Lunata Croze

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Lunata Croze
IC Information
Full Name: Lunata Croze
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 16 years old (483 PC)
Hometown: Adlehyde
Hair Colour: White
Class: Spirit Initiate
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: Yevon
Minor Groups: Caravan Kinship, Yggdrasil Alliance
Player: User:Merilan

"The smile's always free... that's just how we do our service."

Lunata Croze is the daughter of famed Drifter and archaeologist Meredin Croze, whose exploits are very well-known around the Ignasian region.

Lunata was once just a waitress at Adlehyde's Starfall Saloon, warm and friendly to both newcomers to the establishment and to people she knows. She was by and large removed from the Drifting life her mother has embraced, spending most of her time working at the tavern and sometimes travelling with the local caravans to other towns to make grocery runs for the saloon's specialties. Outside of the table-waiting, she's a bit shy and timid around strangers, but much more open and comfortable around those that she's known for a long while. She's always concerned that her mother might injure herself in her Digs, but she knows that she can't stop her wanderlust...

Which is why she eventually consented to accompanying her to the Singing Ruins, Rujm el-Hiri. Accompanying her and a team of Drifters to the depths of the world, they discovered a Gear there that would change her life forever. Assaulted by Metal Demons during the excavation of the Winged Gear Rephaim, Lunata fell into the cockpit and made a bargain with the lamenting voice of the past, binding her to the service of Ge Ramtos.

Visions of death and destruction cloud her mind from time to time, at the same time imparting her with the skill and muscle memory of those that have been consumed by the Key of Rephaim before her. As Bearer of the Key, she learnt that she can manifest a deathly spirit from within by the name of Ge Ramda, who both protects and urges her into battle. She travels, both with Jacqueline Barber, Shalune Amira and the Caravan Kinship, as well as with Bart Fatima and the Yggdrasil Alliance, in search of answers.

Will Lunata succumb to the punishment of those that desire the Wheel's powers, or will she find a way to escape the cycle of death that she has been ensnared into?

Time Consumed
339 hours, 14 minutes


Powers and Abilities

  • Waitress Powers - Lunata is a very experienced and gifted waitress, good at her job and making people feel welcome. Recently, she's mastered the art of holding onto four large and heavy plates at once, which she's very proud of.
  • Death Sense - More than anything else, Lunata's spiritual sense is extraordinarily powerful and sensitive, and she was able to sense the Seraphim and Malevolence without any prior training. This extended to a sensory perception of death that she mostly felt in childhood when someone or something died around her, from which she could perceive a lasting 'echo' of their thoughts as they returned to the Leylines.
  • Ge Ramda - Lunata's primary means of combat is to summon the spectral lich Ge Ramda through the black cube that follows her, the principal component of her Gear, the Key of Rephaim. Ge Ramda appears as a lich with bridal kimono and ancient regalia, wielding a long katana called Orochi-Agito. The powers that Ge Ramda affords Lunata include:
Memory Learning - Ge Ramda is able to project a vision of death from within its banks into Lunata, granting her a keen sense of the muscle memory needed to execute techniques from those that have been consumed by the Key in the past.
Death Medium - As an apparent Medium of Ge Ramtos, Ge Ramda is able to channel some of the Guardian's power through it, though Lunata is not trained or experienced enough to Material-summon the Guardian.
Soul Sacrifice - The final and most terrifying power of Ge Ramda is its ability to shred a small part of Lunata's soul and shape it into life for others, or as a barrier around herself.

Winged Gear Rephaim

pay no attention to any other robots i suspiciously look like
Height - 15.9 sharls
Dry Weight - 13.3 kahns
Equipped Weight - 18.5 kahns
Sub-Generator Output - 350
Main Generator Co-efficient - 4.5
Operation Time - 500 tsisols
Frame Durability - 220
Reactive Level - 1.1
Ether Response - 53
Ground Speed - 270 repsols
Flight Speed - Unknown (currently incapable)
Known Equipment
Beam Saber (stored on hip)
Beam Rifle (stored at back of waist)
Leyline Rail Cannons (stored on hip, swivel-mounted in use)
Leyline Variable Phase Cannon (chest-mounted)
Variable Pulse Barrier (generated throughout body)

The Winged Gear Rephaim is a humanoid, bipedal Gear that stands just shy of 16 sharls (approximately 50 feet), possessing a sleek and slender bevelled appearance that suggests thinner armoring than most standard Gears. It has a predominantly white colour scheme, laced with splashes of blue, black and grey primarily centred at its torso and throughout its joints. Its most prominent and eponymous feature are its wings, a paired array of three tapered blue spikes centred upon an ancient golden ring, olden runes scribed throughout its entire surface. Visible hardpoints include vulcans equipped on both the head and the clavicle of the torso, and a skirt-like folding armament that appear to possibly be a high-powered ARM of some type. There are also e-caps resembling beam saber hilts seated on the side of its waist, but it is unclear whether or not they're actual weapons.

Its make is unknown -- the quality and design suggest it is from a time far beyond modern standards, and it appears to be in poor shape. A lot of the actuators and mobility stabilisers appear to have worn out with age, greatly limiting the points of articulation and movement of the Gear. Judging from its design, it looks to once have been capable of flight, but the output of the thrusters and the mechanism design are currently both too damaged to maintain sustained altitude.

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I love my mother and father very much. I just wish they would... well, not indulge in such a dangerous lifestyle...

  • Meredin Croze - I can't stop my mother's passion for discovering ancient artifacts of the past, and the fact that she's one of the most skilled in the area should mean I have nothing to worry, but... I do, anyway... that, and the fact that she can't help but tease me about it! But um, I'm not sure what an 'open door policy' means... and she seems to be kind of clingy and close with Professor Hetfield... um....
  • Atheron Croze - I'm glad that father has decided to stay in town with me. Though I feel a bit grumpy when so many ladies look his way when he visits the saloon... dad, you are married, you know that, right? And there's that one time he invited this nice-looking man back home and... well... ughhh, why are both my parents like this?! ... I still love them with all my heart, though.
  • Uncle Tom - I owe so much to Uncle Tom! Ever since I started working at the saloon, I feel like my life's really started to come together in Adlehyde. He treats me like family, and I do too! He's kind of brusque, though, and I kind of wish he'd be a bit nicer sometime... even though I know he is deep down!
  • Aunt Hilda - Everything I know about cooking, I've learnt from Aunt Hilda. She's a very good baker and cook, and the Saloon wouldn't be the same without her. She's from Elru and has several really good curry recipes, but even she hasn't heard of mabo curry. Just what is it?

Caravan Kinship

I'm travelling with some of my closest friends now! We man a caravan that we offer our services out of, please look forward to our services!

  • Jacqueline Barber - I've known Jay since I was a little girl, and we've grown up together. I didn't quite turn out like she did, though... she's really talented, and I look up to her a lot. Where she continued with her studies of Crest Sorcery and potions, I couldn't quite grasp it, hehe... And when I need medicine, she's always there for me. Thank you, Jay, for rescuing me when I was reckless. I don't know what came over me, really...
Sunday roast - If it's Jay, I have to go with our Sunday roast, the classic we always come back to. I hope our friendship continues forever, Jay.
  • Shalune Amira - Lunie power combine! Hehe, Shalune and I go really all the way back, and she's been such a handful! She's the more energetic of the two of us, that's for sure. You sure have grown up a lot, Lunie!
Saturday blend - And if it's Lunie, it's my Saturday blend, because she's always tinkering with old and new...
  • Catenna - Miss Catenna is a mentor to me, as a Moon Guardian priestess! She says she's from Zortroa, and she has such neat recipes to teach me!
Caffè Marocchino - A beverage from the east, as Aunt Hilda has perfected... there's a thick dusting of cocoa around the lip of the cup, so you have a drink of chocolate with your coffee... hehe...
  • Kourin - Miss Kourin has come to appreciate her friendship with us, and I'm really happy about that... your smile is beautiful, Miss Kourin!
Cafè Palazzo - Brew the espresso, then immediately chill, utilising a moka pot. Then, it has a sweet accompaniment, much like Spirit and Miss Kourin... hehe, those two are very cute.
  • Ethius Hesiod - U-uhmm... Mister Ethius still intimidates me, but I know he's-- he's a good person underneath!
  • Cyre H. Lorentz - Mister Cyre is also another mentor to me, as a Wind Guardian priest! He's got s-such fluffy ears, but he'll get mad if I say that.


My closest friends! As they say, keep your friends close to heart, and you won't ever be lonely, no matter where you go.

  • Talise Gianfair - Talise is such a talented musician, I wish I could play like her. T-though, I really wish she didn't look at my father like that... humph...
Caffè mocha, Ellurian Classic, Breakfast roast - Ellurian coffee is a rarity nowadays, but the rich notes of chocolate go very well with a dark chocolate mocha blend. This is a beverage that makes me want to sing my heart out.
  • Emma Hetfield - I've known Professor Hetfield, and I've studied a lot under her too. She and my father are very close in their line of work. I really look up to her.
End of the World blend - For Professor Hetfield, she reminds me of our End of the World blend. It's sourced from a plantation near the Sult Ruins, and the conditions are so precise, it reminds me of her analytical nature... hehe, coffee can be scientific too.

Yggdrasil Alliance

Bart and his pirate crew seem rough and tumble, but they're really kind. They saved my mother and I when we were attacked by Metal Demons, and I'll forever be grateful for that!

  • Lily Keil - Lily is so cool, I really look up to her... there aren't as many women Drifters, so-- so seeing her makes me feel inspired. I'm a bit scared about the Malevolence that's gathering about her, though...
Single-Origin Kislev City Roast - Lily is like a single-origin Kislev city roast. Bold and strong-flavoured, with a robust and rich undertone... but, I feel a slight hint of bitterness in the aftertaste. Please hang in there, Miss Lily.
  • Leon Albus - Leon is such a gentleman, hehe. He seems embarrassed when I call him mature, but I think it's true.
Aged Sylvalese with an Aquvia blend - Aged Sylvalese coffee is incredibly tart and bitter at first taste, but there's a wonderful aftertaste that blossoms out of it. It's a truly mature flavor. Including an Aquvian light city blend helps make it more palatable. That's just the kind of complex blend Leon reminds me of.
  • Bartolomew Fatima - Bart's a bit laid back, but really kind. I'm not sure what to feel about his bounty, though... it can't be true, can it? I wonder what his struggle with Prime Minister Shakhan is about...
Old Gold Continental roast - Sourced directly from Bledavik, Old Gold isn't a common coffee bean at all, due to the unusual climate in which it's grown. But, it's possible, at the right altitude. We do it continental-style, turning it black until it cracks twice. It really brings out the deep and hidden, earthy and fruity flavors in this otherwise brash and stubborn coffee bean... hehe, that's right, it's a bit like Bart, isn't it?
Fei Fong Wong - Mister Fei's been really kind to me, and... well, I guess we're both similar in that I also fell into a Gear cockpit like he did. ... he's really troubled by some of the nasty predicaments he's gotten himself into ... it sounds selfish, but I really hope I don't have to go through a similar thing.

Clients of the Saloon

I've met many people around the Starfall Saloon now...

  • Janus Cascade - Ohh, he's kinda scary... but, he turned out to be pretty gentle in the end. It takes one to know one.
Flat white, two shots - Well, I don't really mean bad by it, but a flat white is what Janus reminds me of... he's got that 'what you see is what you get' kind of feel, though there's a welcoming undercurrent that's perfect for me.
  • Eli Graves - Eli is such a tall man! He looks scary, but... I think he has a kind heart! He seems interested when I talk about coffee.
Caffè Macchiato, three shots - A macchiato is a coffee with a spot of milk, which is how I think Eli is... at first, you think that he looks menacing with his powerful frame and bulky stature, but he seems very kind. There's a spot of goodness in him, hehe.
  • Sephilia Lampbright - Oh! Sephy's so cute, and Lord Chauncey is as well. She's so brave, to be adventuring out like that... ...I hope nothing bad happens...
Cappuccino, with a fox - Hehe... doesn't the perfect microfoam in a cup of cappuccino remind you of a stuffy's inside? It's like I can make my own version of Lord Chauncey.
  • Elhaym van Houten - Miss Elly is so kind, I wonder where she's from? Somehow, I get a feeling like she's travelled a long way... well, I wouldn't mind hearing stories of faraway lands.
Chai latte, two shots - Somehow, I think chai latte perfectly describes Miss Elly. There's a complexity about her that is nonetheless tempered by how soothing and comfortable she is. It's the kind of beverage that you can hold in both hands and feel comforted by...
  • Seraph Edna - U-uuh... Miss Edna's requests are very challenging. Crablettes and mabo curry... I shall unravel this mystery for myself!
Ristretto - With Miss Edna, I feel the elegance of 'less is more'... hehe, she's quiet and has a kind of refined grace about her, doesn't she?
  • Sorey - Mister Sorey was able to burn away the Malevolence with the blue flames of purity... just what is it, I wonder? There's so much I don't understand...
Cafè cubano, demerara - Strong and sweet, two traits I think Mister Sorey has... and there's a perfect infusion of sugar and coffee beans in it, much like how Mister Sorey and Mister Mikleo seem to be one when they're together, hehe....
  • Gwen Whitlock - M-Miss Gwen is so strong and caring! She saved me from danger, and I'm really grateful for it. Hehe... she travels with a horse called Gulliver, isn't that romantic? Just like the Travels...
Iced coffee, two shots, two:one coffee and milk ratio - I like a nice cool iced coffee... and miss Gwen is really cool as well, so it fits, doesn't it?


Asking about red, I ended up where red flowers bloom, where the living only arrive once.
It was a point of arrival, yet it was also a point of departure.
Inch by inch, the fissure connecting this world with another grows larger.
And the princess understood, that this wound would not be healed with time...
At the still-cold lake, raise your eyes and you will see a lone girl racing across heaven.
Will the eyes of the reapers at hand reflect her figure?

Recipes KNOWN!

Finally! With a lot of hard work... these recipes have come to fruition! It's all because of everyone's help!

Name Request Origins Thoughts Picture
Mabo Curry Mabo... curry. Miss Edna (Seraph Edna) first told me about this, and Aunt Hilda doesn't have a clue what it is. How mysterious! Could this have something to do with the fact that they come from another world? The-- the cuisine of another world! This is so exciting!
  • Step 1 - In Port Timney, I spoke to a lady who seemed to know of mabo. She says that it is a long-lost, forgotten art that isn't known anymore in today's Filgaia... just who is she, and why does she know that? Just where can I find more information about this?
  • Step 2 - Seraph Ragnell seemed to know of mabo, but she was a bit mum about it. She's a friend of Miss Edna's... are they both from the same place? Hmm... just what is the link here?
  • Step 3 - Myyah Hawwa urged me to seek Mister Sorey and the others again. Thank you, Miss Miang!
  • Step 4 - Chef Logan told me that the origin of mabo might not be an ingredient, but a person?! The Pockmarked One... who could you be!
  • Step 5 - Seraph Ragnell challenged me to a duel... and I got the Mabo Curry Recipe from her! This Case... is Closed!
The mysterious... mapo curry?

Recipes Unknown

From time to time, I get dish requests from people that I haven't heard of. It's... it's my passion and commitment to learn about these foods!

Name Request Origins Thoughts Picture
Crablettes Crablettes... Miss Edna also told me about this, and from the name, I must assume that it is omelettes with crab meat. Crab meat is a true rarity here in Ignas. Most of the produce from Port Timney don't really make it out of the port. Perhaps the Great Sea region would know more.....?
  • Next Steps - H-hmm... I must travel west to the Great Sea to know more, but perhaps someone in Timney would know. I wonder if Miss Edna is from the west?
Don't cook me!!
Instant Ramen I have to try to get Shalune to stop eating junk food... but I feel like she won't just listen to me unless I try! How can I transform junk food into a healthy, delicious masterpiece?
  • Next Steps - There must be a ramen master somewhere...
It's too much sodium, Shalune!