Ida Everstead-Rey

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Ida Everstead-Rey
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IC Information
Full Name: Ida Everstead-Rey
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 23 (February 12, 476 PC)
Hometown: Guild Galad
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Class: Traveling Naturalist
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: ARMS
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Heal Berry

Ida Everstead-Rey is a young woman of impeccable taste and manners, fresh out of school and eager to make her mark on the world. The scion of a wealthy merchant family from Guild Galad, she took up the exploring life relatively recently, when she signed on to an expedition to survey the continent of Ignas. While she’s somewhat out of her element, Ida does her best to meet new challenges with wit, grace, and poise--even if the challenges involve interacting with rough, unmannerly people. While she looks every bit the noblewoman, Ida is a skilled markswoman, and is much more used to roughing it than most women of her station. After all, what’s a little dirt and danger compared the privilege of making new discoveries?


Powers and Abilities

Academic Knowledge

Ida is a graduate of one of the finest universities in Aquvy. She has a broad background in the natural sciences, but has a particular interest in botany, taxonomy, and the study of Metal Demon War-era remains. She is also technically one of her father's apprentices, and learned a great deal about ARM design, repair, and manufacture from him.


Ida carries a pair of Everstead-Rey Single Action Revolvers (Model 10, Mk. III), as well as an Everstead-Rey Bolt-Action Rifle (Model 15, Mk. II). The Model 15 features a ground-glass scope and a cunningly-integrated internal magazine. Her signature weapon, prior to its destruction by Lady Harken, was Devil's Due, a heavy, mare-leg pistol used by her mother during her days as an Etone. Originally a service rifle from the Metal Demon Wars, Devil's Due was restored by Adam Everstead-Rey, who integrated Metal Demon and Dragon remains into its body. Prior to surrendering her firearms to Lily Kiel, she was attempting to restore it.

Family Connections

As the heir apparent to the Everstead-Rey ARMs and Munitions Company, Ida has a great deal of money, political clout, and personal influence. Unfortunately, she can only draw upon so much of it at once when on the other side of the world. Lately, she's learned that her family history might be stranger than she thought...

The Demon Fist

A mysterious martial artist who fought the Metal Demons during their initial invasion. Ida first encountered her on a mural in a foray into the Ruins of Memory. Since then, she's learned that she may be one of Ida's distant ancestors, a fact backed up by several Metal Demons.

Martial Arts

Ida is a budding martial artist with a great deal of talent, especially for the manipulation of chi. Her first teacher was her mother, who studied Five Precepts Chained Devil Gunfighting under a senior Etone named Father Xiao. Five Precepts emphasizes efficient, precision shooting, heightened, continual battlefield awareness, and close synchronization with a single ARM. Many of its more esoteric techniques leverage the bond between an ARM and its wielder, allowing it to act as an extension of the wielder's body for the purposes of chi usage. Though psychologically demanding, Five Precepts is well-suited to the modern battlefield, and excels against large numbers of opponents--such as hordes of Wels. Additionally, Ida has started to learn and integrate other styles of unarmed combat, among them an esoteric Metal Demon style called Method Mercury.


Ida has received the blessing of Moor Gault, the Guardian of Fire. She doesn't know precisely why the firebird chose her, but she did receive a token of his power in the form of a stone Medium. Using the Medium, she can invoke Moor Gault's power, but so far she hasn't managed it in any meaningful capacity.

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  • Claude C. Kenny: As brash as he is strange. I don't know who he is, or where he came from, and I've taken a great risk in trusting him. I don't feel that this trust is misplaced.
  • Fei Fong Wong: Life has been unspeakably cruel to him. Sometimes I wish that I could help him weather it a little better, but what can I do about the weight of all those memories?
  • Layna Manydays: I suppose one must have contacts among outlaw figures, and Layna seems to be one of the more decent ones. She's rough-edged, but kind.
  • Rosaline Calice: I don't think the cloistered life did her any favors. Nevertheless, she is gentle, earnest, and kind. I hope she will one day be at peace with herself.
  • Sephilia Lampbright: I can't fault her enthusiasm, and her heart is in the right place. Nevertheless, she'll have to grow up, eventually, and I only hope she's ready for it.
  • Talise Gianfair: A deeply embittered woman. She chose to trust me anyway, and I am honored by it. Her anger is unpredictable, and troubling.

Drifter Acquaintances

  • Bart Fatima: Trustworthy, if also a bit of a womanizer. His impulsiveness is troubling, but ARMs that advanced could certainly end up in far worse hands than his.
  • Cyre H. Lorentz: Caddish, and extremely judgmental about religions that are not his own. Nevertheless, he is generally dependable, and genuinely respects his gods.
  • Dean Stark: He must be a novice at this, or he wouldn't be so innocent. I almost can't bear to watch what's going to happen to him.
  • Elena: Granas save us from neophyte priests who think they can change the world with stern lectures.
  • Gwen Whitlock: Endearingly earnest, despite suffering unthinkable losses at an early age. It's almost enough to make one hope.
  • Hiro: For a wanted fugitive, he is surprisingly reasonable. I have no idea where the dragonlet came from, though. It's inexplicable.
  • Lily Keil: Ruthlessly professional, and yet, not without gentleness. I'm starting to think we have much in common.
  • Leon Albus: A practical man who could have been a great leader if his life hadn't gone sour on him.
  • Matilda Whitehead: A skilled compounder with a great deal of practical knowledge under her belt. Good company, and provides valuable skills to an expedition.
  • Rose: Very handy with a blade, especially for someone who works as a merchant. Generally level-headed, except where ghosts are concerned.
  • Seraph Ragnell: I was not expecting Seraphim to be so... humanlike, much less so earthy. Is it just her, or are there others like her?

Dangerous Acquaintances

  • Ethius Hesiod: I don't know why anyone trusts this man, given everything he's done, and yet, people do. It's disappointing.
  • Fenrir: She'll lose the other arm, eventually--if she doesn't lose her life before that.
  • Id: He is not the mindless destroyer some fools make him out to be. There are reasons behind his rage, and I think that I am starting to understand them.
  • Kalve: Calm, level-headed, a counterweight to his comrades' eccentricities. A competent ARMs Meister, and a deadly combatant. We have something of an understanding.
  • Noeline: Steadfastly loyal to Riesenlied, which would be admirable if she didn't desperately need fewer unquestioning followers. She and I have similar tastes and methodologies... perhaps too similar.
  • Riesenlied: Gentle, graceful, kind, and utterly devoted to a dream of peaceful coexistence. I wish she would have picked another hill to martyr herself on.
  • Zed: Exasperating. He does have occasional moments of lucidity, though, and when they happen, they can be surprisingly insightful. It still doesn't excuse the rest of him.

Regrettably Enemies

  • Agatha Pyrelight: Professional, calculating, and possessed of powers I don't understand. She's aided me in the past, but I know better than to assume she has my best interests at heart.
  • Berserk: Loutish, but extremely dangerous, and prone to doing things simply because he can. He thinks he can avoid retribution for his crimes, and I would dearly like to prove him wrong.
  • K.K.: I don't want to talk about it.
  • Lady Harken: I thought that I understood her, but then I saw what she did at Lacour. It doesn't make sense. What would endow a Demon with that kind of power?
  • Siegfried: He's been a soldier for far too long, and he seems bent on killing me for something that happened centuries ago. I don't know what happened, or why, and he doesn't want to tell me. Hmph.
  • Vorthuzahl: I'm not certain if there is anything in him beyond cruelty and disdain, but I would be a fool to make that assumption.