2019-06-02: Treasure Trackers!

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  • Log: 2019-06-02: Treasure Trackers!
  • Cast: Layna Manydays, Tetra, Talise Gianfair, Tethelle Cirdian, Seraph Lanval, Sephilia Lampbright
  • Where: Luca - Port District
  • Date: June 02, 2019
  • Summary: In these aimless times in a land none of them recognize, few greater uniting causes exist than that of finding Treasure. With a capital T. An accomplished pirate of the Deku Isles throws in her lot... in search of an even greater lot of Treasure, of course!

===============================================<* Luca - Port District *>===============================================

Luca is the largest port and second-largest city in Spira, located the southern tip of the archipelago's largest island. Its location as the central port for Spira's surrounding islands has turned Luca into a thriving economic hub; Besaid, Kilika, and a dozen smaller islands all send their goods to Luca for sale, and even the Al Bhed are known to trade here from time to time.

The port district is an immense, bustling area. The largest port in Luca brings in ships from across Spira -- from small fishing ships from Besaid to Al Bhed salvage ships to large sailing vessels from Bevelle -- and a massive market to match. A large seawall keeps the waters at bay, with piers extending out past the seawall into the water.

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CIlRCYnZcg
<Pose Tracker> Layna Manydays has posed.

It's a nice, sunny day in Luca! There may be some tension building behind the scenes, but it's hard to tell with the way the sun keeps shining. If it registers at all to Layna, it's somewhere deep in the back of her mind as she stands at the end of one of Luca's piers, telescope up to one eye and peering out into the distant sea.

"...It's a fine day for sailing." Layna observes, collapsing the telescope and returning to its place on her belt. "Shame the Empress didn't come over with us - wouldn't mind taking her out for a spin in weather like this."

She sighs, but shrugs.

"Oh well. That's the lot of it, I suppose. You wager they've got any smaller vessels here to borrow?" Layna questions, looking about.

There was something about a place like this that inspired her inner sailor. It was just a shame that Sin's presence meant they couldn't go too far out into the waters.

The pier she's standing on is currently empty and unused. In the coming days this was likely to change, but for now it was the perfect meeting place for anyone with a fondness for the sea - and had a tendency to draw such people to it, as well.

<Pose Tracker> Tetra has posed.

Spira is... disorienting, to say the least. Tetra still has not found a ship that she's that right mix of 'charmed by' and 'comfortable with the idea of stealing;' despite being a notorious pirate, she has standards! Even if right now those standards are kind of in the way...

That's not to say that she's gotten discouraged enough to conclude that there *is no* ship she'd be comfortable with stealing, mind you. Which is what brings us to the present situation: Tetra ambling through Luca's port, occasionally keeping an eye on some of the ships coming and going. Occasionally, she looks at one for a few longer moments and looks like she's thinking *really* hard about it.

Some of her crew are distributed through the area, too -- though they're... well, not *inconspicuous*, but at least, not being very loud about their presence.

<Pose Tracker> Tetra has posed.

Spira is... disorienting, to say the least. Tetra still has not found a ship that she's that right mix of 'charmed by' and 'comfortable with the idea of stealing;' despite being a notorious pirate, she has standards! Even if right now those standards are kind of in the way...

That's not to say that she's gotten discouraged enough to conclude that there *is no* ship she'd be comfortable with stealing, mind you. Which is what brings us to the present situation: Tetra ambling through Luca's port, occasionally keeping an eye on some of the ships coming and going. Occasionally, she looks at one for a few longer moments and looks like she's thinking *really* hard about it.

Some of her crew are distributed through the area, too -- though they're... well, not *inconspicuous*, but at least, not being very loud about their presence. After a few moments, though, she spots Layna at that empty pier, and decides to approach her pirate senior. She walks up easily, with a wave and a smirk. "Hey," she says, looking out toward the sea.

<Pose Tracker> Talise Gianfair has posed.

The tension isn't lost on Talise but for today, she doesn't let it bother her. She just slides along with Layna, her lute and sword over her shoulder.

"Yeah. Having a ship on Lunar would be awful handy." She flashes a wry smile to the older pirate. "But we'll just have to make do. If nothing else, we can go to the beach."

talise you could do that in meribus too

Nevertheless, the big swordswoman brings her arms up over her head and clasps her hands, arching into a languid stretch. The sea air breathes across her face. In a way, being at the port evokes a lot of memories - some more fond than others. She smiles and tries to focus on the good ones. Bringing one arm down, she rests her hand on the shoulder of the person nearest to her.

It happens to be Tethelle. "...If nothing else, it always seems to be beautiful out here."

When Tetra comes strolling up, Talise tilts her head and flashes a smile. "How's it," she asks before glancing at Layna. "Friend of yours?"

<Pose Tracker> Tethelle Cirdian has posed.

"Isn't it, though?"

Tethelle's opinion on Spira varies. Having to hide her faith is the hardest part, as they have their own and - especially now - don't take well to 'heretics'; beyond that, she sometimes feels like she fit in better in some of Filgaia's big cities, and she's *from* Filgaia.

But today, at this moment, it isn't all bad. Oh, Sin is bad, and what is almost certain to be a violent uprising is worse, but she's trying not to think of them right now, for if she worries about them constantly she'll just drive herself mad.

And it is a nice day; Talise has that right.

Tethelle has her large sword slung almost casually but has not carried a lot of other excess gear with her. She doesn't need to around Luca. She shifts where the hilt points to not accidentally jab Talise in the side when the hand comes down in her shoulder - if Tethelle pokes Talise she wants it to be on purpose because she made a horrible joke or something.

She glances at Tetra, but clearly doesn't recognize her. So much for famous pirates. "Ah. Hello," she says, but assumes Tetra is here to talk to Layla - she seems pretty intent. Must be someone she knows.

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    Lanval's been quiet for the most part since a recent ferry trip. He's still quiet today. He hasn't made a play for that patch of road at Luca's markets in some time, a desire that continues to mystify friends as much as it does frustrate the locals every time he decides he just wants to plop down right on that part of the market roads.
     Nope, the oafish Water Seraph of a greater station than first appears - or even second appears - has taken a seat somewhere around the nearby pier where everyone else is. Try as he might, outside of a few pleasant and fun distractions, the innate melancholy of Spira's atmosphere seems to press down ever more.
     The only reason he hasn't gone to sleep inside his bottle-vessel yet is because it always feels like Sin could be around the corner, waiting to strike. Doesn't want to be sleeping on his mortal friends when (not if, when) that happens.
     "Mmmmph," Lanval grunts as he faces the Spira oceans, turning his head when a young woman comes up to address Layna about something or another but doesn't do a whole lot of engagement... yet, anyway.

<Pose Tracker> Sephilia Lampbright has posed.

Sephilia's *also* been quiet since a recent ferry trip. The thing is, Sephilia's also been very cheerful and smiling. When she thinks anyone's watching, anyway.

She knows she's not fooling anyone, but she's also very not interested in talking about it.

At least it's a nice day, too. She can stay near her friends and just hug Chauncey for comfort, in the warm sun, and almost feel normal.

She's mildly interested in Tetra, though. There looks like there might be a Story there.

<Pose Tracker> Layna Manydays has posed.

"Aye, aye, that we can." Layna remarks with a chuckle at Talise's comment. With that said she turns to face Talise and the others...when she spots a familiar face walking through the port with purpose. And they spot her, as well, from the way she adjusts course to approach her and the others.

A wide grin spreads across her face.

"Captain Tetra! Good to see you again, lass - how fare you?" Layna asks, then glances toward Talise with a nod.

"Aye, that she is. She's a woman of the sea, same as us - though, she hails from Filgaia!" She confirms, a subtle way of saying that she's a pirate too. Tetra might be younger than her, but she still shows her the same respect she'd show any fellow captain.

<Pose Tracker> Tetra has posed.

That's all correct! That *is* someone Layna knows. Though come to think, she might not be the only one -- if only in passing.

Tetra ambles up to the group proper a little more earnestly, and shoots back, "Pretty okay! I'm kinda choosy about ships, so I haven't managed to... pick up... a new one yet, but I'm still looking. Actually, I was looking right now, but I thought I'd at least say hi."

The young captain -- honestly, probably younger than Sephilia -- takes a moment to more formally introduce herself to the rest of the group. "I'm Captain Tetra, scourge of the Deku Isles! Fearless pirate! At your service." ... Surprisingly, it doesn't sound like that's the bravado of a child playing make-believe, either -- at least, she sounds like she's completely serious.

"So what about you?" she asks, turning the question around on Layna. "And your -- crew? Friends?"

<Pose Tracker> Talise Gianfair has posed.

"No kidding?" Talise blinks towards Layna with an arch of her brows, moving one hand to rest at her hip. "Always nice to meet someone else who's fond of the sea."

She flashes Tetra a smile, momentarily marveling at the fact that this person appears to be younger than Sephilia but carries herself completely differently. "Talise Gianfair, but Tal's fine. Nice to meet you."

With a sweep of one arm, she gestures out across the water. "We're adventurers at this point! Crisscrossing the world, seeing what there is to see. Actually I grew up on a pirate ship, myself, though you won't find ships like that around Luca - nobody here wants to go out into the deeper part of the ocean."

She leaves the reasons why unsaid. Nobody needs to be reminded that Sin exists.

<Pose Tracker> Sephilia Lampbright has posed.

Sephy's smile becomes less forced for a moment. "I'm Sephilia Lampbright. I'm an explorer! My Dad was also a famous explorer, but on Lunar, so if you're from Filgaia you won't have heard of him, and uh, the local people here are I guess we're on Lunar still but they don't know my Dad either. Anyway! Explorer."

After a moment, Sephilia remembers that she's hugging Chauncey.

"Oh, and this is Lord Chauncey of Foxington, and he's my bodyguard."

<Pose Tracker> Tethelle Cirdian has posed.

"What, really?"

Tethelle is from the western side of Aquvy. She actually knows where the Deku Islands are, in a general sense - she has never been nor met anyone else who bothered going, but hey, they were on her map... her old, semi-inaccurate map.

She looks at Tetra a little thoughtfully, as if trying to determine how honest she's being or whether she's telling tall tales. "Tethelle," she says, a moment later. "Tethelle Cirdian. Friend, in my case - I've never served on a pirate ship. At home we only had the very small ships, and stayed close to shore; you couldn't pirate anything larger than a canoe."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    The influx of joy in the air is refreshing, just the ease and enjoyment in (re?) meeting and greeting again, and Lanval turns where he sits in order to better face the lot of them. He doesn't feel like getting all the way up. Water likes to rest.
     "'m Lanval," he murmurs out the name, and already he's slurring like he's drunk (as a rule, yes he is). His eyes are closed, and the smile on his face is cat-like but also kind of stupid. Were it not for the sort of swanky aquamarine robes he's got going on, he'd be the perfect picture of a wastrel. As it is he's still a fine picture of one.
     "Oracle of Schturdark, Guardian of Water... 'n friend, yep..." He exhales, meditatively, as one eye opens imperceptibly to see Sephilia hugging Chauncey as she eagerly chirps out about her father.
     He's sort of an odd man out here. (Or just an odd man?!)
     "...Nice ta meet ya, captain..." He adds, somewhat sleepily.

<Pose Tracker> Layna Manydays has posed.

"Aye, that's fair." Layna replies with a nod. Choice of ships was important - you didn't want to pick just any vessel! "I'm the same way - 'swhy I haven't found myself one yet. It's important to have a ship you can trust!"

Tetra introduces herself to the others, and Layna nods.

"Friends, aye." She says - a grin as each of them introduce each other in turn. "My crew's here too, but I've got most of 'em off doin' other things."

General odd jobs, mostly - just some things to do to get some coin for them to work with.

"As for us, at the moment, we're just relaxin' after one of our recent adventures." Layna explains, as Talise fills in what exactly they do. "It's fine work - you can find some good treasure out there, an' it's a different sorta thrill from pirtain'."

<Pose Tracker> Tetra has posed.

"Good to meet you guys, too! And -- oh, is *that* why these all seem like they're just for shallow water..." Tetra frowns a little. It makes sense that that's why so few of the ships even meet her standards for baseline sailing activities... even if it's a little depressing.

Tetra takes a moment to size Sephilia up, in particular, as she mentions Lord Chauncey of Foxington. For a moment, she purses her lips. Then, she offers, simply, "Hey, Seph," for lack of something better to say. (Or maybe for lack of something nicer to say. Tetra has never been one for kids -- and Sephilia definitely scans as at least kid-adjacent, despite being older.)

Lanval gets a quick wave, and a, "Oracle, huh? What, like -- seein' the future?" Though that line of thought doesn't stay too long, as Layna says the magic word. She rounds toward Layna *swiftly*, and says, "Tell me all about these Treasure adventures," with a curious, almost romantic emphasis on Treasure.

<Pose Tracker> Talise Gianfair has posed.

"Yep! They're all built to hug the coast. No real sea ships here, except maybe however the Guard got here."

Talise looks between Tetra and Sephilia, then smiles faintly, cocking her head a little to one side. "Well," she says with a wave of one hand. "We just go wherever the wind takes us. The sword I'm carrying, for example, comes from an ancient tomb from the earliest days of the Silver Star. We've found ancient ruins from Lunar's and Filgaia's past, treasures that we've converted into gold...." She shrugs easily. "We even helped save Filgaia at one point. Something about fighting the Metal Demons...."

Talise glances towards Tethelle with a wry smile, then to Tetra again. "Some of us are from Filgaia and some of us are from Lunar. We're kind of a bit of both."

<Pose Tracker> Tethelle Cirdian has posed.

Tethelle smiles, suddenly. "Yes, 'something' about fighting the MEtal Demons," she says, and this time she does elbow Talise, though just gently. "I can't imagine what that would be. Even those of us who aren't from Filgaia..."

Though, pretty much everyone else here right now is from Lunar. Just not Tetra, and not Tethelle herself.

"I've been hoping for a good treasure hunt for a while," Tethelle says, thoughtfully. She doesn't have any old treasure in her pockets; her sword and Medium, despite being old, are certainly not treasures of any sort, as one was a gift from Equites herself and the other is only hers to carry for a while.

She's not sure it's her place to explain oracles. Tethelle glances at Lanval - she has opinions about him, and she doesn't always share them, but then back. "Not precisely seeing the future, no. You're from Filgaia; do you follow the Guardians?" It's not... entirely related. Though Tethelle does honestly want to know. She doesn't look Baskar, but Tethelle doesn't know much about the Deku Islands beyond their presence.

<Pose Tracker> Sephilia Lampbright has posed.

"Hi!" Sephilia responds.

"Oh, right. Chauncey can do this," she says, setting the doll down and embiggening him.

"Kind of makes a bit more sense if I mention that."

Sephy pulls out her journal, flipping through the pages to find some of her sketches of various treasures Fox Company have seen. "This is some of the stuff I've written down and drawn from our travels!"

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    "Mmm... not quite sheein' the future, n--" Lanval finds himself cut off as Tetra's eyes suddenly lighten up at mention of treasure. 'Treasure,' outside of any further context, tends to be a transient thing sought after by equally transient experiences, but there's an enthusiasm and eagerness to it Lanval finds sorely lacking in these environs. He just has a little giggle at her change of interest, ah, it's fine, he thinks, as he has a sip from the drinking gourd at his person. Especially as the eagerness to go on a good treasure hunt seems to prove infectious among them.
     "It'sh true, she doesh," Lanval slurs out that approval with that same dumb smile on his face as Sephilia shares the contents of her journal, her discoveries, and all of them. "Mmm... yep, we've shure been through a lot together... pretty excitin' shtuff...!" It feels nice to talk about this sort of thing, after all the doom and gloom about Sin - Obsession - having proven capable of withstanding those who took down the World Eater.
     Or the doom and gloom about the great disagreement brewing between Althena's Guard and the local faith of Yevon.

<Pose Tracker> Layna Manydays has posed.

Layna chuckles slightly at Tethelle's response to Talise's comment about the Metal Demons, but doesn't comment on it herself.

When the style of the ships are brought up, though, Layna nods - that was one of the problems she found, too.

"It's a shame, aye." She agrees with a wistful tone to her voice, and then smirks at the immediate response to her usage of 'Treasure'. Talise gives a pretty good explanation, and Layna nods in agreement.

"Aye, there's a lot of places to find treasure, if you know where to look. Sometimes you find piles o' gold or gems, an' sometimes you just find old books - but there's a market for everything, and we know someone who gets us a good deal on it." She comments. "One time I even found an entire Gear, just lying at the bottom of a ruin - still runs well , with a lil' love and care."

Sephilia might remember that one, having been present for her finding it.

And, with Tethelle mentioning that she's been hoping for a good treasure hunt...

"Aye, agreed." Layna says, then looks toward Tetra. "Maybe you should join us on one, one o' these days?"

She can't help but smile a little as Lanval mentions how they've been through a lot.

<Pose Tracker> Tetra has posed.

"The *Guard*, huuuh..." Tetra taps her chin. She definitely has no love for authority, and while the Guard has seemingly played nice on Spira, she knows full well how rapidly that can change when it comes to authority figures. She's momentarily caught off guard, however, by Chauncey growing and shrinking; that momentarily bowls over her train of thought, and she goes, "Whoa! Okay, that's a pretty good trick for a bodyguard!"

After a second, she composes herself and returns to the topic of treasure. "... Well, sure! I'd love to come along with you for some treasure hunting," she says, brightly. Even if it's not Treasure in the capital-T sense. After all, that kind of thing tends to sneak up on you when you least expect it, anyway.

<Pose Tracker> Talise Gianfair has posed.

Talise jumps a bit as Tethelle elbows her, then sends a little smirk her way, bumping her with her hip in turn. "If I remember right, it was definitely something important," she teases with a wink.

As Tetra makes that suggestion, Talise smiles easily and crosses her arms behind her head. "I think that'd be good. We could always use an extra pair of hands. And hey, we offer pretty good returns on any treasure you want to sell. We've got a line to someone who'll take any treasure we don't want for really good rates of return."

The swordswoman's hands fall back to her sides, her smile remaining broad and relaxed. "The biggest one we're looking for now is a teleporter to get back to Filgaia. Up to help us look for it?"

<Pose Tracker> Tethelle Cirdian has posed.

"Oh, just a little." Tethelle still seems more amused than anything else.

More seriously: "If you have heard anything about it, we'd like to hear about it. Having a way to return - well, we'd rather not be trapped here. I know many of us are from Lunar and not Filgaia, so it isn't really returning home, but it's not like they are Spirans, either." She smiles again. "And if you haven't, well, we can look for treasure, as Layna says. That's something we could always use, too."

<Pose Tracker> Seraph Lanval has posed.

    Lanval's expression flattens a touch at mention - the reminder - that they do need to find a way back to Filgaia, his mind drifting away some into the bigger picture as he strokes at his silvery beard at his very chin.
     ...Still... he sees the smiles, the smirks, the hopes, and all of them. There is only one viable contribution he can make to the arrangement that's unfolding among them, which tends to be his primary contribution, in so much it is the contribution of the idea.
     "...Whaddaya all shay we go celebrate our new friend? Ha ha ha!" He wobbles back and forth to get up on his feet, and from there he seems eager to continue to have an interesting interpretation about what 'walking' looks like.

<Pose Tracker> Layna Manydays has posed.

Lanval gives a very good suggestion, and Layna thinks it over for a moment. Eventually, she nods.

"Aye, a good idea, that! Whaddaya say, wanna go grab a drink with us?" Layna offers with a grin toward Tetra.

She watches Lanval stand and wobble away with a slight chuckle. Either way, she soon follows after him.