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Caten head.jpg
IC Information
Full Name: Catenna
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 19 (Sep. 4, 480)
Hometown: Zortroa Kinship
Hair Colour: Black
Class: High Priestess of Celesdue; Dancer
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 75000G
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Caravan Kinship
Player: User:Hats

Pinning this young woman down is a challenge. She's evidently not city folk; she speaks seldom, explains even less, and seems more at home in the wilds of Filgaia than anywhere near inns, markets and homes. Even her ethnicity is difficult to actually place. Wandering Filgaia as a Drifter, she brings with her an abiding faith in the Guardians of the land, and the ability to call upon a particular spirit to aid her. But while she has a certain rapport with the natural world and seems sometimes to understand the ways of beasts and monsters, she nevertheless goes through the world alone and with few close friends, and fewer still who understand who Catenna is and why she's chosen a path beneath a lonely moon.


Catenna is highly unusual among the Zortroa Kinship in that she adheres to religious traditions similar to those of the Ellurian Baskar, including a version of the Heritor tradition utilized by the Fereshte of northern Elru. These traditions seem to have descended specifically through the maternal line of her family: Her mother, Maurea, is an inferior beastmaster but a dedicated Zoa Priestess - likely the only one among the Zortroa, to Catenna's knowledge. She passed her Medium down to Catenna, who was favoured because she was born beneath the light of a full moon.

Catenna is the fifth of seven siblings: In order, they are Alba, Laccoas, Riima, Vallis, Catenna, Sinea and Terae. Her mother had won the heart of the warrior Cientas - or really, more caught his eye than anything, though he eventually grew frustrated with her devotion to the Guardian religion, drawing fault lines through the family. The religion drew fault lines through Catenna's family: She was effectively her mother's favourite and learned much of the Guardians and of Celesdue, lessons to which she took readily, while her brothers and sisters resented that favouritism and became traditional Zortroan beastmasters. By the time Catenna was eight, she was consistently teased and tormented by her siblings because while they had cool imps and wolf pups and bears as familiars, all Catenna had was a baby screech owl who came around sometimes to hoot at her. The taunts and jibes undermined her confidence. While her mother insisted that these things took time and she'd learn someday, Catenna began to view herself as somehow flawed - as if she were worse than her siblings and undeserving of her mother's special attention and shamanistic education.

At some point in her childhood, Catenna received the Stone Moon Medium owned by her mother and was inducted in her own right as a Zoa Priestess.

In the broader region of Elesius, Zortroa are viewed by more urbanized people - that is, Elesians - as subhuman animals no better than the beasts they roll with. They're known in turn as mercenaries and savage hunters, selling their services often as Drifters and emerging in parts of Elesius where war and strife still dominate. This lifestyle did not suit Catenna; when she was old enough, she and her owl set off to the north, though not before a vituperative argument with her father and siblings which effectively burned her bridge behind her.

Catenna ventured for some time in the north of Elru, primarily encountering various hazards in the Veruni Control Zone and making her way for a time to some of the surviving centres in the far north. During the course of these adventures, her owl companion was killed, never being suited for combat in the first place.

The loss of her familiar evidently instilled in Catenna a sense that there was nothing in Elru for her anymore but empty wasteland, Strangers/Veruni and loneliness. Seeking to get as far away from the empty continent and her own people as possible, she returned to Elesius - reluctantly - and arranged passage on a ship bound for Port Timney, where she arrived in 499.


Record of her in the region only begins in late 499, starting in roughly Port Timney. She brought a small bounty upon herself in some quarters after robbing a merchant of his dried meat, evidently feeling that the merchant had it coming.

With no real goal in life other than to find a place for herself, Catenna soon arrived in Adlehyde, where she spent the first few months of her life drifting in and out of the circles of acquaintance of several other Drifters. Against her own wishes, she'd slipped into a life not unlike the lives of the more mercenary Zortroa, except she got there without the benefit of a familiar or a family to support her. The course of her travels drew her into various friendships, among them a woman named Riesenlied, to whom she grew quite fond.

That friendship promptly exploded in her face when it turned out Riesenlied was a Metal Demon, appearing with the other Demons in the destructive assault on Adlehyde. Catenna found herself forced to raise a hand against someone she cared for, yet who had betrayed her. The fighting and dying left her deeply discouraged, but she retreated into her faith to find some solace.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Adlehyde, Catenna took time at the memorial service to comfort Jacqueline Barber, who invited her along on her northward travels. With nothing left in Adlehyde for her (if ever there was anything), Catenna agreed. These travels brought her into the orbit of Cyre H. Lorentz, a Baskar of Beastman attribute, who immediately flirted with her. Unused to being treated that way, Catenna chafed a little at the attention at first. But the two would steadily grow closer with time.

The journeys took Jay, Catenna and their little group northward to Lacour. There, the group received the name CaraKin - short for Caravan Kinship. The 'Kinship' in there was a Catenna suggestion that ultimately won out over 'Jay's Baes.' CaraKin lingered for a time as a team member won the Lacour Tournament of Arms, but soon enough, word came of the discovery of a Guardian Temple in the badlands.

Catenna joined CaraKin in challenging the Guardian Temple, a challenge which came even as the Metal Demons launched an assault on it. Herself and Cyre battled Berserk at the temple gates before delving into the structure itself. There, they encountered the Guardians themselves, who tested them - a test they could not pass - before tasking them with preventing Mother, the goddess of the Metal Demons. In the depths of the Temple, Catenna was further tried by Celesdue personally, the Moon Guardian teaching Catenna a valuable lesson in humility and patience by forcing her to sit alone for months in the space of ten seconds and lose all hope and expectations of Celesdue giving her the backpatting she hoped for before the Guardian finally appeared once Catenna had given up and lost all expectations.

A chastised Catenna fled the Temple with her companions, but in the course of her escape was captured by Kislev and locked up at a military outpost alongside Asteroid the Kid and a woman named Kaguya. While the other two managed to escape, Catenna found herself struggling to do so without her Mediums, and it took CaraKin and Astie riding to the rescue to break her out. The group escaped with several Kislevi Gears before moving on to adventures in Aveh and Kislev.

The Statues and the Owlet

Catenna was among those tasked by Elder Halle with pursuing the Guardian Statues. Given a Sealing Rod and a ritual, Catenna struck out to seach for the Statues, taking part in the sealing of several of them. These quests brought her deeper into the lives of Astie and Kaguya, the former being revealed as Lydia Seren behind her Rigdobrite head, the latter outing herself as Veruni in her successful bid to obliterate a Statue. But this time also brought her closer to Cyre and took her relationship with him deeper into the bounds of love, when she joined him in defending his home village of Wehaca and the Statue within from a Malevolent plot by the Trial Knight.

Throughout it all, Catenna continued to experience sightings of an enormous white bird overhead, shaped basically like a massive snowy owl. Following the clues to villages around the Badlands, Catenna came to learn about the Great White Bird of the Badlands, a monstrous creature which preyed upon innocent villagers in the area, particularly children. Eventually this search brought them to the Bird itself - and Catenna quickly identified it as not just a monster, but a Totem Owl of Celesdue, a creature essentially of the Guardian, but one horrifically twisted and warped by the Demon King's Malice.

Determined to try and purify the Great White Bird, Catenna led CaraKin to the tower known as the Titan's Roost, where the Bird dwelled. The group ascended the Tower and met the Bird in battle. But efforts to cleanse it proved futile, and the Bird was ultimately killed in a bid to end its suffering. However, a single Egg remained, which Catenna took custody of and began to care for like her own child.

That Egg would travel with her for the next two months, until CaraKin discovered the ancient Elw ruin known as Lost July. Once again Catenna found herself battling Berserk before the ruins of a Statue, the Quarter Knight having grafted a modified Sealing Rod to his arm to enable him to destroy sealed Statues. During the battle, Catenna was grievously wounded - but at that point, the Egg hatched, revealing a small white Owlet with no sign of pollution by the Demon King's Malice. Determined to preserve that tiny life, Catenna threw everything she could at Berserk and assisted a bevy of fellow Drifters in killing him once and for all.

The Moon and the Sphere

In the aftermath of the battle in Lost July, Catenna found herself on Lunar, separated from the Caravan Kinship. She was soon drawn into the service of an illegal performance troupe, a group of dancers led by the caravan-master Drago. Catenna chose to integrate herself there in the hopes her travels would bring her across the path of Jay and others, using her ritual dancing skills to try and pass as a fan dancer. Soon enough, CaraKin found her anyway, and all was well, though Catenna would return to Drago's caravan periodically to gather information.

Catenna's experience on Lunar did little to deepen her understanding of the relationship between Althena and Celesdue - but she could feel the Moon Guardian's power all the more clearly there. This eventually led her to locate the Statue of Celesdue, unsurprisingly on Lunar despite nobody on that world knowing who Celesdue actually is. The Statue was menaced by Mauri, the militant Red Priestess of Althena, who nearly destroyed it but for the intervention of several Drifters and Lunarian allies. Catenna was ultimately able to seal it, though several of her friends were badly wounded in the process.

After months of Lunar adventuring and a sojourn through the lost labyrinth known as Uzda il-Jam, Catenna found herself in Azado during the attack of Sin, a creature so horrific that even Celesdue herself was terrified. Catenna did what she could to help others prevent the destruction of the city, but the immense Clysmian was too powerful to be denied, and Catenna found herself lost in the tunnels beneath the city with CaraKin. But those sojourns brought them to a transporter, with which they returned to Lunar - in the middle of a second Metal Demon bid for Adlehyde.

Catenna escaped that without major engagements, but found that the worst had happened: Mother had awoken. Her contact with Celesdue was deeply dampened, plunging the Owlet into a deep, near-fatal lethargy.

Much of Catenna's time from here on in was divided between caring for the ailing Owlet and searching for the Photosphere, intent on defeating Mother. Eventually the CaraKin was able to cross the ocean to Elru, where Catenna acted as best she could as a local guide, drawing on her knowledge of the continent. It did not take long, however, for her to run into something she did not want: Her sister Riima ventured far from the Zortroan lands to confront Catenna upon finding her still alive, promptly mocking her beliefs and insulting the Owlet when it became clear Catenna would not abandon her faith and come home. Catenna promptly told her sister where to stick it.

The night after the incident, however, the Owlet escaped the CaraKin and went off on her own into the Arctican winter. Pursuing the sick bird, Catenna discovered the Owlet had found an ancient Temple of Celesdue buried beneath a mountain. Catenna and her friends defeated an ancient Metal Beast long sealed in there, opening the way to a sanctum of the Moon Priestess herself - and there, Celesdue returned the fully-grown Owlet to Catenna, introducing her as Saarda-Shanta and sending her back with the Silver Moon Medium. The entire Owlet experience had been a test of Catenna's faith and character, possibly even with Celesdue watching it all through the Owlet's eyes, and she had passed it sufficiently for the Moon Guardian to choose her as her champion.

Thus empowered, Catenna joined in the assault on the Photosphere. Her new Silver Medium abilities, and the power of Saarda-Shanta to spontaneously "grow up" and join the fight, proved crucial in disabling Mother and making her ultimate destruction possible. The battle was won: Mother was defeated, and one threat was removed from the world.

Powers and Abilities

Catenna's Spiran ensemble.
  • Silver Moon Medium: Catenna was raised as a dedicated Zoa Priestess in the service of Celesdue, but found herself in possession of the Silver Moon Medium after discovering a lost temple in the depths of Elru. The Medium grants her a far stronger connection to the Moon Guardian than most and enables powerful Material summons and arcana. It also marks her as Celesdue's chosen High Priestess. Her time on Lunar has brought her closer to Celesdue in some respects, and her ability to channel the power of the Moon Guardian has increased substantially.
  • Supplemental Mediums: Catenna possesses both a Stone Medium of Lucadia and an Artificial Medium of Rigdobrite.
  • Drawn Equinox Style: Catenna's technical style has evolved through her time on Spira to incorporate both her bowhunting skill from her time among the Zortroa and the dancing training she underwent with Jean. She has combined them both into a unique style, utilizing an asymmetrical yumi-type bow. The Drawn Equinox style is equal parts archery, dance and athletic exhibition, involving rapid movement, high jumps, acrobatic flips and bow attacks from above, with Guardian arcana interspersed to debilitate her targets. It is designed for Catenna to be able to exercise maximum mobility while limiting her opponent's mobility in turn. At its most flexible, the style allows Catenna to actually reverse direction in midair, pivot off of scenery she shouldn't be able to pivot from, and even manage shots with her bow while upside down.
  • Saarda-Shanta: Otherwise known as the Owlet, or the Great Owl. Saarda-Shanta is a Totem Creature of Celesdue - essentially a sub-spirit - and is at least partly an embodiment of Celesdue's essence. The child of a Totem Bird driven mad by The Demon King's Malice, the Owlet was hatched from an egg saved by the Caravan Kinship and raised from vulnerability, but has since come into her own as Catenna's familiar, companion and friend. When situations are particularly grim, Saarda-Shanta has the ability to expand into her adult form, a huge snowy owl large enough to carry Catenna and a companion on her back. In this form, she's capable of projecting lunar energy in the form of offensive beams. Saarda-Shanta's abilities go beyond combat: She most closely resembles a sub-spirit in her connection to Celesdue and may in fact be somewhat cospecific with the Moon Guardian, or at least able to act as a conduit for her.

Catenna has a few non-combat skills of note:

  • Wonder Chef, Southern Elru Edition: Catenna's initial contribution to the Caravan Kinship was her ability to cook, and do so very well. She's exceptionally talented in the kitchen, favouring dishes with a Zortroan or Eastern Baskar origin - her repertoire is heavily centred on dishes like curries, both meat-based and vegetarian.
  • Dance: Catenna is a student of Jean in this respect. She stumbled into moonlighting as a dancer during her first stint on Lunar but has since developed her skills, and she has transitioned from the kitchen to earning gella for the CaraKin through dance performances.
  • Beast Bond: Aside from Saarda-Shanta, Catenna is actually a very bad Zortroa in terms of her ability to make mental connections with monsters. She has a general affinity for wild beasts but is only marginally capable of taming them. This weakness is basically the tradeoff she made for abandoning the Zortroan beast-cult ethos.

Logs and Cutscenes

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INTERPRETATIVE NOTE: The phases of the moon do not align one-to-one with a love-hate spectrum, but with intentions and symbols - e.g. a full moon may represent Catenna's feelings both towards someone she loves and someone she hates.

Character Group Mood Comments
Cyre H. Lorentz Caravan Kinship Moon full.png "My dearest heart. We both understand what it is like to live with expectations we feel we cannot meet. We both know what it feels like to be strangers in a far-off land. He has come so far, and I want to be there by his side all the while."
Jacqueline Barber Caravan Kinship Moon full.png "A sister to me, in a way that my kin of blood were never. She is family of choice, and I could not have made a better one. Her kindness and dedication are as remarkable as her humility and modesty."
Ethius Hesiod Caravan Kinship Moon quarter first.png "I feel as though I have begun to understand flashes of him. In some ways he has a perspective that no one else in the Kinship reaches me through. In other ways he is an enigma. I am not sure I fully 'trust' him, but he has not let us down yet."
Ivan Caravan Kinship Moon cres waxing.png "In him I see so much of how I once could have been - a young person whose life was consumed by a devotion to death. I want to help him to let his life blossom. He deserves to experience joy."
Kourin Caravan Kinship Moon cres waxing.png "She has shown herself more willing to learn than I first gave her credit for. I feel such pity for her, knowing the rejection from her mother that I knew from my father. She can find another family in a new Kinship, I hope...."
Mariel Caravan Kinship Moon gibbous waning.png "Her wisdom and kindness are inspiring, in their way. We share much, I think, at least on a spiritual level. I feel as though I can understand her, to a degree."
Talia Caravan Kinship Moon gibbous waxing.png "I am grateful to her for keeping Jacqueline safe. She has done much to make a new life for herself, and I'm not sure she has needed much help. Perhaps the best course is simply to pursue our friendship?"
Matilda Whitehead Caravan Kinship Moon new.png "Matilda has already betrayed us once and has held clear contempt for me for some time. I am slow to trust her again, knowing that she could betray us again at any time. Perhaps I must simply allow myself a fresh start with her."
Ambrosius Veruni Moon new.png "For the longest time I have viewed him as an insurmountable pillar of contempt. But what he showed me recently was a flash of something more. Perhaps he is less an irredeemable obstacle than I had once thought. I will have to reconsider him...."
Cecilia Adlehyde Dawn Chasers Moon gibbous waxing.png "Her connection to the Guardians is deep and profound. Her path will no doubt take her in directions that will help Filgaia in the long run. If I can support her in her journey, then I must."
Dean Stark Wayside Outreach Moon gibbous waxing.png "A young man with boundless energy and a good heart. I hope he can help Riesenlied shape the future she seeks."
Ida Everstead-Rey ARMS Moon cres waning.png "Her heart is in the right place, but her tendency to move into a space and occupy it can be intensely irritating. But I have resigned myself to the fact that she and I simply view the world oppositely - I through the spirit, she through the sciences."
Marivel Armitage Caravan Kinship Moon new.png "Profoundly irritating, sublimely arrogant and best digested in small doses - but dedicated to her cause. So long as Marivel's goals lie in preserving Filgaia, she is my ally. But our fates will intermingle only in that our duties are aligned."
Jean Vile Fiends Moon gibbous waning.png "She taught me so much about her art, but more than that, she has become a friend, in my eyes. And understanding what she went through helps. As she has helped me, I wish that I can help her, when the time comes."
K.K. Crucible Moon full.png "Die."
Kaguya Veruni Moon full.png "I held back against Kaguya because I love her. I feel a profound pity for her. Perhaps there is a way for us to rebuild the bridge that once connected us... and if there is, I will do it without question, even if we are destined to fight."
Leon Albus Black Wolves Moon cres waning.png "I respect Leon for his dedication and seriousness, but his mindset could not be more different from mine. His pragmatism leaves little room for the spiritual, I think. Our courses are destined to diverge, though not without appreciation."
Lily Keil Black Wolves Moon cres waning.png "She views the world through eyes that see different things first. Sometimes I worry about her, mind. I like her. But I worry about her."
Lunata Croze ??? Moon quarter last.png "I hope that she will find happiness with Jay. Ge Ramtos has placed a painful journey before her, and I understand why she has taken the path she has. She must find her way in her own place and time, and that may lie in places the Kinship cannot go."
Lydia Seren Solaris Moon full.png "My precious star sister. I will not allow the sky people to do as they please with her."
Piedras Blancas Zortroa Kinship Moon full.png "The path he leads my people along is a dark path. I cannot follow where he has guided us. The hate and dehumanization are not healthy or good, and I will not submit to them - and I should like, someday, to show my people another way."
Riesenlied Wayside Outreach Moon full.png "Riesenlied showed me a great deal - enough that I look back on my old mindset about her people with regret. Her heart lies in the best of places. So long as we are bound through ties to Fereshte, so too are our fates intermingled."
Seraph Ragnell Crucible Moon full.png "Her sassy-Ragnell act leaves me cold. I will not accede to her air of affability. As far as I am concerned, she is an existential threat to Filgaia, and I 'will' kill her on sight."
Zed Hyadean Remnant Moon quarter last.png "He irritates me to no end, but I suppose he is not a 'bad' person. He simply seems to be finding his way. It is just a way I find quite pesky and stupid."



Catenna's sprite in Spira.