Lady Harken

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Lady Harken
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IC Information
Full Name: Harken
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): It's rude to ask a lady her age. (???)
Hometown: Photosphere
Hair Colour: Cadmium Red
Class: Quarter Knight
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 1,500,000 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Wild ARMS 1
Major Group: Metal Demons
Minor Groups: Metal Demons
Player: User:Ark

"We were meant for each other, you and I. We were both born to fight!"

Lady Harken is the newest of the Quarter Knights, and an enigmatic Metal Demon even among her peers. She first appeared in the wake of Arctica's collapse, and quickly endeared herself to Mother and her servants with a combination of cold ruthlessness and incomparable fighting skill. A master of multiple peculiar martial styles, Harken reaves her foes with the unwieldy dread scythe 'Azrael' for sport, despite the impracticality of such a design. She is a fearsome individual, made all the more intimidating by her unwavering devotion to the Hyadean cause, and her opinion of humans as a curiosity to be played with before they're all exterminated.


Despite her position in the Photosphere's upper echelons of leadership, Harken has never laid eyes on the skies of Hyades, nor has she any forbidden insights into the ancient grudges that fuel the Metal Demons' war against Filgaia. She is one of the Photosphere's relative young, birthed long after the Hyadeans' stranding as a replacement soldier for the losses incurred in the Arctican assault; the very poster child for their now-militaristic and meritocratic society. Though the Quarter Knights do not exactly submit to public scrutiny about their appointments, what's known is that Harken has been a loyal footsoldier since the day she first drew breath and her mastery of millennia of martial lessons earned her a place on the shortlist to stand beside Mother's chosen to lead her people to victory.

Yet, some whisper that not all is as it seems regarding the youngest of the Quarter Knights. She does not command absolute loyalty as Siegfried does; Harken seldom takes it upon herself to perform any leadership duties at all. Some think the sanctity of the unconquerable Quarter Knights is profaned by one as untested as the invincible Berserk, or as clever as the inscrutably calculating Alhazred. In another sense, these unsettling rumors only prove that Harken belongs where she does. The fear that she may be listening, may strike and ``kill`` at any time for any infraction, has its own uses inside the Photosphere, and beyond.

Powers and Abilities

Harken is a monstrously tall being of living metal whose every cell is designed for the sole purpose of high-speed pursuit and execution of high-value targets; has mastered every form of hand-to-hand combat the Photosphere trains its recruits in, and wields a farming implement whose imagery is associated with Death because it terrifies her victims more before they die. There are only so many ways to say this: Harken is inexplicably fast, monstrously strong, and once got shot in the head by a Federation phase pistol without dying.

'Azrael', the scythe, is more than just a kooky piece of imagery. The entire thing is a black box of inscrutable functions, the blade concocted from some alloy deep in Alhazred's workshop which is better left unspoken of. It can also channel some kind of terrible energy field, and the premise of a beam-scythe would be fundamentally ridiculous if it didn't regularly result in bisected Gears.

Logs and Cutscenes

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Metal Demons

The Quarter Knights

  • Berserk: All of the bickering and vows to slay one another seem insignificant in the wake of the hole left by the Quarter Knight's passing. But which aspect of Harken thinks this?
  • Alhazred: Harken cannot stand Alhazred Harken will execute those who besmirch the honor of the Quarter Knight of wisdom.
  • Siegfried: Arguably the only Metal Demon that Harken respects with no condition attached, Glory to Lord Siegfried, and to Mother.


  • Riesenlied: Harken's greatest failure. Riesenlied should have been the one to manage whatever era of (relative) peace awaits the Demons' after their conquest, but was corrupted by the silver-tongued Guardians. Now, she must die or be brought to heel.
  • Noeline: Temptress. Harlot. Seducer. A mistake that should have been returned to the resource pools, a lover of Humans who defected and took Riesenlied with her.
  • Zed: An irritation, but not without its uses. Zed thinks himself entirely too human, but infiltrates their society with such ease. Harken tolerates and does not yell at him too readily. Heaven help him if his loyalties ever change.
  • Kalve: Harken has repeatedly taunted Alhazred that Kalve is going to replace him someday because he is uniquely brilliant, resourceful, and loyal without being a "fucking creep".
  • Yarobeleedt: Yaro always seems to elude Harken's gaze. She can't figure out why: she's not ``mad`` at him, even if he is disgusting and distasteful.
  • Fenrir: Impetuous. Angry. Untamed. Tsundere. These are very endearing qualities, but being endeared to Harken is a dangerous proposition.


All Humans are pathetic irritants, but some of them are uniquely interesting. If you have been attacked by Harken and did not instantly die, you are on this list. Unfortunately for some, they haven't even been attacked by Harken and are on this list.

  • Jack Van Burace: A desperate idiot who plays at copying the basest misunderstandings of Harken's perfect blade arts. Causes splitting migraines if thought about at length.
  • Ida Everstead-Rey: A curiosity ``almost`` worthy of the ARM she wields. Coincidentally, some artifacts on Ms. Rey's person give Harken splitting migraines to think about at length, but luckily she has forgotten all about those through the wonders of Hyadean medication. Harken is most curious about certain personality traits of Ms. Rey's bubbling to the surface over time.
  • Cecilia Adlehyde: The Guardians' favorite plaything. Their power is a token of pity and little else.
  • Kent Hauch: Harken attributes the destruction of Dinoginos' statue, to some degree, with the self-styled criminal king of the Badlands. Thus, he is elevated to the level of curiosity.
  • Janus Cascade: Similar to Kent, but with even less understanding on Harken's part as to why he does what he does. Erasing all Humans doesn't preclude making use of them for that task.