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Siegfried (Armored).png
IC Information
Full Name: Siegfried
Gender: Male
Age (Birthdate): Over 1,000 years (Unknown)
Hometown: Photosphere
Hair Colour: Blue-black
Class: Quarter Knight
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 0 gella
OOC Information
Theme: Wild ARMs 1
Major Group: Metal Demons
Minor Groups: None
Player: User:Sheriff Star

"A sword is only as sharp as its wielder!"

Siegfried is the leader of the Quarter Knights and, in the wake of Mother's torpor, their de facto leader. He acts as their field marshal, but his sense of honor demands that he lead from the front instead of hidden away in the Photosphere. Donning black armor and carrying the Dark Spear, Glumzambor, Siegfried is a force to be reckoned with. He is brutal and ruthless on the battlefield, and his honor only causes him to respect his opponents, while viewing most humans as weak and undeserving of mercy. The conquest of Filgaia and restoration of Mother is his personal mission, which he has sworn himself and every Metal Demon to.


Siegfried without his helmet.

Siegfried is an ancient Metal Demon, having been created before the Demons arrived upon Filgaia. He led the Metal Demons in war ever since, rising to the leadership of the Quarter Knights and then directing their efforts after the fall of Mother. Siegfried has commanded the Metal Demons in their quest to awaken Mother ever since. While his hatred for humanity is notable, he still has a sense of honor, and has had complex relationships with humans throughout history -- though they have only hardened his utter distaste for humans, to an extent that borders on genocidal. The Quarter Knight commands the respect and loyalty of the Metal Demons, and has kept their factions together in the face of war against the rest of the planets.

Powers and Abilities

Siegfried is a master swordsman, who wields the Dark Spear, Glumzambor. The blade is a powerful ARM capable of projecting terrific energy blasts into his opponents -- as well as cutting through even Gears easily. He also enjoys several built-in ARMs on his armor, including a forearm ion cannon and a powerful energy cannon mounted in the chest.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Chapter 1, Act 4


Chapter 1, Epilogue


Chapter 2, Act 1


Chapter 2, Act 2


Chapter 2, Act 3


Chapter 2, Act 4



Siegfried and Riesenlied, a little less than 500 years ago.

Metal Demons

  • Berserk: Mother's hammer. At times, he irritates Siegfried, but he does what Siegfried requires.
  • Alhazred: Frankly, this guy disturbs Siegfried on so many levels, but the Metal Demons' situation is dire enough that Siegfried puts up with it.
  • Lady Harken: The newest of the Quarter Knights. Her eagerness to prove herself is useful. And yet, there are troubling rumors...
  • Riesenlied: One of his few friends. She may be his subordinate, but he values her intuition and initiative -- even if Riesenlied's morals and values differ greatly from his.
  • Noeline: Her loyalty seems to be to Riesenlied, instead of Mother. At times, this vexes Siegfried, and yet he respects her resolve nonetheless.
  • Zed: Perhaps over eager... and yet, there is potential.
  • Yarobeleedt: A strange one, and yet useful in his own way.

Other Allies

  • Volsung: The Veruni are not unlike the Demons, and Siegfried can appreciate that.
  • K.K.: The Trial Knight, who has sworn to remind humans of the fear they forgot. Siegfried values them, even if he has questions.


  • Fei Fong Wong: He reminds him of lost friends. Of past failures.
  • Id: And this is the failure that Fei and Id both remind him of most. He will kill them, both, if he must.