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==============================================<* Plains of the Goddess *>===============================================

The Plains of the Goddess consist of an enormous prairie that occupies the heart of the Meribus continent. It is the breadbasket of the world of Lunar; Althena's blessing lives strong in the soil, and the crops grown here are healthy, hearty, and free of disease. As a result of this bounty, the vast majority of the Plains are uncultivated; farmers have little reason to expand into the untamed wildlands when their larders and storehouses are filled to bursting.

Only a few roads cross the Plains of the Goddess, linking the major cities to each other, with the ruins of Vane at the hub of a wagon wheel. Althena's Guard patrols the highways regularly, making travel (relatively) safe. Anyone heading deeper into the fields does so at their own risk, however.

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi_p5wdBrXw
<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

It had been a little over a month since that fateful day where the Caravan Kinship, among others, found themselves whisked away from the world of Filgaia to Lunar - the Silver Star that hung in the sky above their heads. It was a world vastly different from the one they were used to, but at the same time, rather similar.

Adjusting hadn't been easy, though some of them had an easier time than most. They were still settling in, in many ways...or at least, that was how Jacqueline felt. And so she decided to arrange some time to talk with everyone and see how they're doing, and maybe just relax a little without having anything hanging over their heads.

...And also, maybe show off a little bit.

She asked everyone to assemble in the sitting and then, a short while later, enters it herself. She's dressed in a fashion that only one person present would have seen from here before, them being the one responsible for putting the outfit together.

She emerges from the hallways wearing a long surcoat with wide cuffs(for concealing her Crest Graphs, of course) alongside her customary shawl, gloves, and boots. There's some light armor underneath the surcoast, as well as sewn into her gloves and boots.

"Thanks for gathering today. I know this hasn't been easy for everyone, adjusting to Lunar...but I'm proud of how well we've managed to keep things together." Jacqueline says, moving to take a seat on one of the sofas. "I...still kind of feel responsible for leading us all to this, but I'm glad that we're here together, at least. In these times, it's important that we stick together."

At this point, one could maybe bring up the fact that Matilda had gone off to do her own thing...but Jacqueline had come to terms with that, at least.

For the most part.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

The cold which had troubled Catenna has passed by now, thanks to a certain amount of snowgrass and some hot, soothing soup she brewed up as a home remedy. It and the tea helped.

Catenna's back in her Lunar outfit - that is, she's dressed a little like Jean, though she left her dancing fans in her room. Resting a hand on the wall, she looks over towards Jacqueline, tilting her head for a moment, then flashing her a faint smile. "All of us are happy to hear from you," she says, before moving over to seat herself.

Well, no, she doesn't sit down. In fact she sinks to her knees on the floor to Jay's right, looking up at her as she folds her hands neatly in her lap.

That smile holds a hint of gentle reproof. "You forget something important, Jay. All of us who are of the Kinship chose to travel with you. I do not regret it, for my part."

The disappearance of Matilda is troubling, of course. She has her own opinions there, but none have heard them but - shockingly - Ethius Hesiod.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin's here, with Spirit. She's idly playing tug of war with him as she listens to Jay. She's dressed in a sort of...swashbuckly style--early on during their stay on Lunar she had tried to wear peasant dresses, but found them difficult to fence in, so has adopted more suitable clothing for that.

She nods agreement with Catenna. "I am ever grateful for the shelter you have offered me in my need. I do...hope...for some assistance at some point with a matter of...potential financial contributions while we are here on Lunar."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia expects Matilda to be enjoying the life as a Veruni housemaid/consort shortly and is already trying to emotionally disengage despite feeling a strong pull from THE HEART towards those two individuals in particular. It isn't easy going because their personalities, particularly Kaguya's, are lovely to Lydia but their path, their actions, are difficult for her to just look past in favor of the former.

Nevertheless, she seems to be in a better mood. She has made up with Catenna, though she's still feeling a little awkward, but has actually shown up to the gathering--On time even!--which is pretty unusual for Lydia who is usually late, disruptive, and a maniac.

"Eh," Lydia says. "S'not like we can just sit back and let the metal demons destroy the world. Though maybe they're doing that now? Ugh, it felt bad enough keeping on top of everything but now it's...ugh..."

Maybe the metal demons will chill out until everybody gets back because honor and such. Yeah. That's the ticket.

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

Arleph Ardan had already the advantage as this is not the first time that he had to adapt to an environment that is unfamiliar to him. Filgaia had the advantage of not being so... backward, a word that he refuse to settle on as it is, in fact, incredibly insulting and demaning. Not as advanced, perhaps, might fit the bill better.

He is resistant on getting rid of his hat and finding new clothes. Said clothes always seem to be pretty much clean and in tip-top shape. Wizards.

"Please, do not shoulder all the blame." Arleph says, waving a gloved hand. "If anyone, blame that fiend." He takes a drink out of his cooled water, exhaling. "In fact, it have been very facinating of an exercise of not going too far, here." He taps the side of his red-brown hair. "I will have to find myself a new hat, I think."

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

Not so shockingly, Ethius Hesiod is present in the form he tends to be present. There early, punctually, standing somewhere that allows others to filter in and leave - but not without having to pass by his field of vision. He continues that same penchant of staring, being stiff, and dressing like he's some kind of local lowlife ruffian (proper verbose description pending) while not quite having a vocabulary or manner to match.

"I agree the present situation needs to be rectified as soon as is able." Ethius remarks, following Lydia's musings. "Being able to secure an expedient means to return to Filgaia must remain a top priority."

<Pose Tracker> Carina Wynne has posed.

Carina is loudly humming a song as she strolls into the common area, apparently in good spirits. She sees Jay and gives her a BIG THUMBS UP. This isn't her first time seeing the outfit-- She made it and all!! --but she's happy to see Jay wearing it in public for the first time. Lookin' good!

Ironically, Carina herself is still wearing what she was wearing on Filgaia for the most part. The main difference is the array of pockets and straps for holding tools and the like, which aren't quite the same as before. At least her style of dress doesn't stand out so much here. Well, not more than it did on Filgaia.

She plops down into a seat with a little 'Aaaaah!'

"Don't beat yourself up over it. It's not like you had a way of knowing that when we went into those ruins, a Mega Devil from the moon would show up, and then we'd ALSO end up on the moon. It's not like there was a warning sign at the entrance! As nice as it would've been of those Elw people."

She directs a little smile towards Lydia. "I'd try not to worry about it. I mean, we weren't the only ones fightin' for Filgaia. ...Not that I don't wanna get back home quickly, but y'know what I mean."

Arleph speaks of getting a new hat. Carina leans into frame, slowly. "What kinda hat?"

<Pose Tracker> Tesni Inoue has posed.

Tesni Inoue had been slowly getting used to things on Lunar but Tess? She'd been seeming to get more gloomy as each day passed at least in the company of the carvan. She's been theatend not to sing and that's been weighting on her pretty hard. The clothing had been fun, she was at least happy with that the food was pretty good but music? A quote from her time in school kept popping int her head daily about the civilziation on Lunar.

She had taken to the tunic and archer gear well enoughg as she moved to sit down with her comrades and friends.

"Oh I haven't gone stark raving mad yet."

She look to Kourin for a moment.

"I'm thankful for the help you have given us."

She does smile a bit to see Arleph though that seems to cheer her up.

"Its not your fault, it just happened out of our control. Someone had to confront them."

D she looks to Ethius for a moment.

"I have been looking into finding a way back off this moon. All i got though is nothing at least in the region here, no myths, stories or legends form anything falling or landing from the skies, or it's so old not even the Goddess might know about such things."

A thought falls into place, wait? Could Athena be some long lived and powerful aliens that has taken to using Lunar as her own personal playground...?

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

"Pointy." Arleph says, looking up and over. "That seems to be what is more accepted from magic users on this world."

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin frowns. As a magic user from this world, she should speak up. "Expensive is more common than pointy, if you wish to be taken seriously as a magic user; at least among those trained in Neo-Vane."

<Pose Tracker> Carina Wynne has posed.

"Gotcha. Yer a wizard, Arleph," Carina says, with a nod. "Tell ya what, drop by the workshop in two days and you might just find a special CaraKin friend surprise." She takes out her measuring tape, attempting to measure the circumference of the man's head if she isn't stopped!!

"Hmmm, expensive, huh?" Carina considers.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Jacqueline returns Carina's thumbs-up with a sheepish grin. She had to admit, a part of what took so long was her working up the courage...but now that she had, she was glad she had done so. In contrast to that grin, though, Catenna receives a more modest smile from Jacqueline.

"Yes, you're right. That's...important to keep in mind." She agrees. It was certainly important to her that they still followed her. Everyone else chimes in that it wasn't really her fault, but...she still felt responsible for it. She had already apologized once for not ensuring that everyone was onboard with her decisions...maybe that was enough.

Lydia brings up a valid point, though, and Ethius adds to it - what about back home?

"I've been thinking about that, actually... I think it might help if we were to...establish ourselves a bit more, so to speak. Put ourselves into positions where we can more easily hear about rumors and leads that might help us find a way back..." Jacqueline comments. And then Kourin asks a question and Jacqueline glances toward her, curiously.

"Of course, Kourin. Whatever you need, just ask. Though...may I ask what it's for?" She asks, curiously.

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"There might've been a warning sign," Lydia points out. "It's not like we know the language. Or any iconography."

She glances over to Carina and adds, "Uh." to her. "That might be worse, since we were barely holding on to begin with against their power, now our allies might be getting mass slaughtered by 'em since it's not like they know we were sent to the moon. But to be honest, I didn't actually see many folks fighting against the demons who weren't also sent to the moon. I'm sure there's some, but the list I've been maintaining doesn't make it look good."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"There might've been a warning sign," Lydia points out. "It's not like we know the language. Or any iconography."

She glances over to Carina and adds, "Uh." to her. "That might be worse, since we were barely holding on to begin with against their power, now our allies might be getting mass slaughtered by 'em since it's not like they know we were sent to the moon. But to be honest, I didn't actually see many folks fighting against the demons who weren't also sent to the moon. I'm sure there's some, but the list I've been maintaining doesn't make it look good."

She glances over to Jay and points out, "I've been chillin with Claude's group from time to time, and has been doin' jobs here and there. Nothing yet, I'm afraid."

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin hesitates a moment, then speaks, letting Spirit pull the rag from loose fingers. "I wish to begin training others in swordplay. I believe it would be useful for all of us to learn the basics, while here, at least, but more than that, I believe it would be a good source of income as we travel."

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna, for her part, forgave Lydia pretty quickly for making a fool of her. She even offered her a hug, when it was all said and done. Evidently Catenna's less willing to roll with things when she's sick, but also quick to forgive!

It's why she smiles gently at the Star Shaman when Lydia does arrive.

The Moon Shaman, for her part, blinks a couple of times as Jacqueline makes a suggestion. "Are you suggesting that we, ah... live up to our billing as merchants somewhat more?" she suggests with a tilt of her head.

"The troupe I was with when I arrived seemed to do that well," Catenna muses. "Admittedly they were selling things somewhat forbidden here, but their people traveled a great deal and made a great many contacts. Certainly we could replicate such a thing."

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

"Your thorough research on the matter is most appreciated, Miss Tesni." Ethius remarks as he brings a hand up to his forehead as one of those few recurring bits of body language he even seems to be capable of having. "Bear in mind, there have been no less than two instances in the last year of movement between Filgaia and Lunar. The means may not be as obscure as it may yet seem."

The means may be of another quality entirely. It is one he knows he does not like the possibility of. It is one he does not voice.

Kourin musters up the courage to put forth what she can offer to them - as a means of helping further establish the Caravan Kinship and have more ears to the ground in finding some way home--

"Miss Kourin." Ethius speaks. His tone of voice is no louder, no firmer. But there is an intangible quality in the way he speaks that just seems to carry that additional touch of severity. "Your dedication to the study of the sword is admirable. You have taken many influences throughout Filgaia to better perfect your art."

He was there watching her for much of it, wasn't he? He never participated in any of her sparring sessions or anything of the sort. He just sat, listened to her problems, kept her company as she worked through her unease and doubts about her choices in life, and now...

"I forbid you from sharing them outside of the Caravan."

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

Arleph lets the measuring happen, blinking as he thinks it over. "Expensive, hmm... ostentatious, good, good. Perhaps it might even better to look a bit exotic with some modification to my previous headwear. Let`s discuss this later."

The Symbologist leanst forward a little, clasping his hands. He looks a bit funny with a measuring tape around his head. "The matter is, the Lord of Calamity is still on our native side. The Metal Demon do not seems to have followed, despite some that did. It is still an unknown. What we have to deal with are some of our allies being perscuted, as well as ourselves keeping something of a low profile as only a few might know that are part of the authority here. It is possible that they already know, but melding in will help definetively."

Arleph takes another gulp out his bottle. Some of it`s sides fogs up, freezing before melting again. "We have natives of Lunar with is, which helps. I agree with swordplay, or at least more local means of fighting. For myself, I understand Symbology is uncommon, due to the specific characteristics of Lunarians and their innate magic."

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna's outward dignity is broken as Ethius says his piece to Kourin.

The Moon Shaman snaps her gaze towards him and fixes him with a dagger stare, as if she could somehow stab him in the windpipe with her eyes to stop him from dictating to her friend.

<Pose Tracker> Tesni Inoue has posed.

Tesni Inoue looks to Ethius for a moment "No problem there Mr. Hesiod. I'm going to try to look into creation myths it could be some form of mass teleportion like what brought us here, heck for all we know we were fighting on the site of such a system on Falgaia." She thinks about that nodding for a bit.

She looks at Hesiod for a moment as he tell s the Lunar natives to not share the sword techs...ya that's not going to end well she thinks.

"Good I can make use of mine then and just be uncomong also Arleph I need to get some new Symbology Tattoos when you have the time."

<Pose Tracker> Matilda Whitehead has posed.

Matilda is running a little late, it seems; that, or she's feeling awkward about attending a CaraKin event after... their distance, of late. She does arrive, though, before too long; it's been a while since she's seen some of the people around here, and she doesn't speak up for a fair bit.

Indeed, she arrives just before Kourin and Ethius have their exchange -- and it immediately gets her attention. She turns her gaze toward him, and there's genuine... upset? Concern? There's something in her expression that's immediately off-kilter, at the very least.

"Oh," she says, a little flatly. "Is... is this what we're doing...?"

<Pose Tracker> Carina Wynne has posed.

Carina finishes with her measuring tape, nodding to Arleph and offering him a thumbs-up. She doesn't put the tape away, instead holding it up and looking around the room expectantly. If anyone else wants their head measured, NOW IS THE TIME.

Lydia has a point, regarding warning signs. "Oh, hey, true..." Carina scratches her ear. "Then again, ignoring warnin' signs is like half of what Drifters do, right?"

"And!!" She appears to refuse to have her spirits brought down significantly. "I mean, I know it's a bad situation down there, but it's not like worrying about it here will change things much. So long as we look for a way back home ASAP, right? And then when we get back, we can see how things are and what we can do."

She's worried, of course she is. Maybe a Metal Demon will stroll into her store again, and this time she won't be there to protect her parents. But she isn't the type to say these things out loud. Not in public at least.

"Oh yeah!" Carina raises a hand and waves it excitedly, as Jay speaks of 'establishing themselves'. "I've actually got a guy in Meribia to take me in as a sort of apprentice in Lunarian tailorin'. Had to pay him a lot, since apprentice types aren't usually supposed to up and vanish with your secrets without helpin' all that much, but at least I've got that deal going."

Arleph mentions the Lord of Calamity being on their 'native side'. "Wait, you mean back on Filgaia? Are we sure o' that? 'Cause if I'm remembering right, sending that creep back home was like the whole point of that stunt Lucia 'n' the others pulled that got us all beamed here. Right?"

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

"Hopefully." Arleph says with a shrug. "We can assume it worked. Hopefully it did."

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin's eyes narrow slightly. "Mr. Ethius," she begins. "I have violated the dictates of a living Goddess, one I still believe in with all my heart and all my soul. If you think it is within your power to forbid me anything, I would bid you remember that before you speak. I understand your concern about contamination of Lunar with Filgaian culture and influences, but remind you also that Althena's Guard themselves have travelled--as I have--between the two worlds, and that they will certainly not be averse to taking what advantages they can from Filgaian technology and power. Our primary reason to conceal such things ourselves must be to avoid drawing attention to ourselves, not to avoid the now-inevitable "cross-contamination" you desire to avoid. I will also add that in the event of any discrepancies brought into my style by Filgaian influences can quite easily be explained as personal idiosyncracies, a very common occurrence given the number of schools of the sword here on Lunar--again, you yourself having witnessed the range of styles taught in only part of Meribia." Kourin manages to look Ethius straight in the eye. "I will not be forbidden."

<Pose Tracker> Shalune Amira has posed.

A familiar head of pink hair peeks its way out of Shalune's room; she's been a little low on energy as of late, though that's probably the amount of effort she put towards Zulan, where she and Big Shal took considerable pains to try to rebuild some of the houses and shore up the towns's walls in hopes of repelling some of the snowfalls and landslides that had beseiged the place. Supplying energy to her pot seems harder here, ever so slightly, and it's left her rather fatigued.

So she's looking even more unkempt than normal, missing her hat and curled up in a blanket; the mechanic spares a sleepy glance in the direction of the ongoing conversation-slash-argument, plants a hand in her hair, scratches at her scalp, and then lets out an enormous yawn as she shuffles over towards the Carakin's kitchen, bobbling her way there with a sleepy 'drink... drink...'.

At least it's adorable.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

In a quiet corner of Catenna's heart, she wants to get up and hug Kourin as hard as she can, then dance around with her in celebration.

Instead she just nods slowly and firmly back to the wayward Althenian Priestess, beaming support through her eyes as best she can.

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

Whatever Jacqueline was about to say next, it's interrupted by the sight of Matilda walking through the door. Jacqueline offers her a somewhat sheepish smile(considering what she just walked in on) a wave, and a gesture toward one of the sofas present.

"I'm so glad you could make it, Matilda!" She says, clasping her hands together. Admittedly, a part of her was worried whether or not she would show up...but she was glad that she did.

She nods toward Carina, then.

"Oh, did you? I'm glad to hear that...I've signed up with Vane's Magic Guild, myself." Jacqueline replies with a nod.

And then, she addresses the elephant in the room.

"...Ethius, I believe I've already told you that ordering us around is not acceptable." Jacqueline says, her tone a little cool. It warms up, though, as she sends Kourin a smile. Especially for how well she stood up for herself. "I think that's a wonderful idea. I can use a knife, but...don't know how well I'd do with a sword. But...I wouldn't object to some training. With my Crest Sorcery options limited here on Lunar, I might need to be able to defend myself without it at some point... But just let me know what you need and I'll arrange it."

She then glances over to the side, where a familiar someone lurches out of their room. Jacqueline had to admit, she was proud of how much work she'd put in for Zulan.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." She says...and leaves it at that. Though she does keep an eye over there, just in case it looks like something is about to be spilled...

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia Seren pinches the bridge of her nose at Ethius's latest edict but she doesn't argue with him. It's hard to imagine swordfighting technique to cause that much damage to Lunar, but Lydia has found that it's actually a lot harder following Ethius's directive than she first thought when she agreed to it. Namely, she blabs a lot and it's hard to stop that. And it's also hard to keep track of who knows what and where.

Nevertheless, all she can really do is be the best person she can be and to consider the feelings of others which, as it turned out, is also kind of hard to do. She frowns lightly at Catenna, not entirely over what happened, and then she looks down at the floor pointlessly.

She listens to Kourin's answer. She rubs at her eyes. And then she says, "I guess being a planetary traveler is harder than it sounded." She flops onto her back, staring upward and exhaling. "All these ethical knots you gotta think about...It's like, a big universe out there, you know?"

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

As far as anyone knows, this is the first time Ethius has shown any sort of resistance or disagreement to Kourin about... anything at all. To the entire Caravan Kinship, this should be seen as shocking - Kourin is one of the very few people the man seems to extend genuine kindness towards. Now, out of the blue, when she musters up the courage and hope to find her direction in these changing circumstances...!

Ethius does not shudder from Catenna's sharp stare. That's the kind of stare that, one would imagine, could entice Cyre to become a chaste choir boy - but there is some underlying conviction behind those words of his that he does not seem willing to give ground on.

The most she gets out of Ethius is a single blink.

Followed by a sharp turn of his head towards Matilda's arrival and commentary, as he off-handedly listens to Tesni's theories and some of the underlying discussion about Symbology and its low proliferation on Lunar proper. It does not linger long, as Kourin channels a fierceness in her words that the otherwise meek former Guardswoman previously seemed incapable of.

Her will is unyielding.

His will is unyielding.

She defied the words of her very Goddess and told off the leader of the very order she was a part of.

From what possible place does he draw his convictions and demands from?

"You seem to have given careful thought on the matter." Ethius... concedes? Maybe? His tone of voice does not change. One may wonder if he might be stunned about how forward Kourin seems to put forth framing his desires and interests - the depths of her own quiet analysis formulated of watching him in action.

A tense moment passes before a hand goes to his forehead once more.

"If certain parties are to notice something amiss and act accordingly," he continues, seemingly heedless of Jay's chiding, "I cannot guarantee our safety."

What certain parties does he mean? Althena's Guard, probably. This world is their turf. They are the law. They are present in greater number than was seen on Filgaia proper.

...But there's something in Kourin's counter-argument he does not seem to be addressing, as he removes the hand from his forehead to once again place behind his back. Jay's gone on ahead and gave her vote of confidence. He closes his eyes and, once more, bows his head slightly.

"I should rephrase as thus, I do not have concern with you teaching your expertise to us within the Caravan Kinship proper."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia's player missed Matilda showing up.

"Hey Matilda." She says, still staring at the ceiling. "Are you still up for making medicine?"

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

"I can always continue to travel with Drago and the troupe, when the occasion arises," Catenna suggests with a tilt of her head for Jacqueline. "The magic guild is an interesting thought, but my magic is too different from that of Lunar's for me to blend in there... and while I will happily fit in as best I can, I will not deny my faith."

The priestess bows her head, a hint of colour rising to her cheeks. "Their group does travel somewhat outside the law, but they also know much that is useful. They taught me much of Lunar when I arrived. Perhaps there is more to learn."

Glancing at Lydia, Catenna presses her lips gently together, then lowers her head a little.

"Ethius," she says in a much more mild tone. "We know that you are, in your way, looking out for our best interests. I am glad you are so cautious. Just please remember that we are also your friends, as well as your companions." She sends a simple, hopeful smile his way.

The arrival of Matilda is noted; Catenna nods back to the woman simply. "Hello," she greets quietly.

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

"We can get a look at it later, Tesni." Arleph says, keeping his eyes on the brief argument at hand here. His eys are bored upon Ethius, furrowing his brows for a few moments. He makes some good points, obviously, but there might be more. No, there IS more at hand here."

Crosscontamination is a little hard to avoid at this point, Arleph muses. The loyalist of their Church will be likely keeping things up to date. Still, Ethius`s words...

"I agree with this. Unfortunately, there will be `cross contamination` already at this point, as we are here. Unless we isolate ourselves completely, and that is out of the question, it will likely happen to a degree or another." He lifts his hands, linking his fingers together with a frown. "Jay and I, as well as any Symbologist and Crest magicians, will have to watch out to some degree. I doubt we will get hunted down and thrown in a fire, but it might attract some attention. Crest, in particular. Likely to be seen as unusual, at worse, if it is my wager."

He smiles in Matilda`s direction, nodding at her. "Please, sit down, if you wish. We are discussing our current state of affairs."

He takes another drink out of his bottle, squeezing it a bit loudly, creaking faintly. "Which brings us to another subject. Knowing a basic of the Althenian Chruch`s dogma will do wonders for our cover. The things that any young child would learn at school, for example. The basics. Chants. The sort. Enough to have a layer, at least, of plausability."

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

"Here I can also help, of course," Kourin says, returning to her normal, quiet attitude. She takes up the rag and begins playing with Spirit again. "I was raised in an orphanage run by the Church, after all. My mother...whoever she was...and father...must have felt that...I was sinful somehow..."

<Pose Tracker> Carina Wynne has posed.

Carina gives Shalune a little friendly wave. Matilda also gets a wave, though it's just a bit less effusive-- They just haven't had the chance to interact all that much, especially since Matilda is off doing some thing on the side that Carina hasn't totally wrapped her head around.

She nods to Jay. "Wow, that's neat! But yeah, I started takin' those lessons. I'm supposed to man the storefront a bit too, so I'll keep an ear peeled for rumors."

And finally, she turns her attention to the ongoing argument between Kourin and Ethius. Yeesh. Carina can only scratch her head. "Are a few sword moves really that big of a deal? It's not like if we started handin' out ARMs, or if we sold a Gear or anything."

Arleph has an interesting suggestion, regarding the Althenian Church. "Hey, that's not a bad idea." She looks at Kourin, who seems the obvious choice for briefing them on the basics there.

But it seems her parents thought she was sinful! "A-Aww." Carina waves a hand, looking sorry for the younger woman. "Hey, you don't have a way to know, right? 'Sides, what kinda religion has sinful babies in it? That seems like a crappy reason to abandon someone."

Somewhere in Glenwood, Rosaline sneezes.

<Pose Tracker> Matilda Whitehead has posed.

Matilda watches Ethius carefully as he answers Kourin; she seems tense at best as he answers. She tries to take stock of him, tries to get some sense of what he's really requesting from Kourin... and then places it in the broader context of his actions. She starts stacking the actions next to each other in her head, each chaining onto each other as part of some broader whole.

"... I'd discuss this with you later," is all she says to him, after some thought.

Conveniently, Lydia provides her with a distraction. "Ah! Yes, quite -- though I don't know where to source some of the..." She pauses, brow furrowing. "... actually I do know where to source some of this on Lunar, come to think. I can work up a list including ingredient locations for you, if you'd like."

Catenna gets a small smile and a "Hello," back, as Matilda takes the offered seat.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin nods acknowledgement to Matilda, now that she's not being in the middle of a speech or stuff.

<Pose Tracker> Shalune Amira has posed.

"I'm kinda okay without my safety being guaranteed, actually," Shalune sounds a lot more with it when she steps back out of the kitchen; her eyes are more alive and sharper, and she's standing up a little straighter - probably due to the cup of coffee she's cradling in both hands, a small bar of pressed nuts propped and balanced on top of it.

"Helping people, doing things, taking part in saving the Guardians. Even just living on Filgaia or Lunar, none of that guarantees our safety as it is, so we've just gotta learn how to cope with danger instead. Bein' coddled doesn't help anyone," she adds with an oddly apologetic smile, before she lifts her cup to sip from it.

The blanket's still around her shoulders, so she tugs it around her a little tighter, and this time manages to stifle the yawn that bubbles up out of her before she manages to continue. "I mean-- like it or not, I've got to face danger anyhow. The Wheel isn't going to stop just 'cause we're sitting around. Gotta get out there and do stuff." A reference, if an ever so slightly oblique one, to Lunata's predicament.

She pauses, tilts her head to one side for a long moment as if trying to think on what to say, and then shrugs, and apparently makes a conscious decision to shift topic. "'Rina, I think I need some leather patches for my pack. The straps are pullin' away from the bag." Maybe if you didn't carry damn near everything in there, Shalune...

It takes her a moment to really register Matilda - she's still not used to knightess Whitehead - but then she perks up when the compounder speaks to Lydia. "--wah, look at you! Uwah, everyone's looking cooler... maybe I should have got some armor?" Five days later: "Waaah, Lunie, I can't move..."

<Pose Tracker> Carina Wynne has posed.

"Sure, I've got you covered, Shalunie!" Carina says, answering with another one of her BIG THUMBS UP. (thumbses ups?) And then she speaks of armor. "Hmmm, maybe we can do somethin' about that too." Five days later: "Aw jeez, back to the drawing board I s'pose."

<Pose Tracker> Tesni Inoue has posed.

Tesni Inoue is tense, is very tense if people are paying attention but when Ethius concedes she relaxes and lets out the breath she didn't know she'd bee holding. She also had her eyes on Ethirus the entire time too.

"Yes the 'contimation' has already happened but I do agree we shouldn't be trying to cause trouble either. I'll be mindful of my own symbology don't worry and honesztly that is a good idea? How hard would it be to get ahold of the main holy text of the Chruch?"

She seems to agree too and then Kourin gets a sympathic look from Tess.

"I'm sorry to hear that, for what it's worth I think your a good person, you have helped us a lot."

She also muses for a moment a the Guardians come up also the need for leather.

"The Guardians have my respect for doing what they can for Falgaia, as for the leather? I'll see about what I can do the next time I go hunting, Shalune."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"Unfortunately, our safety isn't guaranteed, even if we act cautiously...we're here, and they know we're here. I encountered Althena's Guard on Mount Zulan, and Sir Leo was there...he recognized me." Jacqueline replies. She doesn't mention that Lydia was there, too - she doesn't want any potential blowback getting to her, if possible. "I think, at this point, as long as we go about it carefully the positives outweigh the negatives."

Shalune chimes in at this point, and Jacqueline smiles and nods.

"Yes, that's it exactly. Thank you, Shalune." She says...and then, she looks toward Matilda.

"Ah, that reminds me...a few of us went into some flooded ruins a little while back, and we found something rather interesting..." She says. "Seeds. I've been studying them, and...I'm almost certain they're plants native from Filgaia. But the ruins we found them in are so old, there's no record of them left anywhere that I've ever seen..."

"There are some I haven't been able to identify, though...I've been looking into it." She adds.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin straightens in alarm, then sighs. "If he recognized you, doubtless he will assume that the rest of us--myself included--travel with you," she says glumly.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna tilts her head, looking up at Jacqueline with eyebrows gently arched. "Interesting. I should wonder if Leo views us as much of a threat, really. But I suppose it is better safe than unsafe...."

When Shalune speaks up, Catenna smiles at her quietly, ducking her head just a shade. "I admire that attitude... the Guardians are, I am sure, grateful for your help."

Or they're just jerkholes, but Catenna would rater not get into that.

The Priestess clasps her hands together once again before looking back up at Jay. Her eyebrows again come up, sharp with interest. "You found Filgaian seeds here, on Lunar?" she echoes, a touch of surprise creeping into her voice. "Do you know what manner of seeds they are? I have seen some plants here that are common with those in Ignas, but... always a little different."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Thanks. I think, uh, if I were to evaluate myself psychologically, I'd probably be uh... hanging in there but I've had to portion them off at lower doses based on what I had saved up and uh, I only really knew what I needed for Filgaia and I don't wanna ask any local pharmacists about it since uh... I don't know what they'd figure." Lydia says. "But you now."

Then she looks back to Ethius. "I think he's got a point though. I mean I don't know about swordfighting, but this world has its own science. Taking their opportunities away for our own ego or advantage, isn't right I don't think. Especially if there's gonna be more cross-interaction between our worlds because it seems like we could really become a domineering force just 'cause of our tech level. I don't think extra reminders about it is a bad thing."

She looks down again when Jay mentions the seeds. She looks at Ethius to see what he does.

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

"I would rather avoid a repeat of the Kislevi ambush at the Badlands." Ethius keeps those words short and succinct, remaining unmoving to all the reaffirmations as to the worth of one's desires or means that surround him. Matilda's invitation for a later talk at the moment seems to go unanswered, but she knows exactly what kind of man he is - he's a man who listens. (Oftentimes, there is the looming threat he might be listening into something one would rather not hear, if his ears are anything like his eyes. The eyes that keep taking, and never giving anything back in turn...)


"Your understanding remains appreciated, Miss Lydia." Ethius remarks at last in response to those addressing him. "Nonetheless... as long as you are not admitting Lunarians onto the Caravan Kinship freely and keeping exposure to those who are aware of our presence brief," um, who wants to be the one to break the news ot Ethius about that first point? The narrative calls 'not it.' Seriously...

His voice trails off as Jay starts to discuss seeds.

His eyes shift focus. They look as far as Matilda's direction without actually looking in her way, as though to not deliberately tip off that somehow she is the very first thing he's thinking of when Jay speaks of it.





Is he going to say anything?

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

"Huh? Kourin's a Lunarian." Lydia says.

That might not be who the narrative was thinking of but Lydia doesn't think of that person.

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin studiously pulls on the rag as Spirit plays more tug of war.

<Pose Tracker> Tesni Inoue has posed.

Tesni Inoue smiles at Lyndia words about the diff in tech level.

"From what I seen though the cities are fairly clean here I'd not discount the Lunarians though. True there are groups on Falgaia which would see Lunar as weak Meat, Lydia."

She pauses as Ethius is left speechless and she thinks what could have got to him like that.

<Pose Tracker> Carina Wynne has posed.

"What happened then?" Carina asks, semi-loudly, regarding that Kislevi ambush incident. It sounds like something that was before her time, or maybe she slept through it.

Something Jay says gets Carina's attention. Her ponytail whips about as her head turns. "W-Whoa, Filgaian seeds? That's wild! How many transport-you-to-another-planet machines ARE there out there anyway? Guess this might be good news for us!" Not that their presence necessarily means anything about their chances of getting back home, but it's an extra source of hope, right?

She glances at Ethius, semi-hopefuly that his brain just exploded at the news. Jeez, if a few sword moves have got him in this much of a tizzy, he's going to try 'n' forbid her from ever leaving her room, if he ever finds out about her being Locus and all.

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

"Filgaian seed... truly." Arleph says, rubbing his chin, frowning over in Jay`s direction. "I have made some discoveries of my own, if only on another matter. The plants I have planted from the samples from the Gardens have provide some fruit. Or vegetables. Or both, if you are pedantic." He smiles "It made some beautiful, large and wonderful tomatoes. Perfect tomatoes, in fact." His smile falters. "Far too perfect, actually. Symmetrical, down to the stalk, the roots, healthy and large. It suggest to me that they might be a manufactured organism. Nothing grows that perfectly in nature." He tilts his head. "Are you going to try to plant the seeds and see what comes out?"

<Pose Tracker> Matilda Whitehead has posed.

Matilda blushes a little at the mention she looks super cool. "I -- ah, really? Truthfully, this was the product of a bit of a -- panicked scramble through Glaivend Basin..." she says, with a smile. "Thank you, though. I've tried to -- look distinctive."

The mention of seeds gets Matilda's attention in a big way, and she nods. "I'd be eager to take a look, Jay -- even if I can't identify them, I may be able to discern something or another..."

She nods to Ethius, but says nothing. It's as if to say, 'I see you, too.'

Matilda takes a moment to take mental inventory again, instead of pressing the matter. Lydia's requests are easier to focus on than anything else.

<Pose Tracker> Tesni Inoue has posed.

Tesni Inoue says "Humm Filgaian plans here? That leans towards the last first years are not the first time these words have touched eachother. Wait perfect tomatoes?"

She looks at her old friend about this wondering about it. "You mean too perfect? Sounds like some serious meddling and breeding has gone on there with those." Hints of DNA alterations pop up in Tess minds maybe this is a hint to what she was looking for."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"Not as such, I don't think...he was perfectly willing to accept my help, and it didn't seem like he expected me to stab him in the back or anything..." Jacqueline replies with a nod, before continuing about the seeds.

"There are a few more common species, and there are some that I'll need to find someone to identify for me...but I think the most fascinating find is the Heal Berry seeds. From my understanding, they are otherwise not present on Lunar...so it's incredibly peculiar!" ...She kind of tries to hide her growing enthusiasm, but fails miserably, especially when Matilda asks to see the seeds. "Certainly! Just a moment..."

With that, Jacqueline stands up, and disappears into her room for a moment before returning with some seed packets labeled in an unidentified language, which she lets Matilda examine.

"That's the plan, Arleph...I offered Miss Rebecca and her friends a share of the crop if there was anything useful, and I wouldn't want to disappoint them." She says with a nod toward him.

"Perfect tomatoes...well, this is the Elw we're talking about, so I wouldn't put it past them to create such a thing. Even to this day we still don't understand everything they were capable of..." Jacqueline murmurs.

<Pose Tracker> Shalune Amira has posed.

"... it's like Jay says, I guess. I mean, sure, I'm gonna avoid trouble when I can," Shalune points out with a light huff, scratching at her hair. "But if it comes down to helping people, I'm not gonna hide what I can do. I'm not gonna ignore someone I can help, either. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself."

She does waver for a moment as Catenna speaks, though, her brow furrowing. "... but, um. Statues aside, I'm still not totally up on Guardians, I'm just saying. I mean, I understand Ge Ramtos' perspective, but I'm still pretty pissed at them on the whole for tossin' us into this. I'm worried more about the people involved." ... her anger is not, presently, terribly strong, mind you. She mostly just looks somewhat tired, stifling a yawn.

"Aah, well, y'know... once a blob, always a blob," Shalune grins at Matilda the next moment, stretching her arms out. "Though you wouldn't think to look it, but I think I clean up pretty good!... sometimes!" she adds with a little bit of insistence."

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

"Genetic crafting, at least." Arleph says, leaning back against his seat. "That is one thing I am very certain that they were capable of, at the very least. Crafting a tomatoe so perfect, that grows fast and nicely as well as being nutritious. It is some impressive work on it DNA, just by watching it grow."

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Some days, Catenna wants to throw a brick at Ethius. She settles for sighing faintly and closing her eyes. "Seraph Edna has also been aboard. Seraphim are also of Lunar."

The priestess lifts her eyes to Shalune again, brushing a few locks of hair back from her cheek. "You have a right to be," she says with a simple shrug.

Once Jay returns, however, Catenna follows the woman with her eyes. She defers to Matilda on the seed front. Catenna knows her way around harvesting the right substances for cooking; she's not as great at cultivating them from seeds.

"What do you think, Matilda?" she asks.

<Pose Tracker> Carina Wynne has posed.

Carina hears Arleph talk about his tomato findings. "P-Perfect tomatoes..." She considers. "How did the Elw do that? You think they had a perfect tomato seed machine hidden somewhere?" She seems to regret having found nothing but terrible things in that stupid garden, as opposed to a source of perfect tomatoes.

"It's a pretty good look!" she chimes in, to Matilda. "Next time, though, save yourself the panic and don't forget about your friendly neighbourhood armorcrafter, okay?" Then, in a lower voice, and to no one in particular: "I don't know Lunarian smithing super well just yet, but I'm learnin', dangit." Hopefully Ethius has no objections to raise to THAT, yeesh.

She clenches her fists for a moment, sliding into frame next to Shalune. "Hey! You sounded so cool, just now! And you're still sleepy! This ain't even your final form!!" She crosses her arms. "Well, if somebody needs help, I'm not gonna hide what I can do either!" But then, that's nothing new. Locus stands out as weird and alien even on Filgaia, anyway.

"What's generic crafting and DND?" she asks, absently.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna stares at Arleph like he just told her the motorcar is full of coelacanths.

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

Right. Genetics. Not a wildely known things here. Drat. Save this, Arleph.

"Hmmm. Think of genetics as... well, first of all, it is a theory of sorts in some certain circles. We are going in some very deep and volatile stuff, here." Arleph shrugs. "It is what transfer traits from parents to children at conception, more or less. The Ewls might have been capable of manipulating life in that way much like a craftman is able to build a table to specs."

Will the mention of HOW BABIES ARE MADE diffuse the situation!? He`s already angry at himself to compare it to `genetics are blueprints`, which is extremly not true.

<Pose Tracker> Matilda Whitehead has posed.

Matilda takes a peek at the seed packet. "Oh, that's terribly interesting -- I'll try something a little more detailed with some of these, if I -- may..." Part of her wants to pick them apart under a microscope now now now, but she knows that it's better if she waitsuntil she's getting some of them growing.

The talk of 'genetics' gets Matilda's attention. "The word alone suggests, mmm -- 'thesis of origin or creation,'" she reflects. "It makes sense, of course -- there has to be some mechanism by which familial information is stored and transferred..."

She pauses, thinking about it a bit. "A blueprint might be a little strong a term -- else all children of the same two parents would look identical, yes?"

Catenna gets her attention next -- and she says, "I'd like to try growing some of them and monitoring the results. After I have a few living samples, I can start comparing with both Lunarian plants and the Filgaian versions of these that I'm used to..."

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.


"What is 'genetic crafting'?" Lydia looks at Arleph. "Also what is DNA? That sounds familiar." She frowns. "Did you study at a university or something? Which one?"

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna looks at Matilda as the compounder-mercenary explains genetics further. Her eyes begin to glaze over slightly.

She exhales faintly, folding her hands and brushing past the weird TECHNO PEOPLE questions to just nod quietly to Matilda. "I should be most curious to see what comes out. If those are Filgaian seeds, they may even be different from what grows today. Plants and animals change with times... and perhaps there are different varieties there of the plants we know well from home."

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

There's a bit of pride in the way Jacqueline looks toward Shalune as she confirms that she'll do what she can to help people. Their opinion might differ on the Guardians, but Jacqueline could respect and understand how she had come to that. She chuckles good-naturedly as Shalune asserts that she cleans up well.

And then Arleph begins talking about genetics. Jacqueline frowns slightly and thinks it over. That...huh. What is that? She comes to a similar conclusion to Matilda.

"Sure, I can share some with you...if I can find out what these are, I'll be sure to let you know." She says...and when Matilda mentions the possibility of doing some experiments, Jacqueline lights up.

"Oh! I've already done some studies in that regard...not with these specifically, but with some other plants I had on hand... I could share the results with you, perhaps, and we can see if it's the same for these?"

At this point, Catenna raises an interesting possibility.

"Oh! I...I hadn't considered that! That would be rather fascinating! It'd be like taking a look directly into the past..." She murmurs, her excitement only increasing.

<Pose Tracker> Ethius Hesiod has posed.

Ethius watches as Jay hands some seed packets over to Matilda for examination. This isn't so odd to be noteworthy, is it? This sort of thing is in Matilda's field of study.

His eyes drift over to Arleph as he starts speaking at length about 'genetic crafting.' Where did he last hear those words...?

Catenna's metaphorical brick tossing wish is granted (metaphorically) as she snaps the truth about one Seraph Edna. He was there for that. Did he deliberately forget? (He did hit his head at least once that day, but he hits his head almost every day.) Is there some other criteria he is meaning to communicate? He... might have forgotten.

"Miss Carina." Uh oh, she's in for it now!! Ethius sure sounds like he has objections to raise to THAT, yeesh.

"Adopting Lunarian techniques to one's craft is what I would suggest." Oh, he approves! Great! Perhaps this knowledge could be used to somehow get him off of Locus' back the next time she shows up - it's only a matter of time before any of that comes to head.

There is discussion about just showing off what they can do in the name of helping people. That is what the CaraKin does, after all. "It would be best if you withheld such means unless one's own life is in danger. There is no guarantee anyone you come to the assistance to will take well to something they do not understand."

Case in point, what Matilda spoke with Jay about in regards to Mr. White-Haired Luddite Arsonist Slash Probable Serial Killer.



He doesn't seem to have anything to say about the seeds.

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

Arleph smiles in Lydia`s direction. "That is why there is contention in some circles. It is, largely, still in development and debate." His eyes lights ablaze with a little mischief, scritching the side of his head. "Now, now, Ms. Seren, I am afraid I feel embarassed, as well my home, to talk about that. Let`s say I am no longer welcome there."

His eyes flies over to Ethius, judging his reactions briefly. Hmmm. Did that get a reaction?

"What matters, is that the tomatoes are very nicely grown and healthy,"

<Pose Tracker> Kourin has posed.

Kourin has kept her focus on Spirit. She's as intent on tug of war as he is.

<Pose Tracker> Tesni Inoue has posed.

Tesni Inoue humms thinks for a moment, she looks to Matilda for a moment and can't help but grind a bit at her and Jacquenline trying to figure things out for the moment they have grasped the concept.

"It could depend on how long they were cut off from the population on the other world too."

She thinks a bit more

"I think my biggest cocnet is non natives can't use Lunar's magic that's going to stand out."

She watches Erhius and Arleph the smile fading from her face.

<Pose Tracker> Carina Wynne has posed.

"Ooooh, wow." Carina seems properly impressed by this explanation of genetics. This is certainly not something she's heard about in the past. Somehow it never came up! "Pretty wild to think that livin' things would have blueprints like this..." Matilda contributes her thoughts and a bit of nuance, and soon Carina has joined Catenna in eyes-glazing-over-land.

Ethius' voice snaps her out of her reverie, causing her ponytail to somehow stand on end as she jumps.

Wait, what?

"Um, sure, right, Ethius-man! Got it!" She presents another one of her BIG... nervous... THUMBS UP!!

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia gives Arleph a suspicious as hell look but she doesn't comment on DNA or Genetics further. They sound like alien words, to be quite frank, and she's had enough spaceman interaction to know that they don't want to be alluded to as spacemen and Arleph doesn't seem like an alien and he isn't blonde, so he isn't those aliens either. There's too many possibilities to come to a certain conclusion, but she resolves to watch Arleph more carefully in the future.

What she does say is, "You knew a weird amount about the ship too..." She frowns. "...Be careful, arright?"

<Pose Tracker> Jacqueline Barber has posed.

"I don't think you'll find too many of us who will agree with you there, Ethius." Jacqueline replies with a frown. "If they don't take too well to it...well, we can deal with that later. But I won't abandon anyone if I can help them - you should know that by now."

She was pretty set on that...though that didn't mean she wouldn't try to keep some semblance of subtlety - after all, there would be no point in doing what she's been doing if she didn't.

"I've been researching ways around that...studying Lunarian theories and methods of sorcery. I've been trying to adapt my Crest Sorcery so that it will look to most as if I'm simply harnessing Althena's Blessing, as well." She says, then raises one hand and tugs on the cuff of her surcoat. "I asked Carina to design those specially. Using some sleight of hand, I can utilize my Crests quickly and easily, without having to display them longer than necessary."

<Pose Tracker> Arleph Ardan has posed.

Arleph is certainly not the same kind of alien as Claude, to be sure, if he is an alien at all. It tuyrns out that this world`s craziness is working in his favor. The Symbologist nods gratefully in Lydia`s direction. "I shall, thanks you, but there is nothing to fear. I have learned about the ship from previous ruins, including that... prison tower, which was unsavory."

"He leans back. "That is a good idea, yes. Symbology is looked upon as a sort of pity, from what I have gathered, or confusion as of why one would do that when there is Althena`s Blessing. You are far better than I am at sleight of hand tricks, so I have no fear about that."

<Pose Tracker> Carina Wynne has posed.

Carina just strikes an idol pose when her name comes up, but doesn't add much more!

<Pose Tracker> Lydia Seren has posed.

Lydia Seren seems to accept this answer from Arleph and turns her attention to other things. Still, Arleph remains at TWO STARS on the Lydia WARNING meter. Plenty more left to go before Lydia starts making public accusations!