2018-07-23: The Uncharted Beach

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<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

    Xenia Grey's ship remains moored in the sheltered little bay. Rather than set out to the ruins immediately, the group aboard seems to have decided--collectively--to stop and enjoy the scenery.

    In Ida's case, this meant resting on the beach for a while, listening to the wind and the waves, taking in the tranquil atmosphere. She took off her boots and walked barefoot on the beach a while, taking notes in the travel journal she bought back after she arrived on Lunar. So far, there's not much in there, but as she combs the beach, she finds interesting things, makes notes and sketches. It feels, almost, like the weight of the world is off her shoulders.

    Of course, the water looks inviting, too. Ida knows how to swim, but it's always been something she's done in private, gated pools, or in secluded little beaches. There are people here, and the bathing suit she acquired in Adlehyde--which is in her pack, sitting under a tree, 'just in case', is... well. At least a little scandalous. Old taboos are hard to break.

    For now, Ida sits in front of a crystalline protrusion, using a ruler and ink pen to make a very exacting, very professional sketch. She even makes notes of the little motes of energy around it.

<Pose Tracker> Id has posed.

Id is sitting crosslegged on a towel in the sand. He has removed the red and gold armor attachments from his armor and set them on the beach next to him and presently has his legs crossed with his eyes closed in evil meditation. Sand swirls around his body, forming square blocks that he piles upon itself one after another, each cube balancing impossibly even as the whole of the structure he's building hangs in the air. He seems hesitant to go into the water and to strip down any more htan he already has. He probably didn't bring a bathing suit to this shindig. Unless...that IS his bathing suit?

Regardless, Id isn't causing any trouble for once so that's something. Though no know it, the suppression of malevolence in this area is making it more difficult for Id to maintain this form rather than fall back into his natural state and because of that, he has to conserve his energy if he wants to get done what he wants to get done.

What is that? He never said. Maybe he's just curious, appreciating the mystery of what is, of what will be. He contemplates logical throughlines of time and seperates each into fractal paths as he considers breaking points between each timeline that divert the paths of those around him.

He...didn't know that Ida could draw.

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

For her part, Lily Keil made use of her passing experience in sailing to help bring the ship in in lieu of its... crew, such as it was. From there she agreed with the others, decided to stay at the beach for a time, enjoy the area before moving on. Was she in such a rush? She did promise Elly that she would rest. And yet...

Well, it's a while before anyone sees Lily after she goes below deck. But eventually...

She walks onto the shore, barefoot, with a closed, large umbrella slung over her jacketed shoulder, a wide-brimmed hat shielding her golden eyes from the sun. She's pale, of course, which is... rather more obvious, at the moment, because against all odds, the laconic sorceress is actually wearing a swimsuit.

Sticking the umbrella into the ground at an angle, she opens it up to afford herself some shade, sets the towel down, and takes off her jacket, stretching out to relax. She might swim in a bit. For now? She doesn't yet.

She does not comment on this, does not greet anyone. She just stretches back onto her hands, taking a deep breath of the sea air. ...It's a two-piece swimsuit, one Ida might find entirely too scandalous for all that it's fairly conservative as those go. But more notable is not Lily's black attire, because obviously she's wearing black, down to the jacket now laid down behind her to use as a pillow.

What is much more notable is the cascading patterns of light up from her fingertips all the way down her arms, circuit markings branching at right angles, perpeundicular up and up, slowly humming through varied colors; blue, orange, red, gold, violet. They stretch up her arms, past her shoulders, to the base of her throat, down her sides almost to the hips, most of the way across her back. They're... pretty obvious.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Don't look now, but Catenna absolutely loves the beach. She also has no idea who Xenia Grey is and didn't take a ship here. It's very easy to miss that her tent is here; she set it up near the rocks, and the colour of the material causes it to blend in at a casual glance.

At least until the tent flap opens. She...

...pokes her head out warily. The last time she went to the beach, she strolled out in the traditional bathing costume of her people and ended up fighting a Gear with little more than her mediums and some strategically-placed camera angles. It isn't an experience she plans to repeat.

Her caution proves warranted - she can see people down there. Ducking her head back inside, she vanishes from sight for a moment. Then the tent flap opens again.

"Ida? Hello. I did not see you arrive," the Moon Shaman says mildly a moment later, tilting her head as she approaches the naturalist-turned-Hellion. Her tone's not unfriendly, and she at least has a smile.

It's joined by an arch of eyebrows as she realizes someone else has arrived. "...Lily?" Surprise briefly flickers across her face.

Don't worry, Ida; Catenna's swimsuit is pretty daring, too. It's white, it's two pieces, it has a complex silver and black and blue geometric pattern bordering the triangles which make up most of it, and she picked it out with Cyre in mind. The light colours stand out against her dark complexion and bring out the pale grey of her eyes.

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 Rumors of a new and unexplored area are always going to attract a selection of Drifters to the area - and Mihaya is no exception. For PERFECTLY NORMAL REASONS OF CURIOSITY which totally do not involve looking for technology, magic, or any other useful bits and bobs of information or relics of the past, the elf has found passage on a ship to the islands where Udza Il-jam is rumored to be located, and has set forth in search of adventure.
 Although adventure is, for the moment, going to have to wait in favor of the fact that there's a really nice beach with some really weird people out here that she needs to investigate.
 There have been quite a few folks that she has run into who are apparently from the Blue Star, although she's not been able to pry too many details out of folks without seeming too curious or suspicious. BUT THE BEACH. The beach had opportunities. People would be relaxing. Dazzled by the sun. Ogling pretty girls in swimsuits and not paying attention to more important things.
 And so the elven Symbologist has arrived at the beach, her boat having dropped her off up the coast where she squirreled away her more valuable gear in a cave which she had promptly disguised and trapped. Mihaya shows up at the sandy shoreline in a swimsuit that mainly consists of a wrapped cloth top, looped over the neck, and around the chest in a crisscross pattern, as well as a wrap around her waist that is tied off to one side and falls down to mid-thigh on one side and just below the hip on the side where it is tied. A large straw sun hat is perched atop her head, a pair of woven straw sandals on her feet, and a small carry bag dangles from the top of her staff.
 Wearing this outfit, the fact that she is a symbologist is *incredibly obvious*. She has symbols tattooed up both arms, running along the back and front of her arms leading to a wheel of complex inscriptions that vanish under the suit along her chest and back, as well as running down her torso on either side down her legs, with additional symbols running down both the inner and outer parts of her legs down to the calves. It is many, many hours of tattoo work, although for the learned its clear that not all of the tattoos are symbiological in nature. Several of the patterns are odd inscriptions, especially a large set on her back that wrap around the main lines of her symbologist markings that spread out to her shoulders and down her back.
 But the elf wanders onto the beach and looks around, pausing for a moment and tilting her head inquiringly as she notices Lily's rather interesting light show. Mihaya pauses for a moment and calls out, "Hello! I hope you don't mind company, but this beach looked very inviting and I figure that the more the merrier, especially on mysterious islands and the like!"
 Gasp. An interloper!

<Pose Tracker> Gwen Whitlock has posed.

    Gwen did not bring a swimsuit. For... several reasons, really, her ARM's status simply one of many.

    That doesn't mean she still can't be daring, however. Out of necessity, she'd insist.

    Bare feet quietly pad across the sand, kicking little waves of white as she walks over. Shins and forearms glare pale against the warm sun. Shirttails flutter, untucked.

    ... Yeah, Gwen's just wearing the same outfit, but she has her pants and sleeves rolled up! And her blouse is *untucked*, and the top buttons of her blouse are *unbuttoned*. ... This is daring for Gwen. She's also borrowed some umbrella or another from the ship, looking slightly guilty as she has it open over her shoulder, shading her freckled and/or damaged skin from the demands of the hot sun above.

    It's notable that this did not happen until after Lily made her swimsuit debut, the fantastic circuitry on full display. She even makes her way over to LIly, feeling some sense of security in being by someone with a bit more noticable display, but, first, Ida, and then Id distract her. Id's display of sand castle building is certainly interesting, but Ida seems more safe to approach. And she does.

    "... What'ca doing?" Gwen's freckled face peers over Ida's shoulder, looking at the sketch of the crystal beyond. "Whoah, that's pretty good study!"

<Pose Tracker> Rebecca Streisand has posed.

Rebecca let her boots go one by one as they fall into the shore raising a tiny cloud of sand. Her ARMs belt dropping on top of it and a small satchel containing her duo of mediums after that. It's a practical consideration on the beach. If this place really isn't paradise and a crisis happens - what does she need most of all?
Also because she - simply put - does not trust everyone here.
She's in a two piece swimsuit which is really a one piece she cut in twain and stitched up to modify it herself. It's white, with pink thread around the edges due to the patchwork sew job she'd made.
Surveying the beach there's a light sigh, as she puts her hands back above her head, "Too busy searching for golems to take five and take a gander at the pretty girl in a swimsuit." She mumbles to herself before stretching back a leg, grabbing her toes, and pulling it upwards as she tilts her body forward in the stretch, dipping down far enough for her a red twintails to brush the sand. "Just like him."
She repeats it by stretching out the other leg. Going through the routine while looking out over the sparkling crystalline blue waters. Which brings a smile to her face after a while.
"Ah well. Who needs him to enjoy this place?"
Continuing herself through the same motions of the stretches she goes through before an acrobatic workout - a glint catches her eye, and squinting she notices the glint of light is coming from Lily in the shade - not from a reflection of the sun. Looking at it in wonder.
And eventually her footsteps take her by that blanket, "Looks like you're enjoying yourself." She says with a smile and crossed arms. "It's funny how you're able to relax so well after all that. I still feel a little on edge after that trip here."
She gives a glance over at Gwen and Ida - but doesn't say anything their way right now.
Instead looking at Mihaya and Catenna - squinting, "Were... the two of you on the voyage with us?" She seriously doubts it. "Wow didn't take long for word to get out I guess."

<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

    Ida, for what it's worth, seems to have subscribed to Gwen's school of dress for now: she's barefoot, and her pants are rolled up to mid-calf, and cuffed. She left her coat with the pack, and the sleeveless shirt she's wearing is light enough that heat isn't too much of an issue. Long, dark hair cascades down her back, blowing gently in the breeze. With her Malevolence tamped down by the air in this place, she looks like an ordinary human--kind of weary, kind of haggard, and too thin to be healthy, but ordinary.

    She seems almost at ease, here.

    Ida spent a while just watching Id, but wisely opted not to disturb him with questions about how he's even doing that. (And also, wisely, she has avoided any behavior that could be miscontrued as unladylike ogling.) Lily, likewise, hasn't earned too much attention, aside from Ida noting down that those markings are both extensive and kind of pretty. Of course, it isn't long before people start socializing again, and taking an interest in her. "Catenna?" Ida says. She definitely wasn't on the charter. "What are you doing here? Did word get out that quickly?" It's entirely possible that the CaraKin Hivemind somehow got wind, which would explain things. Then the elf woman strolls on up. Ida doesn't recognize her, and simply gives her a polite nod. (Is she showing those tattoos off?, Ida thinks. She wishes she felt that confident.)

    "I, ah, was cataloging," Ida says, as Gwen asks what she's doing. "If no one else knows this place exists, the least I can do is make observations." That's more like the Ida Gwen met in Adlehyde, a long time ago.

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

Lily's markings? Very obvious to a Symbologist as not even close to Symbology. But Lily herself sees Catenna before she sees the other sorceress, and she looks up with slight surprise in turn. "...Catenna," she recalls, a name and a greeting all in one. It's... not unfriendly? It's the same level of reserve that they employed before. Only unfriendly to those expecting more gregariousness.

...But notice the Symbologist she does, glancing her markings over with some curiousity, comparing them to those she knows, all in the same instant during which she measures up whether she seems aggressive or threatening. "Don't care," the black-haired sorceress answers casually, looking out instead to the water--to Ida, with her drawing, between her and it. At that she turns her gaze to Gwen, and immediately guesses at the feeling of security there--Lily frankly might feel a little the same about Gwen and her ARM.

After all, she notices the looks she's gotten, the lingering on her markings in particular. From Rebecca, too.

So when Rebecca comes over, the ex-soldier glances up to her, inclines her head slowly. "I take what I can get for relaxation. I'm not very good at it." She waits, a beat, glances to where Rebecca's gaze goes, and says, "...I'd already forgotten it was dangerous," she admits.

A glance back at Ida. "...I see your boy didn't make it to the beach with you," casually to Rebecca.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

For her part, Catenna doesn't have any visible symbols on her person. She doesn't even have regular tattoos.

Not immediately recognizing Mihaya, Catenna does at least raise her eyebrows as she realizes this person is an elf. She flicks her fingers in a small wave, offering the arriving woman a polite smile. "Hello... I do not think the beach is especially private? Well, at least as un-private as an obscure island in the middle of the ocean can really be, anyway. Albeit one which seems to be attracting many an errant traveler...."

As Catenna speaks, a small globe of downy white fluff trundles absently along near her calves. It's the Owlet, attempting to roll lazily along the beach on what looks like a large coconut. Its balance is not that great and it flutters its little winglets a few times as it tries not to take a tumble.

Catenna smiles patiently down at it before looking back up to Rebecca, recognizing the girl only distantly. "Oh, hello. I wasn't," she admits, then shifting to bring Ida into the conversation since she's asking the same question. "Word? I didn't know there was a word. Truthfully, the Owlet saw signs in the Moon that called to us both. She was quite insistent that we come this way. So we came-" She gestures down the beach, to where a small coracle has been left against the rocks - "and we found this island. I imagine the rest of the CaraKin will be along soon enough."

She folds her hands neatly and inclines her head as she recognizes Lily. "Hello, Miss Keil." Simple and level - she hasn't talked to Lily in awhile, but Lily had earned her respect, even if they were different people on diverging paths.

Back to Rebecca she looks with a polite smile. "I am Catenna... normally I travel with Jacqueline and her group. It is nice to meet those of you I have not yet met."

While Catenna's explaining, the Owlet rolls its coconut lazily over to Ida - and then topples off and lands on its tail in the sand. It lets out a little huff, then pops up and gives the coconut a little kick. The coconut begins to roll away.

The Owlet chirps with surprise and darts after it.

<Pose Tracker> Layna Manydays has posed.

Along soon enough, indeed - when Catenna began to move out, Jacqueline followed after her pretty quickly. The way she figured it, something might be wrong and she might need backup. If there was one thing anyone knew about the CaraKin, it was that they traveled in packs.

Strangely enough, though, Jacqueline does not arrive on the shore that people would expect.

Nearby, a hand bursts out of the water, grabbing onto the beach!! This might be alarming, but what comes after is...a little less so. A rather bedraggled and exhausted looking Jacqueline pulls herself out of the water, gasping for breath...and then flops over on her back, looking positively exhausted.

Her swimsuit is incredibly modest, to the point of not showing any more skin than her usual outfit does.

...You'll have to give her a moment, though, she needs to take a second to just...breathe.

She's not alone, though!

<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

Prissa walks out of the sea at about the same time as Jay.

Prissa looks like she is a natural swimmer. She is wearing a top that consists of a long strip of cotton with a faded blue dye that has been tied into a loose knot in front of and slightly beneath her breasts, preventing her from flopping out and rendering this title Mature: For Select Audiences. A similarly dyed set of fabric has been wrapped around her hips and held in place with a bent-wire-pin brooch on the left hip, with the decoration coming from a melted and swirled piece of glass with stripes of green and blue mixed in with the dominant 'clear' hue. Prissa also has on a more rugged canvas sash which is holding one (1) knife and one (1) sword in place, along with a couple of pouches. One of them is laden with some kind of stones, and the other is smaller; Prissa opens it to fish out her tinted glasses, which she puts on carefully before asking Jay, "Do you need a hand? You swim very well, you know. Hold on, I must check on my Drum."

She shades her eyes. --------> there!

(It got stuck under a stray tree and semi-concealed with a fallen leaf. Probably nobody even knew she had ditched gear until now.)

<Pose Tracker> Gwen Whitlock has posed.

    On seeing the little owlet, Gwen lets out a exhale of glee. "Eeee, lookit the fluffball!" She debates moving over to witness the MIGHT STRUGGLE of owlet and coconut, but Ida's own struggle is slowly becoming more and more pressing.

    Namely, Ida is... dressed similarly to Gwen! This can not stand. Not while Gwen is around!

    "Honestly, I thought you'd advantage of this n' wait a swimsuit," Gwen says, seemingly oblivious, as she looks over Ida's shoulder. "I mean, y'don't have to worry about people starin' at ya. I think the only guys here are Dean n' Id. Dean'd probably only notice a swimsuit if it was on a golem, and Id is..." She looks at Id, then back at Ida. "He probbbaabbly wasn't starin' at my chest on the ship, let's just say. So, c'mon! You don't have to worry about word gettin' out that you were seen on a beach in 'scandalous attire' or whatever." She points out the stretching Rebecca. "See? Kinda like that!"

    And speaking of people getting into the spirit of things- there's Jay! And Prissa! And Jay looks like she's... having trouble. "Uh, hey! Is she..." She shouts over to Prissa. "Did she figure out the ocean was deep too? The water's real clear-like here! Ain't natural! But in a good way!"

    Those blue-grey eyes move over towards Catenna and Mihaya, the former she recognizes, but the latter... "Whoah, we're gettin' people here already..." She hesitates, then presses right on qith her quest. "But they're all girls, so you're *still okay*, Ida! You're not gonna have another chance like this!"

<Pose Tracker> Rebecca Streisand has posed.

Rebecca's brow furrows as Catenna explains that there were signs, "Ah - so it's a shaman thing." Rebecca decides upon. She doesn't sound skeptical, if anything accepting. She's just accepting of the fact that it was her way - and a different way from hers - and that she wasn't going to understand it.
In the same way she doesn't get it when Avril's intuition picks up on something. Often she wonders if Lucadia is just whispering things to her - even if her mediums never said anything to her.
"Ah - you're a friend of Jay's? Well nice to meet you Catenna." She says with a smile and a polite nod, "The name's Rebecca Streisand - I'm travelling with Dean and Avril mostly." She doesn't walk over for a handshake though because she's not sure if there's some kind of custom precluding it.
And then she looks down at Lily - at the circuitry lining those muscles and - "Huh. You wouldn't know by looking at you. You seem real good at it today at least." She doesn't comment on how it's dangerous and how Lily had already forgotten. Because frankly - well... she doesn't think anyone sane really needs a reminder.
Which means just Dean might need one.
And that's exactly when Dean comes up, which brings a slight flush to her cheeks as she laughs lightly - almost dismissively, "Aha no. He's probably running around all over looking for golems. Ever since Avril found out there are golems buried basically everywhere on this world too... wouldn't surprise me if he's just hoping this place is chock full of them - ready for him to excavate them."
Rebecca keeps her arms crossed and looks up towards the sky, "I bet that's what he's doing right now in fact. Digging excitedly with his shovel somewhere further inland."
Eyeing Gwen and Ida again, she seems to notice Gwen pressing Ida into wearing a swimsuit. And after a moment she adds idly, "I don't see anything you'd have to be ashamed about - when it comes to how you'd look in a swimsuit Ida. Why not enjoy yourself some?"
And then she looks back Lily's way - and double takes a little. She's staring real intently at Lily's left hand...

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 Well, step one was complete! It seemed that there were quite a few people here and none of them really minded a few extra strangers showing up. Score one for her side! Or... something. Mihaya has at least managed to infiltrate the beach. In style no less.
 As for Lily... well, you bet that the elf takes a nice long look at her, especially with the strange markings. The fact that they are glowing isn't that weird - when she really wanted to make things explode, Mihaya lit up herself like a bit of a glow in the dark doll with her symbols challenging energy. But the design is certainly... different.
 What she would really like to do is just zip over to Lily and start asking all sorts of questions. New symbological style magic was EXCITING. Maybe she had some unusual, rare, or ancient symbols that would allow them to accomplish new and interesting things! Unknown methodologies! New horizons to explore!
 The image of asking Lily if she could apply suntan lotion while she made a very covert, detailed sketch of all of the markings that she could fin-*ahem*
 Focus. Be smooth. Professional. Non-threatening.
 The fact that she was just looking at Lily with a *SQUEEEEEEE* expression, possibly with a few little tiny stars in her eyes and around her for effect, means that is probably not going to happen, but she can try to play it cool.
 Well, just play it cool. The elf gives Lily a big thumbs up, and states, "Good to hear! You never know what sort of creeps might be lurking around these weird islands, and it's good to have company about!" She... does not look at Id. Perfectly normal guy for all she knows, yep. Blue Star Drifters are WEIRD PEOPLE.
 And then of course, there is team swimsuit over there, encouraging people to get into the swing of the beach. "Don't be shy, I'm sure you'll look fine in a swimsuit!" Mihaya calls over towards Ida and the others. "I mean if you don't get a chance to let your hair down often, this is a great place for it!"

<Pose Tracker> Id has posed.

Id has been building sand castles for a while as everybody was leaving him alone and Id, naturally, was leaving them alone as well. If anybody ogled, he didn't notice it because his eyes are closed. He may have an idea of positioning even with his eyes closed thanks to his training, but he can't see through his eyelids to see where someone's gaze is. That's a bit much.

In the interim he has developed a miniature little sand city around him, a city lost long ago in one of the variety of apocalypses that Filgaia has suffered. There aren't any people in this complex sand city, but rather it's just all gradually building around Id and growing around him, held in place by nothing but his will.

But eventually, Id opens his eyes. The sand castle collapses around him, being destroyed in an instant despite the time utilized in its construction and the complexity presented.

"Ida," Id says. "What's with all the people here? How did they find us?"

Maybe your giant red kamehameha wave clued them in, Id.

"...More to the point, I didn't know you were an artist. Why haven't you mentioned this?"

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

Lily seems strangely unconcerned with how anyone got here or heard what was coming. ...Maybe she is relaxing today. "Do I?" she asks Rebecca. "Well, it's a good setting for it. I enjoy the sea."

A beat, and a smirk. "I see. One of those. ...Not what you'd rather, I imagine." She doesn't tease too hard, though; it's very light, not forceful. ...Yet.

But Lily lifts an eyebrow as she sees Jay coming out of the water, and indeed, if Rebecca looks closely--closely, she will see that Lily's left hand immediately rises, adopting a claw-like shape as a faint pulse of magic seems to absorb into her palm--all of her markings abrubtly change color, gleaming purple... and then nothing happens. She sees that it's Jay, and she does not blast her. The markings stay purple though, still faintly gleaming. ...Mihaya, of course, can easily see the change and the resultant new state.

Lily, in turn, finally looks over to Mihaya, practically feeling her eyes on her. "I don't foresee us having much trouble." At the encouragement to Ida...

Well, Id is suddenly asking things. That's fine.

"Do what you're comfortable with," Lily suggests to Ida. "...But you might not get a chance to relax like this for a while. Take that how you like." She pauses, looks to Id, again. The city looks... interesting.

For her part, Lily pulls out a notebook from her satchel, starting to open it up.

If Rebecca glances at the text inside, it's not got much in it, but what there is is completely incomprehensible.

<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

    "Signs, then," Ida says. She watches the Owlet at play with a mixture of amusement and fascination. The fact that she can feel these things at the moment is noteworthy to her, and part of her deeply regrets the fact that she can't just stay here, forever. As tranquil has it is, she remembers Lily's translation of the Keystone. She can't shake the feeling that much like Lunar itself, there is something darker lurking beneath the idyllic surface.

    "Ah, no," Ida says to Lily, not realizing that Lily was talking to Rebecca and not her. A moment later, it hits her, and she can't help but kick herself for it. Gwen does not help matters by immediately bringing up the swimsuit matter. "I, ah," Ida says. "I have one, luckily enough, but it's..." She trails off. Gwen mentions Id, and Ida starts blushing.

    And then, Jay and Prissa erupt from the depths. "Goodness!" Ida exclaims, eyes widening. "Are you two all right?" How long were they down there? Rebecca and Mihaya start insisting she'd look good in a swimsuit. All Ida can think of are the scars.

    "This one," Ida says, craning her head towards Catenna, "followed a sign. I haven't the faintest about the others, though."

    Ida pauses, a beat. Id compliments her art, and she starts flushing even more. "I'll be right back," Ida says, as she rises from the sand. She goes to grab her bag, and then makes for the treeline, disappearing into it. She seems so shy, so self-conscious. Is this the comfortable, outgoing woman Gwen met in Adlehyde? Is this the same woman who was looming over Rebecca, threatening her?

    It is the very same woman.

<Pose Tracker> Tabitha deVriese has posed.

Tabitha, An Upright, Moral Person, Probably, disappeared somewhere a while ago. Given her excitement over the island, vanishing to go turn the place upside-down, get into trouble without anyone else, plumb the unplumbable mysteries of the world, these are all probable possibilities!

Or, a spout of water could suddenly explode skyward a few dozen yards out from the boat, firing a fair-skinned blonde into the sky, who flips a wild spin midair, before arcing in to touch down with a feather's grace. She's dressed for swimming, obviously, though in a rather flashier style than most, with a top that runs from her collar to the bottom of her ribs, built apparently to support a rather impressive burden. Her hips, clad in a similarly black bottom, swing with a sashay as she struts toward the group, idly ringing out her long hair.

On one wrist rests a bracer, gunmetal and unremarkable, and paired with it is an anklet of similar style on the opposite leg; both, all the more conspicuous for being both seemingly being nothing of importance, and simultaneously being the only piece of her usual equipment she's left on. "Well," she declares, bright-eyed and grinning. "Looks like we've found some unexpected company! How lovely!"

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

"Hello, Miss Streisand," Catenna answers Rebecca with a small dip of her head, clasping her hands. "And I suppose 'a shaman thing' is a way to describe it... the Owlet is quite attuned to the Guardian of the Moon."

The Owlet, that oh-so-important totem bird, continues to pursue the coconut down the beach, leaving little owlet tracks in the sand. As the coconut rolls by Gwen's feet, the little bundle of bird flutters its wings and hops up to get atop the rolling globe again. It wheels its legs rapidly.

It mostly succeeds in causing the coconut to do a quick loop around Gwen.

Catenna looks on with a tiny, fond little smile. "...She has certainly grown up quite a lot already," she murmurs, eyes turning to Gwen, then back to Ida. The change in the woman's demeanor is obvious; Catenna gives her a quiet smile.

When Tabitha emerges so dramatically, Catenna touches a hand to her cheek, her lips drawn into a light 'o'. "Oh, Miss Tabitha! That was a very spectacular entrance." Lydia may have nibbled on Tabitha last time they met, but Catenna doesn't seem to hold any ill will towards her! "It is nice to see you again...."

A hand suddenly tears its way out of the surf.

With a gasp, Catenna widens her eyes, bringing her hands up to her cheeks. "Jay!" she exclaims, dashing down the beach towards her friend. When Prissa emerges along with her, the Moon Shaman blinks twice, her hand coming up to her collar. "...You two swam," she repeats as some of the colour drains from her cheeks.

Inwardly, she kicks herself for not dragging Jay along in the coracle.

At least Prissa seems fine about it. Recognizing her partially, Catenna nods quietly to her as she oves to kneel near Jacqueline, quickly checking up on her to ensure she's alright. Her eyes soon lift to Prissa again, though. "...Thank you for getting Jay here in one piece, miss. I'm Catenna... one of her companions in the CaraKin."

Meanwhile, the Owlet manages to stabilize the coconut... but its eyes widen as it spots something in its way. Slowly, it stops rolling the coconut, then stares at what sits in front of it.

Sitting there on the sand, a common crab stares back at the Owlet. It clicks its big claw open and closed a couple of times.

    <BGM SHIFT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLZwxD8kwc8>

<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

Prissa waves to Gwen. "I showed her a natural treasure," Prissa explains to Gwen. "Swimming is hard work... even I could use some food, if anyone has started to cook yet." She has not, nor will she do so.

She looks to Ida, saying as she does, "Ehh, you know how it is. Do all of you know how to swim? You look like non-swimmers to me." Behind her, there is a POOSH and a figure rises out of the sea. Prissa does not look, but when Tabitha emerges and speaks, Prissa answers her, still without looking: "'We'? Do you have names for them now?"

Cryptic. "Then you are my companion too, now," Prissa says, reaching out to proffer a hand towards Catenna. "We have sworn the blood oath. I get the tattoo on the mainland."

Prissa grins - it's probably a grin? It shows her teeth at least??

<Pose Tracker> Layna Manydays has posed.

Jacqueline did well at first, really. But this was the second part of her swim out, and it miiight've been a little much for her. She can't manage the natural emergence that Prissa does, or even the newly-arriving Tabitha's eruption. She just kind of...flops.

It's probably a good thing she doesn't notice that Lily was about to blast her, just in case.

"...Th-thank you..." She says in between breaths. She does accept a hand, which she uses to get to her feet before drying off her glasses, and then turning to look in the direction of conver-

"...Ah. Hello..." Jacqueline greets, beginning to get a little red in the face. ...Everyone saw that. There's no way they didn't see that. She clears her throat and then looks around, before nodding at Ida and sending her a slight smile.

"I'm alright, thank you! I just don't swim very often..." She says with a nervous chuckle, before glancing toward Catenna.

"Yes, we did. Miss Prissa wanted to-" Prissa says it herself to Gwen, and Jacqueline nods in agreement...though she then shakes her head quickly.

"Sh-she's joking, really...! But she did wish to join us, so I gave her my blessing. I hope that's alright." Jacqueline says, smiling between Catenna and Prissa.

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 Overall, this seemed like a nice and interesting group of people. It's... challenging not to comment when Lily's symbol patterns change yet again, but Mihaya can be strong! She's not going to be weird if she can help it, and clearly this strange Drifter from the Blue Star has something going on that she should try and learn about.
 Just... don't overdo it. Being too aggressive can make someone chase you off.
 But as people emerge from the surf, the elf claps and smiles. "Wow, if I didn't know better I'd say it would seem like you swam all the way out here! And that would be really impressive!" People could swim for long distances, but there were... challenges. Not to mention things that might try and eat you.
 But the mention of food does bring the next part of Mihaya's plan to the forefront, and she pulls out the large sack that she had tied to the top of her staff. "Speaking of food, there's nothing like a bit of beach grilling to help pass the time!" she proclaims. She pulls out a couple of sticks with Y shapes, setting two of them a modest distance apart on the sand. A moment later she takes a third, straight stick, as well as several leaf wrapped packets of fish, beef, and some fruit that she had gathered and lays them out on the ground. Finally she pulls out three flat stones, each of which have a symbol etched on one side. These she lays out between the two upright sticks, before she starts skewering the meat and fruit.
 A single touch to each rock, and they begin radiating heat to help cook the food.
 "Give me a moment, but I'll have some hot food ready in no time!"

<Pose Tracker> Id has posed.

Id didn't actually say a compliment, he just said he didn't know Ida was an artist! Of course, that could be construed as a compliment and he was, actually, about to compliment her linework so maybe it's a moot point to bring up, but it is pretty surprising when Ida just says she'll be right back and--and leaves? Id is used to pissing off everybody and everything around him, it's in fact his expectation of his social interactions, but even this one has his stymied.

He looks towards Jaqueline for a moment, narrowing his eyes. Did SHE do something?

No, it was definitely in response to his words. Is this his fate then? Can he only connect to others through destruction????

Id places his hand on his face for a moment. The elf is offering hot food and seems adept at the craft, so Id decides not to press her on how the heck she showed up in the first place.

He then looks over to Lily whom he considers to be perceptive. "What happened?" She asks of Lily.

<Pose Tracker> Rebecca Streisand has posed.

"Figured." Rebecca says wryly to Catenna, "I don't get it. I just trust you're right."
"... Yeah me too. Never got to see it back home until I started travelling."
Rebecca watches the pulse of Lily's magic from her left hand for a moment vaguely forming a claw unto that direction and - she gets startled out of her reverie by - "O-Oh - hey Jay! Guess I shouldn't be surprised you turned up here." Then she double takes, "Wait did you just swim here!? ... Had to be a potion right? Some kind of... alchemy thing?" She hopes.
She's not really too intimidated by it though. After all - it doesn't seem much different from Avril's mysterious powers. Except those were ice.
It was just unusual to see it in like that.
She gets the feeling Lily did not forget the danger at all.
However then Lily's comment sinks in and the tease - even though it's just a tease - it stings some. Not because she thinks its mean but because it hits real close to home. "What you mean - I'd rather Dean be looking at me or something?" She tries to play it off, "I mean no! Not at all. The two of us are just friends - we grew up together."
She realizes Lily is onto her she's not about to admit the thing she'd never say to Dean out here in front of all these other girls though. Deny. Deny. Deny.
She gets a glimpse at the text and while it's incomprehensible - there's some hint of familiarity to her. She doesn't exactly look more closely though. She already feels like enough of a voyeur.
Ida says she'll be right back and Rebecca watches her eyes follow the self-conscious shy woman. Yeah maybe she's worried about how Dean might end up around her but she's not worried right now. It's like now... she doesn't feel like a threat.
And she can't bring herself to be mean to that insecure looking girl.
Instead she just shakes her head, and offers a soft sigh. Before giving Prissa a look as she greets Catenna, "She's not serious r-" Jay answers that. "Aha... ha... good one." She says a little nervously.
Before glancing Id's way. Not sure what to say. What do you say to a guy who can create giant red chi blasts and float and- "Liked your sand castles."
... That's all she's got.

<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

    After a good ten minutes or so, Ida returns. Her sketchbook is tucked under an arm, and her pack is noticeably larger. This is not the most noticeable change. Ida is wearing a modestly-cut one-piece swimsuit, sleeveless and definitely more conservative than what Lily, Mihaya, and Prissa are wearing. It looks a little large on her, owing to the fact that she is unhealthily thin, not quite on the edge of emaciation.

    And then, there is thel itany of scars. The largest, longest scar on her right forearm is something most people here are probably familiar with, but it's just part of a much longer scar that starts at the top of Ida's breastbone and continues down her chest, disappearing beneath the suit. Harken's strike twisted the arm she threw up to guard, and Azrael carved its way down her chest, almost cleaving her in two. A pair of scars, almost parallel, stick out against her collarbone: one from Lady Harken, another from the Trial Knight. A third scar traces across her upper thigh: Harken, as well. The multitude of small, crescent-shaped Wel bites stand out against the skin of her right arm, which is visibly weaker than the left. The bites are concentrated around the shoulder, it looks like.

    Ida walks out onto the beach. She can feel everyone's eyes on her. She keeps her gaze focused on Gwen, as if to say 'are you happy now?'

<Pose Tracker> Gwen Whitlock has posed.

    "I mean, look at me! Got my ARM out n' everything! You got any idea how long it's been since I pulled a stunt like this in front of people?" The answer is: since the last time she busted open her leather glove. Which happens a lot more than Gwen'd care to admit to.

    "Oh hey! Id!" Her breath hitches in her throat as Gwen hears the almost *casual* way she's calling out to Id. It's.... Id. He could very easily kill all of them, even Lily! And Ida, but here, Ida's kind of... less Hellion. Almost normal. It feels... so nice, to see Ida like this.

    But anyway. Gwen is on another mission! Her first was success, so maybe her second will be just as fruitful!

    "Id, hey, uh." The courier itches the back of her head awkwardly, twisting a bare foot in the sand. "Thanks, for, uh, getting my dumb ass out of the ocean, back there." She holds up her hands. "I *swear* I'm usually not that dumb but I was caught up in the moment, so-" GWEN THIS IS ID. HE DOESN'T CARE. HE DESTROYED A CONTINENT, THAT'S A LEVEL OF INSANE BEYOND AWKWARD.

    She raises a hand and... thumbs up at him. "Y'know, you're not a bad person to be on a ocean mission with! Eheh. eh..."

    she is leaving now and nodding to Prissa. Yes. "Natural treasure, eh? Neato! That's... great!" Jay's mention of food sets Gwen's stomach to start growling like mad. "I should, maybe, uh, go help with... that..."

    The courier trails off, sighting the very spectacular entrance of Tabitha. She even whistles, as stunned as she is. "Well, eheh, was wonderin' where you went to!" SOLARIS PEOPLE ARE WEIRD, IT IS CONFIRMED.

    And speaking of awkward, Gwen tilts her head towards Rebecca, listening to her denial. Because that's clearly what it is. Gwen has to hold a knuckle to her mouth to choke back the beginnings of a squeeing noise in her throat. It's just so adorabllleee. Too bad Dean's... Dean.

    Oh, and here's Ida.

    To her credit, Gwen takes in the scars with a light look of surprise, then guilt. Here she was, encouraging Ida with the idea that Ida had nothing to hide. Now, all of Ida's journey is on display, as is her thin, underfed frame. When did Ida... get so skinny...?

    Gwen takes a breath, and then brightens. "We need to get some meat on you, Ida! Y'can't show off those cool scars like that. Y'gotta have some meat there!" She plants her hands on her hips, looking to Jay. "We need to get more protein out! I bet the fish out here'd taste reaaalllyy good, too."

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

Rebecca can pretty much feel the moment that Lily notices Tabitha; the way she pauses, as if she slowly frosts over, looking at her acrobatics. "We all followed signs to get here," she points out. But Rebecca's response to her teasing gets seemingly no expression at all, just a slow nod. "Of course, obviously not. Just friends, I'm sure." She's very amused.

The Owlet... is cute. Which is why Lily isn't interacting with it at all, obviously. However...

Something does happen. As the Owlet stabilizes the coconut, staring at the Owlet...

A little mass of black fur suddenly arrives, and Dog--growing, now!--begins sniffing merrily crab and Owlet both, terribly curious. She's a short-haired black dog, with glossy fur, floppy ears...

And of course she's here.

Lily of course does not blast Jay in the end. But obviously she might have. ...Not once she noticed who she was, but--

"I might swim in a bit myself," Lily admits, though she pauses, looking at Mihaya again with a lifted eyebrow. "Yes?" she asks. And then--

"...Hm. Interesting."

The stones, of course.

Id's question gets a casual reply, a glance his way. "I wasn't paying attention to how they got here. Ida probably went off to change. Wasn't you, this time."

Pause. "I think she's distracted by your physique."

Pause. A look to Prissa. "You know, I think I like this one." Lily pulls the pen that goes with her notebook an begins to scribble into it, the same characters unreadable to most as already written in it. She looks thoughtful as she does, at least. She stops as Ida returns though, glancing past Gwen--energetic Gwen--towards Ida. There is no judgement in her gaze as she catalogues those scars, seemingly able to look through them and imagine each injury, how long ago it might have been, how well it's healed--but there is a sense of watching, of Lily's eye, before she looks to Ida's eyes.

She nods, seriously, to Ida.

<Pose Tracker> Tabitha deVriese has posed.

Tabitha glistens artistically, setting out one leg to firm up her stance and also improve the angle of the sun. This woman is exceedingly real. "Well, thank you, dear," Tabitha chimes. You can tell she at least somewhat accepts instruction because she doesn't even call her that one thing she doesn't like! "Getting a bit of solid exercise in the water was just what the doctor ordered, I think." She offers her pretty little smile toward Catenna in specific. "It's been too long. Is your little venture in Meribia going well? I imagine the war must be swaying the scales, hm?"

Tabitha chuckles at Prissa, strutting past the woman and nudging her with a roll of her hip. "Oh, is that a tradition, where you're from?" she offers, on the way past, toward a rock where she has apparently decided an untouched towel is now hers.

...though she does slow her walk as she steps past Lily, eyes cutting to the side to watch the woman. No words - just a moment of decisive awareness.

Then she struts on. "It's all very exciting!" she declares. "A land lost to time! A mystery unheard of for generations! There must be all kinds of discoveries and dangers beneath these islands. It's only sense to dig into them! And I shall be about to care for your spiritual wellfare, of course." ...said as she quite intentionally plants her steps so her hips roll widely...

<Pose Tracker> Gwen Whitlock has posed.

    It just takes one moment, after Gwen feels satisfied with her first victory, that she looks on to the adorable owlet, about to duel the most EPIC duel with a... crablet? "... eeeee! Lookit the little feet and the beak! it's so cute I can't stannnd ittttt."

     Gwen is very much in her element. Even more than usual, it seems. Maybe the everpresent Malevolence had dampened her energy, she wonders, in a stray, sober moment.

     And thennnn it's gone. "Lookit the little claws on the crab! nd the eye stalkkks, oh Guardians this is too cute!"

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 Oooh, interest! She's making progress.
 "Most people would just get some sticks and make a fire, using their Gift in order to create a small spark of fire to get it started. However, as I've had quite a bit of experience with symbology over the years, creating heat stones is not a big deal. I've simply inscribed the heat symbol into these stones, with a symbol to control the flow of magic into the heating symbol and two symbols to help increase the amount of heat the central symbol is generating." She explains this as the skewer of meat goes over the pseudo-fire and she begins turning it to appropriately grill the delicious beach food.
 It's going to take a moment to get the food cooked, and its not really faster to increase the amount of heat being applied. That's more likely to just burn something. It will be interesting to see if Lily is actually interested or if she's just trying to make some conversation to avoid any questions. But at the call out that Ida needs food, Mihaya whistles. "Bring her over here, I've got a bunch of meat we can all feast upon!" Yes, let's just keep feeding Ida tidbits until she's not skinny anymore. ...although to be fair, they'd probably need more than what Mihaya has on hand. Some fishing might be called for.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Catenna is trying very hard to pretend Id isn't there. Even if he did do bad things on her continent, she doesn't have the heart to get up in his grill right now.

Taking Prissa's hand, Catenna gives it a slow shake, her smile quiet and polite - though she blushes a bit at the mention of a blood oath. "...I'm sure the tattoo will look wonderful on you," she says, rubbing the back of her neck with one hand. "But, ah... welcome to the Caravan Kinship, then!" When Jay confirms the truth, Catenna just dips her head and smiles gently.

"It is your blessing to give, but I am happy to travel with new friends. I am sure that anyone you vouch for will fit in wonderfully."

From where she's kneeling by Prissa and Jay, Catenna looks up to Rebecca again, offering a kind smile her way. "Thank you for your trust," she says, clasping a hand at her collar.

When Ida returns, Catenna looks up towards her. Ida's swimsuit is more conservative than the Moon Shaman's's, too. But then, Catenna's built like a dancer, so maybe she just wears it better.

The scars surprise her, though, along with just how unhealthy Ida looks. She doesn't remember Ida looking so brutalized and half-starved before she became a Hellion. Lips coming together, Catenna makes a few mental reminders to herself.

"Whatever lies waiting for us, I am glad you have chosen to take some time to rest, Ida," Catenna eventually says with a dip of her head.

When Tabitha speaks again, Catenna looks back over to her with a quiet smile, easing back to her feet. She brings one hand to rest at the generous curve of a hip. "A little, but we travel - and there are always those in need of food and the basics of life, even in a time of conflict. But I am glad you're well. I had hoped to run into you again.

"Actually I wished to offer an apology," she says to Tabitha with a bit of a blush.

Meanwhile, with Gwen cooing over what's about to unfold, the ensuing pokemon battle is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a bunle of glossy black fur and merry curiosity. Slowly, both the Owlet and the Crab turn to consider Dog. The Owlet cranks its head 90 degrees to the right as it considers the fluffy canine.

The crab has other plans. It proceeds to sidle along one side of Dog, as if trying to figure out what this critter is.

The Owlet opens its bill as if to go 'ohhhh' silently... and then it too proceeds to crab-sidle around Dog.

As if hearing Gwen, the Owlet turns its head a full 180 degrees and blinks at her. Owlishly. Then it goes back to crabwalking around Dog.

<Pose Tracker> Id has posed.

Id looks towards Rebecca when she addresses him. He gives her a long, almost baffled look before he exhales, nods once, and says, "Thank you." He says. "Though it's gone now. Filgaia will die before a city of its kind will return." He pauses and then adds, "In return, some advice. Look before you leap, but don't hide your feelings. On this world particularly, it can become a problem."

Of course, when Lily says Ida is distracted by his physique, Id looks down at himself. "...I see." He says. Wait. Is that it? Is he doing his Ethius impersonation??? He stands himself up, burning the sand of his body with a quick chi burst. Gwen calls out to him as he dusts off the stray grains and he looks over to her.

He should say something cruel, he thinks, so this lady doesn't go all Dean on him. But what? Half the time he's an asshole, these people just take it as a compliment! It makes him think of--

He cuts that thought off. "Moments of tranquility are rare. Had you drowned, we wouldn't be able to enjoy this rare sanctuary."

There. No way that can be misunderstood. "I am providing an opportunity for 'Hope'. Should 'Hope' fail, rest assured this 'peace' between us will perish in an instant."

He does look over to Ida when she returns. He notices the scars but it doesn't seem to have a major reaction to them.

"...I pray at least the ocean survives what we've done to it."

There, he thinks, that should finish it off and tie a nice bow on it.

<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

Mihaya briefly becomes Prissa's favorite person in the world as she illuminates and enheats those rocks. The concept is clear to her even if the methodology is novel, and Prissa nods once slowly. "Good thinking. Yes... very good thinking indeed."

She looks over. Ironically enough her attention skims over Id, who she just parses as some weird-looking guy. Ida's coming down looking half-starved and half-scarred, and is that really any stranger than a pale dude with red emotions hair?

Prissa raises her arms above her head and wraps her hands around her elbows because she thinks Lily is sketching her. She's OK with that. NOW she looks at Tabitha and says to her, "Usually we let the other party do such things, but then we also do not count them as dinner guests."

<Pose Tracker> Layna Manydays has posed.

Jacqueline stares at Rebecca for a moment when she addresses her before it clicks in her head what she's saying.

"Oh, no, no...we came from that way." Jacqueline says, pointing off to an island in the distance. It's a ways away, but it's much better than assuming they swam all the way from Meribia...though it does make it a little more sad that Jacqueline is already so exhausted.

...Food. Someone's preparing food. That does sound good...she's a little hungry after traveling so far.

Catenna does welcome Prissa to the Caravan Kinship, which gets a smile out of Jacqueline. She was sure everything woould go fine.

At this point, Ida returns. She can't blame her for being self-conscious. The scars bother her less than how thin she is, but instead of commenting on them, she offers her a smile.

"You look nice, Ida." She compliments. She sounds sincere, but it's Jacqueline, so that probably doesn't mean much. Maybe it's because they have similar taste in swimsuits.

And oh, Dog is here too! Jacqueline offers Dog a polite wave, but her attention soon returns to the others.

<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

    Ida seems to have completely missed Tabitha's dramatic entrance. Perhaps it's for the best. "But I," Ida says, to Gwen. Her true form certainly isn't lacking for muscle. This is an illusion, the entity Ida is when her Malevolent Domain isn't visible and active, interlaced with her flesh. The body is hers, perhaps, but the spirit is gagged down. After so long as a Hellion, it feels strange to think of this body as anything resembling a true form. "It's all right," Ida says, "I'm not hungry--" Lily's looking at her, now. Ida looks right on back. Lily helped her with some of the scars hidden beneath the suit--ones Siegfried gave her at Enkidu's tomb. Mihaya is offering meat, and Gwen is steering her towards the meat, and all right she's kind of hungry.

    Ida finally sits down in front of Mihaya's camp, cross-legged. She's a moment in answering Catenna. "...I'm glad, too." She sets her journal down beside her, carefully. She looks at Id for a moment, listening to him talk, before turning back to Jay. "...Thank you."

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

Tabitha watches Lily, and immediately Lily's eyes slide to hers in turn, to watch her just as much. Eye contact is considered by some to be inherently aggressive. ...There definitely is a bit of electricity in the air for a moment. No words. None are needed.

"...Yes," Lily agrees with Catenna, "It's important to recuperate before moving into danger, when you get the chance." But then she actually does end up listening with apparent interest to Mihaya's explanation; she doesn't bring up any Symbological knowledge of her own, the dirty secret-keeper, but she glances to the Symbols on the stones, listens to the words. "So by bounding the central symbol, you can let them feed on one another and get a consistent, higher output..."

She doesn't make any move to take the food. She doesn't know Mihaya, it might be poison. Who knows?? Someone else can try it first. Lily can probably heal them before they die.

"I would usually just set up the kindling and then set the fire outright myself, yes," she says after a few moments. "I suppose this is... more efficient? Less energy per use?"

She turns her head to Ida, as she sits, as Ida is told she looks nice. "You do," Lily agrees, watching her for another few moments. Then...

Id sure does sound like Lily, to Lily. "Peace never lasts long," Lily offers. "...But we have it now, at least." She pauses. "...I wonder about the ocean..."

She looks out into the waves, and when Prissa starts to pose--Lily wasn't sketching her, before. But now, set against the water? ...She starts. It's rudimentary--she's not the artist Fei is--but even so.

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 The elf pulls out a large knife and pokes one of the pieces of meat, checking to see if the beef hunk has been cooked through properly. She does have some pride in her cooking skills, and she's certainly traveled enough that she has had a chance to get quite a bit of practice in. Finding this piece seems to be appropriately cooked through, she pulls out an edible leaf and grabs onto the chunk of meat, slicing it off and hands it to Ida to munch on. It's some sort of beef, and it is rather good! Mihaya certainly didn't fail her cooking roll here. "The leaf can be eaten or used as a holder, as you feel like it," she explains, just in case Ida has any questions.
 But Lily's question is a good one, and the elf smiles a bit more warmly, relaxing a bit now that it seems people aren't going to be giving her too many odd looks. "When you travel in dangerous areas, I've found that these help to keep the amount of remains in your camp down quite a bit. Also there's no smoke and less light-" The stones themselves are glowing from the heat, but it certainly is less light than a normal cooking fire would create. "-so it makes my camp less visible from a distance as well. The problem is that the rocks have a tendency to crack over time - especially if I need to cool them quickly. I could probably use a chunk of metal but the weight becomes a problem..."
 Another piece of meat comes off, and Mihaya... munches it down pretty quickly. She is fairly hungry. Another piece comes off a moment later, and it is wrapped in a leaf and offered to Lily with a polite expression. "Mihaya. Although you can call me Aya if you like, it is a bit less of a mouthful," she states. Lily definitely seems like the taciturn type.
 Another piece, and the elf waves it around. "Who wants this one? I'm giving the skinny lady the fish when it's done, but I've got a bit more beef to hand out!"

<Pose Tracker> Tabitha deVriese has posed.

Tabitha has found her towel by now and is quietly drying out her hair as she regards Catenna. "Oh, how kind of you," she says, with a warm smile. "What a wonderful thing to do for those in need. Yes, traveling to bring what you can to those who need you...I can understand that quite well." She titters.

If she has some understanding with Lily now, she doesn't express it clearly. Then again, with the way she acts, she might not recognize murderous intent if you stabbed her with an actual knife...

She's apparently got out the worst of the water out - drying that much would take a while, but she sets her towel aside, satisfied, to look up at Prissa and her pose. "Ah, you see, the problem is they are on my table every night," with a laugh, letting her hands slide back against the stone and kicking a leg out, drawing in a breath and soaking in sunlight. Her eyes linger on Ida. How strange the girl looks...she purses her lips, contemplating Ida and the odd powers she wields.

But before long she favors Catenna with another turn of her attention, tipping her head. "An apology, dear?" she prompts. She remembers quite well what there is to apologize about, of course. But she's being gracious. Or sadistic. One of those.

<Pose Tracker> Id has posed.

Being an artist, Id naturally assumes Lily's art is incredible and his own is shit. Ditto with Ida's. This is every artist is without exception. Every single one. In the universe.

It doesn't help that Lily sounds like Id to Id. In fact, it's kind of frustrating. He actually wants to ask Ida something but he can't ask her and also she broke into his mind. She didn't get far, but it's like someone busting the door into your home and just walking into the doorway before leaving. It's not exactly an endearing quality.

Even if it was nice to communicate in the way that feels real to the man.

Tabitha isn't as vapid as she acts either, Id reflects, but if people pretending to be something they aren't were a crime, he doubts anybody on this island would be spared from jailtime.

"Ida," Id says. "What's going on?"

<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

    Mihaya hands Ida a piece of meat wrapped in some manner of leaf. She stares at it a moment, perhaps wondering where the plates and silverware are, before the elf clarifies. "Ah," she says. "So, like fair food?" She takes a small, experimental bite, chews, swallows. Lily will note that she remains very much alive even a minute or so later. (Perhaps the poison is slow-acting. That's actually the smart strategy.) She takes another bite, and then another, and then another. It's like her appetite has decided to show up again after an extended leave of absence. "...Is that Sister deVriese?" Ida says to Lily, a moment later. Oh dear. It looks like she just noticed. Then Id point-blank asks her what's going on, and Ida blinks. "...I feel better than I have in... some time, really. Is that it? Are you all right?"

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

Tilting her head back, Catenna gives Prissa a brief, considering look as she holds her stance like that. "You carry that pose very well," she comments mildly.

Jay clarifies just how far she swam, and Catenna breathes a small sigh of relief, hanging her head a little. "I was going to say. I do not think anyone could have swam all the way from Meribus! It was a dangerous trip even in my coracle."

With Mihaya cooking something, Catenna begins to move that way, momentarily grateful she doesnt have to do the cooking this time. She couldn't fit her spice rack in the coracle, saying nothing of her tandoor. As she eases over, she smiles quietly as Lily weighs in to agree with her, before nodding quietly back to Ida, as though content with the woman's intent to actually take a load off.

But then, does she have much choice in a place like this...?

"May I have some, miss?" she asks Mihaya with a polite smile, clasping her hands and bowing her head politely. "I've found similar when I travel... our people are usually quite careful to leave little trace."

But there's Tabitha to consider, and if the blonde's going to play a game with her, Catenna's going to walk right into it out of sheer obligation. Inclining her head, she smiles a small, self-effacing little smile. "Truthfully, I jumped to an unfair conclusion when we first met one another, that day in Meribia. I cannot speak for my companion...." Catenna, at least, didn't try to take a bite out of Tabitha. "...but I, at least, apologize wholeheartedly. You seem to be most pleasant."

<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

"Oh, thank you," Prissa says to Catenna with another grin. "Here, I will stay it for a while."

Prissa has an interesting linear effect with that row of braids she's got going on, especially with sunlight gettin' on em. She also frowns, momentarily confounded when Tabitha takes a riposte that she has to think about.

"I will have a little beef, but if you are fattening her up you should give it to her," Prissa then says, glancing at Ida. Looking off towards the sea, she says, "There is plenty out there, after all."

Ida says something.

"Are you saying that woman is a religious sister," Prissa then asks Ida, in visible disbelief. It's very visible. You can see it from Filgaia.

<Pose Tracker> Gwen Whitlock has posed.

    Gwen is certainly threatening to reach dangerous Dean levels of positivity.

    But she, ultimately, is not Dean.

    It shows in how she reacts to Id's words, growing quiet and accepting them with a nod, her muteness a symptom brought about by appreciation of this rare moment, rather than guilt or embarrassment. "I would've hated that, yeah," she comments, with a wry smile. "For obvious reasons, and also... I wouldn't have been able to be here to see everyone, so happy." Hope, he says.

    "Then I'll see what I can do to ensure that this hope happens." It probably won't be left up to Gwen, herself. But that concept is enough to inspire a spark of determination within the courier, which she tucks away for later. ".... yeah. I do too. Maybe this place is better off it if disappears right back, so it can recover."

    The sober moment does not last, because there is an owlet and crablet and Dog. "EEeee-"

    That's when Mihaya offers the only thing that could outpace Cute: Food. "-I'll take it!" Gwen volunteers herself for this brave exchange between this new, mysterious, wonderful cooking elf person who is now her friend because she is offering food, and it smells so delicioussss

    Oh, right. "By the way, I'm Gwen. Gwen Whitlock. Super courier." Gwen offers a hand: first, her right, metallic and gleaming in the hot sun, which is then quickly replaced by her other. "Eheh... sorry, we're all kinda just barin' it here. Hope y'don't mind." Prissa brings up a good point, and Gwen, in spite of her protesting stomach sighs and nods. "Yeah, Ida should get that!"

     ..... What is wrong with Ida? .... Gwen's gaze looks back towards her, listening, a thread of worry in her eyes. "Yeah, uh, this place is... agreein' with you, right?"

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

On the other hand, Tabitha: Lily's actually not drunk. At all! No alcohol in sight!

No odd looks from Lily, though. She just considers, nodding along. "Yes," she says, "That would be useful in stealth scenarios... Behind enemy lines." She pauses. "Are they difficult for you to replace?"

"Mihaya is fine," Lily answers, accepting the leaf-wrapped meat and glancing down at it--and yes, watching Ida for a moment. "...My name is Keil. Lily Keil." She pauses. She looks at Ida, and stares for a moment. Then she looks at Prissa, seemingly dumbfounded. Then to Id, of all people. "...that woman is a Sister?" she says, outright, blunt as shit because she's the taciturn antihero around here, thanks, she's wearing the most black.

"...Regardless..." Just like an 'anyway', "It's good that you're feeling better, Ida. ...I've..." She trails off. "I've been concerned about you."

Nope. She definitely doesn't know what Ida did. Not in the least.

"It's doing me some good too," she admits, and takes a bite of the beef with leaf.

Dog? Dog, meanwhile, is now nosing merrily at the crab, tail wagging sharply. She licks the Owlet once. She doesn't even bark! She's just being Very Friendly. ...Really you wouldn't imagine she'd have anything to do with Lily.

<Pose Tracker> Id has posed.


"...We'll see." Id says to Gwen, expression carefully neutral. Maybe Ida is suffering horribly that could be nice.

But no, Ida is actually doing better than she has in some time. It doesn't feel like Ida's lying either.

"I'm fine," Id says. "Crowds are annoying." He can't talk to her about it, he thinks, and it doesn't seem like the connection is lingering like with Riesenlied. Perhaps it's a lack of pact, or the other's inhumanity.

Lily asks Id a question and Id quirks his head. He looks back to Tabitha. Id does not share his opinion about Tabitha because Tabitha seems just tricky enough to cause problems.If Fei is an atheist, Id is the angry atheist that has a webcomic. "We are all God." He quips, and it doesn't sound entirely serious or entirely jokey, "Every murder is a fratricide. Sorricide."

"I might not be able to stick around for much longer." Id adds to Ida. "I should have enough to explore the ruins some, but past that...don't expect help from me."

<Pose Tracker> Mihaya has posed.

 Food is good - and it generally helps to get people into a better mood. Even this Ida seems to be feeling better now that she's got some good food into her. Or at least some good meat.
 Well done, mission accomplished! Now Mihaya can do what she came here for - see what sort of unusual and interesting things she can see with these strange Drifters from the Blue Star. She takes mental notes of the odd and unusual things, the conversation, all while trying to appear focused on the cooking. It's not perfect, she tends to get quiet when other people speak rather than keeping the call out for people to get food, but for the most part she just seems curious and somewhat innocuous.
 For the most part.
 But when Gwen extends her hand, the elf looks at it for a moment and reaches out with the appropriate hand... only for Gwen to pull it away and offer the other one. Her other hand occupied with the spit, Aya looks for a moment before she just turns her hand over and gives Gwen a very awkward handshake with an embarrassed grin. "Don't mind me, got my own hands full here!" she proclaims, before going back to taking off cuts from the hunk of beef. She pulls one over for Catenna, grinning as she states, "You never know what you're going to run into out in the wilds - I'd rather not have something with ill intent on my back trail because my camp was ill cleaned. I've seen some strange things in the world, and quite a few of them I'd rather not encounter again. But enjoy, I bought these supplies just before heading out."
 Given that they seem fresh, perhaps she's applied some sort of symbol to help preserve her supplies as well?
 She does offer some food to the scary and somewhat odd looking man however. "Sir, would you like some meat as well?" she calls out to Id. Having no idea this might be a bad idea.

<Pose Tracker> Tabitha deVriese has posed.

The oscillations in drunkenness Lily undergoes are a subject of some interest to the Etone. She is, of course, merely interested in Lily's spiritual health, and not quietly contemplating how best to wage a campaign of psychological warfare on her for giggles.

That last one would be mean, see.

Speaking of not being mean, Tabitha doesn't play with Catenna overmuch here; she grins at the woman. "That too is very kind of you. I spoke harshly, I know. You do good works; I hold nothing against you, dear. There are too few places like this left, untouched by spite."

With this, she struts away, though she laughs at Prissa's question, bringing a pair of fingers to her lips and blowing a teasing kiss. "Do the nuns all wear habits to the beach where you're from?" she laughs, leaning forward a touch for emphasis and sway. "Yes. I am an ordinand of the Order of Etones, tasked with the spiritual and physical welfare of God's children." She grins. "Which is everyone, so you're welcome."

Yep, that's a Filgaian alright.

She draws up near Lily, Ida, and Id, considering them all for a heartbeat before splitting into that disarming, pretty smile. "The man speaks true. Or close enough," she says, hands landing on her sweeping hips. "How are you two?" she prompts, glancing to Lily and Ida most specifically. "I know the last few weeks have not been so kind to either of you."

<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

"Ugh," Prissa says, so disgusted at the blown kiss that she reverts to her status as an NPC briefly.

Don't worry, she'll come back in the spearfishing scene.

And for later.

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

With a purse of her lips, Catenna leans back just slightly so that she can regard Prissa's posture. She curls her lips upwards at the outer corners. "It's relaxed. It suits you," she remarks. "As do the braids, if you do not mind a comment."

For the most part, Catenna wears her hair in a loose, cascading wave - but there's a thick braid in there, too. It comes down across her right shoulder most of the time and has a series of silver bangles caught in it.

When Mihaya offers up the beef-in-a-leaf, Catenna bows her head and cups her hands to accept it. "That is how I usually make my own campsites. But then, living in the wilderness is hardly new to me. I should wonder if we have that much in common, at least." She takes a bite of the meat, with leaf, nodding approvingly at the elf's cooking.

For her part, she doesn't seem surprised that someone like Tabitha could be a religious personage. Catenna, after all, dates Cyre H. Lorentz. Cyre is also technically a religious personage. And so is Catenna, for that matter. Indeed, religious differences aside, she nods politely back to Tabitha and sends a small, warm smile her way. "I am glad, then. There is no reason not to enjoy this place while we are here...."

Then she settles in to watch Tabitha and Prissa swish at each other. She purses her lips and folds her arms beneath the curve of her chest.

She gives her hair a little toss. It's all fwooshy and dramatic and stuff. The animators spent a bunch of budget just on the sparkles.

The Owlet allows itself to be licked. Until it hops up onto Dog's head and perches between her ears, fluttering its little winglets as it nestles in. It bobs its head forward, as if urging its new fluffy steed to romp after the crab, which is beginning to scuttle off to one side.

<Pose Tracker> Prissa has posed.

Despite being an NPC, Prissa tells Catenna, "Thank you! I can do the style up for you if you want. Easier to be helped, but a mirror works too."

<Pose Tracker> Catenna has posed.

"It might be interesting," Catenna says to the Nice Prissa Character. "We should talk about it when we get back to the CaraKin."

<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

    Ida glances at Prissa, then at Lily. Her face, which had already settled on a middling shade of red from Mihaya and Prissa insisting she fatten up, gets redder. Fortunately(?), Tabitha answers the question for her, leaving Ida to eat more meat in the hopes no one will ask her to talk when she's obviously got her mouth full. Introductions start happening. "Ida," the young woman says, once she's swallowed a mouthful of meat. "This is quite good, Mihaya."

    'I've been concerned about you.'

    Ida remembers things. She remembers Lily's form dissolving in a stream of flame, knitting itself back together as some sort of clawed, shadowy horror. Looking at Lily as another Hellion, knowing it could have happened. Watching that possibility unfold before her eyes.


<Pose Tracker> Ida Everstead-Rey has posed.

    Ida glances at Prissa, then at Lily. Her face, which had already settled on a middling shade of red from Mihaya and Prissa insisting she fatten up, gets redder. Fortunately(?), Tabitha answers the question for her, leaving Ida to eat more meat in the hopes no one will ask her to talk when she's obviously got her mouth full. Introductions start happening. "Ida," the young woman says, once she's swallowed a mouthful of meat. "This is quite good, Mihaya."

    'I've been concerned about you.'

    Ida remembers things. She remembers Lily's form dissolving in a stream of flame, knitting itself back together as some sort of clawed, shadowy horror. Looking at Lily as another Hellion, knowing it could have happened. Watching that possibility unfold before her eyes.

    "I've... been concerned about you, too," Ida says, to Lily.

<Pose Tracker> Id has posed.

Mihaya offers Id food. Id smiles at her like a normal person and says, "Thank you."

Once he gets a skewer he will chow down on it, also like a normal person (with an appetite). He decides that he will kill this elf person last. He has no connection to this elf, and no particularly strong feeling about the elf, but she gave him food so she'll be the last one to die. Whoever she is.

When Tabitha agrees with him, Id is quiet for a moment, looking over to her as he bites into the skewer.

"...Of course," He says. "God is also a killer robot spaceship built by aliens that wants to eat us all." Id adds, taking another bite.

Okay now he's clearly just fucking with you.

<Pose Tracker> Lily Keil has posed.

No, Id. Filgaia is the world of Deans.

...But Lily finds herself glancing Id's way as he responds, nodding at that. Crowds are bothersome. But his opinion? The one he does share, his little quip that nevertheless holds a note of something to consider for Lily?

"...I suppose that's true," she admits, and looks down at her hand, gleaming with violet circuitry on the back, showing only signs of it on the sides as she faces her palm towards her. The light creeps about her fingertips, gleams through her nails faintly.

"...Wise," she says distantly to Mihaya, and then looks to Tabitha for long moments. "...Not my faith," Lily answers Tabitha flatly, with a shake of her head. "I have a different view of God. ...And you're not the one who'll help me find my wing."

Dog, of course, blinks as the Owlet hops up onto her head--and then nods firmly, in understanding. She begins.... to stalk. Stalk towards the crab, slow, slow--


Lily meanwhile lifts an eyebrow straight up at Tabitha, undisarmed by a pretty smile. "How do you know that?" Lily asks, immediately suspicious, hand down at her side ready--wary.

...Not Drunk Lily might be a little touchy.

She looks to Ida with somewhat more kindness, shakes her head. "...I'm sorry to worry you, then. We can try to keep each other alive out here, all right?"

She pauses. "...You're a weird fuckin' man sometimes," she says to Id. She says it like to an old friend, though. Curious.

<Pose Tracker> Tabitha deVriese has posed.

Tabitha clucks a laugh. Her legs are highly toned, and she puts that to use as she drops easily into a squat beside the group. "In this time of togetherness," she demures to Id, "far be it for me to dismiss your beliefs." She tips her head, then cracks and eye, grinning at him in a way far more teasing than pious. "Though I can't say I've read that particular Gospel. Is that one of the new translations? Maybe Ark of Destiny? They do have the most peculiar ideas."

Then, she turns a similar glance to Lily, hemming. If she has her guard up at all in response to Lily's curiosity, it's not clear. "Because the last several times I've seen you, you've been so besotted that if you caught fire you'd burn for a thousand years. You seem better, now. I am glad of it."

<Pose Tracker> Id has posed.

Id ignores the teasing because even though he can only connect to others through destruction, he wants no part of that. That strange moment with Ida has already put him on guard for psychological warfare.

Instead he just says, "No, actually, I don't 'believe' in a God at all. It's just a word that people use to excuse killing each other."

And then he pauses for a small moment before adding, "So of course, I have great respect for religion."