Layna Manydays

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Layna Manydays
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IC Information
Full Name: Layna Manydays
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 33 (Unknown)
Hometown: The Ruby Empress
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Buccaneer Brawler
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Ettlesby

"The horizon calls, buckos! On your feet and to your positions - let's set sail!"

As her title indicates, Captain Layna Manydays is the current leader of the infamous Bladewall pirates - a name she regrets(she would much rather they be referred to as the Manydays pirates these days!). She was once an ordinary, modest sailor on the ship called the Ruby Empress, using her gift of wind sorcery to augment it's speed and agility. However, when the previous captain - Captain Bladewall - began to treat his crew violently and disrespectfully and his methods became inexcusable, even for the trade, she rallied her shipmates and they were eventually able to expel him from the ship. With the position open, she was elected unanimously and has lead them fairly ever since. Though she has worked hard to repair the damage the previous captain did to their reputation, their names have been forever tarnished and connected with horrific acts - and as a result, they've had to keep on the run. But a pirate, outwitting all the foes after your head is just part of the fun.


Powers and Abilities

Bladewall Arts - A style of hand-to-hand combat utilized by and named after Captain Bladewall. Though it is an aggressive style not too far removed from mere instinctual brawling, it also possesses a fair mix of defensive maneuvers as well, as the name implies. As the name also implies, it is intended to be used in conjunction with a pair of bladed gauntlets, but certain principles can be used even without them. It has also been described as a rather...pragmatic style, and when necessary users are the style tend to not be above using under-handed tactics to secure victory.

Althena's Blessing (Wind) - Layna possesses the power of wind. Typically she uses this to enhance her physical attacks, put wind in her ship's sails, or propel herself forward, but she has also been seen creating whirlwinds and gusts of wind to blow away or disorient enemies.

Captain's Presence - As a Captain, Layna must be able to give orders and inspire her crew to do what needs to be done. Her shouts and orders are designed to boost the morale of her allies, often to great effect.

Nautical Prowess - Layna's no stranger to the seas...or rather, the seas of Lunar, at least. She's most at home on a ship, and can handle herself during harsh conditions at sea no problem.

Gear? - Layna's found a Gear. More information to be placed here as it develops.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Crew of the Empress

  • Quartermaster Dahlia - A short, stern woman. Fond of drinks, particularly exotic ones, and always seems to have some hidden somewhere. She's a very serious individual, and for that reason Layna enjoys teasing her endlessly. That is not to say they don't get along well - Layna would trust no one else with Dahlia's position, which is second in power only to her own, and can rely on her to be the voice of reason to her occasionally bombastic manner of doing things. Dahlia would, however, like that Layna stop calling her 'Dolly'.
    • Weapon of Choice - Large Boarding Axe
  • First Mate Roche - A man who is very tall and somewhat lanky. He's extremely loyal to the crew, and follows the Captain's orders to the letter...perhaps a little too closely sometimes, but he means well. Despite his loyalty, though, he does someday hope to own his own ship.
    • Weapon of Choice - Cutlass
  • Chaplain Lysander - A man of average height and...apparently considered decently attractive?? His eyes seem to be closed most of the time. While formerly a devout member of the Church of Althena, his doubts and questions eventually landed him in trouble, leading to his rescue by the Ruby Empress. He doesn't approve of all these shenanigans, and never participates in any of the pirating duties. Mainly ensures that any prisoners that are taken are treated fairly and tries to dissuade the crew from taking overly violent methods. He's a talented user of white magic, and as such also doubles as the ship's medic. He's always there to lend an ear to those who are troubled, believing that to be part of his duties as a healer as well.
    • Weapon of Choice - Staff
  • Navigator Albert - A little on the short side. An expert navigator and one of the newest crewmembers. Remembers every place he ever sees and is great with maps, but tends to get lost if no one's around to keep him focused. Usually behind the wheel of the ship, though occasionally others take control of it...which is probably for the best.
    • Weapon of Choice - Crossbow
  • Boatswain Oswald - Once fairly tall, the years have not done kindly to his height...though he manages to retain a fairly muscled form. Oldest member of the crew. Kept an eye on the ship even when Captain Bladewall was in charge, and might know more about the Crimson Empress than even he did. Also serves as the carpenter, though he's not as capable of that as he used to be. Rumors say he's looking for an apprentice...
    • Weapon of Choice - Hammer
  • Lead Artillerist Victoria - A tall woman. The leader of the ship's sorcery unit, user of fire magic...and loves her job. She directs their fire and keeps them on target while also adding her own fire into the mix. She's become very interested in the weapons of Filgaia, and is always pestering Layna to bring her back some samples so she can study them and how they work.
    • Weapon of Choice - Spear/Sorcery
  • Chef Wilhelm - A very tall, broad man. He always seems to be in good spirits, and knows the personal tastes of each and every member of the crew. He's a talented chef, and is somehow able to keep the Ruby Empress's crew fed and in fighting form. Like the Chaplain, he's always around to lend an ear if anyone needs someone to talk to. Knows many dishes, and is always looking for new ones.
    • Weapon of Choice - None(?)

Everyone Else

(Under construction.)