Agatha Pyrelight

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Agatha Pyrelight
IC Information
Full Name: Agatha Pyrelight
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): ???
Hometown: ???
Hair Colour: Red with Black Tips
Class: Pyre Witch
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Groups: None
Player: Zetasol

The Pyre Witch has been something of a ghost story, appearing in folk tales and local lore in both Glenwood and Meribus on Lunar for the past fifty years. Appearing to those in need, Agatha is willing to render power and assistance, but always at a price. Her name - The Pyre Witch - comes from her tendency to require a burned offering of some sort in order to invoke her power. However, her required offerings more often than not the possessions or blood of those who seek her service, but others - sometimes relevant, sometimes not. This dark aid is effective, but blackens the souls of those who seek it in return. In truth, Agatha is an old and powerful Hellion - dedicated to the spread of malevolence across the world and to the ultimate victory of her dark master.


Legend of the Pyre Witch

Tales and legend speak of a witch who has appeared on both Meribus and Glenwood, appearing to those who have desires that they are unable to fulfill. The details vary depending on where you might hear of the legend, but the Pyre Witch always promises to be able to help her clients fulfill a need or desire. From bloody revenge to claiming the heart of a desired partner, from finding the lost to protecting a town from bandits or monsters, the Pyre Witch will always provide that which her clients desire.

However the Witch also demands sacrifice - offerings cast into a flame in order to bring her magicks to their full power. The offerings can range from flesh and blood to mere symbolic objects, but rarely does the Witch accept a sacrifice that comes from the client she is assisting. The legends vary in the reasons for this, some claiming that those with nothing to lose have little to offer a creature such as she, while others claim it is the whim of capricious fate upon her part that drives her choices. But her desired sacrifices require the client to step away from the accepted norms - to beg, borrow, or steal from another for their own sake, in order to invoke the power of her dark magics.

The Witch invariably comes through, resolving whatever problem her clients have asked for. But no one who meets with the Pyre Witch is ever the same afterwards. Some speak of a dark pall or shadow that follow her clients for the rest of their days, while others say that her clients become enthralled of her beauty and power and follow her into the wilderness, never to return to their former homes. None the less there are enough of those who seek power, vengeance, or the satisfaction of dark desires and goals to keep the bards and minstrels humming about the power and presence of this dark witch even to this day...

Powers and Abilities

For the most part, Agatha's powers are a mystery - until lately few have been able to see what she is capable of directly. However with her appearance on Filgaia, more solid evidence is becoming available.

The Witch's Flame - As one might expect of a woman who calls herself the Pyre Witch, Agatha has considerable command over fire, which dances at her beck and call. Able to be shaped and controlled at her whim, it constitutes her main offensive threat.

One With Shadow - As noted by Talise and Ida during a confrontation with the Witch, she at one point transformed into what appeared to be liquid shadow and disappeared from the area. What this entails or implies remains unknown.


Which are you - the fool who is warmed by the fire, or the fuel that burns for their sake?

Hiro - Such loyalty is admirable, and wrapped in such a pretty package. But will hope or pragmatism triumph in the end?

Ida Everstead-Rey - Dear, your fear and naiveté are charming, but there is a price to be paid for both ignorance and meddling. Which one will be higher...?

K.K. - If only they knew...

Lily Keil - A lost soul, if she admits it or not. Hiding uncertainty and loneliness behind a facade of ruthlessness keeps the world at bay, but the hunger for understanding can bring low even the mightiest bastion.

Morgan Newkirk - Moths love to flirt with the flame. Come closer, little beastman...

Riesenlied - More serious than Zed, but he has wildness and ignorance to shield him from the barbs of an uncaring world. Those who embrace emotion too tightly can often be wounded by it... or their passion makes an excellent tool to wound others.

Sephilia Lampbright - Innocent, and willing to do what it takes to return home. Will she walk her own path, or let her paranoid keepers restrain her? Amusing, no matter how it turns out.

Talise Gianfair - A charming bard who spreads such terrible stories - nevermind that most of them are true. So much rage, but so unfocused. She has potential if she can throw off the shackles Althena has bound her children with.

Virginia Maxwell - One who is unloved is trapped in the cold, even if that cold is of their own making. But now all eyes will be upon you - make the most of it...

Zed - A fool's fool, but behind that façade is something interesting. Playing at being human is a child's game, but one that suits him. One to embrace purpose, or merely to be led by others for the rest of his life?

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