Eleanor Klein

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Eleanor Klein
IC Information
Full Name: Eleanor Klein
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 19 (October 3, 483 PC)
Hometown: Klein, in the southeast of Meria Boule
Hair Colour: Orange
Class: Charming Scholar
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: ARMS
Player: Bel

"Hm? Terribly sorry! I must've been lost in thought."

Honored graduate of Sielje's sorcerous academy and daughter of a high noble family of Meria Boule, Lady Eleanor Klein has to all accounts lived something of a charmed life--or else, maybe she /is/ the charm. She spends little time in her family's holdings overseeing the eastern port of her home nation, though. Apparently not content for leisure or cloistered study, this friendly young sorceress has joined the organization known as ARMS, despite her own noble connections and lack of military experience. Indeed while she's quite knowledgeable and even pleasant, she's rather easily distracted, entirely living up to the absent-minded academic stereotype. That makes for a question the rumors can't answer, though: exactly what is this bright young sorceress /doing/ in another noble's private army?


Raised in a position of privilege, Eleanor was considered an extra blessing; not only the first child of her parents, but an elf, clearly good fortune. This would set the tone for much of her life; the heiress to the Marquessate of Klein ahead of the younger siblings she would gain in short order, she knew from an early age that she would grow into many responsibilities. She also displayed clear talents for knowledge and learning, as well as the mystical arts; years before most of her peers would even make the /attempt/, the young elf passed the placement exams for Meria's preeminent preparatory school, Arcadia Lyceum.

Schooling would be the nature of her life for most of it thus far; from being the youngest in all of her classes at one school, she was accepted at eleven into the Sielje Academy, where she would study Crest Sorcery among other things. By fifteen she was a graduate, and moved on to performing research at the Academy as a Crest Sorceress in her own right, and asssisted many archaeological expeditions in the Great Sea. This would introduce her to Drifters.

Amidst a number of terrible accidents among her colleagues, Eleanor would abrubtly go on sabbatical from her studies, returning home for a time. She was invited at seventeen to the changed ARMS after its tragic beginnings as a founding member by Lord Irving Valeria, though many would wonder why she'd agree. But there was the matter of actually joining them to come...

Chapter 2, Act 1

The arrangements having already been made to join ARMS early--Eleanor being among the earlier recruits Lord Irving Valeria contacted--it was meant to be a trivial thing that, now that her previous expedition had ended, she was going to be joining them in the upcoming operation against Odessa, meeting the other members finally and bringing with her an addition. Things did not go to plan; her ship delayed, Eleanor found herself in Spira with the rest; the fact that she /technically/ wasn't a Drifter made no difference to Vinsfeld's magic and plans.

Eleanor came to on an island, in the midst of jungle. ...But life on and around the sea wasn't strange to her, so while she tried to figure out what had happened, she found /people/, and soon was trading on her knowledge of ships and a bit of barter to secure passage to the nearest large port, in hopes that an urban center would at least give her a place to start. She did not /immediately/ make friends, having to learn quickly not to show her ARM even moreso than back home, but her magic at least proved helpful.

Once in Luca, she knew she was awaiting a meeting soon--and after wandering through the awful heat that after days was really catching up with her, she met Marivel, and so began to gather with the other members of ARMS. Soon after, she heard reports of a strange 'machina woman', and managed to link up with Zhang Xiu Mei again, her best friend, who had supposedly fought down from the Highroad. The noblewoman would do a little exploration to find where her friend had been, run into a very unpleasant bird and a few pig men, make a couple of friends, and discover Blitzball.

In the wake of the fiend attack on Luca, Eleanor--who had already decided it was time to get to work on their mission, both of diplomacy and of action--would have to plot her next move. From here with ARMS, she was part of the consideral upheavals that would result.

She participated in the ill-fated Operation Mi'ihen.

She fled the city during the Invasion of Luca.

She was a part of the radio tower on the Thunder Plains, and the recovery of the Guts-Dozer.

And of course, she was at the battle that became a great multi-way clusterfuck at Macalania, taking a great injury in the flight from Odessa's forces that Marivel and Avril Vent Fleur were able to (separately) heal enough for her to get by. She ended this by finally escaping Sin's presence via the Elw teleporter at the end of Lefay, having traversed it with Varius and thus Xiumei.

Chapter 2, Act 2

Eleanor Klein was just here to have a good time and is feeling so attacked right now. ...No, seriously, the return to Aquvy proved to be pleasant in some respects and absolutely terrible in others, with Xiumei's difficulties and Odessa's attacks stretching to include Sielje itself. She has become somewhat more militant over time, seeing the necessity for greater offense, and has picked up an old Veruni ARM in a ruin that she is beginning to use more. She continues to have visions.

After more adventures in Aquvy, Eleanor attended the Filgaia Summit as a member of ARMS, contributing both to security and to public relations for the organization. When it was attacked by Odessa, she went with the others for the counterattack on the Warwing Varuskias, meeting Ganondorf Dragmire once again and beginning to understand more of his nature... And slightly more of what may link them. After talking with Xiumei, she decided it was time to start delving again into the incident that precipitated her visions.

Unfortunately, that won't be immediate; an unexpected conflict at the Main Gate saw Eleanor flee with the others from Megaman Juno, all the way to Spira and Home.

Skills, Powers and Abilities

Eleanor is not only possessed of a significant academic education, but she is also an accomplished sailor, a decent shot, has a good throwing arm, and of course, is a Crest Sorceress. She's also quite fashionable!

While she tries to keep in practice with her boomerang, still a useful tool in the right situations, she has found a need for more firepower in combat. To that end, she's begun wielding an ARM rifle she found in an ancient Veruni ruin, marked 'Ascalon'. It's a thing of bronze and gold, nearly as long as she is tall, and she is better with it than is strictly proper for a young lady of Merian nobility. She originally learned to fire ARMs from Drifters she met on archaeological expeditions before ARMS, but has plenty of comrades to hone her technique with these days.

More notably however, she is a Crest Sorceress, a graduate of the Sielje Academy and proficient in the use of all standard spells and Crests of that style, as well as at drawing out the power of items magical and mundane. She further specializes in a specific variant of Crest Sorcery involving a few special Graphs that she possesses, that alter the effects of her elemental spells towards subtler means aligned with the magic of Time. The truth is that she's better with subtle effects and support than she effer was with the grosser, flashier forms of magic, though she can throw a fireball reasonably well enough, and she's leaned into this talent, tending to carry with her magic of healing, buffing, and other helpful types. On offense she'd rather rely on friends, or perhaps a weapon or magical item that can replicate offensive effects for her. She can work the elements, heal wounds, speed and slow movements, and perform general feats of wizardry with grace and aplomb, and her Crest Graphs allow her to perform many spells in mere moments without needing to prepare a ritual environment.

The Mystic ability she learned as a Crest Sorceress, meanwhile, is a good portion of why she can use items as effectively as she can. She's trained to use Stuff, sure, to rely on things, but with her magical power she can draw out the essence of a thing, such as allowing a single heal berry to mend the wounds of many, or drawing out a magical stone's power to create an ice attack. Many more items than some people might realize have magical properties that she can draw on to perform effects. These effects are not usually huge, but they can be handy.

Indeed she focuses a lot on special magical items in dungeons. Most notably is a strange flute she keeps handy, capable of playing melodies that confuse and weaken opponents as well as shield and reinforce allies. She also keeps a rod handy enchanted with the power of ice, which she uses typically to freeze and chill things, and knows the trick of enhancing a battle group with a Lucky Card.

She also knows how to use a Teleport Gem properly, which means she is incapable of accidentally accessing the super secret trainer for Crest Sorcery. We better get a Lilka!!

Eleanor also has secrets. They are secret. Her habit of staring into space suddenly in the middle of conversations surely has no strange implications whatsoever.

Crest Combinations

Geo, Fray, Wing, Muse

Geosmall.png Fraysmall.png Wingsmall.png Musesmall.png

Eleanor's spells are based on the principles of Crest Sorcery, specifically the variant taught at the Sielje Academy of Magic. Rather than dividing magic into black and white, her combinations can create a variety of effects that could count as either. Each spell requires two Crests--elemental symbols infused with power--to be inscribed on a Crest Graph, which contains careful writings that allow a spell to be called forth quickly and easily. Eleanor uses a special set of Crest Graphs that were a major point of study for her in school, which bend some of her spells to have effects associated with time magic, and others to affect multiple targets or manifest more strongly than other spells. While Eleanor knows how to erase and reapply Crests, the process is sufficiently laborious and the materials sufficiently inconvenient that she doesn't change them without a reason and some time. She also carries a number of Crest Caps, items that can contain a single use of a spell that others can use.

The current preparation of her Crests includes:

  • Fraysmall.pngWingsmall.png Fray -> Wing: Acrimonious Echo - This spell calls lightning to strike down Eleanor's foes. Thanks to the special Crest Graph she uses for it, it is partly a Time-oriented spell, and also may open up old wounds. Time.
  • Geosmall.pngMusesmall.png Geo -> Muse: Auspicious Span - This spell heals wounds, and its magic is such that it works just as well on robots, though she can't harm the undead with it. Her unique Crest Graphs allow this spell to be empowered by attacks against her, and also to empower a recipient for a brief while. Time Crest.
  • Geosmall.pngWingsmall.png Geo -> Wing Dust Veil - This spell animates a field of magical dust to deflect attacks and provides a burst of focus to the recipient. Ordinary Crest.
  • Wingsmall.pngMusesmall.png Wing -> Muse: Leaden Invocation - This combination results in an ice attack, and sometimes the ice can also slow the target in time. Time Crest.
  • Wingsmall.pngFraysmall.png Wing -> Fray Marvelous Armament - This spell magically enhances the recipient's wielded weapons, including anything from a fist to a sword to a rifle, such that it's lighter, faster, and more powerful. Ordinary Crest.
  • Wingsmall.pngWingsmall.png Wing <-> Wing: Mistral Judgment - Magic that results in Wind-elemental attack on an enemy in the form of sudden, sharp winds in conflict. A special Crest empowers this spell beyond its usual capabilities, and sometimes targets look weathered by age as well as gale. Time Crest.
  • Geosmall.pngFraysmall.png Geo -> Fray: Stone Targe - With this magic, Eleanor conjures a spectral stone shield infused with the power of fire, which bolsters vitality and gives a boost of energy. Ordinary Crest.
  • Musesmall.pngGeosmall.png Muse -> Geo: Sublime Renewal - This spell, the inverse of Auspicious Span, also restores lost vitality, but instead of empowering the recipient with life force it cures more ills and imbues them with a more unpredictable power. Area Crest.

Other common spells include:

  • Geosmall.pngGeosmall.png Geo <-> Geo: Crag Essence - This spell creates sudden and jagged rock protrusions to harm an enemy. Earth-elemental. Ordinary Crest.
  • Fraysmall.pngFraysmall.png Fray <-> Fray: Desert of Years - This spell conjures flame to attack. Its spectral heat lingers, weakening the target against further magical attack. Ordinary Crest. (She has a more powerful version of this spell using a Time Crest, but doesn't always have it prepared.)
  • Musesmall.pngMusesmall.png Muse <-> Muse: Violent Tide - This combination creates a rush of magical water, blasting a foe with Water-elemental power. Ordinary Crest.


Name Group Crest Pair Nora says...
Zhang Xiumei ARMS Geosmall.pngMusesmall.png "This combination results in a healing spell, the most reliable and fundamental of combinations. I rely on Xiu the same way. ...As long as we're still friends, it's all right."
Marivel Armitage ARMS Fraysmall.pngGeosmall.png "Fray and Geo. You can see the fire in Marivel even now. I feel a bit like a conspirator with her, though we're working together openly, and treasure her... but it would be nice if she would stop dying."
Brad Evans ARMS Geosmall.pngFraysmall.png "Geo and Fray. I'm sorry, Brad. I saw it, but I didn't understand enough to stop it. It's hard to believe that you're gone..."
Acacia Saitani ARMS Wingsmall.pngGeosmall.png "Wing and Geo. Extremely keen insight. I appreciate her clarity of mind... and her discretion."
Ashley Winchester ARMS Fraysmall.pngFraysmall.png "Fray and Fray. His warmth practically radiates from him, by turns gentle and... He's a good man, no matter what's inside him. Also he can really bake!"
Clarissa Alwin ARMS Musesmall.pngMusesmall.png "Muse and Muse. While possessed of a great light, I think it's her caring nature that strikes me most. There's going to be a lot of pressure on her upcoming; I hope we can help one another with it."
Ida Everstead-Rey ARMS Fraysmall.pngMusesmall.png "Fray and Muse. She does nothing by halves, but I worry for its toll. More and more I'm concerned about her... Though I get the feeling she'd rather I let her worry about me, sometimes."
Seraph Nimue ARMS Wingsmall.pngWingsmall.png "Wing and Wing, naturally. Hard to hang onto, but we would be much poorer without her. I certainly would."
Seraph Clarine ARMS Musesmall.pngWingsmall.png "Muse and Wing. Her light is gentle, but with the weight of hidden depths. She impresses me regularly. I'll try to make sure her faith is rewarded."
Seraph Ragnell Odessa Fraysmall.pngWingsmall.png "Fray and Wing. Full of heat and fury, but with a mysterious storm within. I hope it's worth it, Lady Ragnell."
Kamui ARMS Wingsmall.pngFraysmall.png "Wing and Fray. Kamui is everything ephemeral and brilliant, a beautiful spirit. No darkness in her history changes my feelings for her--the Kamui of today and tomorrow is my friend."
Lilka Eleniak ARMS ? "I'm... sorry. I don't know what to say to make it better, but I know that she would be proud of you."
Avril Vent Fleur None Wingsmall.pngMusesmall.png "Wing and Muse. A ferocious cold... but something lovely, too. Perhaps I understand a little better now--if nothing else, a wonderful conversationalist."
Yue Rohay Veruni Wingsmall.pngGeosmall.png "Muse and Geo. She always seems to get back up... But I worry how often she falls nevertheless. She seems somehow like an old friend though I haven't known her long."
Montgomery Curie None Geosmall.pngGeosmall.png "Geo and Geo. He's very reliable, and I think we're really getting somewhere, again. I remember how nice things were at first..."
Dean Stark None Geosmall.pngFraysmall.png "Geo and Fray. A bright soul and a ready defender of those in need, he's a reassurance to have around. I worry that his open heart will lead him to trouble..."
Ethius Hesiod Caravan Kinship Wingsmall.pngFraysmall.png "Wing and Fray. He's a bit taciturn, to be sure, but very insightful and deliberate. I think he's kinder than he lets on... in his own way."
Layna Manydays None Musesmall.pngWingsmall.png "Muse and Wing. The power and mystery of a pirate captain, emblematic of the sea. Though I suppose I shouldn't approve of pirates... But maybe this once."
Rebecca Streisand None Wingsmall.pngGeosmall.png "Wing and Geo. This spell awakens and refreshes, as time with her does. A not-so-secret romantic, and a good friend. I'm afraid I'm likely to disappoint her, but I still value her company."
Billy Lee Black Granas Geosmall.pngFraysmall.png "Geo and Fray. This is a spell that shields from harm; it suits him. His intent to protect others shines clearly through all of his actions. ...I'm getting less nervous around him."
Seraph Harmaus None Fraysmall.pngGeosmall.png "Fray and Geo. A hidden fire that burns no less terribly. A vile creature who is too dangerous to discount. We may share an ideal, but he twists truth beyond recognition into something best left buried. Like him."
Seraph Boudicca ARMS Wingsmall.pngWingsmall.png "Wing and Wing. Though she is usually gentle, I have seen the storm that can come of her anger. It is as fierce as her kindness towards others."
Venetia Vuong ARMS Musesmall.pngGeosmall.png "Muse and Geo. Life and grace within the earth. A distant colleague from a fascinating tradition, I always feel that I can learn something working with her. But of course, I'll show her what I can do, too."
Danielle Klein None Fraysmall.pngGeosmall.png "Fray and Geo. Her light is so brilliant, and I'm happy to be near her again for a while. ...But there are things I haven't told her..."
Citan Uzuki Black Wolves Geosmall.pngWingsmall.png "Geo and Wing. This spell can be subtle, and so can he. His expertise, intellect, and calm are appreciated. I think he's rather nice."

Notable NPCs

  • Montgomery Curie (Monty) - Two years older than Eleanor. (21!) Eleanor's fiance. Pleasant and quick-witted, Lord Montgomery Curie is known in the right circles for having a mind like a steel trap. He's very talented in accounting and administration, significantly enhancing his noble family's holdings just over the past few years with a few trade opportunities and clever negotiations. He's particularly established a number of lucrative contracts in shipping, and has numerous friends and contacts throughout Aquvy and beyond. With Eleanor's attention focused on ARMS, he's already taking on a number of business matters for the family.
  • Danielle Klein (Danielle) - One year younger than Eleanor. (18) Second child of House Klein and very fond of the freedom this affords her, Danielle Klein is perhaps the least ambitious of her family. Less is expected of her than Eleanor or of Tristan, and this has made her pleasant and agreeable in general, happy so long as she can pursue her own interests in peace. She is particularly fond of hunting with her falcon, or spending quiet time with her paintings. She has done portraits of each of her family members, and is a deceptively good negotiator. Overall, in life she goes with the flow.
  • Tristan Klein (Tris) - Three years younger than Eleanor. (16) Eleanor's oldest (younger) brother. The oldest son and third child of Meria's Klein family, Tristan makes up the luck he lacks compared to his oldest sister with a restless energy that always seems to drive him onward. Determined to shine outside his sister's shadow, he's still working hard to distiguish himself, and his best qualities mark him as a fine future Musketeer. But he doesn't limit himself to one field--he's studied a lot of subjects and has a reputation for being sensible and level-headed despite his young age. He's competitive, ambitious, and not terribly patient--but he can generally back up his confidence.
  • Shelton Klein (Shel) - Five years younger than Eleanor. (14) Shelton Klein is a talented young man with a whole future ahead of him in which he can study everyone else's past. He's known for his smarts, and he doesn't concern himself so much with reputation as with knowledge. This doesn't always win him friends, and he has some frustration at this fact. His teachers are encouraging him to socialize more, and through sports he's finding a few new friends. He's also very tall, and getting taller.
  • Millicent Klein (Milly) - Six years younger than Eleanor. (13) Milly Klein is a young girl with an endless curiousity for the world and a love of getting directly involved. She is more likely to show up for tea dirty from exploring the gardens than to sit still, but nevertheless is quite academically gifted. Milly is set to attend the Sielje Academy much like her oldest sister, but is interested in studying Symbology rather than Crest Sorcery.
  • Abigail Klein (Abby) - Twelve years younger than Eleanor. (7) Abigail Klein is absolutely adorable. She's off at boarding school, like Eleanor was at her age. Her hobbies include 'trying new hobbies.'
  • Emmeline Klein (Emmy) - Fifteen years younger than Eleanor. (4) Emmeline Klein is very, very cute. She still lives at the Klein manor.


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