Caravan Kinship

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o/~ CaraKin, CaraKin, with Shal's scraps to fill your Bin! o/~
o/~ CaraKin, CaraKin, with Jay's jollies when you scrape your Shin! o/~
o/~ CaraKin, CaraKin, with Cat's curries made not from the Tin! o/~
o/~ CaraKin, CaraKin, with us any way you'll always Win! o/~
- The Caravan Kinship Jingle

Formed from the ashes of Jay's Curatives and Curios, the Caravan Kinship (also known as the CaraKin) travels the land in their vehicle providing food, medicines, and other various supplies to those in need, or those who have money to buy them with...and sometimes, just lending an ear to people and their problems. Just look for the big, friendly golem on the horizon, and the Caravan Kinship are sure to be not far behind.

If you're on the road and you need anything, the Caravan Kinship will be there to help! Their prices are fair and reasonable, and the members are pleasant as well. If you try to cause trouble,'re going to find yourself in trouble.


CaraKin Pets

  • Snowlune and Taara - Two puppies Jacqueline found in the Stone Forest. They quickly became beloved members of the group!


  • The Carakin - Named after the group itself, the Carakin is the vehicle that gives the Caravan Kinship their livelihood. Boasting a sturdy chassis and locomotion provided by an Emma Motor, the Carakin is a safe and roomy way to cross dangerous lands at comfortable speeds. It also possesses a kitchen in the back, allowing the group to feed themselves and any hungry individuals they run into on the way! ...Honestly, it's basically the fantasy equivalent of an RV. When it comes time for the Caravan Kinship to do business, the back folds out, providing a convenient counter for the kitchen area, as well as providing stalls on the side of the Carakin for other members of their group to sell their wares, as well.
  • Crafting Skills - Most of the Caravan Kinship possess some manner of crafting skill to help them on the road, both for problem solving and making things to sell. Whether it's alchemy, engineering, compounding, or cooking, they have a skill for any situation!
  • Merchant Contacts - As merchants the Caravan Kinship tend to be pretty well connected, which is convenient when it comes time to gather information.


  • To travel the wilderness, selling delicious food and useful supplies to those they encounter!
  • To venture into the depths of Filgaia's ruins, and seek out the answers to the mysteries of the world!
  • To lend an ear to those they meet on the way, and help them with their problems if possible!
  • To make the world a better place - one sale, one meal, one potion, and one good deed at a time!

Recruitment and Cooperation

If you'd like to join or align yourself with the Caravan Kinship, contact Jacqueline Barber! We're always looking for new friends and allies to add to the fold. However, it's recommended that you spend some time getting to know the members themselves before trying to jump right into membership. We are a Kinship, after all, so it's important that we get to know you before we can consider you one of us. We're all friends here, though, so don't expect any rigorous recruitment processes!

By joining up with the Caravan Kinship, or at least just allying with them, you'll have access to the technical and intellectual prowess of the members, as well as the supplies they can provide. Of course, even if you're not interested in joining, we're always available to help ferry people across the wilderness, as well as providing a safe place for interaction and hanging out. As a merchant group, the Caravan Kinship can provide many different services, so if there's anything you think we can help you with, or any questions you have, feel free to get in touch with us.

(And if you want to cause trouble, that could perhaps be arranged as well...)