Virginia Maxwell

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Virginia Maxwell
IC Information
Full Name: Virginia Maxwell
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 18 (Ginny Day)
Hometown: Boot Hill
Hair Colour: Brown
Class: Winged Drifter
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 10,000 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Wild Arms 3
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Merilan

Virginia Maxwell was a once just a newbie Drifter that's freshly left her backwater hometown of Boot Hill in search of her father, Werner Maxwell. But a chance encounter with Maya Schrodinger led her into an even more fateful encounter with Malevolence, turning her into a Hellion for a time. It was with the tenacious perseverence and the bonds of her closest friends that she was rescued -- and now, with a heart of gold and a will of iron, Virginia is ready to make a difference once more in the Badlands. She wields two small revolver pistols and relies on her quick wit and quicker feet to get her out of trouble -- though her open heart and sense of justice is often just as quick to land her in trouble that she just can't leave well enough alone. Some would say she's a naive ingenue with no sense of the working world, but Virginia has the optimism to believe in a better world where others only see wreckage and ruin.


Virginia was born in Boot Hill, a town of very little consequence and little in the way of harm, in the kingdom of Adelhyde. Even amongst her farming peers and contemporaries, she was born with a relative silver spoon in her mouth -- her father and mother were well off and she had one of the largest manors in town, and had many well-to-do acquaintances that her father knew, such as her Uncle Tesla.

However, even from a small age, Virginia always had wanderlust -- a lust for adventure. Not content to simply learn manners and how to sip soup and primly bow, she always snuck into her daddy's quarters and nicked the ARMs out of his trunk and went to go pop bottles in the back yard, something that her two parents eventually had to properly train her in, given the relative dangers of Filgaia.

Virginia's life would set itself apart when her father went missing -- he left on a supposedly important research mission with his colleagues, but never returned home. Impatient and corralled to her manor, the young Maxwell eventually decided that enough was enough and that she couldn't just live her life on the silvered rails that had been set out for her -- she had to spread her wings and take on the life of a Drifter, something she'd always dreamt of ever since she was a little child.

Her first opportunity for adventure came when Gobs came to raid Boot Hill during the village harvest -- Virginia watched as the monsters abused the villagers and looted gold and supplies from their storehouses. Before anyone knew it, Virginia had snuck away and tailed the raiding crew, slipping in -- clumsily! -- into an abandoned manor. A few fierce gunfights later, she'd managed to single out the Gob Boss and take him down with a few well-placed shots...only to find herself surrounded.

Fortunately, her act of bravery had also inspired the other townsfolk, who barged in and saved her at the last minute. Though she woke up in tears and apologetic of her rash actions, her Uncle and Aunt were both inspiring and understanding -- they knew all too well that she, being the daughter of Werner Maxwell, would not sit still for too long, that she had too large a sense of responsibility to be sequestered away in a little town like this one.

And thus, with a small pocket of change, some basic supplies and her trusted twin guns -- the Rapier ex Bantorain 93R ARMs -- she set off into the wilderness, in search of clues where her father might have gone...

Powers and Abilities

  • Rapier ex Bantorain - A pair of silvered personal ARMs that once belonged to her parents, and Virginia's main weapon.
  • Tindercrest - A Crest Graph powered with the crest of flame. Definitely hasn't set something Ginny hasn't intended to set on fire before. Nuh uh.
  • Galecrest - A Crest Graph powered with the crest of wind. Definitely hasn't spread flames far and wide before. Nuh uh.
  • Skeleton - A carryover from her Hellion days, Skeleton is a tenacious minion who Won't Give Up.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Select Pages from the Diary of Virginia Maxwell

Cute Things Cuddled

  • Silver - Omigosh!! So like I met this nice elven lady when I met Maya in Adlehyde in a tavern, her name is Amelia Rose and her adorable dog is super fluffy and super adorable and I could just cuddle him all day long!
'9/10 would dog again.
  • Ruby - Hmm so don't tell her but Ruby looks like the cutest cat to me but she gets super mad when you call her that, it's kinda cute! But yes, she's a Red Dragon and travels with Hiro and did I mention, fluffy???
8/10 would get set on fire to cuddle
  • Ashey - A giant man-eating dog from Aveh or at least that's what I'm told, but omigosh this fluffy flaxen-haired wolfie-doggie was just so cuddly and nice to me! I don't know what Bart and Lily and Talise are talking about, cute!!
8.5/10 cuddled and then set things on fire with



TOP SECRET don't look in here!

There appear to be idle doodles of what looks like Maya on the margin of the page along with some comically drawn flowers. It means nothing, surely.


I'm so eager to make friends on my trip out! Diary, I'm going to make sure I record each and every one of 'em, and I'm gonna even draw pictures and stuff! I'm a good artist. Me, Virginia Maxwell, I'm a good artist.

  • Jean - So this lady, I met at a bar where I got hit by a couch in the face, right? Diary, don't make fun of me, these things happen when you're a Drifter. She can dance wicked with these ribbons and can throw fans, how cool is that?!
There's a doodle of a figure-eight knot tied with a cute ribbon with Jean's face on it.
  • Hiro - He seems really kind and that's just what I like in a guy! And he's travelling around with a super cute Dragon called Ruby (and yes, I'm okay with calling her a Dragon, I think we should be open minded with what people want to be called, Diary.)
There's a tiny figure of Hiro getting flattened by a comically oversized Ruby going 'GWAR' on the margin.
  • Lemina Ausa - I don't meet people by landing on them often, but that's the case with me and Lemmy. It's okay to call her Lemmy, right? I'll have to go ask her. I wonder if she likes ice puns? She could be all, "ICE PARTY!"
There's a picture of a snowman, except it's got Lemina's face on it...?
  • Amelia Rose - This lady seems real all-business! When I first met Maya, she told us about the holy city of... um, something, I'll need to ask Maya again what it is, but it's got a 10,000 gella bounty on it! Wow! Just to find a city?! Ex-citing! You think so too, right, Diary?
There's a picture of Amelia and Silver selling a city marked '10k' in a twirly price tag above it.
  • Bart Fatima - Uh I joined this guy's expedition to go bail some pilot out, I don't know I just needed the money. He seems like a cool guy and really likes whips and cologne, I mean between you and me Diary I don't really like an over-musky guy but that's secret OK??
There's a picture of Bart whipping a candle. A heart pops out of it.
  • Lily Keil - Wooow she's uhh I mean, what can I say?? She's got cool throwing knives and tried to just ice a guy cold. ... actually that's pretty scary, but she looked after me when I was panicking so she's a good person right?
There's a picture of Lily with an eyepatch and a horn on her head, which reads "PUNISHED LILY"
  • Talise Gianfair - Knife! Bomb! Bombknife! Or is it Knifebomb? Wow, this lady's super strong and super cool and agile! I wish I could lift like that. ... yes Diary I lift okay!
There's a picture of Talise glexing her glutes like she just don't give a thang
  • Elhaym van Houten - Wow, Elly's so kind to me, I feel big-sisterly vibes coming out of... oh don't worry Diary you'll always be big sis number one to me! She's pretty and calm and has a gun and did I mention FLIPKICKS??
Elly is drawn with an immensely tall flat-top cut, for some reason, charging her arms back like she gonna sonic boom??
  • Kahm Yugh - Mr Rider is so professional and snazzy, I really like the hot black leather look but I hear in some circles it's used to solicit for other men?? Diary do you know what that's about?
Kahm is drawn with an astonished expression and a quote bubble of 'OHHH MAH GAWWDD' on his face.
  • Gwen Whitlock - SUPER courier! Wow, how cool is that?! What do you have to be to become a Super Courier? Is there like a circle of Couriers and then at the end there can only be one? Can I be a Super Something sometime?
Gwen is seen riding a rocket-powered mailbox of into the skies. Up up and away!
  • Sephilia Lampbright - Woooow! See, I'm not the only one who's left home at a young age! E-except Sephy can sew and has a cool doll and-- mumumumu, waittttttt does that mean I'm the less skilled one?!
Sephilia is dancing with Lord Chauncey, how cute!


Not feeling ambivalent about anyone yet!

Ambivalent is the worst feeling to get about someone. How does that happen anyway? Ugh, I hope I don't come across like that. What if I went to a party and someone was like, "That Maxwell girl sure makes me feel ambivalent."

Diary, I never make you feel ambivalent, right??


Ohh, these people make me feel patently :(. Yeah, not sad, not angry, just :(. It's kinda like how you get up and make yourself ready for the day and pull your socks up and lace your boots and then WHAM! A horse goes and kicks you in the face. There's no other way to express that except that it makes me feel :(.

This hasn't happened or anything.


  • Mister Paddlesworth - Mister Paddlesworth is an honorable and noble steed with a milky-white coat and noble pedigree that I absolutely love but that attitude has got to go, mister. I'm watching you.
A horse gangsta appears to be carrying a six-shooter and a cocky grin, saying, 'nice house you got there' and 'shame if something happened to it'


Summertime Skeleton1.png

Don't give up, skeleton.