encourages of Noeline's expression of not being targeted, "We used to be hunted actively by our brethren as traitors. We've lost two villages to various circumstances. Now that we've passed through under Mother's shadow together... we have enough of a base to establish more places for suffering people to receive aid."

She's spoken a little more about this with Fei and Elly, and she still feels reticient. "Vinsfeld's speech shakes me utterly. It reminds me of the kinds of temptations that plagued me about how to sway people... and the manner in which he weaves half-truths to create a narrative simple enough that wounded people are compelled towards, brushing over that things... are not that simple."

She sucks in a haggard breath, thinking of the Sorcery Globe.

"The Sorcery Globe landed in Elluria not long ago, and it affected hundreds, if not thousands of monsters to go berserk around it. When we were still with... father," a momentary look of pain as she pushes through it, "and the rest of the Metal Demon forces, we struck out in a mission to contain it."

She frowns quietly. "You should know that we contained it underneath a forcefield of Alhazred's making -- which clearly has now failed as Vinsfeld has secured it. But what we also trapped underneath that forcefield..."

There's a pensive look on her face.

"...was a Fell Dragon, a devastating creature we now know is a Seraphim that has succumbed utterly to Malevolence." She looks pretty exhausted about it. "I... I do not know where this Fell Dragon has gone. Whether it is loose in Filgaia, or it was teleported here with us to Spira, or..."

She does have a tired smile by the end of it. Speaking of official matters, about Filgaia's defence, does drain her quite a bit.

"Thank you," she speaks of Marivel's offer of friendship. "To know we have more friends in this effort... lightens my heart quite a lot."

Moccy lets out a cute 'kweh!' in response.

<Pose Tracker> Noeline has posed.

With an amused laugh, Noeline shakes her head. "You are certainly right, but I am doing my best to keep a more positive outlook these days," she retorts in a rather bright fashion. "I think both of us have learned that it is a matter of picking our battles, and picking when to rest. And this, at least for the time being, appears to be the latter. Spira might be a rather unfortunate land, but it certainly is rather pretty."

Noeline looks back at the Crimson Noble, her mouth drawn into a thin line. Where Riesenlied's feelings on Vinsfeld's speech are those of fear and self-reflection, Noeline's are quite obviously ones of anger, a quiet anger that obviously mirrors Marivel's own feelings on the matter - but the Hyadean exhales a rough breath and merely drags her hand through her hair rather than cause an immediate outburst. Only once she's done a quick counting to ten does she rest her hand back on Riesenlied's, carefully linking their fingers together as the other woman speaks of the Sorcery Globe.

"Really... that feels like a whole world ago. And I suppose it was, in even the most literal of senses," she puffs out a breath. The joke is more to clear the air than anything else, to let Riesenlied know that it isn't something to dwell on right now - and as such, she follows it up with a rather amused chuckle towards the Crimson Noble.

"You say that, but it turned out that 'dumping a girl in the laundry hamper' was a stronger magic still," she smirks for a moment, showing her own fangs. "I-- would be honoured. Really, I thought you might be angry, more than anything," she admits with a sigh, running her hand through her hair in a lighter fashion this time. "But we are very good at making strange people into friends, it turns out."

<Pose Tracker> Marivel Armitage has posed.

"Fair point," Marivel admits to 'Dumping A Girl In The Laundry Hamperara' being a powerful spell indeed. Noeline points out that she thought she'd be /angry/ and Marivel says, "Well... to be honest, I was at first...but before I elected to make my displeasure known, I heard more and that convinced me to stay my claw." She gestures forward with one hand. "Patience CAN be a virtue, it turns out. Even I never expected what would come out of your 'Ebony Wings' in the end." She closes her eyes for a moment. "And I must admit, I am quite proud to see former enemies fighting together. It is a rare sight indeed, but an encouraging one. Perhaps more of Filgaia can follow in your example. I've been rather charmed by the Princess Adelhyde, but to be fair--so was Vinsfeld. Some people are universally popular, it seems."

She stares at Riesenlied as she explains of her own interactions with the Sorcery Globe. It seems the vampire did not know about the Hyadean's interactions with it.

"A Fell Dragon... An entity Seraphim can become." This might be something to tell Lanval. "...Though if t'were no longer there, I hate to imagine where it might have gone off to. And Alhazred had been investigating it as well? Of course he would. Tch."

She looks to the side. "That globe may be the greatest danger facing Filgaia yet and I do not like being in the dark about it... I must pray that Alhazred's readings proved as 'fruitful' as mine own...but I doubt it. I had minutes. Who knows how long he had?"

She sighs.

"Anyway. A Fell Dragon being on the loose in Filgaia should certainly be mentioned to Seraph Lanval. And I ought to tell my people what you have told me as well. Still, it is possible it was merely sent back to Lunar. It seems 'time/space' manipulation is one of its capabilities. It would not surprise me if the monsters it was summoning all came from other worlds." She nods once. "In which case, it certainly seems like a very strange invasion...but Elluria has already suffered potent consequences. If you are interested in continuing the investigation of this Globe, know you have my full support and, Valeria willing, ARMS as well."

She considers the potency of Vinsfeld's words.

"If they prove powerful, tis but ourselves we have to blame. But..." She smiles. "Yes. Friends."

She exhales once. "I ought move on. But..."

She trails off again and shakes her head. "Another time. Take care of yourselves. Tis a strange land we are in for which even mine eyes are unattuned."

She fades into mist--and then away altogether.