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IC Information
Full Name: Jean
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): ??? (20s?)
Hometown: ??? (Carnival)
Hair Colour: Green
Class: Ex-Assassin
Role: Drifter
Bounty: Dead or Alive (Althena)
OOC Information
Theme: Feature Character
Groups: Vile Fiends
Player: Bel

"I will always be the adversary of evil. And now that I know who you are... You must be stopped."

Jean is a vivacious, fun-loving woman who always seems ready with a smile, a joke, or a drink. Once she was the star dancer of a traveling caravan, and she still treasures the memories and family she made there--but that is not what the world at large knows her for. She is known as a Vile Fiend, one of the companions of Lucia the Destroyer, and as a student of the vicious Shadow Dragon Cult, whose terrible martial arts she is said to use to terrorize Althena's faithful. The truth is a little more complicated; she left the Shadow Dragon and ran from her past for many years, but moved finally to start to confront it... only to find that the other student she'd tried to break through to has broke free herself, and killed their former Master. Now she operates tirelessly to root out the remnants of the Cult and ensure no child is stolen again like she was. ...But can she ever really face her past without the full truth of her brutal martial art? And is her quest really so close to over?


The truth of Jean's past is that she was raised as a member of the Shadow Dragon Cult, taken as a child and thrust into a life of brutal indoctrination. More than most, however, she had a true talent for the Cult's work; an extraordinary martial artist, Jean fought through grueling training and habitual injury to show herself as possibly her masked Master's greatest student. The training alone would have been enough to leave blood on her hands, but she did more than train.

What happened to make her change her mind about her way of life is unknown, but she confronted her Master with her realizations, with the truth that the Shadow Dragon's heart was not strength, but death--and she was struck down for it, falling to what should have been her death... and instead was found by the people of Giban's Caravan, and taken in as one of their own. They nursed her to health and accepted her regardless of her past, and they became the family she'd never had. She swore that she would never fight again, and for years she could keep that oath. She had time to heal, and to start a new life; she threw herself into the caravan once she'd healed, and became their star dancer in seemingly no time at all. She got to know the travelling life, discovered music and love and Althena, and became adept at dodging the crackdown's of Althena's so-called Chosen.

She couldn't run from her past forever. After a fateful encounter with Hiro and Lucia, Jean broke her oath, and fought to save her family in the caravan from a terrible monster. She'll always be grateful to Hiro for helping her to realize that, and she would quickly become friends with Lucia, Ronfar, Ruby, and soon enough Lemina. This, because she realized that day that she had to go with them, to seek out the spectres of her past and confront them, once and for all: not only to help Lucia's mission, but to put an end to the Shadow Dragon Cult and ensure that no one else would have to live as she had.

Chapter 1, Act 1

Reaching Filgaia on a magic carpet ride, strting to explore, and finding Adelhyde, Jean found herself busy searching for a way home and enjoying the local cuisine--among other things. When the Metal Demons came, she fought with the others to escape the city, and she also fought in the Lacour Tournament of Arms, despite the fact that she was unwilling to make use of her martial arts.

She would take a terrible injury from Harken as the Metal Demons came to the Guardian Temple, but it was healed by Lucia during a battle with the Guard, one of the many reasons Jean cares about the so-called Lord of Calamity. But they dove their way into the temple eventually...

And found that not even the Guardians could lift Lucia's curse of Malevolence.

Chapter 1, Act 2

The next step came from the Baskar Colony, the news of the statues that must be sealed and protected in order to stop Mother. But Jean here would also try to help a friend, one Asteroid the Kid, even as the machinations of Alexander Castle came to light. She was one of those who went into the Krosse catacombs, and was driven out like the others by the budding Malevolent Domain.

Later, when Drifters and others converged on the Pleasing Gardens, she was not part of the battles for Life and Death. Instead, she faced off with Lucia against the true Lord of Calamity, in a desperate effort to send that menace back to the Silver Star. So it was that when they succeeded, Jean would return to her home world...

Chapter 1, Act 3

Naturally, she and the other Vile Fiends run into trouble near-immediately. But after they extricate themseles from /that/, it's on to Zulan, where Jean is part of a mission to save the innocent--even as Lucia puts her mission first. But in the end it's Lucia who comes to save them rather than moving on without them, and Jean finds herself indebted to Lucia again. She doesn't mind.

She is finally on the trail of the Shadow Dragon once again, but ends up in a hopeless battle against Id as she tries to pursue them. They are saved by the appearance of the Guard--and, more notably, by the Dragonmaster Ghaleon himself. ...Which puts them in the hands of the children of Taben's Peak, rather than the Shadow Dragon at all.

It isn't to last; the Shadow Dragon is at her heels in the form of Pearl, ambushing her and Hiro alone and then going after the children at the Peak. In the sewers beneath Meribia, Jean starts the long, long journey of confronting her past. They are able to drive off the Cult, and her old Master... and she knows that it isn't over.

Lunn's tournament is held--and Jean is revealed as a former assassin of the Shadow Dragon to the world when the Cult attacks in the midst of the tournament, and the Blue Master is not the only Hero she will encounter in those days. She is there when the Red Priestess Mauri goes after the statue of Celesdue--and the Seraph Lanval becomes a heretic.

She is there, at the lighthouse of Azado, to fight a terrible creature in the nature of a fiery Hellion... and she is there, when Sin attacks. They return to Filgaia, desperate...

Chapter 1, Act 4

She is on the periphery of the battle against Mother, but contributes in her way. She mostly explores the world and seeks advantages for the battle to come. But what comes is more than she expected...

Chapter 1, Epilogue

Jean would be one of those to brave Love's Cradle, with friends including the Seraph Lanval and Lydia Seren. She has a lot to say about the Seraph Ragnell on the way down. And much to say about love. She is there, at the very bottle, to stop the Trial Knight's plan, theirs and Ragnell's both. She fights not with hatred in her heart, but something entirely different, to save Filgaia. It is an echo of what her future will be, in its way, because she refuses to call forth the power of the Shadow Dragon.

A spell to sweep aside the unworthy does not destroy her, though she is sure that it should. She shows what she has instead of strength, which is more than the power to kill. A miracle comes... and still, she does not understand.

But the world is saved.

Chapter 2, Act 1

Across the world, on the other side of the ocean... some things were still the same. Old secrets and hidden places persist, as do those who would make use of them. Jean faces her old Master once again, along with his acolytes--including Pearl. There, she learns a lesson in pain, and unleashes the secret technique she had not even attempted since that day so long ago: The Shadow Dragon Storm.

They escape, with her Master's mask cracked, and she feels a step closer towards her true self. ...Whatever that may be.

she is not there at Operation Mi'ihen, and she is barely a part of the war, existing on the periphery. She is one of many to flee underneath Macalania.

Chapter 2, Act 2

Back on Filgaia, Jean has much to consider. Pearl reaches out to her; they have a discussion long overdue. Pearl is willing to at least listen--to Jean's explanation, and to her promise. Jean makes her resolve anew.

She is often on the periphery of events here, as focused as she is upon her goal, but she is one of those who run through the Main Gate and arrive in te Al Bhed Home... and the Fereshte.

Chapter 2, Act 3

In the latter parts of the war between Bevelle and Althena's Guard, Jean is one of those who helps to create a distraction to allow others to fight their way into the city.

She is there, when the Seraph Harmaus confronts the 'Destroyer' Lucia.

And when the Master of the Shadow Dragon is dead, it is not by her hand. She hears of it from Pearl, the Master's killer, and while she feels great relief, she is troubled as well, for she learns that all along he as Blue Master Lunn. Jean decides to travel with Pearl for a while, to shield her and train her on her journey, while Jean herself prepares to hunt down the rest of the Cult.

Eventually, when the secrets underneath Zanarkand are brought to light and the old way of defeating Sin is gone forever, Jean leaves on her own, to hunt the remaining teachers and students of the Shadow Dragon Cult. In this she relies upon the help of the Seraph Amaranth and others.

Chapter 2, Act 4

The trail of the Shadow Dragon Cult grows cold, and Jean returns to her friends. By this point a lot has happened without her... but she's going to keep her promise, to help open the way to Althena, even if her reason for going to Pentagulia now lies dead in Spira. She owes her friends that much, and it may offer her an opportunity to see how deep the Shadow's corruption went...

Skills, Powers and Abilities

Jean is a talented dancer, highly athletic and skilled in a variety of styles. Her skill is such that she's learned to channel magic into her steps when she chooses, drawing on Althena's Blessing of the Shadow element to create illusions and other effects to hinder foes--magic she learned from others in the caravan. She's not much of a mage, though. In truth most of her combat abilities stem from pure physicality; she can leverage her grace in combat and even use dancing props like her fans as weapons. ...But it goes beyond creative use of dancing.

The truth is that Jean's combat abilities stem from long years of training in the martial arts--in the arts of the Shadow Dragon. It's a powerful style, one that draws on the whole body as a weapon; it favors powerful strikes and unrelenting advances, drawing on the darkness within its practitioner to ignore pain and sow terror and pain in her foes. With it, she is capable not only of precise and devastating blows, but of directing her ki into distance strikes--or even in techniques that turn a foe's life energy against him, like the dreaded Shadow Dragon Palm. It is a brutal art of death, and its true practice revels in its awful methods.

Jean once swore to herself that she'd never use its techniques again, but in the face of an awful danger that threatens far more than just herself, she has drawn on some of this power. Sometimes, she's drawn on more of it than she would like to admit that she still can. Maybe most frightening of all about the Shadow Dragon is that the level at which Jean practices now is nothing close to the power she brought to bear in the days before she left the Cult, and she may have been the best, but she was not the only talented student.


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