Kalisa Dragmire

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Kalisa Dragmire
IC Information
Full Name: Kalisa Dragmire
Gender: Female (she/her)
Age (Birthdate): 15
Hometown: Forbidden Fortress
Hair Color: Bright red
Class: Blade of Shadows
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Calamity
Player: Talnora

"I won't hold back! So show me your best, Drifters!"

Growing up in a remote village, Kalisa Dragmire has spent her entire life training in combat, both in martial prowess and in magic, honing her body and mind into the perfect weapon to serve her father's ends. She constantly strives to improve herself, always looking for strong opponents to test her strength against. In battle she is fierce and driven, throwing herself headlong at her opponents with her fearsome spear Dragonfang driving right for the hearts of her enemies. The only thing that supersedes her desire to test herself is her devotion to Ganondorf's cause. Finally deemed ready, she has arrived to stand by his side, ready to assure that no one stands between him and his goals.


Kalisa is rather tight-lipped about her background. But it's clear she must be bold, indeed, to claim the name Dragmire... and what's more, Ganondorf apparently allows this. Whatever her history is, she has stated quite clearly that she shares Ganondorf's aims, and serves his interests, while also that she is no mere 'minion' of his.

Powers and Abilities

Kalisa is extremely proficient in the Gerudo combat styles, despite her apparent young age. Her preferred weapon, however, seems to be the spear, and in particular her prized spear the Dragonfang. It is a black metal Gerudo spear inlaid with gold, and is of the highest craftsmanship.

She is also extremely talented with magic, notably Fire and Shadow magic, capable of wielding them on her own or in conjunction with her spear, creating a combat style that is flexible and dynamic, and capable of overwhelming her opponents at any range.

When in combat or carrying out Ganondorf's will, she wears a mask to conceal her face, and thus her emotions, from her opponents.

Luna Meitner

Kalisa maintains an alter ego for the times she wishes to conduct her business in secret, or when she wishes to walk amongst the drifters without drawing their immediate ire and hostility. This alter ego goes by the name Luna Meitner, and without the mask her face is revealed to be of rough and study features, and her apparent age is about 15.

She is similarly unwilling to discuss her past history, though she will say that where she comes from does not matter, as she is unable to return there. Why that is, however, she will not say.

In her guise as Luna, she displays extremely proficient prowess with both a spear and a bow—though both are of a far simpler make than the spear Dragonfang, made of simple wood and steel.

She does not display any overt magic in this guise, but she does display a proficiency with alchemy, easily gathering up various ingredients to create various effects on demand. As well, she is skilled at hunting and living off the land, and seems to eschew larger cities except when necessary.


Ganondorf Dragmire "Father, my blade is yours to command. I will prove myself worthy to stand by your side."
Eleanor Klein "Sage. The future you seek is not the one that will come to pass."
Link "Hero. Your sword will prove no match for my spear."
Lunata Croze "Slayer. Or should I say Champion? I will not forget the words you shared with me."
Seraph Lanval "Oracle. You are more than you let on, but your alliances will not save you or this star."
Venetia Vuong "Magician. To command such martial might through sorcery... I will be studying your efforts closely."
Gwen Whitlock "Courier. I will show you the power of my father's convinctions."
Ida Everstead-Rey "Seer. You have many talents... I look forward to testing my might against yours once more."
Shalune Amira "Engineer. Your 'second-strongest' was formidable, but I will not be satisfied until I have seen all you have to bear."
Caoimhe ni Maoilgrahna "Paladin. Your conviction is quite strong, but it is wasted defending a dead kingdom."
Ruth Pauling "Hellion. You are interesting, who has both succumbed and yet not, all at once. I wish to test your resolve..."
Shige Kiwako "Shaman. It is just as well that you shepherd the dead, as your masters will not be able to save the living."

Logs and Cutscenes

Chapter 3, Act 1